The Disciplinary Files Vol. One
APK Media
'Lunchtime Shoplifters' byAndy Nixon
'The Visit' by Paul Jackson
'A Prefect's Humiliation by Kenny Walters
'In Front Of The School' by Paul Jackson

If you are a fan of schoolgirl corporal punishment fiction then you simply must possess ' The Disciplinary Files Vol. One'. This is actually the first publication by three of the UK's finest writers of CP fiction. All had been featured writers for the fondly remembered, but (sadly) now defunct, Janus and Roue magazines. In this first publication from APK media we treated to four tales of schoolgirls in distress.

Each story tells the sad tale of English Schoolgirls whose naked bottoms are treated to a taste of the cane.

In ' Lunchtime Shoplifters', Andy Nixon tells the tale of schoolgirls who are punished by their headmaster for stealing from a local shop. The story is full of delightful surprises. Not to be outdone, Paul Jackson gives us 'The Visit'. This story features the hand punishment of several naughty girls and a bare bottom caning for a young lady who has committed a particularly egregious offense. Adding to our pleasure, Kenny Walter's contributes 'A Prefect's Humiliation'. In this splendid story, a prefect is given a dose of the cane for over stepping her boundaries. Perhaps the most resonant of the four short stories featured in this superb volume is Paul Jackson's ' In Front of the School'. In this story Mr. Jackson tells us the sad story of a young woman who is to be caned during a school assembly. She is to be punished on her bare bottom in front of the entire student body...both boys and girls. He fully captures the girl's anxiety and humiliation as she prepares for her public ordeal.

'The Disciplinary Files Vol. One' is a most auspicious beginning for a publication that I hope has a very long life. You may want to get a copy of this magazine as soon as you can. I suspect that it will become a collector's item in the not too distant future

You can obtain your copy of ' The Disciplinary Files Volume One' at: www.apkmedia.com.


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