The Indigities of Isabelle
By: Penny Birch
A Nexus Classic Publication
Review by: David Pierson

Penny Birch is an international treasure to fans of erotic literature. Miss Birch writes in a style that calls to mind the lovely prose of Henry James at his most accessible. There is no author laboring in the genre' of the erotic novella with prose quite as beautiful or as sexually stimulating.

In her novel 'The Indignities of Isabelle' Penny Birch relates the tale of a sexually adventurous Scottish girl with a strong inclination to smack other girls' bottoms. In the opening of this splendid work, Miss Birch's protagonist offers the reader the most cogent explanation of the spanking fetish that I've come across. " There is something about a girls bottom that simply cries out for chastisement; partly the beautiful shape, but mainly, I think, the fact that a woman's bottom exhibits her sexuality in a way that brooks no denial." I defy anyone to define the spanking fetish more eloquently than that. In this splendid work we are treated to an amazing world of delicious, decadent perversity. Spanking, bondage and anal sex being but a few of the joys that awaits the reader as we follow Isabelle on her pilgrimage of self-discovery.

The main plot follows Isabelle's journey as she explores the world of submission and dominance. This exploration occurs with in the context of a relationship with a dominant seamstress named Jasmine and her submissive lover, Caroline. Jasmine was a corsetiere of some renown and both she and Isabelle found that attiring themselves in the accoutrements of the Victorian age to be a most sensuous experience. Isabelle summed up her feelings on the matter in the following reverie. " The idea of how a prim, coy Victorian girl would have felt as her skirts were lifted and her drawers opened so that her bottom could be smacked appealed to me immensely. Nowadays, girls wear jeans that show of their full glorious shape of their bottoms and even wear bikinis that leave only the very rudest of detail to the imagination. Yet for a modern girl to have even the smallest of bikini pants pulled down for a spanking would be an extraordinarily strong mental experience. How much stronger then must it have been for a woman who would blush to show an ankle to have her intimate secrets put on show".

Together these women engage in all manner of sexual games; Spanking, bondage and humiliation being but a few.

This is a book that all fans of erotic literature should experience and savor. It is both entertaining and a complete turn on.

Look for 'The Indiscretions of Isabelle' scheduled for release in May, 2004.

You can read excerpts of 'The Indignities of Isabelle' on the Penny Birch website:

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