By Jim

Linda stood watching the guys walk by, it was lunch time at the small North Eastern college where she was a twenty year old junior. She nodded to several of the young men and most smiled back at her as they walked by. Linda was waiting, looking for one guy, the guy her sorority sisters had picked. To be admitted to the inner circle of the Beta Sorority, there was a test she must pass. She was feeling foolish now that she was actually going to try to pass the test. In last nights drunken state, she had thought it would be so easy that she had agreed to a daily penalty for failure, if she didn't complete her mission. The penalty to be delivered on her person by the three other inner circle members. In the cold light of day, she was having her doubts that it'd be so easy. Linda was a very attractive young woman, all the guys she had dated, had courted her. She had never really had to try to get a boy interested, who hadn't already shown some interest. She was a little unsure of how to go about it. She'd been to embarrassed by her ignorance to discuss it with her girlfriends.

The test amounted to a task, which was simple, the new inductee, (her), must get a nude picture of the guy the other inner circle members choose. In the picture, the guy must not only be nude, but he must also have an erection. Simple really, two of the three inner circle members had accomplished the feat in less then 4 hours. She had a full day to get the picture, before the penalty.

She looked for the man they had chosen. She had to rely on a picture, since she hadn't recognized his name. The guy was always a stranger to the potential inductee. She looked quickly down at the small picture she had in her open binder. She thought she recognized him at last. There was a steady stream of students coming and going on the cafeteria stairs. As she saw him coming down the stairs, she took a deep breath, then started forward up the stairs on the wrong side working her way up through the down traffic. She saw Mary smile at her and point to her watch. Linda knew that once she spotted her prey, that she had till 10 pm the following night, to get the picture, or else. Ten pm was punishment time at Beta sorority.

Linda worked her way up as he came down, just as they were about to pass, she pretended to stumble on a step and fall. She had correctly judged that he was coming down the stairs rather rapidly, so she started her fall with the intension of falling into him as they passed. But the young man was quick, and he immediately checked his speed, which caused her to land at his feet. His remaining forward motion carried him over her to where he landed 3 steps below her. "Ops..!" She called out to get his attention. He stopped and quickly turned towards her, a look of concern on his face. She smiled helplessly and was thinking that he was about to walk back to her, to see if she was alright, when two other guys on the crowded stairs immediately knelt to help her up. He smiled at her, then turned and headed on his way.

"Are you alright?" the concerned young men asked her.

"Yes, I'm fine, missed a step is all, thank you," she said lamely as she got to her feet. Damn, now what? She knew where he lived, but he roomed with two other guys.

"Strike one," Mary said as she walked by, a sly smile on her face.

Linda looked back at her defiantly, then said, "Well, Ok, that didn't work, but the day is young." She fell in step with her fellow sorority sister. They walked towards the apartments that lined the west end of the campus. Home for nearly the whole student body.

As Linda walked she considered asking Mary for advice, but her pride prevented her from showing anything but complete confidence. Inside her mind was racing. Finally, she decided that she'd call him, apologize for falling in front of him on the steps, talk campus gossip, it should be easy. It was crude, but she didn't have a lot of time, she was on the clock now.

Two hours later she sat in her room. Her roommates were in their main room. She shared her bedroom with Jane, who was already an inner circle member. Jane had laughed at her, when she had described her first attempt at meeting Kevin. Kevin was his name. The inner circle girls had picked him because he was judged to have a body they wanted to see, and it was her job to see that they got to see him nude and with an erection. The test had been fun to talk about, she had laughed with the others. But now that she actually had to do it, she wasn't so sure about it. She sighed then picked up the phone and dialed his number.

"Hello," She felt a little foolish when she heard his voice. It was a nice voice.

"Hi, is this Kevin?" She asked as sweetly as she could.

"Yes," He answered.

"Hi, this is Linda Woods, I fell on the stairs in front of you this afternoon. I wanted to call and apologize for nearly tripping you," she began.

"Oh, hello Linda. That's ok, are you alright?" He asked.

"Yes, I'm fine, I was just concerned that I might have tripped you is all." Her mind raced, what could she say to him, she didn't even know him. "I was about to go out and pick up a pizza for dinner, but my car won't start, so I had some time to apologize while I'm looking for someone to pick up the pizza for me." It sounded rushed, she colored with embarrassment at such a transparent line, but she was on the clock.

Her name rang a bell for him, but he didn't dwell on it. He had seen enough of her as she climbed the stairs and then fell in front of him to like what he saw, and she sure seemed eager to meet him. Always a good sign, he decided.

"Well, for a slice of pizza, I'll pick it up for you. I haven't had dinner myself." He smiled into the phone, he was remembering her tight jeans and full top. "Where did you order it, and what's your address, I'll bring it over," He offered.

"Would you, thanks," she smiled a little nervously. Her room mates would wait in the dorm room next door. If she was successful, she'd have a picture to download into the inner circle file on the sorority computer that night. A picture of Kevin nude with an erection.

Linda had lost her virginity at summer camp when she was 16 years old. She'd had several lovers since, but she'd never tried to seduce a guy in one day. Of course she didn't have to have sex with him. But he had to have an erection for the picture. She had a small digital camera sitting on the bed next to her. She looked at it and shook her head, it was now a question of pride, she had to succeed, she wanted to be an inner circle member, the elite of the Beta sorority, and this was the only way she could do it.

Kevin left his room walking down the main hallway towards the outside door. Another Junior named Bob Johnson was walking towards him up the hallway. "Hello Kevin, where you headed bud?"

Kevin smiled at Bob and replied, "Out to save a damsel in distress my friend."

"Well, be careful, remember what I told you about the herpes carriers. You could loose your tool messing with some of the gals on this campus," Bob had stopped as he spoke.

A light bulb went off in Kevin's head. "Oh yeah, you were mentioning that yesterday, by the way, what was that poor gals name you were telling me about?"

"Linda Woods, poor gal, she's tried to get a date with half the guys on campus. She's lucky if her vibrator doesn't rot away after each use, she has it so bad." Bob smiled at the look on Kevin's face.

"Really, that's a shame, terrible thing to have, I hear." Kevin said thoughtfully. He seemed to hesitate, not sure what to do.

"Well, have a good time, but be careful. Good night, I've got history to read tonight." Bob watched Kevin slowly turn and walk down the hall towards the outside door. He chuckled to himself. Mary had called him and told him to wait in the hallway and that Kevin was about to leave his apartment, then she'd told him what to say. Mary had told him about Linda's test, and together they'd decided to made it a little more of a challenge for Linda. He smiled, the look on Kevin's face was enough to convince him that even as good looking as Linda was, that Kevin wouldn't touch her with a ten foot poll. He was sure he'd get to see the Linda show tomorrow night, that had been the deal.

Bob's deal was simple, Mary had told him about Linda's mission, and what would happen if she failed in that mission. Failure meant that tomorrow night, the three inner circle members would punish Linda, for failing the test in one day. Mary had giggled as she described what happened to Linda if she failed. The girls would tie her arms behind her back, then blindfold her. She would be stripped nude and bent over a chair, then each inner circle girl would give her five swats with the sorority paddle. The girls would video tape Linda's punishment. Merry would let him take two of her five swats. He was looking forward to it, he chuckled as he watched Kevin walk slowly away.

No wonder she seemed so eager, she can't get a date, Kevin thought to himself. He had told her that he'd get the pizza, so he felt he should. Poor girl, he thought as he walked to his car.

He picked up the pizza and drove to Linda's apartment. It was only a ten minute drive, during the drive he decided that he'd just deliver the pizza and leave. He didn't want to encourage her, the thought of herpes was more then enough to convince him to drop off the pizza and leave as soon as he could. As he knocked on Linda's dorm room door he heard a couple girls giggling, it was coming from the dorm room next door to Linda's. He briefly wondered what was so funny, but then Linda opened the door. She was stunning to look at. She was wearing a pair of spandex shorts and a string top so thin that he could clearly see the darker color of her nipples through the shear material. He was struck by the sight of her, she was beautiful.

"Hi," she said with a big smile.

"Oh, hi, I picked up the pizza." He stammered, trying not to stare at her breasts.

"Oh, it smells wonderful, come on in and make yourself comfortable." She backed into her apartment, she was still smiling, maybe a little forced, but he didn't notice being distracted by other things as he was.

Good lord, he thought to himself as he looked at her from head to toe. She was like a penthouse pet. He had a collection of penthouse pet pictures, and considered himself a good judge of such things, having been watching girls since he was thirteen. He followed her into her dorm room, without thinking. But once he sat down on the couch he remembered the herpes. He nearly jumped to his feet, his mind in turmoil. Kevin was twenty two and fit, the sight of Linda dressed so inviting, had skyrocketed his libido into overdrive, at the same time his rational mind was telling him to get the hell out of there. Logic fought with sex drive, and as one might expect, sex drive won the day. Kevin decided to stay for some pizza but also to draw a line on what he'd allow himself to do. He'd have some pizza, maybe talk to her for a bit, she was nice to look at, then he'd go home.

Linda was embarrassed about how she'd dressed, but she figured she had to get him interested enough to not only take his clothes off, but get an erection. She'd never found that to be a problem for the guys she'd had relations with. They petted her a little and bingo, they were up. She smiled at the thought as she brought plates for the pizza. She put them down on the rooms small coffee table, then sat down next to him.

During the course of the evening Linda smiled at everything he said, she laughed at his jokes, she rubbed her shoulder against his. She tried to sit closer to him, even rub her leg against his as they talked and watched a video she had rented for the occasion. It was a love story, but oddly, he seemed more interested in the video then her, he almost seemed afraid of her. He was handsome, and he was pleasant, but after a couple hours of laughing together and talking. He told her he had to go, he had a paper he had to work on and it was getting late.

"Oh, well, that's to bad, you could bring it over and we could work on it together." she offered, she didn't have to try to sound disappointed, she was disappointed.

"No, I'm afraid this is something I have to do myself. Thanks for the pizza and video," Kevin said sadly as he walked towards the door. She was such a sweet girl, and so cute, to bad about the herpes. She sure acts desperate, it must be tough. He felt sorry for her. "I'll be studying tomorrow at the library till closing, you're welcome to join me. We could work on finals together." he offered more out of sympathy then desire.

"Oh, tomorrow evening early, I can do that." He was already at the door. "Bye," she said sadly.

Kevin shook his head as he walked towards his car. "Poor girl," he muttered as he got in. It was obvious from the way she acted that she really was looking for some male companionship. "Damn", he muttered again, as he drove off.

Linda sat down on the couch and thought about the evening. At first she thought it would go real well. He had been so distracted by her outfit that he could hardly carry on a conversation. He certainly looked interested, but the closer she got to him the more he seemed to pull away. Maybe he's been really hurt by a girl before. She was feeling a little guilty about going out with him just to get a picture of him nude for her sorority. But then her pride reasserted itself and she decided that if he had an erection, it meant that he was having a good time. So she shouldn't feel sorry for him if that was the case. But what if he began to really like her, not just a quickie for the fun of it, but something more meaningful to him. There was that possibility, this test was taking to long for a couple of reasons. She'd feel terrible about seeing him for her reason, if he was seeing her for that reason. She finally sighed and started in on her homework. A few minutes after Kevin left, her roommates returned.

"Well, is it suck-cess yet?" Mary asked her happily. It was obvious that her roommates had been drinking wine.

"No, but I'm working on it." Linda replied sourly.

"Well, darling you've lots of time. But you'd better have the picture by ten tomorrow night, or your butt must pay the price." Mary giggled drunkenly and Jane joined her. Linda guessed that they had been partying as they waited to see whether she had succeeded or not. This was obviously great fun for her fellow Beta Sorority girls. There was no doubt from their giggles and remarks which way they were hoping it'd turn out, but she was sure she'd disappoint them.

"Piece of cake," Linda replied, and she smiled at them. Their teasing and giggling caused her to smile, then even to join their laughter. They all had had so much fun drinking wine and discussing her coming test last weekend, she found herself smiling again at the conditions of the test.

They had drank two bottles of wine that Mary had bought, then Jane had suggested that they write up a contract spelling out the conditions of the test. It had really been a lot of fun writing it up on sorority stationary, it looked like an official document, she smiled as she remembered how they'd laughed as Mary had read the final draft out loud. The other girls had cheered as she had signed it. Somehow she found it stimulating to know her butt was on the line, and the way it would be done. In front of all three inner circle members, tied, blindfolded and nude. Then each inner circle member would give her 5 swats with the paddle. She felt a warmth between her legs as she thought about it again. Linda tried not to allow her mind to draw a conclusion from the fact that it turned her on to have such a thing hanging over her. And to have to seduce such a nice looking guy, it hardly seemed like a real test at all. So far it'd been fun, but she had felt the sorority paddle before, that part wouldn't be fun, she told herself. But she didn't consider it seriously, she still had tomorrow till ten pm to get his picture. All she had to do was get him in the bedroom. The other girls could have made it harder on her by hanging around the apartment, but they were helping her all they could. It was nice to have such friends, she thought to herself.

She arranged to have the apartment to herself from 7 till 9 the following night. She planned on meeting Kevin at the library at 6 and get him to the apartment by 7, then she'd have two hours to get him drunk, and in a state to have his picture taken, more then enough time, she was sure.

The next morning Kevin sat in his social science class and thought about Linda. He had felt completely at ease with her, she had a good sense of humor. She seemed intelligent, witty, even tempered, everything he'd always thought his perfect mate would be. He admitted that a woman was always more attractive, if one knew she was interested, and Linda had certainly shown interest. But it was her eyes which held him, she had beautiful eyes. He wandered from class to class hardly hearing the lectures. It wasn't till after lunch that he allowed himself to consider the herpes. He closed his eyes, and shook his head sadly, such an awful thing, a curse to be sure. He sadly went through the rest of his day. When the final bell sounded he walked out of class looking like he'd just discovered that he had cancer.

Linda carefully hid her digital camera in the bedroom, where it would be easy to get when she needed it. Like Kevin, she had hardly been able to keep her mind on her studies all day. Her fellow sorority sisters had teased her about it for over an hour after school. She smiled to herself, they sure were having fun, but isn't that why one joins a sorority, to meet friends that one can depend on and be friends with the rest of your life. Someday, years from now, the four inner circle sisters would meet and laugh about what fun they had had in college.

She considered what to wear, the spandex had been right for the apartment, but she needed to dress down. Perhaps she was pushing to hard. She decided to go, girl next door style, snug jeans and a sweater. She dressed and did her hair. At 5:30 she left for the library.

Mary and Jane waved goodbye from the couch, they had wine glasses in front of them. When Linda was gone they looked at each other and smiled. "Do you think she'll get him back here and get the picture?" Jane asked with a smirk

"She might, but I'll bet she doesn't. She's not very good at this, she's always relied on her body to attract guys. Now she's going to have to be bold, and I don't think she's got it in her," Mary said as she sipped her wine and grinned.

"Yeah, if she just got a couple glasses of wine down him and asked him if he wanted a blow job, she'd have finished her mission last night," Jane observed with a smile, that's how she had done it. The guy hadn't minded at all, she got her picture and he got a blow job.

Mary and Jane felt a kinship, they were both decent looking young women, but they'd always wanted to be the girl that all the boys turned and watched. The one that had to decide between a half dozen invitations to the prom. Without admitting it, they were jealous of Linda, she was the girl they wanted to be. Since Linda had come to live with them, they'd both had more then one guy call them, not to talk to them, but only to find out who the cute blond was that was living with them. That had hurt both their pride and their self esteem. The two of them had never discussed why they were altering the inner circle test for Linda, by unspoken agreement, it seemed like the fun thing to do. It would be to easy for Linda if they hadn't, and it was supposed to be a challenge. What guy wouldn't drop his shorts and get a hard on when offered the possibility of going to bed with Linda. But it was getting complicated. What had seemed like a harmless joke was reaching beyond fun and games. Mary had enlisted her boyfriend Bob Johnson to aid in fixing the test. She was a little worried that he couldn't keep his mouth shut. She knew that if it became common knowledge, the shit would hit the fan. It was safe just between the girls. She decided she'd have to keep an eye on Bob. Make sure he knew what was at stake.

Jane giggled around her wine glass, clearly she had already had to much. Mary made a mental note to herself not to open another bottle till the fun began at ten.

"We could make sure she didn't get a picture, even if she gets his shorts down and his cock up," Jane whispered.

Mary smiled evilly at her friend. "Now that's a nasty idea, do you think she might pass the test, he thinks she's got herpes, he'd be a fool to fuck her."

"She's got a butt and boobs to die for, she could get most guys to fuck her if she had leprosy," Jane responded in a slurred voice.

Mary thought about it for a minute, then she smiled and said. "You mean adjust her camera for her?"

"No picture, no proof, she fails," Jane murmured. They both giggled, then looked at the time, it was nearing seven, whatever they did, would have to be done now. Mary wondered as she got up whether Linda had checked to see if her camera was working. If she had, she'd know it had been messed with.

They found the camera by the bed where Linda had left it. Mary made a note of how it was laying, so she could put it back the same way. They opened the battery compartment and examined it. It had newer double A batteries. Mary smiled happily, it was the same size batteries that she had in her flashlight in her car. She'd left it on the week before and it was completely dead now. She told Jane what she had in mind then rushed out to her car. She got her flashlight and removed it's batteries, as she looked up she saw Linda and Kevin walking down the street toward their dorm. They hadn't seen Mary, they were to busy holding hands and looking at each other. Mary ran back to her dorm and quickly placed the dead batteries in Linda's camera, then she put it back just as she had found it. Mary and Jane rushed to the dorm room next door just as Linda led Kevin to the front door.

When Kevin walked into the library the first thing he saw was Linda waving to him. He smiled and waved back. Seeing her brought relief to his darker side. He sat down across from her and got out his chemistry assignment. For the next 45 minutes they studied and talked softly.

Linda was frustrated, every time she tried to speak more then a few words the librarian would give her a hard look. She looked at the time, it was nearly 7, time to make her move. She considered how to do it, all her plans from early on in the day were disrupted by not being able to carry on a conversation. Finally she got an idea. She wrote him a note, then passed it across the table to him. She wrote:

Why don't we go to my place, my roommates are out till nine. We'd be able to talk about your chemistry assignment and we could get whatever information we need off the computer. I could probably help too.

He smiled at her, then sighed, she was such a doll , he took out his pen and wrote "Ok" across the bottom of the note.

As they walked towards her dorm, she brushed his hand with hers. His fingers seemed to interlock with hers on their own. What am I doing? he asked himself, but he was looking into her eyes in awe. They had stopped, she turned to face him. She leaned closer, he leaned closer. A portion of his mind screamed, "NO!" but he kissed her, none the less. They stood and kissed and held each other for ten minutes, without moving a step in any direction.

"Let's go to my dorm," Linda finally whispered breathlessly in his ear. In a dream he let himself be led along. He refused to think of anything by her eyes and the curves of her face.

Once at the dorm they both sat on the couch. He made a valiant effort and got out his chemistry assignment. He intentionally placed the book between them on the couch. Perhaps hoping it would save him.

Linda looked at the time. It was nearly 7:30, she still had lots of time. So she got out her homework and placed it next to his. She did it rather sadly, doing her best to act a little disappointed and hurt. After a few more minutes, she slowly took her sweater off. She was wearing a shear string top under the sweater which hugged her braless breasts like the skin of an apple, she watched him out of the corner of her eye react. He looked about as interested as any boy she'd ever dated.

A few more minutes passed, she brushed her breasts by his arm, it caused him to look up and into her eyes. She leaned forward and he kissed her again. She moaned and slid her arms around him, the moan wasn't an act. She felt about as sexually aroused as she'd ever felt. Her hands began to rub his back and she snuggled up against him.

Kevin lost any resistance he had had. If he knew for sure that he'd drop dead the moment he had sex with her, it wouldn't have mattered, he'd do it anyway. She was beautiful, he ran his hands over her jeans, then over her thin top petting her breasts. She brushed her hand over the front of his jeans, he had an erection. She moaned again, then whispered, "Want to go to bed?"

A tiny voice in his head shouted out at him, "Do you want to die? are you nuts? what the hell are you doing here? wise up before it's to late!" But he ignored it, he decided he loved her, and no danger would prevent him from consummating his love. "Ok" he whispered to her, his voice was charged with emotion, his eyes burned.

Linda was excided, the feel of him and his petting had started a fire between her legs, but as a woman, she was able to think of more then just her desires. She led him to her bedroom, then turned and took a step away from him and said, as she had planned. "I'll take an item off, then you do, OK" She said it nearly breathlessly.

He smiled at her as he said "Sure, Ok, you first."

Linda smiled then unbuttoned her jeans and slowly slipped them off her hips, wiggling to not only get them down, but to entertain him as well. She had the nicest legs he'd ever saw and really cute G string panties.

"Wow, you're beautiful," he said in awe as he quickly stripped his own jeans off.

They stripped off their clothes till they were standing in front of each other nude. He was very well endowed as the saying goes, and it was standing at attention. Linda smiled at him, she wanted to just take his hand and go to bed. But she forced herself to continue with her plan. "Wow, you look wonderful, can I take your picture?" she quickly reached down and picked up her digital camera.

Kevin was surprised by her question, all he wanted to do was to go to bed. "Ah, a picture.....I don't know. Why?" he asked her.

"It'll be fun," she said with a genuine smile. She turned on her camera and brought it to her eye. Something was wrong, she didn't see the usual display in the viewfinder. She pressed the button anyway and nothing happened. It should have flashed or something. She brought it down and began to press the on/off button again. But no matter what she did, nothing brought the camera back to life.

Oh no, she thought to herself, she hadn't checked her camera in months, it's not working. what was she going to do, she continued to franticly try to reset it.

Her preoccupation with the camera surprised him. What was the big deal, he didn't want his picture taken, he wanted to make love. But she seemed obsessed with the damn camera. He walked over to the bed and laid down. But she continued to franticly work on her camera. "Come on to bed now," he said, but the burning desire he's felt only a minute before was gone now, he was wondering what gave with the camera?

Linda didn't know what to do, she had to find another camera fast. "I'll be right back with another camera." she said hurriedly as she quickly pulled her jeans back on and threw on a top, then she left him alone in her dorm room.

He watched her dress in amazement, he lay on the bed nude and thought about it. "What the hell is going on?" he muttered to himself, his love and lust now under control, his mind began to ask questions and he didn't like the answers he was getting. Something's fishy here he decided. Then he remembered the herpes. He argued with himself for ten minutes, telling himself that this was a really a stupid thing to do, but she still hadn't returned. He was getting angry as he waited. Finally he got up and dressed. He walked out into the living area and picked up his books. Kevin remembered the giggles from the dorm room next door, he also knew that sororities often played tricks on their own members and certainly on unsuspecting guys like him. He was being played for a fool he decided, she was playing some kind of game with him. He angrily walked to the door and left. As he walked down the hallway he passed Jane, it almost seemed like she had been waiting for him. Her smile shouted of gamesmanship, he was now certain it'd all been a game and he'd fallen for it, he'd been had. His face colored with anger and embarrassment, he swore at himself for being such a fool, as he swiftly walked back towards his dorm.

As Kevin walked down the hall Jane walked by him and smiled at him then continued down the hallway to the dorm room where Mary was looking for her camera to loan it to a rather frantic Linda. As Jane walked in she winked at Mary and Mary immediately smiled and said, "Oh I know where it is," and she walked over to her dresser and brought out her digital camera and handed it to Linda. "It's all ready to go," Mary said with a smile, indeed, Mary planned on using it in just over an hour.

"Oh thanks a million!" Linda exclaimed as she took the camera and rushed back to her dorm room. Mary and Jane smiled at each other, then Mary said, "It's a good thing you thought of that, I'd have never thought she'd have got him nude and up tonight, my hat goes off to you my sister." Then the two women laughed till they almost cried.

Linda rushed into her room, but Kevin was gone, he, his clothes, his books and her hopes to pass the test, were all gone. "Oh God," she muttered sadly. In a couple minutes Mary and Jane joined her. Mary opened another bottle of wine and poured three glasses. She handed Linda the first glass, "Here you're going to need this in another Forty five minutes."

Linda smiled weakly and took the wine glass and downed it in three gulps. Mary was right there to fill it for her again. Soon they were joined by Bev, the third inner circle member. She had followed and laughed about the goings on, but was unaware of all the tactics her sisters had employed to make sure Linda failed the test. Bev had argued against letting Mary's boyfriend witness the punishment, it was against Beta sorority rules, but after a couple glasses of wine she finally gave in to Mary and Jane. The three women drank wine and teased Linda as the clock marched towards ten. All four girls were giggling from the wine and the teasing and the game they were all about to play.

Bob Johnson waited in the Beta sorority computer room. Part of the deal he had made with Mary was that he could watch and even take a couple swats at Linda's shapely ass himself. He could hardly wait to see her nude and then to swat her ass with the paddle, it didn't get any better then that he decided, then he chuckled. He knew that Linda had now found out that her camera didn't work and was madly trying to find another. He was hiding in the computer room so as not to run into her during her search. As he waited he began to go through the computer desk drawers. He came upon a page of Beta sorority stationary and he began to read. It was the rules for Linda's test, it spelled out all the rules and had her signature at the bottom. "I'll be damned," he said out loud. Wow, he immediately laid it on the desk and carefully took several pictures of it with his digital camera. He had nearly had a fight with Mary when he told her he was bringing his camera too. They had argued about it for nearly an hour. She had argued that the pictures she was taking would go into the private computer files of the inner circle girls. She refused to allow any images taken that she didn't have direct control over. Finally he had agreed to give her the media out of his camera afterwards and she could add his pictures to the sorority file. He would to be content to just take them, even if he didn't get to see them again. She had reluctantly agreed, he had too much information on her to risk angering him right now.

Bob was the only son of a wealthy family and was used to doing what he pleased. He quickly came up with a plan to keep the pictures. After Linda's paddling, he would hide again in the computer room waiting for Mary, while the three girls got Linda to bed. It'd probably take some time. He had the computer and the no how to use one. He intended to down load and copy the images while he waited. He only hoped he'd have enough time. He reached over and turned on the computer, so it would be ready to go when he got back, then he looked at the time and smiled. It was a couple minutes after ten. He heard a knock on the door, it was the signal he had been waiting for. "Alright, let the show begin," he muttered as he left for Linda's dorm room.

When he walked in Mary immediately brought her finger to her lips to make sure he didn't say anything. Linda was standing in the center of the room, fully dressed but blind folded. Jane and Bev were spinning her around and giggling as she got so dizzy she could hardly stand. Bob quickly raised his camera and began to take his first pictures. Bev and Jane smiled back at him and Mary. Mary was busy setting up a tripod for the video camera. It was a new digital video camera, they could down load the video directly to their computer. The girls continued to spin and tickle Linda till Mary signaled them that the video camera was rolling.

Bev giggled and stepped back, Mary walked back to Linda then turned her so she was facing the camera as she stepped behind Linda. Mary smiled and grabbed the bottom of Linda's top and slowly brought it up over her head. She was topless under the top. Bob smiled and took his pictures, she had great tits, he'd always wondered what her tits looked like.

"Ok round you go again," as Mary said it she began to spin Linda again. Linda's breasts wiggled with the movement, Bev joined the action and started shooting pictures as well. Mary then stopped Linda with her back to the camera's. Jane quickly handed her the rope. Mary brought Linda's arms back behind her back then tied her forearms together. The rope held her arms clear of the top of her jeans by at least four inches.

Mary breathed a sigh of relief, there had been the possibility that Linda would have reached up and took off her blindfold. Now she was completely theirs to play with as they wanted. She felt a warming between her legs as she realized it. It was an unbelievably erotic feeling for her. One look at Jane and Bev and she knew she wasn't the only one to feel it. Bob was practically drooling, looking at Linda's breasts.

"Alright now, time to loose the pants, let me sit you down for a moment, right here, that's it." Mary was smiling Linda was drunk and only giggled, which caused her tits to wiggle appealingly for the cameras.

Jane knelt with Mary and they laughed as they unbuttoned Linda's jeans and began to pull them and her g-string underpants down over her hips and finally off her bare feet. Mary and Jane looked at each other and smiled stupidly, they could hardly believe it had all worked so well. They then each took one arm and lifted Linda to her feet. She was now nude. Mary spun her around for the cameras some more, then bent her over in front of the video camera for a good shot of her pussy. Jane had spread her legs apart then Mary quickly bent her over. Bev cheered and they all laughed. They had put on music to cover the sound of the clicking cameras as well as sounds they expected Linda to make once the paddling began.

Bob was flushed with sexual arousal. His hard cock pushed against his pants, but he continued to shoot pictures and give hand signal encouragement to Mary and Jane.

When Mary was sure that they had gotten enough shots of Linda's pussy, she moved a chair into the video camera's view. "Ok, Linda, it's time to pay up. Do you have a picture of Kevin Lars, nude and with a hard on as per the rules of the inner circle of the Beta sorority?" she asked rather huskily.

Linda moaned, and she heard the girls all laugh. "No, I don't sister," she said clearly. She smiled and giggled with the other girls at her own answer.

"Well, then girls, you've heard the defendant confess, shall we carry out our duty?" Mary smiled as both Jane and Bev said "Yes, it's our duty sister, as much as we hate to do it," But it didn't sound like they hated to do it at all.

"You heard the verdict Sister Linda, is there anything you want to say before punishment begins?" Mary was smiling and guiding Linda towards the chair she'd already put in front of the video camera.

"I'm sorry I failed you sisters, I promise never to do it again," Linda said as she felt Mary's hand on her back.

"Now bend over the chair like a good sister," Mary said as she guided Linda into position.

Linda bent over the chair. It was cushioned, and was really pretty comfortable. She giggled again, She visualized what she looked like, nude and bent over waiting for the paddle to strike. It made her warm and she couldn't seem to keep from smiling. She was drunk and having a lot of fun, she had completely forgotten Kevin in all the excitement.

Mary looked at Bev. Bev smiled and went to the closet and took out the paddle. It was nearly two feet long and four inches wide with a narrow handle. The girls at Beta sorority had all felt it's sting at one time or another. This same paddle had been in study use for a couple generations of Beta sorority girls. The three girls looked at each other, then Mary went over and turned up the stereo, to mask their conversation as well as the noises they expected Linda to make.

"Who gets first honors?" Mary asked with a smile. Bev looked at Jane and Jane finally whispered for Mary and Bev's ears along. "I think Mary should, we can thank her for this lovely evening," Bev shook her head in agreement. Bob stayed in the background taking pictures. He'd get over a hundred before going back to hide in the computer room.

Mary grasped the paddle and positioned herself behind and slightly to one side of Linda's prominently exposed ass. As per sorority custom, Linda was not supposed to know who was paddling her. That was to ensure that the paddled girl wouldn't be able to blame a single girl. This was collective punishment, it was much easier to swing the paddle with force, if you knew the girl receiving it didn't know who was swatting her.

Jane went around the front of the chair and put her hands on Linda's shoulders to hold her in place. Mary smiled back at the camera, then drew back the paddle and delivered the first swat across both cheeks of Linda's ass, a loud "Smack" quickly followed by an "Oh..!" Mary pulled the paddle back and watched as Linda's ass turned pink where the paddle had landed. After a moment Linda collected herself and said as per the sorority rules, "One, thank you sister!"

The blows came slowly with plenty of time in between to film Linda's reactions. When Bob finally got his turn, Linda's butt was a bright pink. She had made the neatest noises he'd ever heard. He was drenched in nervous sweat, the paddle felt heavy and well made. He knew Linda was taking a heck of a beating and hardly complaining at all. His cock was rock solid as he drew his arm back and swatted her very pink ass once again .

Linda cried out, but then finally said, "Twelve, thank you sister." Her butt felt like it was on fire, each swat seemed harder then the last. But always one girl held her in place while the others swatted her. The girls laughed and giggled but she could no longer join them, her butt ached terribly. Finally she cried out a last time and said, "Fifteen , thank you sister!" The girl holding her down let her straighten up. She could hear her three friends cheering her. She had started to cry at the twelfth swat. She managed a weak smile as they cheered her, she sniffed then even giggled as Jane told her what a brave girl she had been. Jane began to tickle her again, Linda fell to the floor giggling as Jane continued to tickle her.

Jane tickled and watched Mary putt up the video camera and talk to Bob. Mary then led Bob to the door and kissed him goodbye. "Now don't go anywhere till I come for you in the back room," Mary ordered, she was so horny, that she could scream. She planned on fucking Bob senseless as soon as she got Linda safely put away for the night.

Mary, Jane and Bev, then untied Linda's arms and took the blindfold off her face. "You did wonderful sweetie, the best we've ever seen. You're a real Beta sorority girl." Linda smiled back at them, Jane handed her a glass of wine and led her to the bath. "Now you just drink this down and take a shower and get ready for bed. You were wonderful, really honey." Jane said soothingly as she led Linda along towards the bath.

Mary and Bev watched them go towards the bath. Bev sighed and said, "I've never seen a girl take that many hard swats as well as Linda did." She smiled at Mary and they both giggled again.

When Bob got back to the computer room, he quickly went to work. Mary had handed him the video camera to take back to the room for her. He smiled at this unexpected windfall, and began to feverishly work at downloading the picture files and video file from the cameras to the computer, then he burnt them on a couple blank CDs he'd brought with him. He then erased the files off the computer and shut it down. He carefully put the CDs in his jacket and the media chips back in the cameras, then he breathed a sigh of relief and waited. A few minutes passed before Mary joined him in the computer room.

"Ok, hand over the cameras," she immediately said. He handed her both cameras and she opened them and took the media chips out. "I'm keeping these for now, I'll give yours back when I've erased it." Then she smiled and took his hand and led him to a couch against the back wall. The two undressed in record time, a minute later they were nude and fucking on the couch. They fucked twice, watching Linda perform had really fired up both of them. Finally with a long sigh, Mary climaxed for the second time, quickly followed by a long moan of pleasure from Bob.

"God, I needed that," she said with a long sigh as she smiled at her lover. Later that night, Bev would spend an hour petting herself to climax. Jane, went the electronic route, she used a vibrator, and managed several climaxes as she worked on it long into the night.

Linda's ass was so sore that she couldn't lay on her back, it felt hot, it seemed to glow, the feeling had a strange effect on her. It was both awful and wonderful at the same time. She had thought she was going to die by the tenth swat, but she hadn't felt noticeably worse at the 15th. Her butt ached, but having been nude and paddled had been the most thrilling thing she'd done since she started college. Her hand slowly found it's way between her legs, it received a warm and wet reception. But before she could get close to a climax, she began to think of Kevin. What must he think of her? He'd probably never she her again, and by the rules of the test, she could never date him if she failed, and she had failed. She lost all interest in her petting and sadly looked at the ceiling. Then she quickly rolled over and opened her night stand. She reached in an picked up her copy of the test rules. She turned on the light and quickly read down to the bottom. Sure enough, there was a way to see him again and still be true to her Sorority. She could declare the test still in force, and continue to try to get his picture. She'd have another 48 hours to get his picture. If she failed, it was bend over time again. She wasn't sure she wanted to risk failure in front of her sisters again. But then she decided that next time she'd check the batteries in her camera. The thought of another paddling, didn't scare her. She smiled to herself, that'd been almost fun, and she smiled to herself, as once again her hand slid down between her legs.

Bob hummed as he walked along, it had been a night to remember the rest of his life. He smiled and called out cheerful greetings to the few students still up and about at this late hour. When he got back to his apartment, he opened a beer and began to drink as he fired up his computer. When it finally was up and running he inserted the first CD. It had all the still pictures he'd taken. He carefully went through each one as he drank his beer, he only stopped to get another beer. Soon he was drinking his fifth beer and feeling it. Bob had few friends, but he tried to stay in touch with several. On a whim he emailed a picture of Linda nude and bent over the chair to one of his friends. He wrote in the body of the email that it was a picture of a girl being punished at one of the sororities on campus. He knew his stock would raise at having had such a memento of college life. He pressed the send key without hardly thinking about it, he was too drunk to give it to much thought. There were no faces visible in the picture, he felt it was safe to send. But Bob was cursed with bad karma, he'd come to regret sending that email.

The next morning Jim Crook opened Bob's email, and downloaded the picture. He smiled as he read the text and looked at the picture. In the picture a girl was bent over a chair, her butt was a flaming red and a paddle was poised to strike her ass again. Her face was completely hidden, she was just a pretty girl bent over with a pretty pink ass. Jim remembered his conversation with his friend from the night before. Kevin Lars had called him and vented on what a bunch of nasty girls belonged to the Beta sorority, he had described how they had tricked him into taking all his clothes off and then leaving him nude setting on the bed while the girls all laughed their asses off in the next dorm room. Kevin had been drunk and Jim had comforted him as much as he could. Looking at the picture, of a supposed sorority pretty getting swatted might just be the thing to cheer him up. So he forwarded the picture and Bobs email to Kevin's email address. It was a Saturday morning, Kevin finally got up and showered. He felt awful, he had a hang over and he was still grieving about Linda. He was shocked that he had been treated so, angry that there was nothing he could do about it. Every girl in the sorority probably knew about it, he blushed as he remembered sitting on the bed nude, he colored and moaned as if in pain as he remembered the sound of the girls giggling as he finally left.

He flopped back down on the bed and moaned at the ceiling. Finally he sighed and got up to make himself breakfast. After breakfast, his roommates both left for town, they invited him along, but he was in no mood for it. After they left he sat down in front of his computer and turned it on. He waited till it warmed up then checked his email. There was an email forwarded to him from Jim Crook, he moaned again as he remembered calling Jim the night before and crying on his shoulder. He had been drunk, he shouldn't be telling everyone what had happened to him. But he knew that the sorority girls would probably have it all over the campus by noon time anyway, so it hardly mattered. Maybe it was good that his friend heard it directly from him rather then from the Beta Sorority. He read his friends note then smiled. "A sorority girl my ass, it's probably just a picture downloaded from some porn site," He muttered to himself. He downloaded the picture and glanced at it. It was just a pretty pink butt with nice legs, getting a paddling . He left it on the screen and went to get a cup of coffee. He hoped it'd help his hangover. As he sat back down at his computer he sipped his coffee and glanced at the picture again. The unknown girl had a pretty body, he wondered how much they paid those models. No doubt they had colored her ass pink to made it look like it had been paddled. On a whim he scrolled in to see a close up of the girls butt. It was an amazingly sharp image. It must have been taken with a real high end digital camera, it wasn't the type of picture one usually downloads from porn sites. It was an unedited image from a good digital camera. The image quality stayed remarkably sharp as he magnified the image till the girls butt filled his nineteen inch screen. It sure looked like a close up of a very pink ass, and it wasn't paint that had made it that way.

He brought it back till he could look at the full picture again. The first thing he recognized was the chair the girl was bent over. He'd sat in a chair in Linda's dorm room that looked just like that chair. He began to carefully study every object in the picture. For sure, it looked like Linda's dorm room living area. He'd spent several hours in that room in the last couple days. Could it be possible, that it actually was a picture from the Beta Sorority. He quickly brought back up the email and looked for the original sender. It had been sent first by Bob Johnson at 2:30 in the morning, just over 9 hours ago. Kevin brought back the picture and examined it as closely as his computer would allow. He was now sure that he was looking at Linda's dorm room. He looked at the arm that was visible holding the paddle, it was a girls arm, and she was wearing a red long sleeve sweater. He then visualized his own retreat from the sorority house. He had passed Jane, one of Linda's roommates as he left, he burned as he remembered her smile as he passed her, but she had been wearing a red sweater just like the one in the picture. Kevin then looked at the title of the picture. Digital camera's often entitle the pictures by the date. Sure enough the picture had yesterdays date in it's title. Now Kevin looked carefully at the girl bent over. He could tell from her public hair that she was a real blond. He wondered how many real blonds lived there, or were sorority members. He could think of only one, Linda. He went over the picture as carefully as he could, but he couldn't tell for sure if it was her or not. He finally decided that it must be, it was taken yesterday, probably after he left, and although he had never seen Linda nude and bent over, he had seen her nude. He decided the picture could certainly be of her, must be her.

Kevin leaned back in his chair and began to wonder what had really happened yesterday. Then a thought occurred to him. If there were pictures of Linda going from campus computer to computer, were there pictures of him too? They could have had a camera in Linda's bedroom filming him taking his clothes off with her, and hadn't Linda been obsessed with trying to take his picture, it all must have been an act so he'd stand still for their cameras. "God damn son of a bitch!" he shouted at the ceiling. Kevin got up and paced back and forth in front of his computer his mind racing. Bob Johnson, he's the guy that told me about Linda's herpes right before I met Linda, and wasn't Bob dating Linda's other roommate, yes, Mary was her name. "The dirty bastard, the mother fucking son a rat fink!" he shouted out again. Bob must be in on it, whatever it was. Bob lived just down the hall, Kevin was as mad as he'd ever been. He couldn't do anything about the Beta sorority, but he could do something about Bob. I'm going to beat that mother fucker half to death, he decided as he headed for his front door. He marched down the hall in a blind rage towards Bob's room. He didn't knock, he was to angry, he simply reached for the door handle and the door opened. He charged into the room, but he didn't see Bob, so he searched. Kevin found Bob in a drunken slumber laying fully clothed across his bed. At first Kevin decided he'd just start hitting the bastard, but he couldn't bring himself to beat up an unconscious guy, so he spent several minutes shaking him and calling him names, but Bob was out like a light.

Finally Kevin got hold of himself, since Bob had emailed the picture to Jim, he probably has it on his computer. Kevin took one more look at Bob sleeping on the bed, then walked over to Bob's computer and turned it on. He searched Bob's computer, but only found the one image he'd already seen. He shut down the computer then noticed two CD-R's sitting on Bob's computer desk. They were by themselves, just laying there. He glanced over at Bob, he had moaned. Kevin debated what to do, part of him wanted to wait till Bob woke and beat the truth out of him, but then another part suggested another course of action. If these CD's have his pictures on them, maybe he could just take them, without Bob being sure where they had went, no doubt he probably wouldn't remember much of what had happened last night. Kevin liked the idea, he could always come back later and beat the crap out of Bob. So he slipped the two CD's into his pocket and walked back to his own apartment. Perhaps the secret of what had actually happened was on one of these CD's. Kevin locked his front door, his roommates wouldn't be back for several hours. He went in to his computer and loaded the first CD into his CD drive. It was a huge file, nearly a hundred pictures. It took a while to download it all to his hard drive. He opened the folder in my pictures. From the thumb nail pictures he instantly recognized Linda. "Oh my God!" he muttered as he scrolled through the thumbnail pictures. It was definitely Linda, and she had really gotten a good paddling. "I'll be damned," he muttered to himself. He quickly looked for any pictures that were of him, but they were all of Linda. Kevin's feelings for Linda had been swinging wildly back and forth for the last three days. For a short time, he loved her, then he hated her, and now he began to temper the hate and was feeling sorry for her. Not only had she gotten a real hard paddling but the poor girls pictures could be all over the campus. She certainly doesn't have anything to be ashamed of with her body, but those were some very weird pictures, kinky, or bent. Kevin told himself that he shouldn't even be looking at these pictures, he brought the mouse over to close the program, but his finger couldn't seem to click on the mouse. He got up and walked into the kitchen to give himself a moment to think. Finally he decided to look at them, after all, he'd managed to get a lot of information from the one, perhaps he could get more from looking at the others. So he walked back to his bedroom and sat down at his computer again. He went back to the top and opened the first picture, it was a picture of some sort of sorority house document. He began to read it, it spelled out the terms of a test that Linda agreed to take. As he read it, and began to understand what part he had played in it, Kevin was to amazed to be angry. He had actually just been a pawn, nothing more to her then a way to become an Inner circle Beta girl, whatever the hell that was. He actually chuckled as he read the terms of the test. So she took 15 swats, and hard ones, from the look of it, because she'd failed to get a nude picture of him with a hard on. He laughed out loudly, "Well the bitch certainly had it coming," he said smiling. He now felt no reluctance to look at the pictures, she deserved what she got, so he went slowly through the rest of the pictures. The first pictures of her showed her completely dressed but wearing a blindfold. That told him that she wasn't supposed to see who was watching her, or perhaps that her picture was even being taken. He began to feel sorry for her again, they'd taken all these pictures without her even knowing.

Then he began to wonder about the herpes story Bob had told him. I'll bet the bastard told me that on purpose so Linda wouldn't pass the test, and have to be punished for her failure. They'd rigged it so it was difficult for her to pass. Then he remembered how her camera hadn't worked. No doubt they rigged the camera so she couldn't get the picture even if he had agreed to pose for it. "The dirty bastards," He muttered softly. He then slowly went through the pictures, there were several taken from the side at the moment of impact. He could see the look of pain on Linda's face as she reacted to the paddle. He felt himself getting an erection, but along with the hard on he felt a pang of guilt for his own reaction. Man this is some erotic stuff. He sighed, his pulse was pounding and his erection persisted. Finally he reached the end of the pictures. He sighed and took several deep breaths. He began to wonder what he should do now. He had no reason to believe that Linda actually liked him. He was just part of her test. He felt sorry for her, having gotten in with the wrong crowd, but that was her problem, and it looked like she was being punished for that enough without him adding anything to it. He sighed and picked up the second CD and carefully loaded it into his computer. Once again it was a huge file, he opened it right from his CD drive. It was a video file. "Oh my God," he muttered softly as he realized what that meant. They'd taken a video movie of it also. He found his heart racing and his hands sweating as he hit play on his video program. It started, much in the same spot the still pictures had, only this was a moving picture, a real good one, someone used a real expensive digital video camera. He could see amazing detail as Mary came around behind Linda and pulled her top up over her head, exposing her perfect breasts. He began to sweat as he watched Mary tie Linda's arms behind her. Mary had thought this out, the rope work looked good. Linda's arms were really secured out of the way. They could do anything to her now. Then he watched as Jane and Mary stripped off Linda's pants and underpants. Linda was still giggling and trading jokes with them. But that stopped once the paddling started. Kevin stared at the screen, it was the most erotic, yet the most horrible thing he'd ever seen. Yesterday, he had thought he loved this girl, and now he was watching her get a severe paddling. His emotions swung wildly from guilt to sexual arousal, then back to guilt. He stared at his computer screen, Mary, Jane and Bev all took turns either holding or paddling Linda for the first eleven swats, then as Linda said, "Eleven, thank you sister!" in a pained voice, a man walked into the camera's view, Mary handed him the paddle and smiled at him. The man's back was to the camera, but Kevin knew instantly it was Bob Johnson. "That Mother fucker!" Kevin said softly to himself, as he watched Bob prepare himself, then smile and give Linda a hard swat on her already very pink ass. Linda let out a short scream and Bev had to hold her down as she squirmed and wiggled her pretty pink butt. Finally in a strained voice she whimpered, "Twelve, thank you sister." Kevin turned red with anger, or lust, or emotional overload. He jumped to his feet and was half way to Bob's dorm room, determined again to beat the man senseless, but he was able to stop himself in the hallway this time. He'd only get arrested if he did something as stupid as that. There must be better ways. He paced up and down the hallway for a few minutes calming himself down, then he walked back to his room and sat down again in front of his computer.

He played the video the rest of the way through, then after more soul searching, he finally started it again, this time in slow motion. He didn't hear the phone till it had rang several times. Finally he pulled himself away from the screen and lifted the receiver and said hoarsely, "Hello?" "High, it's me Linda, are you still mad at me?" he heard her voice and realized that the sound was still on for the video. He quickly covered the mouth piece with one hand and shut down his video program with the other. "Hello, are you still there Kevin?" He heard her ask. "Ah, yes, I'm here," he was still flushed and it took a moment to compose himself. Linda assumed he was upset with her for running out on him. "Gee I'm really sorry about last night, are you mad at me?" she asked rather timidly. "Well, I...," he hesitated, so many things were swirling through his mind that he was having trouble focusing on any one aspect of what had happened and what he'd just learned about it.

When he didn't respond at once, she assumed he was angry. "I know it was a rotten thing to do, and I'm really sorry. We were getting along really well, till......," she stopped unable to find the right words to describe her departure. "Before you ran out the door screaming?" He offered sarcastically, his anger at her deceptions surfaced once more, she was just using him. "I wasn't screaming, I got caught up talking to a sorority friend and I lost track of time." It sounded real lame to him. He had a good idea what had happened, a much better idea then she did. "I was about to go for a walk, and I wondered if you'd like to walk with me?" she said softly. He thought about it for a moment, his first thought was that he didn't want anything more to do with her, he'd came to care for her, but she'd lied to him, it'd all been a lie, a game. But then his thoughts swung back the other way. She had been punished for her part in the game, then despite himself, he wondered if her ass was still pink and sore. Will she limp? he wondered. But then he reminded himself that all she wanted was a picture of him nude with a hard on, then she'd dump him like she'd never thought twice about him. Still, she did have a great body, and with a little thought, he could probably get her to fuck him, to get the picture. Then he decided that he could probably fuck her and not even have to pose for her picture, if he was smart. After seeing Bob so involved in Linda's test, he decided the herpes thing, was all bullshit. What the hell, she's got it coming, he finally decided. "Sure, a walk sounds good. Where should we meet?" he finally responded.

When Linda woke Saturday morning she rolled onto her back and instantly was reminded about last nights punishment. Her butt ached, she rolled back on her side and hugged her pillow. She debated with herself what to do for a few minutes, then smiled to herself and sat up carefully. Jane lay on her side in the single bed next to Linda's, she smiled as she saw Linda wince as she lay on her back. "Good morning, how's the butt this morning?" Jane said cheerfully. Linda smiled back and said, "Sore." "Well, it's to bad about the camera, you should have passed the test," she hesitated, Mary and her had discussed what to say this morning. They decided to see if they could get Linda to continue the test, so they could continue to throw up roadblocks in her path. They decided, it'd been a lot of fun and they wanted to do it again. They had put the continuation clause in the terms of the test on purpose.

Linda smiled as she remembered Kevin standing nude smiling at her, she remembered how beautiful he was. "Yeah, I had it, but it got away, damn," she sighed. "Are you giving up then, when you were so close. You've got a first and goal on the one yard line, it'd be a shame to quit now. Mary and I are really rooting for you. I think you're nearly in." Jane nearly purred, her voice low, her eyes shining. She was really enjoying this. Linda had thought about the continuation clause the night before, she smiled brightly. "You think so, I'm not so sure, he's probably really mad at me." "No doubt one look at you dressed to interest him, and he'll be humping your leg like a puppy dog," Jane said and they both giggled.

"You're probably right, he really looked interested the last time I say him," Linda grinned. "What'd he look like, was it short, long, thick, come on spill sister?" Jane smiled as she talked.

Linda giggled and said, "He was really cute, and big, his stomach is flat, and he's well muscled, he's beautiful. You sure picked a nice guy, thanks." Jane laughed then slyly said. "So what's it to be, give up or continue the test like a true Beta girl?" Linda didn't hesitate, "Oh, I'm going to get the picture. I'll continue on for sure." "Good girl!" Jane smiled evilly, then giggled happily.

Linda and Kevin met by the football stadium and started out walking. It was a bright sunny day and Linda was all smiles again. Kevin walked along beside her and made polite conversation. She talked about her brothers and her classes, then what she wanted to do with her life. Kevin smiled at her, she was such a sweetie, it was hard for him to think ill of her for long. As he listened to her, he once again began to feel the natural attraction, not just of a pretty girl, but of a kindred spirit. They walked and talked for an hour. He kept thinking of her test, she'd failed it and per the rules she was not supposed to date him. He wondered if she was doing it behind her sorority sisters backs. But then he decided that she certainly wouldn't be out walking around the campus with him if that was the case. He wrestled with the question as he walked and listened to her. She had a cat at home named Bob and she'd been a cheerleader in high school. He wondered why she was there, could it be that a stupid sorority meant that much to her? Then it occurred to him that maybe she liked it. The risk of getting paddled in such a way. His mind continued to jump around, he tried to rationalize the notion of what had happened to her, and the beautiful young woman walking and talking beside him. Linda noticed from the beginning that Kevin was distracted about something. He'd look angry then thoughtful, then incredulous all within a few minutes of each other as he walked along. She decided that he must be working through his feelings about her. She had left him the night before in a terrible state. She felt guilty, and regretted, that they hadn't at least had sex. Kevin was boiling inside with conflicting thoughts. Shouldn't he at least tell her what was going on. If he didn't, he knew for sure, that Sunday night her sorority sisters, and probably their boyfriends would have a party with the paddle at Linda's expense again. The only other option was to allow her to take his picture. He thought about that, what the hell, he wasn't ashamed of his body and it'd save her another ass whipping. But would it? Wouldn't Mary and Jane come up with another plan and trick her into submitting to the paddle again, they're having to much fun to stop on their own. He could go to the authorities, but that would made Linda the butt of every joke on campus. He moaned in frustration.

Linda stopped and asked him gently, "Are you Ok?" He sighed, then said, "Linda, we've got to talk." He looked around for a moment then led her to a coffee shop across the street. He took a booth as far from the counter as he could, no one else was sitting near. He then went and got them each a coffee. Finally he sat down and debated how to begin. With the truth, he finally decided. "Linda, I want you to just sit and listen to me, and hear me out, something terrible is happening to you, Ok?" he asked her softly. Linda's face colored, did he know about the test she asked herself, that'd be awful, what would he think of her. Her stomach ached from fear and the color drained from her face as she replied, "What do you mean?" "I mean that I'm going to tell you some things that are going to upset you, and I want you to sit and listen till I'm completely done." He said firmly. "Ok," she said fearfully

He took a deep breath then began. "Last night when I left your dorm, I heard your fellow Beta girls giggling and I passed Jane smiling as I left. I wondered at the time if your sorority, wasn't playing some sort of game with me." He watched Linda blush a deep red, it caused him to grin for a moment. "Well, I was mad, but it's not a big deal. I was mad at you for being part of it, but... Then this morning I got an email from a friend that included a picture." He hesitated, Linda's face quickly changed from bright pink to ashen white. "It was a picture of you." Her eyes were wide and he saw she was gripping her coffee cup till her knuckles were white. "In the picture, you are nude and bent over a chair," he continued softly. "Oh no..," she moaned like she'd been hit. He could see tears start to form in the corners of her pretty eyes. "I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but your friends took pictures and at least one of them got around on campus email. But it doesn't show your face. No one would really be able to identify you, unless they knew it was you before hand." He went on. "How did you know it was me?" she whispered, hardly able to talk. He ignored her question and continued softly, "This test your friends got you to take was rigged. They made sure you lost." "No, how do you know that?" she nearly pleaded. "Mary is seeing a guy named Bob Johnson, he lives in my building. They probably picked me for your target, because Bob suggested it. He cornered me last Wednesday and started a conversation about girls on campus that had herpes. He told me you did, this was the day before you met me. I'm sure it was part of a plan with your sorority sisters. When I left to see you the first time, he was in the hallway and he once again brought up the herpes." He paused.

Linda was looking at him like she was scared to death, but she didn't say anything so he continued. "I guessed that I was being played the fool for a sorority prank and I was pretty pissed off about it. Then this morning I got an email from Jim Crook, who happens to know Bob Johnson. Jim forwarded the picture of you that he'd gotten from Bob. I recognized your apartment and thought there might be pictures of me too. So I went down to Bob's room but he was passed out drunk. I noticed a couple CD-R's by his computer, and I figured that they contained more pictures. So I took them and left. Bob didn't know I was even there." Linda had relaxed some and now was just watching him sadly. He continued. "So I looked at what was on them and they contain over a hundred pictures of you, taken during last nights punishment." Linda moaned again and blushed. He sighed then continued. "Bob had taken the pictures." She winced like he had slapped her. "No, they wouldn't have allowed him to be there, it was a sisters only meeting," she said forlornly. "Oh I'm afraid he was there, in the video, Mary hands him the paddle and he takes a couple swats on your bottom." he continued softly. " You have the Video too, Oh god," she murmured "I'm sure that Mary and Jane and Bob are all involved in rigging the test and Bev did her part in the paddling. I'm afraid you have some very nasty friends," Kevin said softly. "I can't believe it, I don't believe it!" Her eyes flashed. "You're just making it up to get back at me for last night." But she didn't really believe he was. "I have the CD's at my dorm, if you'd like to see them," he said gently. "I'd have to see them to believe it," she managed to say defiantly. "Ok, lets go to my place and I'll show you the proof." He got up and headed for the door. It made him a little mad that she had the nerve to call him a liar after how she had treated him.

Jeremy, one of Kevin's roommates was doing his homework in the small kitchen when Kevin and Linda walked in. "Jeremy, we're going to do research for an assignment on the computer in the bedroom. Suppose we could have it to ourselves for a couple hours?" Kevin asked. Jeremy smiled at Linda and thought to himself, research, I'll bet. "Sure Buddy, have fun." There was only one chair, so Kevin pulled the bed up next to the computer desk and sat down on the end of it. Linda sat down next to him. Her hips touched him, she felt reassured by his touch. He warmed up the computer then opened the picture files. The thumb nail pictures were enough to prove what he was saying was right. But she didn't see Bob in any of the pictures. Neither one spoke. He then took the CD out of the computer and put the video CD in. "Do you want to see the video?" "Is Bob in the video?" she asked. "Yeah," he said softly. "Then I'd like to see it, just so I know the truth, I'm sorry, I don't mean to doubt you, it's just that I don't know who to trust anymore," she muttered. He nodded and started the video. They watched it in silence, it was less then a half hour. Linda's feelings swung back and forth as she watched it. When it was finally over she turned to him and said sincerely. "Thank you, you've been a true friend, I owe you, you're a much better person then any other I know." Tears of embarrassment and shame filled her eyes. He felt so sorry for her that he put his arms around her and hugged her. She cried for a minute then snuggled against him. She felt strangely warm, watching the video had had a strange effect on her. She snuggled closer, then kissed him. He kissed her back. She sensed his raising passion and slid back on the bed and then lay down. He followed her and in a moment they were wrapped in each others arms. They hugged and kissed for another ten minutes before they started petting. Then they began to shed their clothes, and then they made love. An hour later they lay comfortably in each others arms, relaxing after having had a long satisfying bout of love making. Kevin could feel her beginning to tense. "Are you wondering what to do now, with the Beta sorority?" Linda sighed, "Yes, and I'm thinking of the pictures of me that are..." She couldn't bring herself to finish the sentence.

He thought about the Beta sorority's position. "I don't think there are a lot of pictures of you floating around. The one I got came directly from Bob. It didn't show enough for most people to identify you. I can't believe that Mary and Jane would risk having your pictures made public. The college would shut down the sorority, and probably expel everyone involved." "Oh no.." Linda whispered softly. "Exactly, so Bob must have somehow gotten copies of the files, or maybe these are the only copies in existence. Probably not, I can't see Bob stealing them, but perhaps. You could probably find that out?" He was speaking softly, looking into her eyes. He thought she was the most beautiful female he'd ever saw. As he lay beside her, he never considered that this was only her problem. He thought of it as their problem. "You mean see if Mary is pissed at him?" Linda asked. "Yeah, she won't tell you way, or at least the real reason anyway, but if Bob's suddenly in the doghouse with Mary and Jane, then it's a good bet he's stolen the pictures and video from them. On the other hand, if they act normal, don't mention any problems with Bob, then I'd wager he copied the files and the girls don't know it. Either way, I think the odds are real long that your pictures will get out, it's in nobody's interest to do that." He could see Linda visibly relax as he finished. "Do you think Bob has those pictures on his computer?" she asked "No, I gave his computer a quick check before I took the CD's. He has the one picture he emailed, and that's it." Kevin watched Linda smile and relax down on the pillow. "So the only other copies are probably on the sorority computer, in the Beta inner circle files." Linda was feeling better. She was grateful to him for his support and help. She smiled at him warmly, then leaned forward and kissed him. "I think so." he replied. "So who can get into the Beta inner circle files?" "The inner circle members," she replied. "So if you passed your test, you'd have access to those files, access enough to destroy them?" he asked following out his train of logic. Linda smiled brightly, "Yeah, but they'd know I did it." "So, once the files are destroyed, they've nothing on you, you can tell the Beta sorority to go jump," he said with a smirk. "What are they going to do, go to the cops?"

Linda thought about it, she wouldn't have minded just the paddling, and even the pictures and movies, but being so careless as to let them fall into Bob's hands, and then letting Bob not only witness but participate in her paddling, now that was bad. It wouldn't have been so bad if they'd let Kevin participate, the thought made her blush slightly. What am I thinking she chided herself. Then another thought occurred to her. "Well, I'd have to pass the test to get the inner circle password." Her doe like eyes looked the question at him. His mind raced forward, he ignored her unspoken question, and went on. "So, we can't go to the cops, and raiding the files would repair some of the damage. But it wouldn't get us even." He considered himself a wronged party as well. He wanted revenge. "If we don't tip our hands, that we know what happened. We might be able to come up with a little pay back of our own. Mary, Jane and Bob, all have it coming." His eyes flashed. Linda smiled at him. "That might be fun, do you have something in mind?" "No, but I'll work on it, you're right, to have any chance at all of destroying those files, and enacting our revenge, you've got to pass the test. I suppose you brought your camera?" He said with a comic sour look on his face. Linda smiled brightly, and then turned pink with embarrassment. "I didn't know," she muttered low. "Yeah, me too," he paused then continued, "Well, you might as well get it out." Linda quickly kissed him then got her camera out of her jacket pocket. He was laying on the bed with his comic disgusted look, and nothing else. But he didn't have an erection. She smiled and said. "Well, you need to be, interested.." "I know give me a minute, we just made love." he said sourly. Linda slipped back on the bed and curled up, her head level with his cock. "Let me help," she whispered as she slipped his cock into her mouth and began to suck softly, her head moving up and down it, just like she'd seen on the triple X video's that the Beta sorority showed every Tuesday night. She could feel him getting erect in her mouth, she smiled and continued sucking long after he was hard enough to take the picture. Kevin moaned he could hardly believe what was happening. "Wow," he moaned as waves of pleasure enveloped him. She kept sucking, after awhile he was counting backwards to distract himself so he wouldn't cum. Finally he moaned and pulled his cock out of her mouth. "I don't think it's going to get any bigger, you better get the picture now." "Oh," she murmured then smiled up at him. "Sorry, I forgot what we were doing." She got up and picked up her camera. "Ok now, smile," she said with a giggle. He smiled warmly at her, she decided he was the best looking guy to ever be a test subject, he was beautiful. A part of her brain wanted to show his picture off to her sorority sisters, she was sure they'd all be jealous, but then she felt bad about the impulse, but she took several shots, in case one was better then the others. Jeremy looked up as he heard the quick knock, then Bob Johnson barged into the room. "Say, Bob?" Jeremy called out. "Say man, is Kevin around?" Bob asked. "I think he's busy man, what do you need?" Jeremy asked. He didn't like Bob. "Oh, just wanted to shoot the shit with him is all, where's he at?" Bob asked again. The bedroom door opened and Kevin walked into their living area. In two strides he was in front of Bob. "You looking for me," Kevin said so sternly, that Jeremy looked up surprised. "Just wanted to jaw is all, that's all, no big deal." Bob smiled nervously back. "I'm studying, some other time perhaps," Kevin said coldly, he noticed Bob look past him. Linda walked into the room from the bedroom. "Hi Bob," she said as she walked up to Kevin and looked at him, then she stepped between the two men. "Sorry Bob, we're right in the middle of an assignment, perhaps some other time." She took Kevin's hand. He didn't move for a moment. He stood looking at Bob. He wanted badly to take a swing at him. He knew that Linda had stepped between them on purpose. She had seen the look in his eyes when they heard Bob's voice through the door. Kevin had jumped to his feet and threw on his clothes. Linda quickly began to dress, she sensed trouble. "Well, yeah man, some other time then. See you around." Bob smiled crookedly and backed away till he was at the door, then he turned and left.

Linda immediately turned and led Kevin back into the bedroom, and shut the door. "We have to act like we don't know!" She whispered at him after she closed the door. "I'm sorry, you're right," He sighed, then looked at her and smiled sheepishly. Linda smiled back then asked him softly. "I'd like to shower. Do you think we could both fit in the shower?" She smiled at him. Jeremy worked on his term paper, he had ignored the squeaking and thumping coming from the bedroom. He smiled as he heard the shower start, then the sounds of wrestling around coming from the bathroom. He chuckled, and went back to work on his paper. When the shower finally stopped, he glanced at his watch. They'd been messing around for nearly three hours. "Damn, lucky bastard," he muttered. An hour later Kevin walked Linda back to her Sorority dorm. He kissed her goodbye then started walking back to his dorm. He had made a point of erasing the pictures of her on his hard drive in front of her, and then giving her the two CD's before they left, but as they'd walked to her dorm, she'd given them back to him and asked him to hide them for her. She told him she didn't have a place where they'd be safe. They agreed to call each other and discuss strategy for their revenge. As Kevin walked back home, he considered the weekend and all that had happened. He had to admit to himself that he might still have been had, she had gotten the picture after all. Like Linda he was wondering exactly who he could trust. One of life's mysteries, he finally decided. In any case he had gotten laid more in the last day, then in the last year. He smiled as he remembered her sucking his cock. That'd been a first for him, he could see why it was so popular. He grinned then started to jog the rest of the way home. Linda hummed as she showered then dressed. When she'd gotten back to her room, Jane had asked her how it had went. Linda had just smiled and flashed her a V sign. Linda thought Jane looked disappointed, she grinned to herself, as she thought about it. They were looking forward to paddling her again , for some reason she hadn't gotten as mad about the trick her sorority sisters had played on her as Kevin had. She wasn't surprised that they would do such a thing, she'd heard of the sorority girls doing similar things before. The idea that Kevin would beat up Bob over it, seemed like an overreaction to her. She liked the idea of playing a trick to get back at Jane and Mary, much better. This was a war, an undeclared war. She would act normal to put them off their guard, then she'd think of something. Kevin seemed to have to good mind for such things, she'd been impressed not only by his body, but by his idea's, and he was fun to talk to. She smiled happily to herself, as she remembered their afternoon of love making. She'd never had such good sex, her butt had still been sore. As they make love though out the afternoon, she could feel a slight ach from the paddle still. It seemed to fuel her sexual excitement, she had noticed that looking at her pictures and the video of her paddling had the same effect on Kevin. She recognized, that he had felt guilty and embarrassed about it, but she noticed that he'd watched the video with more then a little interest anyway. She wondered if she should be more outraged by what had happened to her. As she'd watched the video with Kevin, she'd felt so many conflicting emotions, but one thing stood out in her mind about the video, it had warmed her.

They continued to see each other, and talk on the phone. Wednesday evening Kevin finished his homework early and to distract himself from school work he called Linda. He wanted to know what the sorority did with the pictures and video's they took. To see if perhaps there might be an angle there that might lead them towards their revenge. Linda seemed hesitant to tell him the details. He asked her the same questions several different ways, yet she still hadn't actually answered them. Finally he asked her what the problem was. He could nearly hear her thinking, finally she replied, "I shouldn't tell you, I swore an oath not to talk to outsiders about the sorority's customs." He was stunned, "They tricked you into submitting to a hard paddling, and filmed it. They lied and cheated you, you don't owe them anything!" He replied with more then a little frustration. "Well, that's true, I guess, but ....well, Ok," she finally replied. "So tell me what they do with the pictures and video?" he asked again. He was having an uneasy feeling again. Was this another set up, he asked himself? "They download them to the sorority computer," she said softly. "Huh hah,....then what?" It was like pulling teeth. "Well, on the first Saturday of each month the sorority has a beer party," she stopped again. "Ok, beer bash, then what?" he repeated, his frustration at her reluctant answers was such, that he missed where her answers were leading. She was obviously having trouble finding the right words, but he waited and finally she began again. "Well, at that party the sorority reviews the months punishments," she muttered so softly he could hardly hear her. He was amazed, "No kidding, so all the girls get ripped and gather round the computer for the show, you're kidding, wow, you're sorority is really bent." He had to laugh. But then something occurred to him. "I suppose they show the results of your test. Not only your pictures, and the video, but my....?" he didn't finish the question. "Yeah, those too," she whispered.

He felt an impotent rage building inside, his voice sounded a bit strained when he asked, "So how many girls go to these things, the whole sorority?" "Yeah, pretty much," she replied, her voice barely audible. He was suddenly sure he was being had again. This could all still be some continuation of the game. Linda might have made a second stupid bet. He had only known her for a little over a week, what did he really know of her. "So how do you feel about that?" he finally asked with heat. He was wondering if there was a way to get the truth out of her, it only frustrated him more when he decided that there probably wasn't. She hesitated, she could hear the anger in his voice. "Well, like, I'm sorry for involving you in this. Yours are the best pictures of the guys." His anger got the best of him, he was amazed at her attitude. He blurted out. "There's a hundred pictures of you bent over getting the hell beat out of your ass and that's it! That's all you've got to say?" "Well, all the girls have pictures in the computer, at least a few anyway," she replied softly. "Jesus H Christ..!!" He shouted, then with an effort he controlled his voice, "And now they can pop a beer and look at me too, great, that's just great. You could have told me this before you took the pictures?" "Well, what did you suppose they would use the pictures for?" she muttered His mind was racing. "Mine's the best you say, does that mean it might end up on a Beta Sorority brochure. Join the Beta sorority and .....," but he didn't continue. Her reaction or non-reaction combined with his own anger. The more he learned about it, the more he distrusted her, shouldn't she be outraged? Wouldn't a normal girl be upset about this? She's got to be still in some game mode, doesn't she? "I'm having a tough time believing you, are you still playing some practical joke? How do I know you're for real?" He asked sternly. "We made love," she sounded hurt. He ignored her answer and plowed on, the latest revelation pushing him over the edge. "I was a complete stranger to you. You agreed to have sex with me as part of your test to become a inner circle Beta girl. It had nothing to do with me. They could have picked any guy on the campus and you'd have done him the same way!" His voice was like a hammer. "No, I wouldn't have had sex with anyone," She replied in a hurt tone.

"Well, what if the guy couldn't get it up? What would you have done? No, don't say it, you've already demonstrated your skills in such a case!" He was nearly shouting. She didn't say anything. He was on a roll now and couldn't have stopped himself even if he had wanted. "I don't want anything more to do with this, it's crazy and it's dangerous. Good bye!" He slammed the phone down, then swore at the ceiling. Jeremy opened the door and asked, "You alright man?" Kevin pulled himself together. "Yeah, I think I am now." He rolled over on his stomach and stared at his pillow for the next twenty minutes as he thought about what he'd just done. He'd just told the best looking girl he'd ever seen to go jump. A girl that not only would fuck him, but suck his cock too. He moaned then muttered. "I don't know which one of us is crazier!" Linda was crushed, his words had battered her. She felt guilty for involving him, it had all seemed like such a harmless thing to do at first. But it had went so wrong. He believed she was still using him to play some game with her sorority sisters. Linda began to cry as she lay back down on her pillow, she cried for five minutes then composed herself. She thought about what to do next for another half hour, when she finally decided she reached for the phone and called him back. "Hello?" He sounded sad. "Can I come over, I want to talk?" she asked in as normal a tone as she could muster. "Both Jeremy and Jeff are here, it'd be a little crowded," He muttered sadly. He was having second thoughts, but he still didn't know what was real and what was a game. "Take a walk with me then?" she asked . He thought about it for a moment. Telling her to go jump, had been said in anger. He'd felt like a fool a moment after he'd hung up. "Ok, where do you want to meet?"

Twenty minutes later Kevin stood by the social science building waiting for Linda. He looked at his watch, he was a little early. When he looked up he saw her walking towards him. She was a doll in shorts and halter top and she was carrying a large umbrella under her arm. Kevin looked up at the night sky, he could see stars but not a cloud. He shook his head and muttered, "Blonds, go figure." They walked for bit without speaking, then she began. "It's true that I didn't pick you, but I think you're a real nice guy. I'm sorry that you were involved in this. It was all just supposed to be fun. Just a game the girls played on each other. I know they shouldn't have rigged my test. That was against the rules and somehow I'm going to get that score settled. But I want you to know that I've gotten to like you. I'm not playing any games behind your back. I continued the test, so I could see you again." He sighed. He had read her text rules over earlier in the day. He'd been alone in the apartment after his last class, doing homework on the computer. Thinking of Linda made him think of the pictures he was keeping for her. He got out the two CD's and loaded the picture CD into the computer. He told himself that he was just going to review her test rules. But after carefully reading the document, he hit slideshow and her pictures began to fill his computer screen, one after another. He watched the entire file, from Linda, fully clothed, to Red butted Linda, bent over a chair. He found some of the pictures to be very erotic. He fought with himself about what that meant, or said about him. He was both sexually aroused by the pictures and disgusted with himself for being sexually aroused. He was feeling guilty about even looking at them again, and he had to argue with himself for five minutes about whether he should watch the video again or not. He was still feeling guilty about how the argument had ended. He'd watched the video, parts of it even in slow motion. They walked on for another minute. "Look, we've only known each other for a week or so, and I'd like to keep seeing you, but I don't understand, why you're not as upset as....Well, I don't know. I guess if you look at it as just a game." He hesitated, then reached into his pocket and took out her two CD's, then he continued. "You should probably keep these," He offered her the CD's. She looked like she was going to cry. "Look, I'm not saying anything by giving them to you other then I think you should have them or destroy them." She reached out and took the two CD's. "I'm sorry," she whispered. He was feeling like a heal. He could see the beginnings of tears in her eyes. "Oh don't, look, I'm just giving them back, because I was tempted to look at them again, if you had them, I wouldn't have that to worry about is all. It isn't because I don't want to see you again, I do." "Oh," she said, he was sure she'd think badly of him for looking at them, but she reacted just the opposite of what he was prepared for. Her eyes cleared and she even briefly smiled at him. "I might have been more then tempted really," He continued guiltily. "Well, that's alright, they're just pictures," she said softly. "There's the video too." He was sorting out what her reactions and lack of reactions meant. They had walked steadily as they talked. They were near a small park. They entered it and started down one of the walking trails. Linda stopped and looked around, the park was deserted. She turned to Kevin and began in a low voice. "I want you and I to get even with the inner circle girls and Bob together. But before we can honestly work together on that, I think you have to get even with me for involving you in this." Linda was still carrying the large umbrella, she pulled the sorority paddle out of the center of the umbrella. He recognized it immediately from the pictures. He felt his face flush, "You're not serious?" he said. He was torn by conflicting emotions. "Yes I am. I deserve it, and it will help you to trust me." She held the paddle out to him. "Well, I," He hesitated, then looked at the paddle she was holding. "So this is the official Beta sorority paddle?" He asked, stalling for time as he decided what to do. "Yeah," she continued to hold it out to him. He looked at the paddle then up at her, she was looking at his chest, refusing to look him in the eyes. He began to feel the stirrings of an erection, the feeling was enough to tip the balance of the argument. He watched his hand reach out and take the paddle from hers. She sighed, then actually smiled. "Since the girls gave me fifteen, I think I owe you fifteen too." She quickly looked around then walked off the trail, away from the campus. She walked in front of him, her hips swaying as she walked. He followed her, the feel of the paddle in his hand, the sight of her shapely butt swaying as she walked along, and the knowledge that he was about to paddle that shapely behind brought him to full attention. She walked and he followed for several minutes till finally she stopped by a secluded spot that was lit enough by lights in the distance that they could see each other well. She turned and faced him, then smiled at him then asked, "Does this look like a good spot?" "Yes, this looks like a good spot, Ah, fifteen you say?" He asked, he couldn't help but grin at her. "Do you think that's enough to make us even?" she asked. "Oh, well, I suppose, yes that'd do it," he said, still smiling at her. Linda smiled back at him, then turned her back to him. She reached back and pulled her shorts and underpants down to her knees. She then looked back at him shyly and bent forward at the waist. "Do you want me to count?" she asked. "Ok," he said rather absently. He couldn't believe he was doing this, all his moral battles with himself earlier in the day seemed like a lifetime away now. He'd spanked girls before, at birthday parties and patted his girlfriends on the bottom once in a while, but nothing like this. His stomach tensed and he felt his erection pushing hard against his shorts.

He moved closer, lining himself up behind her. "Are you sure about this?" He asked again, surprised at the huskiness of his own voice. "I'm ok with it, if it makes us even," she whispered back. Kevin had studied the video close enough to know that the girls had swung the paddle with a lot of force. He asked her. "Ready?" He saw her shake her head yes. He brought the paddle up next to her butt. He smiled then brought his arm back, he hesitated for a moment, then brought it forward across her butt. It made a loud, "smack" as it landed. "Oh, one," Linda said clearly. Linda continued to count. Kevin got bolder as he got over the surprise of what he was doing. On the tenth swat he hit her harder. "Ouch, eleven," she responded. He smiled and finished the last four with at least as much force. Even in the dim light he could see her butt darken as it turned pink with the paddling. The fifteenth swat made a loud "smack!" as it landed. "Oh..! fifteen." Linda said, then she stood up straight and began to rub her sore butt. She turned around still holding her butt and smiled at him. "Are we even now, do you forgive me?" she asked softly. "Yeah, I forgive you," He grinned at her, her shorts were still at her knees. He stepped closer and put his arms around her. Her hands left her butt and went around his neck. They held each other and kissed. She could feel his erection against her belly as she held him. Her butt felt warm and the warmth quickly seemed to spread between her legs. "Do you want to make love?" she whispered. "Ok," he said huskily. She slipped off her shorts and lay down in the short grass. He quickly got his shorts off and in a minute they were happily making love in the cool grass. They held hands as Kevin walked Linda back to her dorm. He kissed her good night and started for his own dorm. As he walked he considered what had happened. He found himself grinning, "Wow-we!" He called out at the night as he broke into a run the last couple hundred yards to his dorm. When he got to his room, both Jeremy and Jeff were studying at their kitchen table. He smiled at them as he came in. "What say, fellows?" he asked happily as he walked up. "Well, you look better, make up with Linda?" Jeff asked with a smile. "Yeah, sure did," Kevin replied grinning. "Must be nice, love, go figure," Jeff smiled back for a moment, then went back to his homework. Kevin hung around the kitchen for a few minutes talking to his room mates, then he took a shower and got ready for bed. After laying down for several minutes, he gave up trying to sleep. The last week kept cycling through his mind. Finally he got up and turned on his computer. He put the video CD of Linda's paddling in the drive and carefully watched it again. "Damn, they really hit her hard," he muttered to himself, much harder then he had hit her. He needed to come up with a plan of some sort to get even with those girls. As he watched Linda react to the eleventh hit with the paddle and once again saw Bob step into the camera's view he paused the video and looked at the still screen. An idea began to form for him, he smiled as he remembered what Linda had said. That the whole sorority would watch the punishments, once a month. How could they show this video, with Bob in it? The punishments are girl only affairs, to have a guy there, and to let him participate would be a major sin for a Beta sorority girl. They can't edit it out, Linda is counting the strokes, it'd jump from eleven to fourteen. "Gotcha!" he muttered to himself.

Kevin smiled broadly as an idea, then a plan began to take shape for him. Turning to his computer he went to a search engine and typed in, "Corporal Punishment." As he worked he smiled at the screen and muttered with a smirk, "A punishment to fit the crime, just what the doctor ordered." When Linda left to meet Kevin, Bev, Mary and Jane met in the sorority computer room. This was a private meeting called by Bev. As the other two arrived, she looked up and down the hallway to make sure that no one had noticed them. She looked worried, "I think we have a problem, Linda's punishment pictures are fine, but we can't use the video, it has Bob in it, what were we thinking?" She burst out in frustration. "If the sorority finds out we had him there we'll be kicked out or worse!" Mary smiled to calm Bev down, then said soothingly, "Oh, don't worry about it, we don't have to download it. We'll just tell them that we were drunk, which we were, and so we forgot to turn on the video camera. Linda was blindfolded, she knew we were taking pictures, but she doesn't know for sure whether we were using the video camera or not. Relax, it's alright." Bev looked relieved, "That's right, no one knows but us. Can we trust Bob?" she asked. Mary smiled again then said, "Don't worry about Bob, he'll do whatever I want him to. We've nothing to worry about." The three girls were sitting on the couch in their living area sipping wine when Linda returned. They chatted with her for a couple minutes, then she went to bed. The three looked at each other. "Well, she sure looked happy, she must have made up with Kevin, was that grass stain on the back of her top? Looks like she spent the evening on her back in the grass." Mary said smirking. The next evening Linda met Kevin at his apartment after dinner. They hugged and kissed for several minutes before he finally managed to get to the purpose of their meeting. "I've come up with sort of a plan to get even with Bev, Mary and Jane," he began, and regretted it immediately. Linda had been rubbing up against him and clearly had other things on her mind. Oh well, another opportunity wasted, he thought to himself. "Oh, ok," she forced herself to concentrate on what he was saying. The soreness of her butt, had kept her thinking of him, sex, and paddling most of the night, and nearly all through her classes that day. She had spent all afternoon in an aroused sexual state. She waited for him to explain. "Well, in a nut shell it goes something like this. We have a copy of the video they took, it clearly shows a man taking part, which is against all the rules, and a serious thing right?" he asked her hopefully. "Well, sure, they'd get kicked out of the sorority for sure, if people knew," she replied, trying to concentrate. Kevin looked disappointed. "That may not be enough, how important is being in the sorority to them, I wonder?"

"It's real important, it would be for me, and I think more so for them," Linda said, more focused now. "Maybe I can come up with something else to add to it," he said thoughtfully, "they really have to want to be a Beta girl, in order to do what I have in mind." "What do you have in mind?" she asked. He smiled at her then laid out his ideas, to his surprise she actually suggested a couple improvements. A half hour later they were huddled in front of his computer screen as he typed in a web address from a piece of paper laying on his desk. "The guy told me he makes paddling and caning video's, and the amount the girls are paid depends on which they're willing to do. Now we know something about padding," He smiled at her, and she grinned back at him. "He gave me a couple internet addresses to check out samples of his work." The page slowly downloaded. Kevin waited then clicked on video's for sale. There were six video's listed. He picked the second link down. The page opened, there was a description of the video, then some pictures and a short downloadable clip. He clicked on the first picture, it was of a young woman dressed in a school uniform. She was looking at the floor in what was obviously supposed to be a guilty pose. The next picture showed the same girl, now nude and facing a wall, in what appeared to be a study. She had a crooked ended cane, that she was actually holding in the crack of her ass without using her hands. Linda giggled at the girls pose and said, "I wonder how she managed to hold that cane there," she blushed when Kevin looked at her, "It looks neat is all," she added and they both laughed a little nervously. The next picture was of the same girl bent over a narrow bench. The bench had straps attached to it to secure her legs, arms and torso. There was a man dressed in a suit standing behind her with the cane in his hand, he looked to be readying himself to strike. Linda felt the blood rush to her face, she grinned at the picture then turned to Kevin and saw him staring at the monitor. He looked up and they grinned at each other. The last picture was taken from the side, the man was readying to strike the girl, as in the last pose, but now the girls butt, was striped with red and purple stripes, nearly all neatly parallel to each other. The girl appeared to be reacting to his last blow, her head was raised up and her mouth was open in what must have been a scream. "Holy shit," he murmured, "Is that for real?" He looked at Linda and noticed her face was flushed and she was concentrating on the picture so much that she hadn't heard his question. Finally she looked at him and said, "What?" Kevin sighed then asked her again, "I was just wondering if that's a real picture or if it's fake, it must be fake. Look at her ass, she's got welts all over it."

Linda gave him a funny smile, then said, "It looks real to me, save the picture and we'll blow it up and see if we can tell." She sounded excited. He downloaded the picture then opened it and began to zoom in. The picture was pretty good, a close up of the girls butt clearly showed the lines, the color and the welts. They were all very real. "Wow," he heard Linda whisper as they examined the picture closer. They looked at each other, then Linda said, "Lets download the clip and see what it is." She grinned at him again. It took a few minutes with their slow modem to download the short clip. Linda fidgeted nervously as she waited. Finally when it was done, Kevin opened the clip. It started well into the action, the girls butt was already badly lined. The man's arm started another swing, he then flexed his wrist, and the cane whipped across both checks of the girls butt. She jerked to the limit that the caning bench would allow, letting out a very real scream. The man waited about ten seconds, during which the girl writhed in agony from the last blow. She was just starting to relax when he struck her again and it looked like a powerful blow. The girl immediately screamed again and jerked so violently that she moved the caning bench several inches forward. "Wow wee, my bloody God, do you believe that?" he murmured. Linda quickly smiled manically, and said, "I think it's real, play it again, ok?" He clicked on the play button the second time, they silently watched the clip again, then a couple more times, finally he said, "I think we can rule out a caning, no way they'd agree to that." He felt nervous, even watching such a thing with Linda, what would she think of him, if she saw him enjoying watching such things. But then she hadn't minded him watching her paddle video. He glanced over at her, she was intently watching the clip play one more time and she was grinning. He relaxed a little, then even laughed with her when she muttered, "Wow, I'll bet she didn't sit down for a couple weeks after that." Kevin typed in another site address, and opened a page describing the proper technique for using a cane. "Well, this looks like good info," he smiled at her then put his arms around her and kissed the side of her neck. It hardly distracted Linda from the page. "Do you want me to read you what it says?" she asked as she felt his hands start to pet her breasts. "Sure," he replied, enjoying the feel of her, and wondering if they had time to mess around before his room mates got back.

Linda read the page aloud, the article asserted that there was an art to using a cane well. It explained how the cane worked, and how to safely use it, for maximum effect, it went on in detail on how to practice and where the cane should be used. When she finished, she turned to face him, his petting and the article had rekindled her fires, she whispered, "I can see why someone would need a caning bench, I don't think many girls would be able to stay still without one. Don't you think it looks neat too, the girl on it and all? Do you think we have time to mess around?" she concluded with the question. "I think so," he murmured, then he pulled her back on the bed and they raced to get their clothes off. Kevin met Linda for lunch the next day at a local coffee shop. They talked about how best to approach the Beta girls. Kevin had talked to the CP production guy and had gotten a firm date for an interview. With that part done, he was trying to finalize the plan. Deciding what to demand of the Beta girls was next on his list. "After watching that clip last night, I think we should press them for a paddling, otherwise we might force them to call our bluff," He looked up from his notes as he spoke. Linda thought he was incredibly handsome and she smiled at him. It took a moment for his words to sink in. When they finally did she frowned and said, "They've been paddled before, that's not much getting even. We've got to teach them a lesson they won't forget." "They'll be doing it for a corporal punishment video that will be purchased by people the world over, and I'm sure he paddles as good as he canes," but he could tell by the look on her face that she wasn't buying it. He tried another tack, "We could loose this opportunity if we go for to much, they've got to agree and sign a contract with the production company which spells out what's going to happen to them." Linda pouted for a few moments then said, "They paddled me hard, and it hurt and my butt turned red, but I hardly felt it a day later. A caning over a caning bench would send a message that they'd remember for a lifetime." He was surprised by her insistence, he tried to persuade her that a paddling was a surer thing for another ten minutes before he finally gave up. "Ok, we'll go for the whole nine yards, and if they agree, I'll be the first one to buy the video, but if they don't, that's it, we agree that we tried and failed and are willing to call it even. Do you agree?" he said in an attempt to at least get some closure. Linda agreed, but she held firm for the caning. He sighed then asked her to set up a meeting for that night. They went over the last minute details, then kissed each other and agreed to see each other at Linda's dorm later that evening. At eight Kevin knocked on Linda's dorm room door. Linda opened it, "Hi, how are things going?" he quietly asked her. "Ok, they've been drinking wine." she smiled drunkenly at him. "Hey, you go easy on the sauce, ok?" he said it quietly, but firmly. "Ops, I'm sorry, it's just that every time I look at them, I picture them bent over that caning bench getting caned like that girl, I wonder if they will squeal or scream? I think Mary is a screamer, sorry." she giggled again, then made an effort to control herself. Her caning humor made him smile, he had been getting nervous waiting outside the Beta sorority house, he had asked himself what he was doing this for, for ten minutes he tried to come up with a good answer but hadn't. He looked up and saw Mary looking at him, she looked a little worried. Then, on Linda's suggestion he pictured her bent over the caning bench, isn't this justice, for what she's done? Looking at her, he decided it was and might even be fun to watch. He smiled and as he cast away his lingering doubts he whispered to her, "They've got it coming," then he walked towards the three young women. Ten minutes later Mary, Bev, and Jane sat on the couch, Bev looked particularly frightened, Jane looked sad, and Mary looked pissed. "So you say you have proof that Bob paddled Linda. I don't believe you," but there wasn't much conviction in her voice. Kevin reached into his pocket and took out two CD's, then laid them on the coffee table in front of Mary. "These are copies of the two CD's that I got from Bob, go ahead and check them if you'd like," Kevin said it quietly. Mary looked like she'd been sapped of all her energy, she seemed to sink down into the couch. "So what's the deal, why are you telling us and not just telling the dean?" Jane asked sadly.

He sighed, then looked at the three young women, "I don't want to ruin anyone's life, but something must be done. In this sorority they administer corporal punishment for offenses against the sorority and their fellow students." Here goes, he thought to himself, "so I'm giving you three that option. I've contacted a small production company that makes corporal punishment video's. If you three agree to model in one of their video's and donate the wages to the sorority general fund, then I'll call everything even between us." "No way in bloody hell!" Mary burst out, she got to her feet and looked at Jane and Bev. They weren't an encouraging sight. "Now wait a minute Mary, I don't want to get kicked out of school, lets think about it, ok?" Bev was nearly pleading with Mary, she realized that unless they stuck together, they'd get expelled for sure. The thought of telling her parents would be worse then anything she could imagine. Bev cleared her throat, and asked, "What kind of corporal punishment video?" Kevin didn't hesitate, "An English school caning, over a caning bench, 30 strokes each." "Jesus Christ," Jane whispered, then she asked, "You mean like a real caning with dark red marks and welts?" Kevin shook his head up and down, then said quietly, "It is an established English school custom in such cases." The corner of his mouth turned towards a grin. Linda started to giggle. The three girls glared at her, she controlled her giggles with some difficulty, no one spoke for nearly a minute. Then Kevin got to his feet and said, "Look, it's up to you three, either be ready by tomorrow at noon to leave for the production studio, or be prepared to discuss this with the dean. Call me in the morning and let me know what you've decided, if you would. Good night." He walked home, Linda's suggestion that he should picture Mary on the caning bench had turned the tide for him. He smiled broadly, as he wondered if Mary was indeed a screamer, as Linda thought, might be fun to make a bet with her. He laughed again and broke into a steady run. "Good night," Linda said sweetly to her three friends as she got up to go to bed. "You let him do this to us," Jane said sadly. "I tried to change his mind. I even tried to get him to allow only a paddling, but he's really hurt by what happened. Sorry girls, I tried, really, Good night," Linda said sadly, then she turned and went to her room. None of the three women responded. They looked at each other for several minutes before Mary broke the silence, "No way I'm going to let someone cane my butt." "So you want to get kicked out of school, and have to explain to your parents why? Don't you see, it will all come out!, they'll get into the sorority computer and everyone will know about everything. Half the sorority would probably be expelled. We'd all make the front cover of fucking Newsweek, is that what you're suggesting!" Bev said hotly back. Mary didn't reply. Jane looked sadly at her friend then said quietly, "We did the crime, we really don't have any choice Mary." "But have you seen what a real caning can do? I seen a video once, the girl screamed her head off, it's nothing like a paddling." Mary pleaded her case, but the facts were that Bev and Jane were more afraid of exposure, then the cane. After another twenty minutes of debate, Mary finally agreed. But not before Jane made her agree to be caned first, so she wouldn't run off when it was her turn and ruin the deal. The three young women went to bed, each wondering what the next day would be like. One thing they all knew, it would be a day they'd remember the rest of their lives. Kevin woke to the telephone's ring, "Hello," he said sleepily. "Morning honey, they all agreed!" Linda said excitedly. Kevin smiled then chuckled, "I'll be damned, great!" he thought for a moment, then he continued, "I borrowed Jeremy's van, I'll be by at noon to pick you girls up, and did anyone tell you what a nasty little thing you are?" he said, teasing her. "You're the only one, Oh, the girls want to know how much money they'll be making for the sorority?" Linda asked him cheerfully. "I think it's 3 thousand each, he pays a hundred a stroke for canings, minus taxes and such, this guy even sends out W-2 forms to his models at the end of the year." He chuckled into the phone as he said it.

Linda giggled then said softly, "You'll never believe what we did this morning," she giggled again, then continued, "We shaved our public hair off, for the movie, we actually had a lot of fun, they don't blame me. They think it's your fault, they've been really nice, calling me sister and all. I think Mary thinks we should do this all together," she giggled again. "Have you been drinking wine this early?" He asked sternly. "A little, but this is going to be a special day for the Beta Sorority," and she giggled again. "Well, just remember, this is serious stuff, and those three have it coming, but you don't, understand?" He tried to sound stern. He guessed that Mary was just trying to get Linda caned too, as one last nasty act. He made a point of reminding himself to point out Mary for the hardest strokes this afternoon. Mary and the girls had finished their second glass of wine. They were talking about how this all happened and came to the conclusion that it was Bob's fault. If he hadn't stolen those pictures and video files, this wouldn't have happened to them. After some discussion, Mary decided that she needed some satisfaction from Bob before she had to go for her own punishment. After talking about it for a few minutes with the girls, she called Bob. "High daring, what are you doing this morning," she purred into the phone, trying to sound as seductive as she could. She knew Bob wasn't a morning person, and it would take a sure promise to get him to come over. But in the end, the promise of a special treat for him, which had, in the past, been their codeword for a blowjob, got him to agree to come right over. The girls all giggled as they prepared for his visit. Jane readied the video camera and Mary changed into her soccer uniform, shoes and all. Bob was late, but at eleven he knocked on Mary's dorm room door. Mary answered the door, she appeared to be alone and oddly was wearing soccer shorts and shoes. "Are you playing a match today?" Bob asked as he wandered into the main room. Mary smiled at him, then said, "Sort of," she put one arm around him, and began to gently rub the front of his shorts with her other hand. He smiled stupidly at her and she could feel him getting an erection. "Well, I'll certainly root for your team if this keeps up," he said happily, then he asked her, "Is it going to be another win?" "No, I don't think so, I expect to get a beating," she said rather sourly, but then she went on, "You know, for everything you've done lately, I think I owe you a special treat," she purred at him as she continued to rub his shorts. "Would you like a special treat?" she asked with a grin. "Sure, right on!" he responded, not having a clue of what was coming. "Well then, I feel kinky, so if I'm going to do this, you have to do it the way I say, Ok?" she was still grinning at him. "Ok, any way you want baby," he was grinning back at her. "Well, then take you shorts and underwear off," She continued to smile as he quickly stripped off his clothes till he was nude from the waist down. "Wow, you look really nice," she whispered as she rubbed his cock with her hand, then she whispered, "Spread your legs a little for me." He did, then she rubbed his cock for another minute to relax him and build his trust, then she whispered, "Ok, now close your eyes and put your hands behind your head for 3 minutes, then you get your special treat."

Bob knew that the Beta sorority girls were forever playing tricks on people, and thought there might be more to this then just getting a blow job, but Mary hadn't gave him many blow jobs, and he really enjoyed them, so he decided to play along, she did give a great blow job. So he spread his legs a little wider, to please her, closed his eyes and put his hands behind his head. Somewhere in the back of his brain, he knew something was fishy, but the promise of a, "special treat," was enough to keep him doing as she asked. He was wondering where the other girls were when the impact happened. Jane had been watching Mary get Bob into position. Her bedroom door was just slightly open, enough that she could see what was going on, but not enough that Bob could see her. The girls had laughed a lot as they planned Bob's punishment, it distracted them from thinking of the caning that they would be getting later in the day. They decided that nothing they could do would be to harsh for Bob. He was the reason that this was happening to them. When Jane saw Bob spread his legs and close his eyes, she immediately jumped into action. Bev opened the door as quietly as she could, Jane, Bev and Linda quickly stepped quietly into the room. Jane had the video camera already running capturing Bob standing, hands behind his head, his legs apart, like he was waiting for it. She grinned broadly and it was all she could do to keep from giggling. Mary smiled back at the camera. She had been a star soccer player in high school, and still played on a team, she had a powerful kick and had always been picked to do the kickoffs by the coach. She could drive the ball the length of the field. She quickly took 3 steps back and one to the side of Bob, which is how she prepared herself for a kickoff. In position, she smiled again back at the camera, then took a deep breath, and went into her kick off motion. She approached Bob from a slight angle, then planted her right foot and pivoted her hips, whipping her left foot up towards her target, which was Bob's fully exposed testicles. Her foot swinging up, impacted with such force that it appeared to lift Bob off the floor. Reviewing the video after, the girls decided that he hadn't really left the ground. The impact sounded like a dull thud on the video, quickly followed by a gasp from Bob. He seemed to fold to the floor, his hands covering his balls. He didn't even moan for a few moments, then as he began to get his breath back, he started moaning and writhing in agony on the dorm floor. Jane continued to capture his reactions with the Beta Sorority video camera. Linda was shocked at the force of Mary's kick, she had never seen a boy kicked in the testicles before and felt a little sorry for him. He just lay on the floor squirming and moaning as he held himself. As she watched, Bev handed her a glass of wine. All four girls now watched Bob's show. Mary smiled, and raised her wine glass, "I propose a toast, to some measure of getting evenness." The girls all raised their glasses, cheered, then took a sip. After a few minutes Mary and Jane helped Bob into the bedroom and laid him down on Mary's bed. He was in a lot of pain, but Mary quietly, yet firmly explained to him why she had kicked him, and why he had it coming. Then she heard a knock on the dorm door. It was Kevin, he was there to pick them up for the ride to the production studio. Her elation at getting even with Bob quickly disappeared, as she realized what was coming next.

Chris Hart was 50 years old, he had trained in his youth to become a lawyer, but the law wasn't the great passion of his life. It had put bread on the table, and he was pretty good at it, but then, he was pretty good at everything he had ever tried in life. When he was in his thirties, he took a client that made corporal punishment movies. The great video boom of the late seventies had created a whole new market for low budget video's. Most were simply pornography, but a few production companies started making CP video's. Chris did work for a number of small producers, and soon earned a reputation for doing good work at decent prices, and he wasn't choosey about who he worked for and what they did. Once involved with the CP industry, he found he enjoyed watching the video's and even watching them be made. After a year of working with Firm Hand Productions, he managed to get a part in one of their video's. He played a school teacher, who paddles several of his girl students for bad behavior. Chris had finally found his passion. In the years since, he had worked with several English companies, doing both the legal work and the CP itself. Like everything he did, he did it well. He liked the old English school format, it contained spanking, paddling and caning. He thought whipping was dangerous, it was to hard to control, and one never mixed sex and CP in the same video. He was a purest, and proud of it. When the European Union passed a ban on CP, Chris saw the hand writing on the wall and moved back to the US. He settled in a medium sized city, located within an hours drive of several colleges, which were the prime supplier of the young talent he employed. He now made CP video's that he sold to larger companies with good market share. He usually sold them for a set price, plus a percentage of the video sales. He was able to pay his models well, and had become quite comfortable himself. Chris had been married twice, neither of which stuck. He no longer even looked to date, at fifty, he decided that a full time woman would interfere to much with his real passion, making CP video's. It was Saturday morning, Chris sat drinking coffee and going over the script he had put together, mainly based on conversations with the young man who had called him early in the week. The boy's name was Kevin, and after talking to the young man for a few minutes, he decided the boy was playing it straight. He sometimes got calls from guys wanting to bring their girlfriends in for some corrective action. Usually these were nothing but crank calls, but after several conversation with the young man. He was sure the boy was straight. Kevin had emailed him pictures of the 3 girls he proposed to bring in for a shoot and had explained exactly why they were coming in and what other choices they had. Chris smiled to himself as he remembered how the boy had explained how he had trapped the girls. The boy had promise, Chris decided as he drank his coffee. "Well, we'll see if he shows," he muttered as he looked at his watch. Chris was interrupted by the phone, he put down his coffee and answered it. After a brief conversation, he hung up the phone and smiled. The boy was on his way, and the girls were with him. He quickly called Dave his camera man. Dave and Chris had worked together for nearly 10 years, when Chris left England for the US, Dave had came along. He now ran his own photography studio, doing weddings and school prom pictures, but his real income was mostly from Chris's productions. That was fine with Dave, he'd been doing it for years, and enjoyed it as much as Chris. Dave knew that they might have a shoot today, he was ready, and said he'd be right over. Kevin drove the van, Linda sat beside him and the other girls sat in the back. He'd printed instructions on how to find Chris's address and was surprised by the look of it, he'd expected something seedy, but the house was an old Victorian mansion, on several acres of grounds, very well maintained in an up scale neighborhood. It was a big house with a long driveway leading to the front door. He parked in the drive then turned to the three girls in back and said, "Ok now, this is the place. The man's name is Chris Hart and he's been doing this for years, he's a real pro from what I can find out. So there isn't any reason to worry, he's not going to do any permanent damage, you'll have a sore butt for a while, but in a month the marks will all be gone and we can all start over even and be friends again, Ok?" Mary didn't say anything, Jane and Bev were clearly scared, but they managed to say, "Ok." Chris met the group at the door. He smiled as he made polite conversation and lead them towards the back of the house. He was evaluating the girls as he talked. There were four, not three, but he soon concluded that the prettiest one was with Kevin. This must be the girl that the others had tricked into a paddling. She is perfect for it, he decided as he led the party down the hall towards his work area. He lead them to his den, it was a large room with real oak paneled walls and lots of antique's. It looked like a scene from an 1890's photo. Looking around Linda decided the whole house was decorated to look as it must have looked when it was new. There were enough chairs for everyone to sit and they all did, then Chris began to chat with them, he told them of the house and it's history, after a few minutes, the girls began to relax a little. He poured them all wine and asked them things about themselves, finally he got to the paperwork. "I have made up contracts, that each of you must sign," he handed each of the girls a copy. Kevin interrupted, he looked concerned because Chris had handed Linda a copy also, "Linda isn't here for the video, she's here with me." "Oh, sorry, my mistake," Chris said with a smile, then he took the form back from her and continued on. He went over the contract in great detail, somehow the detail seemed to relax Jane and Bev, Mary continued to sulk. Chris explained the document for the next twenty minutes, finally at the end of his well rehearsed monolog he turned to a cabinet on the far wall. Using a remote, the cabinet opened revealing a large TV set. He pressed another button and the TV came on. "Ok, now I would like you three to watch this video, because it's of a caning I did in England last year. It's the same level of severity that you can expect this evening. I'm going to take a short walk and show Kevin and Linda around the grounds. While we're gone, please watch this video completely before you sign the documents I've given you. At the end of the video, there are several quick clips taken of the woman after the caning, and the next day, then a week and two weeks after. You can expect the same results, any questions?" he concluded in a friendly, trying to help manner. Mary spoke up for the first time, "This evening, I thought we were here to do it now?" "It will take a while to do, we'll do a drama skit of sorts this afternoon, it all leads to the climax, later this afternoon or this evening. I don't think we'll be done till after 7," Chris smiled at her warmly, he had a grandfatherly charm that made him seem very unthreatening. Mary looked at him and felt some of her fear disappear. She relaxed a little for the first time since she'd kicked Bob in the testicles.

He stood to lead Kevin and Linda out to the grounds, but Linda spoke up next, "Could I watch it to?" Chris glanced at Kevin, the boy was clearly uncomfortable with that, but Linda was so pretty, that on the off chance that he might be able to get her to model also, he agreed. Besides, he guessed she would be a calming presence for the other girls. As they walked out the back entrance Kevin said in a concerned voice, "I don't want Linda involved with this, so don't get any idea's with her." Chris hardly knew this young man, but already he liked him. He was smart and well mannered, handsome and he had a beautiful girlfriend. He paused for a moment and considered, then said, "Of course," he paused again, and decided to offer the young man some advice. "You know, she's been paddled before, some girls like it, more then that, to keep them happy, their man better satisfy that need, or they'll find another man," Chris said in a friendly manner. "Well, this punishment isn't for her," Kevin said firmly. They walked slowly around the grounds, mostly in silence. Kevin was thinking of what Chris had said, after a while he replied, "You're right about that, Linda might need a paddling once in a while, and I've given her one with the sorority paddle for getting me involved in this to start with. But I've come to care for her, and I don't want to see her injured." "A caning certainly hurts, worse then the paddle, but in a couple weeks these girls won't feel a thing and they will have learned a lesson," he paused and inspected his rose garden, then he continued as if he hadn't stopped. "You two make a handsome couple, there may be a time when she needs some corrective action, and the two of you might need some extra funds. I make mostly English school CP video's, but I also do domestic discipline shoots. They can be a lot of fun for the couples. I control the whole shoot, the husband disciplines the wife for some infraction, they decide how severe it gets beforehand." He spoke in a soft fatherly tone as if he was imparting his years of wisdom to a son. Kevin thought about that as he walked along. In another couple weeks, he'd have to go back to his parents house for the summer. So would Linda, he wished he had the money to get an apartment for the summer, so they could live together, but it would take them both working at two jobs to a make that happen. He was getting tired of making love hiding in the bushes at the park, or in the back of Jeremy's van, but he didn't say anything to Chris, he walked along thoughtfully considering the idea. As soon as the two men left the room, Jane reached for the controller. She looked at the other girls, then said, "Well, lets see what we're in for." Mary and Bev just looked at her then turned towards the TV. Linda was trying hard not to grin, somehow the whole thing seemed funny to her. The scene opened with Chris giving a young woman a lecture on cutting classes, and stealing from the other girls at school. The girl and Chris were dressed as if it was 1890 again. The girls costume looked really neat to Linda, and she commented on it, Bev agreed, but Jane and Mary were silent. Chris now instructed the girl in a very formal way to take her clothes off and face the wall. It was set in a room very much like the one they were in. The girl slowly undressed, acting embarrassed by being nude in front of Chris. Chris seemed to ignore her nudity, and continued to lecture her on how to be a good young lady. When she was completely nude, she faced the wall and stood with her hands behind her head as he had instructed. Still lecturing her, Chris brought a curved handled cane over to her and placed it down the crack of her ass and between her thighs, then he instructed her to tighten her cheeks so she could hold the cane in place. The model managed to do this, and stood for several minutes in that position, before he called her over to the caning bench. She managed to keep the cane in position even as she walked up to the bench. Chris then secured her onto the caning bench and readied himself for the work ahead. The girl didn't say anything after the cane landed the first time. But it was a solid blow that in a moment raised a line across her previously unlined butt. The second blow made her moan, the third made her moan much louder. By the 6th she was screaming after every strike which were landing at about ten second intervals. By the time she got to the thirtieth strike she had been bucking the caning bench around the room with such vigor and energy, that when the last stroke landed and she realized there would be no more, she sank down over the caning bench exhausted, the only movement now was her sobs. A close up of her butt, showed the damage, she had raised welts that were a bright pink, and some that were actually purple. Chris then released her from the caning bench and had her stand nude in the corner again. The girl was crying, but after a couple minutes she settled down and was able to bend over and display herself for the camera as he gave her instruction. All four girls watched the video in silence. When it was over Bev was the first to speak, "My God, that sure looked like it hurt." The four girls looked at each other, Linda was the next to speak, her eyes seemed to shine, her voice had an excited tone to it, "Want to watch it again?" she asked hopefully. The other three gave her a dirty look, then Jane replied, "I think we got the idea the first time." Bev looked down at the contract in front of her, if she didn't do this, her parents would know, it would be a shame that she couldn't face. She slowly picked up the contract, then stood and walked to Chris's desk. She picked up a pen off the desk that Chris had conveniently left for them, then she looked at the others for a moment and signed the contract. Next Jane stood and did the same, then both girls glared at Mary, but Mary didn't seem to be able to move. Finally Jane said, "It was your idea to involve Bob in this, so you owe it to us Mary." Mary sighed and seemed to come to, finally she stood and walked to the desk with her contract. Jane handed her the pen, and Mary signed it. The other girls breathed a collective sigh, then quickly hugged her. In a moment all four girls were hugging each other. A couple nervous smiles of relieve turned into giggles and then laughter. When Chris and Kevin walked back into the room, the girls were drinking wine and seemed relaxed. The three signed contracts were neatly placed on his desk. "Well, good, are there any questions?" Chris said in a cheerful manner. No one seemed to have a question so he continued, "Ok, well, if you ladies go down the hallway on your left, you will find a room that has two large walk in closets. The closets have school uniforms from the turn of the last century, but you'll also find a number of party dresses from the same era, they look nicer then the uniforms, so why don't you three see if you can find party dresses that you like. I think you'll find ones that will fit you. You must dress completely in the outfits of the times. There are written instructions on how to properly dress and what to wear on the bulletin board in the dressing area." he paused, then he added, "Remember they didn't have fancy panties or bra's in 1890, and I do hope none of you have tattoos?" he smiled at them, one at a time, and as he did, each said no, that they hadn't. "That's fine, one other thing, you might start reading the script," and he handed them each a copy several pages in length. As the four girls headed down the hallway towards the dressing room Jane paged through the script then said, "This reminds of a drama class in high school," and she smirked at the others. As they got to the dressing room and started going through the dresses, their spirits were lifted, and they started joking with each other, Mary smiled for the first time, then shook the script in her hand, and said, "I didn't know getting a butt whipping was going to require all this reading, what if we miss a line, is he going to give us an extra swat?" She smiled at her friends and the others giggled, relieved to see Mary acting normal again. Soon all four girls were busy selecting dresses and trying to figure out the underwear from a hundred years before. "I wonder where he gets these outfits, they're really cute," Bev observed. "He must have them made special," Linda said in aw as she tried to decide which dress she liked the best. "Hey, the outfits are for us only, unless you want to join our happy group?" Jane muttered.

Linda looked hurt, she felt that somehow she was letting down her sisters, she looked at the floor guiltily, and replied softly, "I would, honest, but Kevin told me I couldn't." Mary smiled as she saw an opening, "Sure I bet you would." "No really," Linda replied with some heat. "Well, don't let Kevin tell you what to do, if you want to join us, just tell him and I'm sure Chris will fit you in," Mary had a smirk on her face. Jane and Bev looked at her then shook their heads. "Well, I'll go talk to Kevin," Linda said defiantly and she started back towards Chris's den. After she left, Bev looked at Mary, smiled and said, "You're a real bitch, do you know that?" Mary smiled back, then said, "I know, but I'm who I am, so what the hell?" The three girls laughed then continued to work on their costumes, like they all had dates to a masquerade party. "No God damn it!" was Kevin's reaction. For her to even ask such a question, and in front of Chris, made him shake his head. She looked hurt and disappointed, he continued, "Didn't you see the video, I just watched it, Mary, Jane and Bev aren't going to be able to sit down for a bloody week. No, and that's final!"

Chris watched the little drama play out, after he felt Kevin had vented, he suggested, "I could probably write Linda into the script, she is in the story, as we discussed it the other day. She doesn't appear of course, but her being wronged by the others is why they are being punished. So it'd be easy to put her in, perhaps reporting the incident to the headmaster." Linda immediately looked hopefully up at Kevin, he sighed, then said, "This video is going to be sold to a company that will market it around the world, do you want to be in such a thing?" "These are my girlfriends, and besides, no one we know buys such video's," she replied defiantly. Kevin didn't say anything, Chris sensed he was considering it, so he casually said, "Well, it will be in a DVD format really, but Kevin is right, lots of people that you wouldn't think would, do buy these video's. The actors don't give their real names, the odds are probably real long that someone you know will buy the DVD, but it's certainly possible." Chris paused as if in thought, then continued, "I could offer $500 dollars if Linda is in the script, but she would have to uncover her butt for the camera." Linda looked hopefully at Kevin once again. He wavered, the 500 dollars would go a long way towards a months rent for a summer place. "Well, why would she have to show her butt?" he asked Chris, ignoring Linda's pleading looks. Chris smiled easily, then replied, "She reports to the headmaster that she has been tricked into being paddled by the other three girls. The headmaster, of course demands proof of this paddling, so she must show him the proof." "That's all she'd have to do?" Kevin asked, wondering what he should do. "Yes, and I can see how a pretty girl like Linda would enhance the video," Chris smiled warmly at Linda, and she smiled back. "Well, Ok, if you want to," Kevin finally said. Linda smiled brightly at her lover, then said, "I'll go pick out a dress and tell the other girls!" She was about to rush out of the room when Chris stopped her. "Oh, one other thing, is your butt still pink from the paddling honey?" She stopped and looked back at Chris, then at Kevin, finally, she rather sadly said, "No, the pink went away." Chris let the silence grow to nearly a minute before he said, "Well, it'd have to show recent signs of a paddling for the scene to work." he paused, disappointment was written all over her face. Chris looked at Kevin, and Kevin looked back. Finally Kevin sighed and asked Linda, "Do you want to do this bad enough to be paddled again, off camera, by me?," he was looking at Chris as he said the last. "Ok" she quickly responded. "Well, go pick a dress then," Kevin muttered, Linda smiled brightly and rushed out to tell her girlfriends.

Chris let the silence grow between Kevin and himself, finally he said, "If she's going to be in the video anyway, and is going to be paddled anyway?" "Don't even say it, she's not going let those girls paddle her again and if I do it, the scene doesn't work as you say." Kevin was looking evenly at the older man. Chris didn't say anything, he leaned back in his desk chair and just looked at Kevin, like a school teacher, tutoring his star pupil, waiting for him to come up with the answer on his own. After a long pause, Kevin sighed, "Ok, I see where you're going, I play Bob. The video opens with the crime, but instead of the girls and Bob paddling Linda, the girls take money from Bob, to let him do the whole paddling." Chris smiled, "Yes, that works, very good." Kevin continued, "The video opens with the three girls laughing and bragging to each other about how they had made a bet with Linda, and cheated so she lost. If she loses the bet she's agreed to being paddled by the other 3 girls. All four girls sneak into the headmasters study late at night. They blindfold Linda and secure her the caning bench. Bob is invited in, and does his thing. Near the end of the paddling the headmaster hears Linda's cries and investigates. He discovers Bob and the girls in his study, kicks Bob out, then does his thing with the three girls." "Yes, very good, you have a real talent for this," Chris said in his calm even tone. "Perhaps you should go get Linda and talk to her. See if it works with her. She'll need to be nude over the caning bench, is that a problem?" "I don't know, but I could ask her," he smiled at Chris for the first time. He liked the man, he reminded him of a friendly uncle, or even a father. He got to his feet and started towards the door, but Chris's voice stopped him. "I could offer you and Linda $2500, to do that scene and for your help generally in the shoot." "Ok, let me talk to Linda," he continued towards the girls dressing room. He knocked and called Linda's name. He could hear girls laughter coming from the dressing room. In a moment she appeared. She was wearing a pair of bloomers and under blouse from the same era. "Hi," she said sweetly, her face was flushed and she was still grinning from her interactions with her girlfriends. "Ok, here's what Chris and I put together. Now I don't want to put any pressure on you to agree. I want you to do what you want, so don't think you'll disappoint me if you don't want to do it, OK?" he said seriously. Still smiling, Linda said, "Oh sure, tell me what you've got boss." "Now be serious," he said trying to sound stern, she only smiled back at him and nodded. Finally he described the plot and her place in it to her, when he finished he asked her, "So what do you think?" "I like it, it's almost how it really happened, like a recreation of a court case on late night TV," her words seemed to bubble out of her, and she was grinning excitedly. He rolled his eyes, and continued, "You'll have to be paddled nude, are you sure that's not a problem?" "No, the other girls get punished nude," her tone suggested that she felt that if they got to be punished nude then she should get to be punished nude. He closed his eyes for a moment and sighed. "Ok, when you're done dressing come back to Chris's study to sign the contract, and he's going to pay you $2500." When Kevin walked back to the study, Chris was standing by one of the overstuffed chairs with a paddle in his hand. He looked up as Kevin walked in and said, "I don't know if you've done very much paddling, but I think I can offer some advice." Kevin nodded and watched. "Now the first thing to remember and this is the most important thing in a CP movie, is that it's the girls reactions that make the movie. So the paddle, or cane or whatever should be used to get the most reaction for the least amount of punishment. The punishment must be convincing, and the girls reactions must be natural." he paused, Kevin was intently following his every word. Chris was once again reminded that he liked this kid.

Chris went on for several more minutes, then he handed Kevin the paddle and positioned a pillow at butt height on a chair as a target. "Go ahead and strike the pillow about like you did Linda with the sorority paddle." Kevin struck the pillow several times. "That's pretty good, remember to know the range of power it takes to deliver a blow, during the paddling, it's good to start fairly hard, so the girl's reacting well by the fourth impact or so, then back off some. You'll find that a lesser strike will get the same results after about 6 swats with a paddle like this. Then the last 5 should be given like the first 5, this will bring the girl to the proper climax. I see you're right handed, that means you'll be impacting her right cheek much more then her left, so every third swat or so should be aimed just at her left cheek, but remember when you're paddling only one cheek that the impact force is much greater, so back off a little on those strikes." He continued to give instruction and Kevin listened and practiced till Chris was satisfied with his work. For the next hour they reworked the script to reflect Linda's role, then they printed copies and Kevin went to the dressing room to give the copies to the girls, but they were gone. He walked out into the hallway, then heard them down the hall. He followed his ears till he walked into a larger room. It had probably originally been a library, but Chris had converted it into his movie set. The four girls were inspecting it and drinking wine. The camera man was setting up his equipment and the four girls were standing around a low bench, talking and giggling. Kevin recognized it immediately as the caning bench from the video they had seen earlier. The girls were all in full costume now. All four girls had their hair in ponytails, he thought they all looked cute. Linda noticed him and smiled then said, "Hi Babe." He could tell from her smile and the smiles of the other girls that they'd had more then the one glass of wine. Kevin walked up to Linda and gave her an affectionate look, then said, "Hi Honey, I've got the new script, you girls should look it over. Chris says we're try the first scene in about an hour." He handed each girl a copy. Mary refused at first to meet his eye, but the others muttered reluctant hello's. On impulse, Linda bent down across the caning bench and smiled at him. "How do I look?" she asked with a bright grin. The other girls all smiled and Kevin stepped closer and patted her on the butt as he replied, "It suits you, we'll have to get one of these someday, maybe I'll get you one for your birthday." He chuckled and the other girls smiled at him. It was the first time Mary had smiled with him in the room. "I've got to change, see you all in a bit," Kevin said as he turned to leave. He was in the hallway when Linda caught up with him. "Kevin, wait a minute," she called to him. He stopped and turned towards her, she continued, "In the first scene you paddle me," she paused as if she was thinking of what to say, or perhaps how to say it. He waited smiling at her. Finally she continued, "When you paddled me in the park, you didn't do it near as hard as the girls and Bob did. Since we're making a movie and being paid so much money, and the other girls are getting caned, you should paddle me harder, Ok?" "I've been talking to Chris about it and practicing, don't worry, I'll made a good job of it," he assured her. Then he leaned towards her and kissed her and added, "Your little fanny will be bright pink by the time Chris comes into the scene I promise." She smiled then kissed him and turned and skipped like a little girl back towards the movie set. Kevin shook his head and chuckled. When Linda got back to the set she excitedly said to the other girls, "Can you believe we're actually going to be in a movie, isn't this the neatest thing?" Chris passed Kevin in the hallway, they nodded and Chris continued to the set. He huddled with Dave and they discussed camera angles for the shoot. When both were satisfied that everything was how they wanted it they left the room and went to the garage. Chris and Dave were old friends of the same generation, once in the garage, Dave took a joint from his pocket and lit it. He took a hit and passed it to Chris. Both men smoked in silence for a minute then Dave said, "That cute blond is great with the other girls. They looked scared to death when they first got here, now they're having a good time. Of course that's not going to last." He chuckled then handed Chris the joint. "I noticed that, the boy has some good ideas too, we got real lucky here Dave, I've got a feeling that this video is going to be really big. The girls are all pretty and willing, not many American girls will do a severe caning. If it's as good as I think it could be we'll rival the East Europeans with this one. If it's even close, they'll be bonus's all around." Chris smiled at his friend. They finished the joint together then Chris said, "Alright old friend, it's time to get to work."

Fifteen minutes later Chris stood on the set in front of Kevin and the girls. "Ok, now we're about to start the first scene, but there's a couple things I want you ladies to remember. The first and most important is your attitude during your punishment. A CP movie is only as good as the girls reactions, this is not about how much you can take before you cry out. That's not the how a good CP movie works. You'll find that if you let your feelings out during your punishment, that it will be easier on you, and make a much better movie. Don't hold back, you'll be secured on the caning bench, wiggle as much as you like, cry out as much as you like. Do it as it feels natural to do. Cry out for your mother, or beg forgiveness, I can assure you that it will be much easier on you that way." he paused to let his words sink in. The girls all looked thoughtful. After a moment he continued, "One more thing, don't swear, it takes away from everything if you do. If you start swearing, it will anger me, and you don't want to do that while the scene is running. Do you all understand?" All the girls nodded, Chris then smiled at them and continued, "Ok, lets start then." Ten minutes later the four girls entered the headmasters study, they went through their lines to where Linda was to prepare for her paddling. Then three girls helped her undress till she was nude, then secured her to the caning bench, they were smiling and giggling and so was she. Chris helped Dave with the camera's, when Linda was nude he whispered to Dave, "Wow, this is great, get close ups of her." "Got it," Dave whispered back tensely. Mary tied a blindfold across Linda's eyes, then Jane opened the door for Kevin and held her finger to her lips, as Mary had done when Bob had entered their dorm room. Kevin was smiling, Mary handed him the paddle and he started in. He smacked her pretty hard to start. Chris had worried that the boy wouldn't be able to paddle Linda hard enough to get her to react, but he was impressed. Kevin did his job well, and Linda reacted as well as he'd ever seen a girl react, combined with the obvious beauty of the subject, it was one of the best paddling scenes Chris had ever seen. By the tenth swat Linda was howling with each impact, and Kevin was waiting patiently between swats to get the most out of her reactions. The last 3 were done very hard and Linda was crying and squealing through all three. Linda's butt was a flaming red by the half way point and when the paddling ended she settled down on the caning bench in the most alluring manner. On cue Chris entered and demanded to know what was going on. The girls quickly confessed. Chris lectured Kevin for a minute, then showed him the door. He then instructed the other girls to stand in the corner. He began to lecture them as he released Linda from the caning bench. Once released he had her join the other girls against the wall. After a minute of lecture on how good young ladies behave, he ordered the three young women to undress. Linda had sniffled a bit after she was released, but once the other girls began to undress, she began to help them. Chris pronounced the sentence, 30 strikes with the cane. The girls began to look scared now. When they were all nude, he told the girls to face the wall and contemplate the wrongs they had committed. As he talked he took three curved handled canes and placed them down the crack of the girls butts and between their legs. Each girl managed to hold the cane in place as their ten minute contemplation time ran. At one point Jane was having trouble holding her cane in place and Linda reached over and positioned it for her. Linda's butt was still a flaming red color, Chris glanced at Dave to made sure he had gotten her doing it. Dave smiled back and nodded, they'd worked so long together that words were not necessary. When the ten minutes was up he told Mary to take the bench. She approached it nearly shaking with fear, he secured her on the bench, scolding her gently as he did. Finally it was time to begin. Normally he didn't pay much attention to the request of anyone regarding the severity of a girls punishment. But he knew enough of the facts that had brought them all to him to know that she was mainly responsible. He had come to like Kevin and Linda so much, and Kevin and Linda had done such a good job for him, that when he prepared for the first strike he decided to honor their request that Mary be punished the most, and Bev, the least. So he let his full arm swing into the first blow. Mary bucked and moaned loudly, a red stripe appeared across both her cheeks. By the third strike, she was screaming with each blow, begging him to stop by the 6th. He took his time, getting the most reaction form her for each stroke. By the tenth, the first ones had welted and turned purple. By number twenty she was bucking the bench forward with each strike, alternating between screams and squeals. Kevin watched from behind Dave, sometime in the middle of her punishment, Dave signaled him and quietly asked him to train one of the other cameras to get the other girls reactions to Mary's punishment. Dave had shown him what to do beforehand, he was quick and the two of them kept the camera's moving, getting close ups and reaction shots from all four camera's. Mary was crying and wiggling, she was an athletic girl and vigorous in her reactions. She didn't swear, but did begin to beg forgiveness. When the cane snapped down against her well colored and lined butt the last time, she let out a classic squeal, then began to sob as she realized it was over. Chris calmly lectured her, as he released her from the caning bench. She staggered to her feet her hands covering her welted butt. She was still sobbing. Chris instructed her to join the others and she did. As she joined them, Linda put her arms around her and Mary cried for a minute on her shoulder. Chris glanced at Dave to make sure he was getting the two of them and noticed that both Kevin and Dave both had camera's trained on the two girls. Next, Bev fearfully walked to the bench and bent down over it. She was so keyed up, that she started reacting well with the first strike, although he lined her well, and she reacted with great cries, her butt had only a couple purple marks compared to Mary, who's butts was nearly completely purple and red.

Linda had settled Mary down, and she now quietly faced the study wall, displaying her welts well for the camera's. When Chris completed Bev, Linda comforted her also, gently holding her friend and kissing her forehead as Bev sobbed in her arms. It was the most incredible thing Chris had ever seen on a CP set. Next Jane took to the caning bench and Chris started in. Jane didn't hold up near as well as the other girls, she was begging and screaming by the third stroke. Chris took his time, and Jane put on perhaps the best show of any of the three, she wiggled madly, and squealed for ten seconds or more after each stroke. When her punishment was finally over, she didn't have enough strength left to stand on her own. Chris helped her up, and Linda immediately came forward and helped her back against the wall as she sobbed uncontrollably. Linda was nude still and her butt was still a bright red, the sight of her comforting the sobbing Jane with her welted purple butt was the most erotic thing Chris had ever witnessed in a punishment. He lectured the girls as they all faced the wall, displaying their bruised butts to best advantage for several minutes, then he told them they could dress and leave. The camera followed their progress as the four girls dressed and then left the set. The girls went back to change into their own clothes, and Dave and Chris sat down in chairs by one of the camera's and discussed how it had went. Both men were sure it would be good, Chris called Kevin over. "Kevin my boy, I want to thank you, I think we've made a classic here today, have a beer my son," and Chris handed him a cold beer from a small cooler by the chair. Kevin smiled at the two older men and took the beer then said, "Yes, it did go very well, everything went great," he took a long pull on his beer then added, "You guys really have a good job, I'm studying computer science, but you guys really have the jobs." He smiled at the two men, then patted Dave on the back. Dave smiled at him, then reached into his pocket and took out a joint, "Shall we?" he asked.

Chris nodded yes and Dave lit the joint and handed it to Kevin. Kevin smiled and took a hit then passed it to Chris. Kevin liked the two older men, they joked about Jane's reactions, and complimented Linda on hers. "Kevin, old boy, I've never seen a woman do what Linda did, I think it will really add to the movie. It's the kind of thing one can't instruct someone to do. If there were awards for such things, and there are, I think she might just get one," Chris paused as if in thought, the beer and the joint combined with his good will, so when he continued he said, "I'm going to double Linda's and your wages as a bonus, and one other thing, if you can get the girls to come in tomorrow for a quick shoot of their butts, I'll give them each a couple hundred extra too." Kevin nodded and said, "That's great, I'll see what I can do," he then took the joint Dave offered him and took another hit. When he exhaled he continued, "That will be enough for Linda and I to get an apartment for the summer, which is part of the reason we did this." "Really?" Chris muttered, "Well, if you two haven't got anything going on tomorrow, come by, Dave and I will be editing. You might find it interesting, we might be able to use someone who can use a computer." He took the joint from Kevin and took another hit, then he added thoughtfully, "And if you two are looking for a place, I've got a whole floor up stairs I never go into, you'd be welcome to it. I'd let it at a reasonable price" "Thanks Chris, I'll talk to Linda about it," Kevin took the joint from the older man as he replied. Twenty minutes latter Kevin got all the girls into the Van and started back towards their dorms. He smiled as he looked in the rearview mirror, the girls couldn't sit on the seats, so they were kneeling on the floor of the van. Linda too, knelt instead of sitting, but Kevin was pretty sure that she was only doing it because her girlfriends were. He smiled happily as he drove along. Looking in the rear view mirror he saw that Linda was smiling at him, he chuckled, and winked at her. It was a 40 minute drive back to the campus, as he drove Kevin went over the last three weeks in his mind, how his life had changed and what he'd learned about himself. He knew he was an entirely different person now, much more mature and able to deal with life. He chuckled again as he concluded that there was much more to an education then just reading books or learning to program a computer, but isn't that why one goes to college? He hummed happily the rest of the way back.

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