by David

Note to reader. This should be read in conjunction with Priscilla's First Caning Part 8 by Alex and previous episodes already available on this site. That story describes Priscilla's feelings as she awakes on the morning of the day she is to be caned. This made me wonder what might be going through the headmaster, Dr Stanton's mind. With Alex's approval I penned the following.

Dr Stanton awoke early that morning with a keen sense of anticipation. The immediate prospect of having a senior 6th form girl remove her clothing and bending over for the cane was always enjoyable and today of course he was to have that pleasure doubled. What made the prospect even better, if such a thing were possible, was the righteous indignation he felt at the gross breach of school rules that Anna and Priscilla had committed. Being truthful with himself, there were some misdemeanours for which he had some difficulty justifying to himself the use of the cane (not that this prevented him from taking advantage of the approved punishment regime), but on this occasion doubts there were none. The two girls deserved 12 and 18 'of the very best' and that is what they were going to get. He need have no compunction about making their bottoms dance to the tune of his cane.

He reflected particularly on Priscilla, a girl whom he had never had to cane before and consequently had never seen even partially unclothed let alone bare bottomed. There was, he had to admit to himself, something special about a senior 'first timer' - that extra reluctance to remove clothing, not having previously had to do so and in a sense being immured to the embarrassment. Now that academic failure reports were punishable with a caning, it was comparatively rare for a 6th former never to have been caned before, but in days gone by it was not uncommon. Dr Stanton lay in bed thinking back to past pleasures. ... ...

'Mousey girl' for example - whatever was her name, he had quite forgotten. A quiet, shy girl, and he had never really got to the bottom of why after years of perfect behaviour she should suddenly have answered back in a very forthright way to her Head of Department, and compounded it by refusing to apologise. Perhaps it was the pressures of imminent A-level examinations - he would never know. He had decided that six strokes would be sufficient but that being a senior she should suffer the indignity of having to remove both skirt and knickers rather than just raising the former and lowering the latter. Sometimes he simply ordered a girl to disrobe but on this occasion, because she was a first timer and wanting to give himself time to observe her at each stage of undress, he had issued a set of explicit instructions. "To prepare yourself to be caned I first want you to raise your blouse well out of the way and roll it up so that it cannot fall back. We do not want it interfering with the application of the cane to your backside, do we?". She had already been close to tears at the shock of finding herself in the situation she was now in and at first had not reacted to his command, almost as if she had not heard. But slowly her hands went to her blouse as she pulled the tails out from underneath her skirt, and she raised it to just below bra level and then tucked it firmly up. A not unpleasant midriff was revealed, pale skinned, no excess fat. But clearly she was most uncomfortable even to be uncovered to that extent. Her arms were tightly folded across the exposed area.

"Put your skirt on the chair over there", he had then instructed, indicating an armchair the other side of the room. She began unzipping the side fastening, but having partially done so, she seemed to freeze. Clearly this is going to take some time he had thought to himself but he was of course in no rush. He had contented himself by looking at what little extra had been revealed by the unzipping, a 2 inch band of her knickers at the top of her legs. White, conventional briefs so far as he could tell. Finally he had had to repeat the order. It was almost like watching a slow motion replay as at last she complied. He might have lost patience but actually it had been a fascinating show. Initially she could scarcely bring herself to lower the skirt and so for a few seconds only the top of her knickers showed. A full minute passed before finally he had an unobstructed view of that garment upon her figure - and even then only when he had told her to keep her arms by her side. Yes indeed, conventional briefs, their waistband midway between her navel and where he would have expected her pubic hair line to be, and at the back just covering where the buttock cleft begins. The main point of interest, however, had been at the front. Mousey girl was particularly slim and small boned - no curves at all worth mentioning. This had the effect of highlighting the slight bulge made by her mons.

He had then moved on to the next step. "Just put your knickers there on top of the skirt, will you, and then bend over grasping your ankles." Well, pale skinned she may have been, but at that command one part of her blushed absolutely beetroot red. Once again an age seemed to go by with nothing happening apart from some stuttering noises as if she were contemplating a protest. At this he had launched into a version of his standard speech. "I am only too conscious that it is embarrassing for an 18 year old to have to divest herself of her clothing for punishment, but you have only yourself to blame. You embarrassed your Head of Department in front of other pupils and so now you must suffer yourself. Now be warned. I am at the moment mindful to allow you to retain your blouse and your brassiere while I cane you, but if you do not immediately obey my last instruction I shall have to reconsider." That had done it. Turning her back on him, she had slipped her knickers down and stepped out of them. Perhaps it was nerves though, but one of her feet had snagged in the material as she was doing so and she momentarily lost her balance. To steady herself a leg automatically went out and, given that she was partially bent over, he had had an interesting preview of the intimate region between the legs. Finally, she had stood in front of him, naked from the midriff down. ... ... ...

Dr Stanton regretfully brought himself back to the present. He needed to begin his day. Perhaps there would be time later to reflect back on past canings.

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