The Alternative
by Jim

Jeremy stood blankly staring out the large picture window which looked over his front yard and driveway. His expression was one of disappointment. Below him in the circular drive Judy loaded the rest of her belongings into the trunk of her car. When she was sure that she'd gotten everything, including several thousand dollars worth of clothes he had bought for her, she looked back at him, scowled, then turned and got into her car. A moment passed, then the car began to move. Jeremy watched it till it was out of sight. He sighed, then walked to his den and sat down in his desk chair. Well, he thought to himself, there went my third live-in women in the last five years. He opened the top drawer of his desk and took out a joint he'd rolled earlier in the day. That was another thing Judy hadn't liked about him. She thought he smoked to much. How many hours had he listened to her lectures on the evils of the weed, or looking at other women, or his choice of clothes. The list of things she didn't like about him seemed to go on forever. Jeremy lit the joint and took a long hit and thought about his life. He was the only son of an old wealth family, a trust fund child, but he was no longer a child. At 29 years old he was mostly satisfied with everything life had offered him, except women. By any standard he was a wealthy man, he liked to write and had several mysteries in print. The income from his writing was enough to pay all the bills. He liked the idea of not living off his trust fund. But the curse of his life was women. It seemed every women he met was a gold digger. He had probably dated and slept with two dozen women since he left college seven years before. The first thing they wanted was to move in with him, then the hints would start about marriage. After a while they would start bad mouthing him, running down his appearance or the way he brushed his teeth. It didn't seem to matter what he did, eventually they all seemed to want to start controlling everything he did, and even who he socialized with. He was sick of it. Judy had passed over the line last night. He'd played tennis late, then had a couple drinks with his doubles partner. When he'd gotten home she'd started in on him. He'd been in no mood for it, and he told her to hit the road, not in a polite way. He would have liked to have given her a good spanking but he knew she'd have called the cops and had a lawyer suing him for millions. "I don't want an American wife!" he shouted at the ceiling. Jeremy had heard of men who brought Russian women over to marry in the hope that they'd be different. But he had no faith in such an idea. Once in America, they become American women. He took another long hit from his joint and stared up at the ceiling. "What I need is a sex slave," he muttered to himself, then sighed and got up to make himself dinner. That's another thing Judy couldn't do, cook. He didn't mind doing the cooking, but it seemed that all she wanted to do was shop. He was sure that it distracted her from other things that were important to him, like sex. He made himself dinner, then wandered into his den and sat down in his easy chair. He turned on his big screen TV and relaxed. He watched a DVD for a bit and smoked the rest of the joint then sighed. He kept going over in his mind the problems he'd had with the women in his life. The evening wore on, he looked at the clock it was after midnight. He surfed the internet for a bit. Looking at news sites, reading articles. Crime articles mostly. He got idea's for his mysteries that way. The site had all the latest arrest stories, he glanced at a headline, "Nude women escapes from captors house." Jeremy opened the article and read. It seemed that this guy kidnapped a women, and kept her as a sex slave for several months till finally she had gotten free. What an idiot Jeremy thought to himself, with all the women running around that will hop in bed with a guy for nothing, this guy kidnaps one. Then he thoughtfully decided that if a person actually kidnapped one, he wouldn't have to take all the shit from her. If she started to mouth off you could just slap her across the ass till she learned better. The danger of such an endeavor, of course, lay in getting caught, as this fool had found out. He'll probably get life, Jeremy thought. He finished the article, but couldn't seem to get the idea out of his mind. "I'll bet it'd be neat to have a girl you could do anything you wanted with and not have to take any shit from," Jeremy said to the ceiling as he leaned back in his chair in thought. One wouldn't want to do any serious damage to her, of course, but she'd probably need a few good beatings to get her to behave properly. Being raised in America for a woman meant she learned from a child to run down the men in her life. One couldn't turn on the TV with out seeing husbands or fathers portrayed as fools, that their women needed to control in order to keep them from doing something really stupid. Jeremy was sick of it. He lit another joint and took a long hit, then he began to wonder if one had %100 control over a women could she be trained to make a better companion then what one could find otherwise? Jeremy had tried and failed in the conventional way so many times that he found the idea fascinating. It seemed like an alternative to what was otherwise available. There were cultures around the world where a man didn't have to put up with all the shit that your average American woman gave her man, notably in the middle East. We put up with it, because we're expected to, we watch the same programming the women do. Jeremy took another long hit. When he put together his stories he would make notes of ideas that he later incorporated into his plot. He idly began to wonder how a guy would prepare for successfully kidnapping a woman and then keeping her? You'd have to have a completely secure house, or at least part of the house anyway. Like a women's quarters in Arabia. Just as a mental exercise he opened a word program on his computer and began to make a list of things that a person would need. It became a game for him. He knew he'd never kidnap a woman, but having a women in such circumstances was such an appealing idea, that he soon had a couple dozen idea's written down. He hummed to himself as he worked, brainstorming ideas, much like he did with his writing. He had a vivid imagination, and he let it loose on the challenge of preparing a plan. Before he knew it, it was nearly four in the morning. Jeremy stood looking down the stairs leading into his basement. It was a windowless finished room with a separate bath. It had only one way in. He examined the door frame. It'd have to be reinforced, he decided. He made another note on the pad in his hand. Then he walked down the stairs. It was a large room, someone before him had tried to made it into a game room. He hadn't been in it a dozen times in the three years he'd owned the house. After spending some time wandering around making notes he looked up and said with a smile, "I think this room would work perfectly." For the next several days he expanded on his ideas. It seemed to console him for the loss of Judy. Soon he had over 40 pages of notes and idea's. He knew, of course that this was just a fantasy, but it was fun to consider. He spent several hours each day planning the capture and designing his prisoners quarters. Finally after nearly a week of writing and planning he had what he considered a fairly detailed plan. Jeremy once again found himself sitting in his desk chair looking at his computer screen reviewing his plan, after reading all the way through it once more, he couldn't think of one change to make. So now what he asked himself? Time to go back to writing mysteries he decided. He closed, "The Plan" and went back to his word program and brought up his latest mystery. He'd been working on it for nearly a mouth. After several unsatisfactory starts he finally gave up and opened the plan again. Well, he decided, this is pretty much done, so now what? The thought occurred to him that it might be fun to do some of the preparation he'd so carefully planned. His basement needed a make over anyway, he rationalized. He'd bought the house mainly because it had a tennis court behind the garage. The next morning he began, he ordered camera's and a security system, then carpets and furniture. He spent nearly four thousand dollars on a canopy bed alone. But what had started as a lark, was becoming a passion. The cell, or playroom, or women's quarters, or whatever he called it slowly began to take shape. The women in Jeremy's life had always disliked his single mindedness, but it served him well. He had studied police tactic's for years for his mysteries. As he worked he was careful not to give anyone an indication of what he was actually building. It took him nearly two months to finish the room and the security system for the rest of the house. It was early June when he finally finished. Aside from the security camera's and locks it might have passed as a spare bedroom. Jeremy sat down on the bed and looked out over his creation. He'd spent nearly 35 thousand dollars, but the money was nothing to him. It'd been worth that just for the fun he'd had doing it. He took a joint out of his shirt pocket and lit it in celebration, then smoked it as he looked about. "Well, now what?" he asked himself once again. Back to the novel I suppose, he decided. For the next two weeks he worked on his mystery, he incorporated a slave kidnapping into his plot, it seemed to work well. He left out any graphic sex, as usual his hero rescued the girl in the nick of time and goes off into the sunset with her. The bad guy gets killed in the process. He liked the finished product and emailed the story to Rick his publisher. The next day he got a call from Rick. The man had been up half the night reading his work and loved it. Jeremy smiled as he heard Rick heap praise on his story. It was another success in Rick's eyes. When Jeremy finally hung up the phone, he felt great, brimming with self confidence. Completely sure of himself. He had started dating another woman, but as usual she began demanding more of his time, time he wanted to spend on his project. He hadn't called her in nearly a week. The woman wouldn't suck his cock, as far as Jeremy was concerned, that was a basic skill any woman who dated him had to have. Jeremy got up and walked outside, he had nearly ten acres of grounds surrounding his very large Victorian style house. Most of it was in woodland, with only an acre or so of lawn and shrubs. He hired a gardening service that did his maintenance once a week. As he walked down his drive towards his mailbox he considered what to do now. He'd worked out every detail, he was confident that he had covered every possibility. He knew from crime statistic's that girls disappeared all the time and were never heard from again. As he thought about it, he considered the odds. They were surely in his favor, he'd already have went ahead with the scheme, but for one nagging question. Once he had his captive, what would be the end game. Would he keep her for a year, two years, five, what then? That was the unknown he couldn't answer, and the only thing that had kept it only a fantasy. Jeremy was ruthless and immoral by American male standards, but he wasn't a murderer. At some point there had to be an end, he would have to eventually set her free. He couldn't hold her forever against her will. He had read about hostages, and how they eventually seemed to bond with their captors. Would that happen, would she eventually accept the terms of their relationship, one based on his abducting her to start with? The question nagged him as he opened his mailbox and got his mail. He was unable to resolve the issue as he walked back up his driveway to his house. It was a question with no answer, he finally gave up the argument and readied himself for his evening tennis match. Two days later he flew to New Orleans to visit with his parents and meet Rick to discuss the layout of a book cover for his new book. His father was the worlds foremost reasonable man in Jeremy's eyes. Even as a son, he recognized that his mother was a very nice woman, but had probably been every bit as much a gold digger in her youth as the women he had dated. She had gotten pregnant with him to get his father to marry her. They seemed to get along well, at least they were still together after nearly thirty years. He enjoyed their company for the morning then left for his meeting with Rick. He drove a rental car and parked it in a garage across from Rick's office. As he entered the office he noticed that the receptionist looked upset. When she saw him she said excitedly, "Oh Mr. White, I'm sorry, I tried to reach you but you must have already left, I'm so sorry." "I stopped to see my family on the way," he was surprised by her demeanor. "Has something happened?" he asked. "Oh, it's terrible, Rick, I mean Mr. Campbell had a heart attack this morning and passed away," the woman said, obviously upset. "That's awful, I'm really sorry to hear that," The news shocked him, he'd known Rick for nearly five years, the man was hardly 40 years old. He wasn't in the best of shape, but he hadn't seemed to be in ill health. After consoling each other for a few minutes, Jeremy left and drove slowly back to his parents house. He had made an appointment with Rick's partner, for sometime after the funeral. As he drove along he began to remember the times he'd spent with Rick. He hadn't known the man well, but the man seemed like a decent person. A family man, as Jeremy recalled. He'd met the man's wife once, a not very attractive women who weighed nearly two hundred pounds. Jeremy sighed, to have only slept with that woman seemed like a terrible fate, but then to never have another opportunity and to die at 40 as well, such a waste. Well, Jeremy thought to himself, I suppose there are no guarantee's, we could all buy it tomorrow. He shook his head, goes to show that you never know. One must live for today, he concluded idly. It wasn't till he pulled into his fathers driveway that his mind made the leap from living for today, to his project. As he sat in his car in thought, the big question, of what would he do with the girl after, seemed to shrink, did it matter? What if he died six months from now? Would it have mattered whether he'd pursued his project or not? The answer was so evident that he didn't even bother to answer it. When he stepped out of his car and walked to his father's front door, it was with a bounce to his step. The game was afoot. If society couldn't train it's women to be decent partners, then one's only alternative was to train one himself.

The beaches at Daytona were always crowded in early July. Tourists and college students, all headed for the beach to escape the heat . Jeremy lived a little over an hours drive away. In this he was lucky, the beaches at Daytona swarmed with pretty young women sunning themselves and showing off their newly developed curves for the world to see. This was Jeremy's fifth trip to Daytona looking for the right girl and the right situation. She had to be the right body type, alone, and he had to know what route she would walk to get back and forth from the beach. He'd spent hours practicing his capture technique. Jeremy bought a mannequin he'd found at a garage sale, and had practiced on it, timing his take down and taping. He'd been able to do it in less then six seconds, from stun, to loading into his SUV. He wore a light jacket which covered the stun gun in a holster under his left armpit and the duct tape in a carrier on his right hip. His plan had called for him to identify his pray, then determine what route she took to go to and from the beach. He would pick a parking spot on her route away from public area's, in an alley or behind a building. Then as the girl walked by, he'd remotely open his hatch back, jump out of his SUV, do his calf roping routine, toss her into the back of his SUV, and drive away. It sounded simple, to simple, after four days of searching, trying not to frequent the same places more then a couple times he hadn't had any luck. He had identified several prospective women, but he hadn't been able to get them alone or determine a route they would take away from the beach. Jeremy looked at the time, it was getting late in the evening, he'd been keeping an eye on two prospective girls, but the first was picked up by her boyfriend and the second disappeared while he was checking on the first one. He was starting to doubt his strategy. He knew from his studies of crime statistic's that the hardest disappearances for the police to solve were done by complete strangers to the victims. It left no link between the kidnapper and the victim. Which meant that he couldn't be seen talking to the girl. He had always had luck picking up girls in the summer at Daytona, he had met Judy that way. But he couldn't risk being seen talking her into a date. Someone would notice, there were always other guys around looking at the women. The girl he wanted would get a lot of stares on the beach, some guy would surely remember him talking to her when it became clear that she'd disappeared. Jeremy stood out in a crowd, he was 6 foot 2 and weighed over two hundred pounds. He had played right side linebacker for the small college he'd attended. He'd be easy identify. No, the only contact he'd risk would be his six second take down. Jeremy finally gave up for the day and decided to have dinner. He found a nice Italian place and had dinner. It was nearly dark when he left the restaurant. He was a couple blocks from the beach as he walked towards his SUV, a young woman was walking towards him down the sidewalk. She was wearing tight shorts and a halter top and carrying a large heavy looking backpack. He walked slowly forward, evaluating her as they approached each other. She was pretty and had a very nice body from what he could see of it. She looked slightly unkempt and looked to be in her late teens. Her halter top was stained and she had a black eye. As she passed a public telephone she stopped and checked to see if someone had left any change in the change return slot. Then she struggled on under the weight of her backpack. Jeremy got into his SUV and watched her progress down the street in his rear view mirror. She nearly staggered under the weight of her pack. She didn't seem to move forward like she had a place in mind to go, she appeared to be just wandering along. His senses went to full alert. She was small and pretty, and alone. He put his SUV in drive and circled the block to get in front of her.

Kari wandered along, she hadn't eaten anything since breakfast at the women's shelter she'd stayed at the night before. But she couldn't go back there now. They had seen the effects of the beating Jerry had given her and called the police. Kari didn't want to have anything to do with the police. She was hot and tired, everything she owned in the world was in the backpack she carried. Kari had been born in Iowa to an unwed mother 18 years before. At seventeen she had ran away with her boyfriend and went to Florida, the sunshine state. The cornfields of Iowa had been a living in hell for her. Her mother had an endless number of boyfriends, the last of which had tried to rape her. But she was a fighter, and had put up such a fight that she had managed to get away from him. Bob, her boyfriend had went back to Iowa when the money ran out and he couldn't find a job. She'd met Jerry on the beach. Jerry was a part time drug pusher and full time asshole. He'd had her shop lifting camera's to sell to the tourist. If she failed, or if he was drunk or high, he'd get nasty and hit her. Yesterday had been a real bad day for her. Jerry had beat her up so bad that she'd left him and went to the shelter. But the lady at the shelter had called the police that morning when she'd seen Kari's bruises. Kari had just gotten out the back door in time to avoid the cops. As she walked along she checked the coin return slots on each pay phone. She was completely broke, she had no place to stay, and the only people she knew in Daytona were either drug pushers or thieves. She was tired, the weight of her dirty laundry in her backpack caused her to stagger. She felt like crying, but refused to give in to it. She'd get through this some how. Her luck was bound to change. As she passed the entrance to an alley, she noticed a dollar bill on the ground, she immediately knelt and picked it up. When she looked up she saw another, a couple yards down the alley. She smiled then staggered forward, and picked it up. Looking up she saw another one on the ground a few more yards down the alley, next to a large Lexus SUV, she staggered towards it. Jeremy drove around the block till he was in front of the approaching young woman. He had gathered that she was broke and looking for money from her actions with the pay phones. He spotted an alley between two large buildings, it was as good a spot as he'd found in five days of looking. Fate seemed to be on his side. He drove down it and parked facing back towards the main street. He quickly jumped out and looked around, perfect, he decided. He took several one dollar bills out of his wallet then placed them in a trail leading from the alley entrance to his SUV. He glanced around the corner, she was the only person in sight, slowly approaching down the street towards him. Jeremy turned and jogged back to his SUV and got back in the drivers seat. He stared at the street, waiting for her to appear. He grinned at the trail of money he'd left in the alley, it seemed like just the right bait to capture an American woman with. The young woman appeared at the end of the alley. For a moment he thought she wouldn't see the dollar laying on the sidewalk, but the backpack was so heavy that her head was bent down under it's weight. She spotted the dollar and knelt to pick it up. It seemed to invigorate her, a smile crossed her face. Jeremy decided she was real pretty, even with the black eye. Jeremy waited, the girl moved closer, finally she moved by his drivers side door. He looked up to make sure no one else was visible, he just needed six seconds. She knelt to pickup the last dollar. He took a deep breath, he knew this was the moment that could change his life. His last chance to change his mind. He only had a couple seconds to decide. "Well, here goes," he said to himself, as he hit the open button for his Lexus's rear hatch back. The sound of rear hatch opening caused her to look up, then turn towards him when she heard his door open. He was only a step away, he closed then pressed the stun gun against her side and pulled the trigger. She jerked and fell to the ground. He grabbed the duck tape off his belt and quickly wrapped her ankles and hands, then he placed a clothe over her mouth and wrapped the duck tape around her head. Jeremy was a powerful man, he easily picked her up, backpack and all, and laid her down in the back of his Lexus and shut the door. A few seconds later he drove out the end of the alley and headed for home. He watched his rear view mirror, not a soul was in sight. The capture had went better then he could possibly have hoped. A few minutes later he heard her struggling in the back. He pulled over in a secluded spot and went back and checked on her. Jeremy wanted to make sure she could breath alright and he had to get her backpack off and tape her hands behind her, instead of in front. As he knelt by her she looked at him, fear in her eyes. "No need to be afraid, I'm not going to kill you, just relax and you'll be alright," he said as soothingly as he could. It didn't seem to help, as soon as he untaped her hands so he could get her backpack off she started swinging at him. He smirked at her feeble attempts to fight back. She was probably no more then 105 pounds with arms like thin sticks. He got the pack off her shoulders then pulled her arms back behind her and taped them together. She made muffled noises the whole time. She looked scared to death but she was still fighting. She brought her legs up and tried to kick him. But she didn't have enough room to get a two legged kick at anything vital. He ignored her struggles and finished taping her arms behind her back. When he was finished he looked at the tape over the cloth covering her mouth. She was starting to make more noise, but he was afraid that if he made the tape tight enough to completely silence her that she might choke. He decided that he was only an hour from home and the Lexus was well sound proofed. Finally satisfied that she was well enough secured for the trip he leaned back and looked at his prize. She was a pretty brown eyed girl with nice olive skin. She had shapely hips and well developed breasts. Even with the tape covering part of her face her could tell that she was probably very pretty. Despite his nervousness he smiled down at her warmly. He was happy with his new present and could hardly wait to get it home and unwrap it. He chuckled at the thought, then turned and climbed back to the drivers seat. Kari was scared and angry. This monster had kidnapped her, for what purpose she didn't know. But she'd seen enough horror movies to fear the worst. She had fought him with everything she had, but he was huge and moved her around like she weighed nothing at all. His arms were thick and powerful. He'd taken her best right hand to the body and hadn't seemed to notice. Even her kicks had no effect. She fought against the tape trying to work it loose or tear it. Her wrists began to hurt, they were chaffing from her struggles with the tape. If she could only get her arms free maybe she could surprise him and make a break for it when the car stopped again. After a while she felt the car slowing, then going through a series of turns. Finally it slowed even more and turned into what must be a driveway, a long driveway. A few seconds later it stopped completely, she could see the top of a large house silhouetted against the night sky. She heard the drivers door and the hatch back open. Kari twisted around to look out. The big Lexus was parked in front of a detached three car garage. The big man appeared at the back of the vehicle. She couldn't see his face well, she tried to move away as he reached for her, but he grabbed her by the legs and slide her towards the open hatch back. Then he picked her up and started towards a huge house lit by several porch lights. He stopped at the front door and held her with one arm while he punched numbers into a number pad by the door. It opened and he carried her into the house. Kari rode along on his shoulder like a child, he entered an entrance way, then down a long hall and finally to another heavy looking door. He punched in more numbers into another keypad on the wall by the door, then it too opened. The big man carried her down a flight of stairs and across a well lit room. It looked like a huge bedroom, with the biggest bed she'd ever seen. He laid her on the bed, then knelt and turned her over so she was facing him. "I'm going to take the tape off your head. I don't want you to start screaming. I assure you that there is no one within hearing distance. Just relax, it might hurt just a bit getting the tape off," Jeremy said as reassuringly as he could. Then he began to carefully unwrap the tape around her head. He did it carefully, but it was stuck to her hair, he worked it slowly, till finally he was able to remove both the tape and the cloth he'd placed under it to protect her face from the duck tape. Kari watched him work when she was finally free to speak, she screamed, "Help, help me!" He scowled at her and said, "Well, I see your lungs are fine," he paused for a moment and smiled at her, then he continued, "Welcome to my home, there are three of us in the house now, you, me and the cat. Since neither the cat or I care much for screaming, don't unless you have something to scream about, do you understand?" "What do you want from me? Let me go now and I won't go to the cops I promise," she responded. "Please restrict yourself for the moment to just answering my questions," he said sternly. "Well, I asked you a fucking question too asshole!" she said and her eyes flashed with anger. He looked at her sadly, then stood and walked back up the stairs, in a minute he returned with a pair a scissors and walked back to the bed. As he reached out for her with the scissors, she pulled away and asked, "What are you doing, don't!" He slipped the scissors under her shorts and began to cut them, she squirmed and protested but in a moment he'd cut through both her shorts and underpants on both sides. He then grabbed the front and pulled both her shorts and underpants off. Kari screamed again and protested, "Don't, your ruining my shorts, stop, please!" "I'm afraid we don't understand each other. You have to do what I say, when I ask you to do it, and not give my any shit about it. So if I tell you to only speak in response to what I ask you, I require that you do just that," he spoke sternly, as he talked he sat on the bed next to her, she was now nude from the waist down. She tried to role away from him but he easily caught her then rolled her on to her belly. He reached back with his right hand and took a paddle out of his back pocket. He held her down with one hand then gave her several hard swats across her pretty ass with the paddle. Kari screamed and wiggled, after about five hard swats he stopped and asked her, "Now, once again, I require that you only scream when you have something to scream about, like now. Do you understand?" he said with perhaps a slight smile. She had a very pretty ass. "Yeah ok, don't no more please," she pleaded. "A simple yes sir will do for the moment, do you understand?" he asked again. When she didn't immediately respond he raised the paddle threateningly so she could see it. "Yes, I'm sorry don't please," she sounded really scared now. He sighed, "Like I said, a simple, Yes sir, will do." "Yes sir," she finally said, he could see the fear in her eyes. "Very good, if you listen to what I say, and don't add anything for now, I'm sure you'll be fine," he noticed her butt had turned pink from the paddling. He'd never paddled a girl before and was surprised by her reaction, it must have been harder then he had intended. He was a powerful man, he made a mental note to not paddle her so hard in the future. "What is your name?" he asked her gently. "Kari Smith," she said softly. "Kari, my name is Jeremy White. Welcome to your new home," he noticed that she was about to speak again, so he put his finger to his lips to silence her. She stopped and looked at him fearfully. "I took you and now you are mine to do whatever I want with. There is no other authority but me, you answer to me and me alone. There is no God, or police, only me. You do what I say when I say it. You are my companion till I decide otherwise. You have no say in this at all," he spoke slowly making eye contact with the young woman as he spoke. "Do you understand?" "You're crazy," she said in a frightened voice. He sighed again and raised the paddle. "Yes, please don't, I understand, you're not crazy!" she said quickly He smirked despite trying to sound stern. "A simple, yes sir, would keep your shapely little butt from getting swatted again," "Yes, sir," she quickly added. "Very good, you're learning. I warn you that I'll keep this paddle handy, but you have no reason to fear me. If I have to paddle you, it's only because you've made me do it, not because I enjoy it, or intend to do it any more then you make me," he tried to sound as kindly as he could. "Ok, I mean, Yes sir," she said fearfully. Jeremy reached up with the scissors and cut through her halter top. She watched him fearfully, but didn't say anything. He pulled the halter top off. She had beautiful breasts. "You're a very beautiful young woman, if you behave I'm sure we'll learn to get along very well," he said softly. He considered whether or not to remove all the tape, but decided to only untape her legs. He reached down and cut through the tape on her ankles then carefully removed it, then he took her shoes off. "Ok on your feet now," he said and he helped her to her feet. "Come," he said and he led her to the bath. He turned on the shower with one hand and held on to her arm with the other. Suddenly she quickly faced him and tried to kick him in the groin. He slipped out of the way, then reached back and took the paddle out of his pocket. "No, please, I'm sorry, I won't do it again I promise," But he turned her sideways and gave her pink butt a hard swat. "Ouch!" she screamed. "If you keep this up, I'm going to assume you like to be paddled. If that's the case, I'll do more of it," he said firmly. "No, please, I'm sorry," she pleaded. "Ok, step into the shower," he said softly, he was more then a little effected by her beauty, then he noticed the bruises on her side and on her neck. "What happened, how did you get those bruises?" "My ex boyfriend beat me up, you'd like him, he's your kind of guy," she saw him scowl, so she quickly added, "Just joking honest." Jeremy looked thoughtful, then said, "He hit you with his fists?" She nodded, "I'll never do that. If I'm forced to discipline you, it'll be on your bottom." He reached over and turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature, then he picked up a bottle of shampoo. "Under the shower now," he ordered. She seemed to relax as the warm water flowed over her. He slowly shampooed her hair, then washed her with a sponge. The water from the open shower door splashed on his slacks and shirt, but he appeared not to notice. He used a liquid soap that smelled nice to her. The sponge felt good, he was gentle. When he was sure she was relaxed, he reached into his back pocket and brought out the scissors, then turned her away from him and cut the duck tape wrapping her wrist. He gently worked the tape off, so it wouldn't hurt her. When he finished bathing her, he turned off the water and dried her with large cotton towel. She stood still looking blankly at his chest as he dried her. When he finished drying her, he led her back into the main room. He could see her tense up again. He led her to a dresser, opened it and took out a pair of baby blue underpants and matching top. "Slip these on," he ordered. Kari, sighed with relief and quickly dressed. "Are you hungry?" he asked. "Yes, I mean yes sir," she answered. "Relax for a bit then. The TV gets over a hundred channels, none of them very good, but you may use it or the stereo. I'll be back in a few minutes with dinner," He tried to keep his voice as unthreatening as he could. She was obviously worried about being raped. He had wondered if he could even have sex with a woman who was being forced to do it, or was doing it purely out of fear. He decided that, even as beautiful as this young woman was, he had no desire to have sex with her against her will. He was confident that with the right training, that sooner or later she would be willing. He had lots of time. He went to the master bedroom and showered and put on sweat pants and a T-shirt, then waked back to the kitchen. In the kitchen he made up a dinner plate of leftovers from the fridge, heated them in the microwave, then put them on a try. He was careful to just use plastic utensils. He didn't want to introduce anything into her room that she might use to attempt an escape or attack him with. Kari watched him open the heavy door and leave. She immediately got up and went up the stairs and inspected the door, it had an electric keypad by it that she had seen him use to unlock it. She tried the door handle, but it was locked. She sighed then went back down the stairs and began to explore the room. It was a large room, it had a couch and entertainment center in one corner and a couple exercise machines in another. The other end of the room was set up as a bedroom with a dresser and night stand. She'd never seen furniture as nice. The carpet felt thick and spongy to her bare feet. She went through the dresser drawers looking for anything she could use as a weapon, but she only found several more nightgown type outfits. She then turned her attention to the bath. It was bigger then her last apartment, but she couldn't find anything to use as a weapon. She looked at the mirror, if she only had something she could break the mirror with, she could use the glass to attack him with. Then she remembered the exercise machines and rushed back to them. She managed to remove the adjustable seat to one of them. Using the stem of the seat as a handle she made several practice swings with the seat, using it like a club. She then rushed back and waited by the base of the stairs. As Jeremy prepared dinner he watched her moving around the room on a monitor, one of several he'd installed. When she removed the exercise bike seat and started her practice swings he muttered, "Damn, I forgot about the adjustable seats, that was careless." He sighed, then put her dinner back in the microwave, he'd have to deal with this first. He was impressed by her resourcefulness. He walked to the entry door and opened it, he knew she was at the bottom of the stairs waiting. He walked in and down the stairs. Kari had the seat behind her and she was trying to look casual, he almost laughed at her. When he reached the bottom step she sprung into action swinging the seat at him with everything she had like a club. He caught it with one hand, then said, "Let go," when she struggled he sighed and jerked it out of her grasp, then walked over to the other exercise machine and removed it's seat also, then he walked back up the stairs with them. Kari cowered away from him in fear, sure that he'd hit her or paddle her again. But he only called out over his shoulder, "What would you like to drink, I've got juice, milk or wine?" "Milk, sir," she answered fearfully. It was after midnight by the time she finished dinner. He sat back in his chair watched her and relaxed. "Can I ask you a question?" she said softly. "Ok," he said contentedly. He felt great, everything that he had planned had worked well, and Kari was everything he'd hoped for, young beautiful, and a fighter. She'd be fun to match wits with. One of his biggest worries had been that he'd capture a women with no spirit, one that would just sit in the corner and cry or mope around. "Why did you do this, your a good looking guy, we could probably have been friends without all the duct tape." she said softly, not sure how he would react to the question. "Well," he considered how to answer her for a moment, then something about the question or the way she had asked it, seemed funny to him. The more he thought about it, the funnier it seemed. He started to laugh, it took him a minute to control himself. "I think it's to late to talk about that," he finally said. "To late, because you already did it, or to late at night?" she asked. "Both, maybe in the morning I'll give it another shot, but that will have to do for now." he said, then yawned. "Can I ask another question?" she said. "Sure," he said tiredly. "Do you have a hair dryer?" she asked softly. "Hair dryer, of course, no, sorry, I'll get one tomorrow," he smirked, that made two things he hadn't planned on. He got to his feet then said, "Let me show you how the lights work," he walked over to a small table by the bed. "This controller operates the stereo," She had followed him over towards the bed, but stayed out of arms reach. He grinned at her precaution, but then what else could she do? He asked himself. "The smaller controller controls the lights," he picked it up and dimmed the lights up and down. He looked at her as he spoke, cleaned up, wearing panties and a light top, he decided that she was beautiful, and as all men believe, he considered himself a good judge of such things. "One more thing, look at this red button next to the bed," he waited till she came close enough that he was sure she saw it. "This is an emergency button, it sets off an alarm and alerts a beeper that I'll carry when I'm not with you. It's for emergencies only. You're having a heart attack, the basement is flooding, there's a nuclear war, that sort of thing. Do you understand?" he asked sternly, trying to impress her with his concern for her well being. "Yes, sir," she said, but she was worried, she knew it was bed time. "If you press that button, and it's not an emergency, it means you want another paddling, understand?" he said sternly. "Yes sir," she said softly, backing away from him after she'd looked at the red button. "Then good night," and he started for the stairs, he watched her relax with relief. He was nearly at the top of the stairs when he heard her ask. "Does the basement flood?" She sounded serious. He chuckled, then answered her, "Not in the five years I've lived here, but it's probably more likely then you having a heart attack. Good night." The door opened he stepped out then the door closed. Kari looked around her for a minute then she sat on the edge of the bed and picked up the light controller. She dimmed the lights then turned them up again a couple times. Jeremy watched her on the kitchen monitor admiring his catch. She'd been much more fun then he could possibly have hoped for. When she finally pulled the sheet back and laid down and turned off the lights, he turned and went upstairs to bed. As he walked slowly up the stairs towards the master bedroom he asked himself why he hadn't paddled her for attacking him with the exercise bike seat. How would she know how to behave if he wasn't consistent, he asked himself. But he'd already paddled her on two separate occasions in only a couple hours. Somehow that seemed like enough to get her attention. He didn't want to terrorize the woman. Jeremy yawned as he walked into his bedroom. This had been a day to remember the rest of his life. He smiled happily then lay down on his bed.

When Jeremy woke, he immediately went to the monitor by his desk. The low light camera showed Kari still sleeping, a small lump in the middle of the King size bed. He looked at the time, she'd been asleep for just over seven hours. From what he'd gathered of her recent history, she was probably exhausted, he decided to let her sleep. So he dressed, put the beeper in his pocket, then jogged down stairs and out to his Lexus. He stopped at his tennis club and bought her a tennis skirt he thought was cute, then he picked up a hair dryer on the way home. He'd been gone not quite an hour, as soon as he walked in he immediately went to the kitchen and looked at the monitor again. He breathed a sigh of relief as he saw that she was still sleeping. Then he smiled at himself, just where could she go, that room was more secure then most county jails. Kari woke, someone was shaking her. She opened her eyes and saw Jeremy sitting on the bed next to her. "Good afternoon, time for lunch," he said cheerfully. She looked startled, and recoiled away from him slightly. He made no move towards her and he looked friendly. Kari gathered herself and replied, "Hi." He stood up and walked back to the small table where he had put their lunch trays. He had seen the fear in her eyes. He should have called out to her instead of shaking her, he'd scared her again. That wasn't what he'd had in mind. He made a mental note to be more careful. He sat down in one of the chairs and took a bite of his sandwich. Kari slowly got up, watching him take a bite of his sandwich was enough to remind her that she was hungry. She eyed him warily, then stood and cautiously walked to the chair across from him and sat down. They ate in near silence. He tried several times to start a conversation, but she seemed moody this morning. He wondered whether that was the result of her situation, or her monthly cycle. He'd learned to expect some swings in moods from the women he lived with. But finally she spoke up. "Kidnapping is a serious crime. You seem like a smart guy, and you haven't really hurt me, so if you'll just drive me back to town, I'll forget this whole thing happened." she offered. "Well, that's kind of you, can I trust you to keep your word?" he asked smiling. "Oh sure," she said hopefully, her face lighting up with the thought that he might just let her go. "Well, I could drop you off at Jerry's I suppose. I'm sure he'd be happy to see you. Unless, of course, he's found himself another punching bag," he said with a smirk. "Why don't you eat your lunch for the moment and we'll talk about it as you do, Ok?" Looking down at the sandwich reminded her of how hungry she was. She looked up and said, "Ok, you'll think about it then?" "Sure, eat your lunch. Your eye looks better this morning, twelve hours of sleep must be good for the healing process," He said grinning. He noticed that once she started eating, she went about it with a vengeance. "Do you play tennis?" he asked her. "No," she said with her mouth full. "Well, then this is your lucky day. There's a tennis skirt on the dresser, after lunch, put it on and I'll start you in on the basic's of the game," he said smiling. "I don't want to learn to play tennis, I want you to drive me to town." she said once again with her mouth full. "Two points, one, don't talk with your mouth full. It's not polite and second," he paused and reached into his back pocket and took out the paddle and laid it on the table then he continued, "Secondly I didn't ask you if you wanted a tennis lesson. You're going to get a tennis lesson, or a good paddling. Either way my forehand will get some work." She looked scared again, then said timidly, "I thought you said you were thinking about driving me to town." "I thought about it, I'm still thinking about it. I'll give it some more thought still, after your tennis lesson," He said smiling. She was about to call him names again, but the sight of the paddle was enough to cause her to hold her tongue. He smiled as he watched the battle between caution and the desire to tell him off, play out in her expressions. He chuckled then said, "Finish your lunch, and prepare yourself, when your ready press the red button once to let me know you're ready, understand?" he said firmly, his hand on the paddle. She looked angry, but the sight of his hand on the paddle caused her to say only, "Yes sir." But then she asked him, "You told me last night never to press the red button unless it was an emergency." He stood and headed for the stairs with the lunch trays, he called his answered back over his shoulder, "Unless I give you specific instructions to the contrary, that is true. Be quick now." he ordered. He sat at his desk and watched her on the monitor. The tennis skirt he'd gotten her had came with a pair of rather thick full underpants. He had decided not to include them with the skirt. He liked the panties he'd already stocked her dresser with much better. She showered then dressed. He smoked as he watched her on the monitor. He was having a lot of fun so far. His cat sat on his lap purring. "Well, Furball, you're about to meet the new little woman of the house, be nice now." He petted the cat absently as he smoked and watched the monitor. Finally he watched her press the red button and he heard his beeper chirp. "Good girl," he muttered then he got up and headed back down stairs. Kari watched the door open. The big man stood in the door way then called down to her, "Come on up, it's a nice day, not to hot." A cat slipped by his feet and walked down the stairs towards her. Jeremy then added, "Grab the cat, he's not supposed to go down stairs." She reached down and picked the cat up, she smiled at it, and it purred back. She started up the stairs, he had retreated back into the house. She hadn't remembered much of what the house looked like. Kari had never seen a house like it. She followed him down a hallway, still carrying the cat. They went through the kitchen then into a large entrance way. He stopped and turned to her. "Would you like to see the house?" "Yes sir," she had seen the paddle in the rear pocket of his shorts as he walked in front of her down the hall and felt it was a good idea to agree to almost anything he suggested. "Just put the cat down, he'll be alright," Jeremy said idly. He proceeded to give her a tour. Telling her the vitals as he went, it was about 6,000 sq ft of living space, not counting her basement room. There were six bedrooms and eight bathrooms on two and a half floors. Everything looked neat and clean. Nothing seemed out of place. She'd never seen anything like it. He led her out a double set of French doors onto a large patio. There was a swimming pool and a separate bathhouse with a sauna and a huge hot tub. He carried some sort of bag with him, she assumed he had tennis rackets in it from it's shape. The cat followed them outside. Jeremy then led her around the back of the garage to the tennis court. "Ok, we'll start out by just hitting the ball against the wall for awhile till you learn the basic's," he said happily. He found training her to be the best time he'd had in years. He handed her a racket and showed her how to hold it. She gathered her courage then asked him, "Why do I have to learn how to play tennis? I don't know anyone who plays tennis." "From what you've said, the only decent human being you know in Florida is me, and I play tennis. Besides, mixed doubles is fun, you'll get to really like it after a while. You look like an athletic girl, you'll be a 3.0 player in no time," he said, obviously enjoying giving her instruction. She looked cautiously around when he bent down to collect a couple of the balls she'd hit against the garage wall. There was a gate at the back of the tennis court. Behind it was woods. She wondered if there were other houses close. If she could make it to the woods she could hide then find her way back to town. She didn't give much thought to what she'd do after she escaped. First things first, she decided. She pretended to concentrate on his tennis lesson. He went on about how to loop her forehand swing, and for some time about whether a two handed backhand would suit her or not. He had a small square cage filled with tennis balls, soon all the balls were scattered about the garage end of the court. As he talked he used the cage to pick up the balls with. He worked his way around picking them up. She pretended to help, moving away from him choosing to pick up the farthest balls from him that she could. Her heart began to beat faster, she moved closer and closer to the gate at the back of the court. She tensed, waiting for him to turn his back to her. Finally he did. Kari dropped the balls she'd been picking up so they were in the path he'd have to take to chase her, then made her break. She sprinted for all she was worth out the back gate then into the woods. She didn't look back, but ran blindly though the woods as fast as she could. Jeremy was getting into his tennis instruction, he turned his head just in time to see her sprint through the rear gate. "Damn," he muttered, then he started after her. He knew he had to keep her in sight, if he lost sight of her, she could hide from him very easily. He was much faster then her, but she had a good start. He cussed at himself for being such a fool as he ran. Luckily she went in a fairly straight line. He was able to catch glimpses of her between the trees, enough to give him direction. She was quicker then he had given her credit for. But he slowly began to overtake her. He knew there was a road bordering the property in the direction she was going. If she made it to that road, someone might see her, she might be able to flag down a car. He pushed on faster, leaping over downed logs and whipping past low branches. Kari was fast, and much smaller so she avoided the low branches as she ran. She began to hear him behind her charging through the underbrush, she began to scream, "Help!, Help, someone help me!" Through a small opening directly in front of her she could see a street, she continued to scream and run towards it. If she could only reach it and stop a car. She was only a few yards from the opening when she felt herself suddenly jerked off her feet. A huge hand covered her mouth muffling her cries. "Ok, I got you now, give it up," he said breathlessly. But Kari kicked and flailed her arms around trying to hit him. She bit down on his hand and he jerked it back on reflex, ripping the flesh, she tasted blood and heard him cry out. She felt herself being shifted around then she felt a very hard slap on her butt. "Now cut it out, or you'll butt is going to be so sore tonight, that you'll wish you were back with Jerry!" he said, angry now. He could see blood dripping off his hand from her bite. He carried her still struggling back towards the tennis court. "Son of a bitch, now settle down," when she continued to struggle he stopped then slapped her across the butt several times hard. "Owe, owe, owe!" she cried. He picked her up again and tossed her over his shoulder and marched back through the woods. He carried her straight for the house and down to her room. She bounced along on his shoulder, he was moving at nearly a run. Kari was terrified, she began to sob. Jeremy dropped her off his shoulder onto the bed, then looked at his hand. It was covered with blood, the flesh below his little finger hung out from his palm. The blood had not only gotten on his shirt and shorts, but on her tennis skirt. A bloody hand print was centered on the back of her skirt. She sobbed and looked at him, a look of terror on her face. "Don't hurt me please don't hurt me!" she begged him. He was a sight to strike terror in the heart of the bravest. He was huge and covered with splashes of blood and he looked really pissed. At that moment he was the scariest thing she'd ever seen. She trembled with fear. He looked up from his hand and saw the terrified look on her face. With an effort he controlled himself. "It's alright, I'm not going to hurt you, no that was my fault. I shouldn't have been so careless," he paused and collected himself, then added, "Are you alright?" Blood dripped down from his hand onto the carpet, but he didn't seem to notice. "Yes sir," she said in a terrified whisper. "It's Ok now, go ahead and get cleaned up, we'll talk about it later," he turned and walked back up the stairs and closed the door. Kari sat on the bed and cried. Jeremy leaned back against the closed door, then wrapped his bleeding hand with his shirt to keep from bleeding on the floor. He closed his eyes and took several deep breaths. He felt awful for frightening her so badly. Then he began to cuss at himself, "What'd you think she was going to do when you brought her outside then turned your back on her, you stupid son of a bitch. This might be a game for you, but for her, it's life and death. She doesn't know what your intensions are, hell you don't even know. She'd been a fool if she hadn't made a break for it, and what else could she do but bite, you practically stuck your hand in her mouth, damn!" Kari cried for ten minutes, then slowly calmed down. He'd said he wouldn't hurt her, and he didn't, except for the spanking. She had never been spanked that hard. Her butt stung more from the spanking then the paddle. He was really strong, he could hurt her by accident. She waited on the bed, but he didn't come back, after an hour she got up and took a shower then changed. She waited another hour, then lay down on the bed and fell asleep. She awoke to the sound of soft music, she looked up but didn't see him. The orange tabby cat she had seen earlier jumped up on the bed next to her and began to purr. She reached out and petted it, then picked it up and held it. The cat purred louder and rubbed its face against her. She knew he must have came down and turned on the music and let the cat in, then left. She waited anxiously for him appear. A couple more minutes passed then the door opened and the big man came down the stairs. He carried a tray with a pizza box and a couple plates on it. She could see that his right hand was heavily bandaged. "Dinner time," he said as normally as he could. She didn't respond only looked at him with fear in her eyes. He didn't look directly at her. He put the tray on the table and sat down. When she didn't approach he said, "It's ok, I won't hurt you, I promise." She got up off the bed and sat across from him at the table. He opened the pizza box and put a piece on his plate, then pushed the box a couple inches closer to her. She hesitated a moment then took a piece and placed it on her plate, but she didn't eat only looked at him. "What are you going to do with me?" she asked softly. He thought for a moment, then said, "Kari, I've lived with a half dozen women the last seven years and it's never worked. They want to control me, use me for my money. I got sick of it. I thought there might be an alternative to the American woman. So I thought if I had a woman free of societies pressures. A woman I could establish a relationship with on my terms, that I could train to be the woman I've looked for and dreamed about all these years. If there was any chance of that working at all, then it would be worth the risk of getting caught." He spoke with passion and looked straight into her eyes. She seemed to think about that, "You don't want to torture me, or rape me or anything like that?" she asked softly. "No, no, of course not!" he answered her earnestly. She seemed to relax somewhat. "You've dreamed about a girl who plays tennis?" she asked. He thought he saw the corners of her mouth turn towards a smile. "Well, no, not necessarily, I just thought that two people need some common interest is all," he said lamely. "So if we don't get along, or I can't play tennis, you'll let me go?" she asked in a weak whisper. "Yes, of course," he answered her. She looked down then picked up her piece of pizza and took a bite. They ate in silence for a couple minutes, then she asked him, "How's your hand? I'm sorry I bit you." "It's ok, it took fifteen stitches. I won't be able to hold a racket for a few days," he answered her trying to keep his voice as unthreatening as he could. "I'm sorry, I tried to clean the blood out of the carpet," she said sadly. "I should have known better then to stick it in your mouth. You have very sharp teeth. I don't think my doctor had ever seen anything like it," he muttered back. They ate the pizza in silence for a few more minutes, then she asked him, "Can we get a movie to watch tonight?" "Sure, do you have anything special in mind?" he asked. "No sir," she smiled at his surprised look, then continued, "Anything just to relax with."

They ate the rest of the pizza, then he went back upstairs and returned with a half dozen DVD's. They decided on the, 'The Sound of Music'. He sat on the floor leaning back against the couch. She sat on the couch. They started the movie as far away from each other as the couch allowed. His doctor had prescribed pain medication for his hand. He'd taken it and could feel it's effects. Soon he was having a hard time keeping his eyes open. He dozed momentarily, and slumped sideways. "Jeremy, why don't you lay down on the couch?" she asked him softly. "What?" he said groggily. She stood up next to him, then bent down and took his arm, "Come on, get up on the couch, come on," she pulled on his arm with no effect. Then he seemed to understand and he lifted himself onto the couch. She directed him down till he was on his side. She walked over to the bed and got two pillows. She put one under his head and the other in front of the first one. Then she lay down next to him on the couch. She backed against him. She felt his arm come around her. He was vaguely aware that he was holding her. He pulled her closer and snuggled against her, then he fell asleep. He awoke sometime later, the aching in his hand had woke him. It took him a moment to orient himself. When he realized he was holding her, and she appeared to be asleep, he ignored his hand and comfortably cuddled against her. He began to consider his position and what he'd done. This poor thing, she's hardly more then a girl, and I grab her and drag her off and lock her up. What was I thinking, no wonder I can't get along with a woman. He hugged her reflexively and sighed. Kari had been dosing since the movie ended, she felt him hug her, and knew he was awake. She felt better about him now, for all the things he'd done to her, she decided he was basically a kind person. After the battle they'd had, and gotten through, she felt closer to him now. She understood where he was coming from, he was lonely. He just wanted a woman friend. "Are you awake?" she whispered. "Yes, sorry I fell asleep. It's the drugs my doctor gave me," he answered her. She slid off the couch then turned and knelt next to it facing him, "Let's go to bed, you look tired." She took his undamaged hand and pulled it gently. He sat up and allowed himself to be led to the bed. She slid back the sheet and he sat down on the bed and looked at her. She walked around to the other side, then got in bed. Then she picked up the remote and dimmed the lights. He lay back on the pillow, he felt her cross the bed. He lay on his side facing her. She looked at him for a moment, then turned her back to him and moved backwards against him. He cautiously reached an arm around her. "Are you alright with this?" he asked softly "Yes sir," she whispered, then cuddled back against him.

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