After the Inspector's Visit
A Homage to Lupus Pictures

By E. E. Norcod

Over the last twenty years there have been three major revolutions in the visual depiction of corporal punishment. The first was the advent of NuWest's videos which for the first time took CP beyond the hokey hand spankings and occasional caning of the British. After the NuWest revolution CP had to leave marks behind. The Brits responded and by about ten years ago a variety of "harsh" CP videos could be had, mostly featuring tawsing and caning.

Next came the Soviet Revolution. Actually the Russians, who nettled us incessantly with videos the likes of which we had never seen before. Yes Russian Discipline and Russian Slaves caused our eyes, and other things, to bulge out but they had a few defects. Aside from the reality that each episode was only about 10 minutes long, they lacked things like plot, lighting, camera work, acting and, in general, polish. But boy they had action.

Then slowly we became aware of a group of filmmakers turning out short films in what was left of the ruins of Czechoslovakia. Films like nothing we had ever seen before - a Bohemian Revolution. Sixteen productions by Rigid East of which seven were either innovative or showed promise: Cane on Nail, The Neighbor, Semitransparent Mirror, Wild Party, Marmalade and two that sent shock waves through the CP viewing community. Wild Party II took the caning fest of Wild Party one step further with better actresses and truly spectacular marks. But it was The Fairy Tale that really grabbed attention. It took the costume theme of Marmalade (also known as Jam) one step further into a fantasy fairy tale kingdom (or queendom). It had everything we had been longing for, sets, proper lighting, good camera work, facial reaction shots, costumes and severe CP action! There had really never been anything like this before. As Rigid East became part of Lupus Pictures some of us fretted that we were losing the most promising production group just when they were starting to blossom.

Boy were we wrong. During the transition period came the seven "Headmaster's Study" pictures that shook the world: Note for Absence, Catechism, The Anarchy, The Globe, Unbridled Youth, The Peacock and lastly that masterpiece, the Inspection. Whew! Nothing quite prepared us for these. There was never anything like them before and there will probably never be anything like them again.

Its been a long drought since The Inspection. A peek at the Lupus Pictures web site reveals that they have just released The Orphan and The Cheap Trick (neither of which I have seen). The Warlock's Revenge appears to be in post-production and Lupus Pictures' "Coming Soon" section suggests a worthy successor to The Fairy Tale, maybe even better. However, not even a whimper of chastisement can be heard from the closed door of the Headmaster's Study.

Yes there are a number of us that are going into withdrawal. To help tide us over and stimulate our visual imagination I have written a bit of a screenplay. It is a pale imitation of the real thing which only Lupus Pictures can supply. However it may help to tide us over until the door to the Headmaster's Study opens again. We once again see the all-too-human Headmaster, somewhat befuddled again as he deals with the consequences of the Inspectors vision. He savior (savioress) is the tall dark red haired lady familiar to us as one of the matrons from Detention House, the Queen in The Fairy Tale and of course as Ms. Muehlstein in the Inspector. But this time we get to see more of her, a lot more. And of course there is a bumbling secretary, imagine either of the well endowed brunettes from Wild Party II. As for the rest I leave it to your imagination. And if your imagination need recharging there are the fourteen spectacular short films from Rigid East/Lupus Pictures referenced above.

Part I

A New Proctor

The Headmaster determines if Fraulein Muehlstein is suitable for the newly created position of Proctor for Discipline. He discloses the results of the Inspector's visit and his plans for bringing St. Thomas Higher School for Girls up to disciplinary standards. After consideration, Fraulein Muehlstein agrees to be part of the new program. The Headmaster requires that she demonstrate her commitment to the plan by undergoing the disciplinary measures she will soon be dispensing. She complies while recalling her days as a convent school student.

Directorate of Schools
Holy Roman Catholic Kingdom of Austria

To: St. Thomas School for Girls
The Headmaster
From: Inspector Boehm, Granz Province

8th Feb, 1899

Respected Colleague

Since I have returned to my office I have had time to consider my recent visit to your school. I have come to the following conclusions.

I will suspend my judgment as to whether to merge St. Thomas with the St. Joseph's Convent School until after a second inspection.

I am impressed by:

First, your personal willingness to enforce discipline on an unruly school Second, your ability to communicate with your board of supervisors Third, the backing your Board of Regents extends to you despite your lenient discipline

I am distressed by:

First, the lack of discipline of your faculty Second, the unsuitability of the present facilities for more severe chastisements Third, the lack of maternal cooperation in discipline

I am uncertain of

First, the obedience of your faculty to your orders Second, parental support for your program.

I believe that St. Thomas Higher School for Girls can continue its separate existence if certain of the uncertainties can be resolved and if progress is made in those areas that distress me. I will make a second inspection in one approximately one month.


Part A. An Offer to Fraulein Muehlstein

Scene 1. The headmaster in his study.

Shot The Headmaster sits at his desk reading his Monday morning mail. The long dreaded letter has arrived from Herr Boehm the Provincial Inspector of Girls Higher Schools. The Headmaster turns slightly plethoric and clutches his chest, breathing hard.

Shot The letter from the Inspector.

merge St. Thomas with the St. Joseph's Convent School

I am distressed by:

First, the lack of discipline of your faculty Second, the unsuitability of the present facilities for more svere chastisements Third, the lack of maternal cooperation in discipline

I am uncertain of

First, the obedience of your faculty to your orders Second, parental support for your program.

Shot The Headmaster pushes a button.

Shot The door to his study opens. His secretary, a buxom brunette with long pigtails, enters with her dictation pad. She is dressed in a white, embroidered, rather low cut peasant blouse and an A line light brown skirt with a ruffled hem. The skirt would be considered rather daring for a mature woman in 1899 since it is short enough to reveal the entire ankle with white stockings showing above her high-topped shoes. She sits down and takes notation while he dictates. The Headmaster first dictates a memo to the Board of Regents asking for a meeting Tuesday morning, second a memo to Fraulein Muehlstein summoning her to his study this afternoon after classes and a third memo calling for a general faculty meeting Tuesday at Noon. The Shot alternates between the pacing Headmaster and his rapidly scribling secretary.

Shot Facial of secretary. "Headmaster, how serious is this". Facial of Headmaster. "In another month we could all be looking for new positions".

Scene 2 Secretary at her desk outside the Headmaster's study busily engaged in typing. Cut to shot of Headmaster signing paper, frown on face. Cut back to secretary typing and cut to Headmaster signing, shaking his head.

Shot, Letter to Board of Regents. Voice of Headmaster, "I have never seen worse typing in my life."

St Thomas Higher School for Girls

From: The Headmasterf
St, Thomas Higher School for Girls
12th Feb, 2899

To: Board of Rergents

Esteemet members of the Board of Regents

I received a lerrer, yesterday from the Provincial Inspector of Higher Schools for Girls. In short, we are in danger of being dissolved and our pupils given over to the Sisters of Saint Joseph to teach at their Cinvent School across the river.

Although Inspector Boehm praised you, the board, and I, the deadmaster, highly, he condemned the attitude of our faculty toward discipline and our lack of facilities for serious chastisement. He also questioned the attitude of parents in supporting discipline and feels that. in particular. the girl's morhers are undercutting our efforts,

I hope that the President of the Board, Herr Geheimrat von Scholle, will call a meeting at 9 PM tomorrow morning at the school to siscuss our response to this challengew.

St Thomas Higher School for Girls

From: The Headmaster
St. Thomas Higher School for Girls
12th Feb, 1899

To: Fraulein Huehlstein, Senior reacher

Please see me, in my office, after the end of classes troday.

Shot Secretary delivering note to teacher (Fraulein Muehlstein). Male grounds keeper delivering note in town to business.

Scene 3 Fraulein Muehlstein enters the Headmaster's study. She is tall with dark hair severely pulled back and is wearing a high collared black dress buttoned down the back. The Headmaster is seated behind his desk.

Fraulein Muehlstein, head shot. "You summoned me mein herr".

Headmaster, head shot. "Yes. Please sit down. How long have you taught here, ten years? In ten years you have never caused me any grief or embarrassment."

Fraulein Muehlstein, head shot. "Yes mein herr. I came here right out of convent school, aged 20. I knew nothing at that time. Everything I know about teaching I learned here from you."

Headmaster, head shot. "You were here last week when Inspector Boehm visited. Here is his report" Hands her paper.

Fraulein Muehlstein, head shot, reading.

Since I have returned to my office I have had time to consider my recent visit to your school. I have come to the following conclusions.

I will suspend my judgment as to whether to merge St. Thomas with the St. Joseph's Convent School until after a second inspection.

I am impressed by:

First, your personal willingness to enforce discipline on an unruly school Second, your ability to communicate with your board of supervisors Third, the backing your Board of Regents extends to you despite your lenient discipline

"This is high praise for you, mein herr. Unfortunately it does not reflect well on us teachers. And it also comes down hard on the mothers of our girls."

Shot, Headmaster's head. "Yes, you are right of course. It is not as bad as I feared at first. But I suspect we have only a month to put things right. The alternative is to for us to be closed down and the girls sent to the convent's school. A defeat of everything we have been trying to build. But I apologize. I forgot that you went to the convent school."

Shot, Fraulein Muehlstein, head bowed. "The discipline of the Sisters of St. Joseph was very strict. And I was a boarding student, my sister and I were orphans and lived in the convent. We were subject to the strictest chastisements, almost as severe as the novice nuns. I comprehend many of the Inspector's points. I have experienced them. I also know what you are trying to build here, something more than a trade school for girls. You want a real Gymnasium just like in Prussia."

Shot, Headmaster's head, looking upwards. "What are we to do?"

Shot, Fraulein Muehlstein, looking particularly severe, "We have no choice but to adhere most closely to his instructions and suggestions my Headmaster! We must implement each and every one of his points, my Headmaster!"

Shot, Headmaster's head, looking intently at Fraulein Muehlstein. "Fraulein Muehlstein! Stand up." Cut to her standing up erect. Voice of Headmaster, "I need someone to implement these changed policies. Are you willing to be my Proctor for Discipline?" Her rigid face breaks into just the faintest suggestion of a smile, she replies "I will". Headmaster's voice. "Alright, please be seated". Fraulein Muehlstein sits, erect, knees together. Headmaster's voice, "we will have to radically reorganize our system of disciplining the girls". Shot, plaque with four canes on the wall, cut to Fraulein Muehlstein's face, smile broadens. Headmaster's voice, "and I am afraid we must extend this discipline to the teachers and the mother's of our girls." Shot, Fraulein Muehlstein's face, smile further broadens.

Shot, Headmaster's head, "Knowing these things, you accept". Shot, Fraulein Muehlstein's head, broad smile, "I do my Headmaster!". Voice of Headmaster, "Well, all of these things will have to be approved by the Board of Regents in any case. Go and get your Disciplinary Strap and your Record of Student's Chastisements. Oh, and send in that idiot of a new secretary of mine"

Part B. Fraulein Muehlstein's Vocational Aptitude Testing.

Scene 1.

The Headmaster is sitting behind his desk, rather agitated. His secretary, her face flushed, stands rigidly at attention before the desk. He berates her "Totally unacceptable, forty errors in two memos, one that in the original goes to the President of the Board of Regents and in carbons to the eleven other regents. Do you not know how to type, do you not know simple grammar to know when you have mis-transcribed something?" Cut to face of secretary "When I get excited, my Headmaster, I make mistakes." Sound of knock on door. Voice of Headmaster, "Come in".

Shot of Fraulein Muehlstein entering study. In her left hand is a composition book. In her right is a formidable-looking wood-handled leather strap, three inches wide, 3/8" thick and perhaps thirty inches long. She halts and nods in the direction of the Headmaster. Cut to full shot of secretary. Voice of Headmaster, "Very well. I will figure out soon enough what to do with you. Take the memo that I have just dictated and type it up. The original goes to Proctor Muehlstein and the 14 copies go to the other teachers. You are Dismissed! AND SO HELP ME GOD NO MORE MISTAKES!"

Shot of secretary exiting focusing on the movement of her behind which wiggles as she walks. Voice of Headmaster, somewhat more pleasant, "Please sit down Fraulein Proctor".

Shot, full of the new Proctor sitting before the Headmaster's desk, placing the composition book down on her lap and then laying the strap across her lap. Only the slightest of smiles crosses her face. Voice of headmaster "That nitwit will be the end of me and this is only her sixth day of employment here" Fraulein Muehlstein "I seem to just vaguely remember her from St. Joseph's. I think it was in my last year there, she was just starting the elementary day school. A pretty girl with brunette pigtails but quite vacuous even at that tender age."

Head shot of Headmaster. "Let me see your records.

Shot, handing over of composition book. Cut to Headmaster opening book and inspecting "Very nice, you have even prepared a summary index." _____________________________________________________________________________

Disciplinary Record The St. Thomas Higher School for Girls

Year 1899 Winter Semester First Quarter
Teacher Alexandra Muehlstein
Class Fifth Year of Six, General Curriculum

NameSomatotypeHair1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10  
Maria BEctomorphBrownI  HI
TamarraEndomorphBlackI   II
AdeleEctomorphBlondeI   I
FranscescaEndomorphBrownI   I
IvanaMesomorphBlondeII  I
SophieEndomorphBlondeII   I   I   HI
LudmillaMesomorphBlackI   I   HI
AntonetteMesomorphBlondeI   I
Maria SMesomorphRedIII   II   I   HI

Voice of Headmaster, "What does I, II and III mean?" Head shot of Fraulein Muehlstein, "I dispense swats in groups of twenty." Shot of record, voice of Headmaster, "And what is H?". Voice of Fraulein Muehlstein "A visit to your study for a caning".

Head shot of Headmaster, "I very seldom saw your pupils although I have always had a favorable impression of the decorum in your classroom. When other teachers rotate through your classroom to teach special subjects they are also impressed with the good behavior and at tentativeness of your girls. On the rare occasions your girls are sent to my study, you had recommended rather severe canings for what were relatively minor offences." S

hot of record, voice of Fraulein Muehlstein, "I always start the semester off by impressing stern discipline upon my charges. Then I find that I can have an easy time of it because they know that any stepping out of line will bring the severest punishment down on them. The girls are responsible for one-another's behavior when I am out of the classroom. If an individual girl is ill-behaved or inattentive to another teacher, the other girls report her and she receives twice the usual chastisement. If the other girls fail to inform me of the lax decorum of a single girl, all receive the severest punishment I can mete out. I furthermore amplify the effect of your canings. When a girl returns to my class after a session in your study, they get an additional score from my strap and then get to kneel for a half hour in the front with their skirts hiked up. It is not only humiliating but twenty hard strokes with the strap on top of cane welts can leave a girl with a truly bloody bottom."

Shot of Headmaster looking down at composition book and turning pages "Yes, Yes, Yes. It looks like during the first week of class every one of your twelve girls received at least twenty strokes." Paging back, "two received twenty strokes twice in the first week" paging forward "one received twenty strokes thrice". Shot of Headmaster looking at the strap on Fraulein Muehlstein's lap "and that is the most formidable strap I have ever seen. That is not the one that we supply to the teachers." Cut to facial of Fraulein Muehlstein, smiling, "It is the same type of strap the Sisters of St. Joseph use. I ordered it from Herr Buechler, the knacker and tanner." Cut to close up of strap on lap. Voice of Headmaster "we will have to consider adopting this as our official strap. I can see we have a lot to discuss."

Scene 2.

Shot of secretary sitting and typing. Facial close up, tears are running down her cheeks. Cut to close up of bosom, with the peasant blouse exposing the upper portion of her smooth, white, full breasts. Tear drops land on the skin and run down disappearing beneath the edge of the blouse.

Scene 3

Headmaster rises from desk walks over to wall rack with canes and gazes upon them. "You realize, of course, Fraulein Muehlstein, that if we implement a policy of corporal punishment to discipline the teachers that you will not be exempt." He turns and looks at her. Cut to shot of Fraulein Muehlstein's face, grim set "I am willing to set the ultimate example for those that I will chastise. I will set more severe disciplinary standards for myself than for any of the others.".

Shot, Headmaster in front of canes, "You realize that I believe that punishment should always be applied to naked skin?"

Shot, medium, Fraulein Muehlstein, blushing slightly "I agree, always so. And for the more severe disciplining the sites must not be restricted to only the buttocks and thighs. The sisters taught me that for more severe sin, more severe the punishment. The most sensitive parts of a girl's body should be chastised. We do not do this here and Inspector Boehm is unhappy." Cut to face of Headmaster with grim expression "Very well then, Fraulein Muehlstein, we shall begin what we might term the Vocational Aptitude portion of this interview. Kindly remove your dress, petticoat, corset and drawers and fold them on the table over by the screen."

Shot, Fraulein Muehlstein begins to unbutton the back of her dress but has trouble with some of the buttons. She glances over to the Headmaster and asks "Could you help me with some of these buttons, my fingers are fumbling. Usually my sister assists me with this dress which is particularly troublesome". She walks over to the Headmaster who undoes the remained dozen or so buttons. She then eases the heavy black dress off her shoulders and over her hips. She lets it fall to the floor and steps out of the skirts. She then unties the bow of the cloth waist tab of her petticoat, lets the petticoat drop and steps out of it. This reveals that she is wearing a white, somewhat briefer than usual, corset. Fraulein Muehlstein is small breasted and her corset comes nowhere near her breasts, stopping at the bottom of her ribs. Her hips are well formed, although not heavy and the corset only goes down to the top of her hip bones. Four long elastic straps descend from the corset to hold up her black stockings. As she slowly bends over she presents her behind to the Headmaster prominently. She picks up her dress and petticoat and hangs them from the end of the screen.

Shot, Fraulein Muehlstein, returns to the Headmaster. Facing him she begins to unfasten the four stocking suspenders two on each side. Close up shot, unfastening the clips. Her voice, "If I might please borrow a pair of the garters the girls use. Thank you. See herr Headmaster, although I am old fashioned about many things, about some things, hidden things, I can be quite modern. No old fashioned garters for me. See the new elastic suspenders. Since my breasts are small I do not need to support them. And since my hips are small, my corset does not need to descend below my waist. If it was desired, you could chastise all the most sensitive parts of me without me having to remove my corset." Cut to close up shot of the hooks in the front of the corset. Again her fingers fumble. "Please, mein heir, could you assist me" she asks him. Close up of his fingers undoing the hook eyes. His fingers are shaking.

Shot, Fraulein Muehlstein takes corset, walks over to the screen and deposits it on the table. She walks back to the Headmaster, turns her back to him and bends over. Close up of her drawers. Voice of Fraulein Muehlstein, "See, also modern drawers. Close fitting, no tabs to tie, no opening down the back. The waist is made with elastic, you just slide them down." Close up of her fingers hooking over the waist band of he drawers and pulling them down. When the drawers are below the knees, she steps out of them. She straightens up and turns around to face him, holding the drawers behind her back. Close up of her waist and mons veneris. It is obvious that she is not wearing a chemise that goes down to the top of her thighs but an extremely close fitting camisole that just comes down to the top of her hipbones. Voice of Fraulein Muehlstein "see, all so modern". Cut to close up of the Headmasters face, noticeable gulp.

Shot, Fraulein Muehlstein walks over to screen and deposits drawers on top of corset. Walks over to chair and picks up strap. Walks over to Headmaster and gives him strap. Shot of Headmaster with strap in hand, a bit puzzled. Voice of Fraulein Muehlstein "If I might humble suggest a change in the way we administer a caning. Just prior to caning, a spanking should be administered. That way the skin of the buttocks and thighs are exquisitely tender and sensitive. When the cane strikes, the pain is several times more intense. Do you agree?" Facial shot of Headmaster, "Yes".

Scene 4

Shot, Fraulein Muehlstein, turns away from Headmaster, and bends over, hands grasping ankles. She says, "When the sisters strapped us, they usually gave us a minimum of twenty. We also learned to say thank you and to ask for the next stroke by number. Do you think that twenty before a caning is satisfactory." Facial shot of Headmaster, "Yes" Again he visibly gulps.

Shot, Fraulein Muehlstein bent over, Headmaster with strap in hand about to begin. He says, "Ready?" She nods and says, "Please may I have the first one"

Follow on with classic Rigid East/Lupus spanking/caning sequence alternating between shots of the belting of her rear with reaction facial shots with voiceovers of her alternating thanking and asking for the next. The strapping is severe and by the end Fraulein Muehlstein's buttocks and thighs above her stockings are uniformly dark red and welted. Toward the end her face becomes very red and is set in a grimace. However, she never takes her hands off her ankles or loses count. At the end she stands up, puts her hands behind her head and arches her back. A tear runs down from each eye.

Scene 5

The secretary is at her desk. The light in the corridor where her desk is growing dimmer as it is getting toward nightfall on this winter's day. She is getting cold and puts a shawl over her shoulders. She squints at what she is typing. She pulls open a drawer in her roll-top desk, takes out a pair of glasses and puts them on. She types for a little bit more and then rests her head on her typewriter.

Scene 6

Shot, Fraulein Muehlstein has regained her composure and is standing, facing the Headmaster, with her hands clasped behind her head. Voice of Headmaster, "One question Fraulein, what happened to the hair on your private parts?" Fraulein Muehlstein replies, "I have very heavy periods. I always saturate my menstrual pads and it would make a mess with my pubic hair. Therefore the sisters taught me to shave my bottom just as they do." Cut to facial of Headmaster with look of amazement.

Shot, caning bench. Cut to shot of canes on wall. Cut to shot of Fraulein Muehlstein. Voice of Headmaster, "Are you ready for your chastisement? You know that the Inspector has insisted that all canings be done naked?". Fraulein Muehlstein removes her camisole, walks over to the screen and deposits it on the table on top of the corset and drawers. Her breasts are small but well formed. They minimally bounce when she walks. She asks "Should I remove my stockings". Cut to shot of him shaking his head no. She goes behind the screen. Cut to closeup of her squatting on chamber pot with sound of tinkling. Next shot, she walks over to the rack of canes and selects the heaviest one, the Dragon. She walks over to the Headmaster, takes the strap from his hand and hands him the cane. She takes the strap and deposits it on top of her undergarments. Finally, she walks over to the caning bench, bends over, spreads her legs, and drapes her arms over the other side.

Shots, Headmaster with cane tucked under his arm, fastening the straps that restrain her waist, legs and wrists. He assumes his usual position behind her saying "You realize that the Inspector insisted that the standard course of punishment with the cane is thirty strokes." She nods her head in affirmation.

The following is the usual Rigid East/Lupus caning sequence. The first fifteen are fairly light. But being applied on an already bruised bottom they have a fairly devastating effect. The last fifteen draw blood with almost every stroke. By the end Fraulein Muehlstein can no longer count or thank. She is sobbing incoherently and gasping for breath but she never screams. Toward the end her limbs are shaking and her back is arched with her head high in the air and tears running down her cheeks. Periodic shots of her starkly exposed vaginal area show increasing reddening and swelling with secretion of copious amounts of vaginal fluid.

Shot of Headmaster after caning examining her torn backside. He goes over to the table by the screen, picks up an ewer and cloth. He returns to her and begins to clean the blood off her buttocks and thighs. Facial shot of her wincing. Close up of application of cloth to vaginal region with prolonged rubbing of labia. Facial shot of Fraulein Muehlstein, panting and with an ecstatic expression. After a few minutes her voice is heard, "Thank you herr Headmaster, will you be taking a picture for the Board?"

Scene 7

Shot of secretary taking last set of memo with carbons out of typewriter. She looks at the clock on the wall which shows 5 PM. The hall is fairly dark with the only illumination coming from the incandescent lights overhead (she doesn't have a desklamp), the windows are dark. She draws her shawl tighter around her.

Shot of memo on desk.

St Thomas Higher School for Girls

From: The Hjeadmaster
St. Tghomas Hjigher School for Girls
12th Feb, 1899

To: All Tgeachers There will be a meeting of all Faculty tomorrow, 13th Feb., at 12 Nude, in Rtoom 103 (the small classroom adjacent to my study). The subject will be the results of the recent inspection by Hjerr Bvoehm and what steps we must take in order to maintain our certification.,

Bring with you to this meeting your disciplinary strap and your Sdtudent Dfisciplinary Rtecords.

Supervision of the students while at lunch will be done by the maintenance clerical staff.

Shot of secretary with head back, staring into space.

Part C. New Directions in Discipline.

Scene 1

Shot of Fraulein Muehlstein, clad only in shoes and stocking, kneeling in front of the side wall of the Headmaster's office. Voice of Headmaster, "Well my new Proctor, have you been sufficiently chastised. I believe that you have absorbed more punishment than I have ever administered to any of our girls." Facial shot of Fraulein Muehlstein, "Headmaster, I can see why you were criticized by Inspector Boehm for being too kindly of heart. I took discipline far more severe than this from the Sisters of St. Joseph when a girl of sixteen and now I am a mature woman of thirty." Head shot of a startled Headmaster, "What do you suggest Fraulein Proctor?"

Shot of canister with birches behind desk. Voice of Fraulein Muehlstein, "Remember when you tried using a birch on that Smeralova girl, the Socialist. Did you ever stop to figure out why that punishment didn't work as well as you expected?" Facial shot of Headmaster with puzzled expression. Cut back to birches, voice of Fraulein Muehlstein, "You have far too many switches in the bundle, and far too many of them are light twigs. The nuns knew the proper use of such things. May I demonstrate?" Cut to facial shot of Headmaster nodding assent.

Shot of Fraulein Muehlstein walking over and taking bundle of birches out of canister of water. She stands by the Headmaster's desk and unties the string holding the bundle together. She sorts out the longer, heavier switches, only five or six out of the whole bundle. She takes the smaller twigs, walks with them over to the iron stove in the corner, opens the door and throws them in. The wet twigs burn with a great deal of hissing. A bit of smoke boils out of the stove. Fraulein Muehlstein waves her hands to dissipate the smoke. She walks back to the Headmasters desk, takes the longest switch, and strikes the inner aspect of her right thigh with it several times. The first couple of times bits of the end of the switch, a half inch or so long, fly off. The third time she strikes the hardest but not further breakage occurs. A couple of drops of blood ooze from the welt. Next she takes the other four, just slightly shorter switches and ties them together to make a quadruple switch. She takes the switches in her two hands, goes over to the seated Headmaster, kneels and presents them to him.

Headmaster, "What am to do with these, I have already cut your buttocks to bleeding ribbons, I have no need to make them bleed anymore." Cut to shot of her breasts followed by shot of her shaved pubis, voice of Fraulein Muehlstein "Thinking just like a man, are there not more sensitive parts of a woman that can be chastised?" Facial shot of Headmaster showing amazement and a bit of horror, "You mean I should beat your breasts! And your privates? What kind of a beast do you think I am?"

Scene 2

Shot of Fraulein Muehlstein walking over to the caning bench. She picks up the damp cloth that the Headmaster used to staunch her bleeding backside and drapes it over the front edge of the bench. She then stands in front of the bench with her back to the bench. Close up of battered buttocks and white cloth with bloodstains. She says, "Come and fasten the straps to my legs. Long before Inspector Boehm caused that controversy by whipping the titties and cunts of those schoolgirls, the nuns were subjecting us girls to what they called 'Severe Chastisement' and 'Mortification of the Flesh'. It was just that word of the disciplines they employed on us never escaped the cloister wall. The rumor among us was that our punishments were mild compared to what the Mother Superior ordered for her sisters. Besides, you are not beating a blushing schoolgirl."

Shot of the stockinged lower parts of Fraulein Muehlstein's thighs being fastened to the front legs of the caning bench by the Headmaster. Voice of Fraulein Muehlstein, "Now go and get the two meter length of rope you keep in the closet. As Inspector Boehm said, you do not have the furniture and implements you need for advanced discipline. However we can improvise." Shot of the Headmaster going over to Fraulein Muehlstein with a piece of rope. She is holding her hands out in front of her. Voice of Fraulein Muehlstein "Fasten my hands together with a lashing, not too tight there." Shot of her arching her back over the trough of the caning bench and extending her hands over her head and back. "Now tie the rope to the other side of the caning bench" Shot of him fastening her back over the caning bench, stretching and exposing her small breasts and loins.

Shot of perplexed face of the Headmaster "That must be very uncomfortable". Cut to head on shot of stretched chest, stomach and pelvis of the bound woman, voice of Fraulein Muehlstein, "It is not supposed to be comfortable. The body is expected to be humiliated by the exposure and bondage. Now take the single switch and give each breast six sharp blows. Try and hit the nipples each time. Then take the proper birch bundle and whip my loins a dozen times, six from each side. Remember as hard as you can. This is what I intend to do to the teachers and the mothers when they are in need of firm discipline. Inspector Boehm will approve."

Close up shots of Fraulein Muehlstein's breasts being lashed with the single switch intercut with facial shots of her and the headmaster showing reactions. With each blow she grunts but does not cry out or scream. Cuts appear on her nipples which ooze tiny droplets of blood.

Medium frontal shots from slightly above showing the whipping of her pelvic region. Multiple thin lacerations occur with drops of blood. Intercut with facial shots of an alarmed Headmaster and a transported Proctoress. By the end her whole body is shaking. The Headmaster goes over to the table by the screen and procures the ewer and another wash rag. As he starts to clean her blood nipples and mons, Fraulein Muehlstein being to sensuously moan. Cut to facial of Fraulin Muehlstein moaning "please rub my slit, oh please rub my slit, OH OH PLEASE". Fade out.

Scene 3

Shot of Fraulein Muehlstein still with her legs strapped to the front of the caning bench but standing erect with her hands behind her gripping the sides of the caning bench. She speaks to the Headmaster intercut with close up shots of the Headmaster following her instructions. "For the last is the pinching. My nipples are now swollen and unbelievably tender. I want you to go over to the stove and get two sticks of kindling. Tie them together at one end. That is good. Now place my nipple in the angle in between the two sticks about a third of the way down toward the tied end. Ahhh! Ahhh! Yes that is it. Now squeeze the free ends." Close up shot of improvised pliers squeezing nipple. Cut to facial shot of Fraulein Muehlstein screaming "AAAAGGGGHHHH".

Shot of secretary at her desk out in hallway startling and jerking upright. She grabs her breasts with both of her hands.

Facial shot of Fraulein Muehlstein with glazed eyes and drool trickling out of a corner of her mouth. Her voice though clenched teeth, "NOW THE OTHER". Close up shot of Headmaster as with trembling hands he applies the sticks to her left nipple. Cut to facial shot of Fraulein Muehlstein screaming "AAAAGGGGHHHH".

Shot of secretary clutching her breasts again. She grabs the memos she has typed and runs into the Headmaster's study. She stands trembling a couple of feet away from the quaking Headmaster and the naked Proctoress her eyes wide in amazement. Fraulein Muehlstein lifts her head up and shakes it vigorously. The Headmaster unstraps Fraulein Muehlsteins legs from the caning bench and stands up. The secretary gives the Headmaster the memos. He looks at them and explodes "Why these are the worst of all! What am I going to do with you." Fraulein Muehlstein, recovering says "I know what to do with her." Then she looks directly at the secretary and says, "Yes Cunegunda, I was just practicing with the Headmaster the full range of chastisements that are now available to use on the teachers and staff here. With disciplining you will become a model secretary. Do you remember the twenty and twenty from St. Joseph's School? You will start by removing your blouse, skirt, petticoat, corset and drawers. You may put them on the floor over there by the screen."

Shot of secretary disrobing. Fade out as she finishes removing her drawers and stands there rubbing her buttocks as the naked Proctoress approaches with strap in hand.

From the author:
What I am doing here is further development of characters originated by Rigid East and Lupus Pictures. To see the real thing Click here.

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