In the Name of Love
By Sara

M/F - exotic erotica (This is the very first erotic story I ever wrote)

Mike and Emma arrived when the party was in full swing. It was the first time they had been invited anywhere as a 'couple' and Mike was as eager to show off the love of his life as Emma was to show off hers. As he locked up the car, he looked at Emma, and felt so proud that she had taken such trouble to make herself look so good for him.

Only an hour earlier, they had been in the bedroom, in a passionate embrace, and Mike had kissed her tenderly as he fastened the gold heart shaped locket around her neck. The locket which contained his picture and a tiny lock of his hair, had been one of his many gifts to her, but the one she treasured most, without exception. She wore it everyday, and each morning Mike would fasten it for her, kissing her neck as he did so. She had only taken it off to have a shower.

Mike had been ready a little while earlier, but after hearing Emma come out of the bathroom, he appeared in the bedroom doorway. Emma looked up at him and smiled, as he came towards her with one hand behind his back. He kissed her, then placed a bag in her hands.

"Will you wear this for me tonight ?" he asked her.

Still smiling, Emma took the bag and looked inside. Tears sprung to her eyes as she removed a beautiful white lace camisole bodysuit.

"Oh Mike, it's so beautiful !" She clutched it to her chest and hugged him in loving appreciation. "Once my hair is done, I will give you a preview darling".

"Mmm, I can't wait..." Mike replied, as he kissed her gently on the cheek and left the room.

As Mike had kissed her, Emma had felt waves of passion rise within her, and she had desperately wanted him to take her right there and then, but she knew she had to hurry if they were to get to the wedding reception at a respectable time, so she forced herself to control her urges, and save them until later. To her, this was all part of the foreplay of sex. Wanting Mike so badly, but being unable to take him at that moment, was such a turn on for her.

Emma lay the camisole out on the bed, and began to dry her hair, all the time, casting glances at the gift from her lover. Finally, once her hair was the way she wanted it ...the way Mike liked her to wear it... she allowed herself to slip into the camisole. After checking her appearance in the mirror, she called Mike back upstairs, and told him to come and see for himself, what he thought. As Mike entered the room, he bit his lip at the sight before him. Emma looked so wonderful in his eyes, so pure, and she made him feel so proud. He walked over to her, and took her in his arms, kissing her tenderly, as she returned his kisses, putting her arms around his neck, and standing on tiptoe to reach up and kiss him back.

Slowly, Mike guided Emma over to the full length mirror and stood behind her, as he put his arms around her waist, while they both looked at their reflection in the glass. Mike rested his head on Emma's shoulder, and looked into her eyes in the reflection of the mirror.

"All evening, I will see you like this, regardless of whatever else you wear" he whispered in her ear.

Emma smiled and hugged his arms, as they folded around her. Turning to him, she kissed his lips tenderly as they ran their hands over each others bodies. Mike knew they did not have time to continue, so playfully he slapped Emma on her bottom, which was easily visible, given the high cut of the legs on the camisole. Emma flinched, but realised it was Mike's way of saying 'enough', so she sank back down from her toes, and kissed him again before reaching for her calf length black dress which was hanging on the wardrobe door. She noticed a few stray hairs on it, so got the clothes brush from the inside of the wardrobe, and quickly went over the dress with it, casting the brush down on the bed once she had finished, then slipping into the dress and following Mike downstairs.

Here they were, less than an hour later, arriving at the reception, both wishing they could be at home making passionate love to each other. As they entered the hall where the wedding party was taking place, Mike noticed a number of heads turning as he and Emma walked in. He was becoming used to people looking at Emma, because of her long golden hair, and although he felt proud that she was on his arm, he also had a feeling he couldn't quite put his finger on. Whether it was jealousy of other men taking a like to Emma, or whether it was because he felt very protective of her, he wasn't quite sure, but whatever it was, he knew it was because of his intensely deep feelings for her.

After a moment or two, they were chatting away to friends they recognised, and to a few other people that they didn't. Mike got into a conversation about football, and had been chatting for some minutes, before he noticed that Emma had left his side. Looking round he saw that she was chatting to a group of people a little further along the room. Assuming they must be friends of hers, he smiled, and carried on his own conversation. More time passed, conversation and people he was talking to changed, and eventually Mike noticed that he hadn't seen Emma for over an hour. He decided to go in search of her. After satisfying himself that she wasn't in the room anywhere, he drew the conclusion that she must have popped to the ladies. Feeling the need to go himself, he decided to meet her outside the toilets, and began making his way through the crowd towards the door. The toilets were just past the bar, and Mike decided to and fetch them both a drink on his way back. As he passed the door, he glanced in to see how busy it was, and noticed Emma standing at the bar with what seemed like a fresh drink in her hand, chatting to a man who appeared to be about her own age, maybe a little younger. He did wonder whether to go in and ask what she was doing, but decided that she was just making polite conversation and that he would go to the gents before going in to introduce himself. However, when he came back, Emma and the man had settled themselves at a table, and were so deep in conversation that she did not notice Mike come up beside her.

"Is there something you want mate ?" asked Emma's companion. Emma looked momentarily startled at the unexpected arrival of Mike, and hastily introduced him to 'Rob' whom she claimed to have gone to school with. Mike nodded in acknowledgement, and told Emma that he had been looking for her. She explained that she had been chatting the whole time, which was of course the truth, but Mike found himself becoming unsettled by the fact that so far, she had spent more time in the company of this 'Rob' than she had with him. Without giving it a second thought, he took Emma's hand and announced to her companion that it was time they had to be going. Emma looked at Mike, confused by his announcement, but not wishing to appear rude, politely excused herself and told Rob how nice it was to meet up with him again after all these years. As she did so, she felt Mike grip her hand a little more firmly, as if he was passing a silent message of his growing impatience for her to come along with him. Saying goodbye, she followed as Mike led her through the crowds to the door. Once outside, she asked him what was wrong.

"You are what is wrong," he said curtly "you spent more time in there with your old 'school chum' than you did with me."

Emma could see that Mike was annoyed with her, and decided that the best thing to do would be to not answer him back and start an argument which they would probably both end up regretting. Once he had explained the situation, she could see that what he was saying was the truth, although of course she hadn't realised it at the time, or she would have made a more conscious effort to avoid it looking the way it did. She had just been genuinely interested in hearing what had become of some of her other classmates.

The drive home was virtually silent. Emma wondered how long it would take for Mike to get over what she had unintentionally done.

As they pulled up outside the house, she felt sure he would soon calm down, and forget what had happened, and they would soon be embraced in each other's arms. However, Mike had something completely different in mind....

Once inside, Emma decided that maybe Mike would soften a little if she made him a hot cop of coffee, so she turned to go into the kitchen.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"To put the kettle on," replied Emma.

"Oh no, you are coming with me" he said, as he took her firmly by the hand and led her upstairs.

Emma was rather confused about what kind of mood Mike was actually in. Was he cross with her, or was he desperate to finish the passionate embrace they had begun earlier. One thing was for sure, she would find out within the next few minutes.

Once in the bedroom, Mike closed the door, then moved over to the window and closed the small section at the top that they left open during the day for ventilation. Emma knew that Mike often did this kind of thing so that anyone going past outside couldn't hear their gasps of passion. She began to feel the moistness growing within her, and took a step nearer to the bed, as she watched Mike let the curtains fall from their tie-backs. Now she was sure she knew that he was ready for love. She could feel her nipples becoming erect within the lace cups of her new camisole, and the wetness spreading onto the thin stretch of material that passed between her legs. A smile began to creep onto her face as she watched Mike pick up two pillows. He had always got some new position in mind for them to try out, and many of them had involved the use of pillows to raise her to the right height for him to enter her easily. Mike placed the pillows one on top of the other over the end rail of the bed, then took Emma firmly by the arm and began unbuttoning her dress. As he did so, her hands instinctively rose to his shirt, but he removed them, and put them down by her sides again. Obviously he wanted to take the lead this time she thought. Once he had removed her dress, he told her to lie down over the pillows, which she did. For Emma, even though she hadn't tried this before, it was nothing unusual for Mike to just put her into the position he wanted her to be in, often without uttering a word, so only too willingly she obliged by laying over the pillows. She did feel it was a little undignified, with her face and shoulders on the bed, and her bottom so high up in the air that she could barely reach the floor with her toes, but she trusted Mike without a doubt, so didn't utter a word of protest.

Although the camisole she was wearing was a perfect fit, in that position, she could feel the material pull closer between her legs, and slide into position between her buttocks. It was very wet by now, because she was so excited, and she was longing for Mike to release the poppers and take her from behind. She felt the wetness of the material cutting into her pussy, and pulling hard against her clit, but it was the delicious kind of hurt that she thoroughly enjoyed. Any moment now, she would feel Mike move up behind her, and begin grinding his bulge against her. She did indeed feel the warmth of his hand on the small of her back, although it was a little firmer than usual. She was just about to ask him to be a little more gentle with her, when she felt the flat of his hand come down smartly on her exposed bottom. She cried out, but before the sound had left her lips, the flat of Mike's hand had landed smartly again, on the other cheek. She felt more pressure on her back as she realised Mike was leaning across her. Opening her eyes for an instant, she saw him reach out and pick up the large wooden clothes brush she had left on the bed earlier. Instantly she wished she had put it away. He was always nagging at her to put things back where they belonged, and this was the one time she really wished she had done so. Now she was about to pay the price. Emma tried to tense up, in an effort to ease the pain of what she knew was about to come, but in that position, it was virtually impossible. Taking the handle of the brush in his right hand, and keeping a firm hold on Emma with his left, Mike bought the back of the brush down on her bottom three times in quick succession. Emma cried, and begged him to stop, but Mike knew that unless she uttered their special code word, that he could continue. He paused for a moment, looking at the redness appearing on her cheeks.

"You know what this is for, don't you?" he asked, to check that she really did understand why he was doing it.

"Yes" was all Emma managed to sob. Real tears were streaming down her face into the covers beneath her, but she knew that Mike wouldn't really hurt her. He obviously felt she needed to be taught a lesson for what she had done, and it seemed this was to be her punishment. Just as she began to think it was over, she felt the back of the brush land smartly across both buttocks. She struggled, and the stretch of cloth pulling itself into her wet pussy moved in even tighter. How she wished the poppers would free her. Then, as if in answer to her prayer, she felt one of the poppers give way, then another, and she realised that Mike's fingers were parting them. Finally she felt the third popper go, and the material being peeled back from her body.

Still laying over the end rail of the bed, she was virtually unable to move. She tried to touch the floor with her feet, but just as she did so, she felt Mike grasp her legs and rest them over his shoulders as he knelt down behind her and began to lick at her love juices, which were plentiful by now. Although her hands were free, she was powerless to do anything, because Mike was holding her waist, pulling her dripping pussy onto his face. Sometimes he let go, but only momentarily, so that he could squeeze her buttocks, which were madly and deliciously tingling from the spanking she had received just minutes earlier.

Deftly, Mike held her close to him by wrapping his arms around her legs, leaving both hands resting in front of her recently shaved pussy. He heard her moan with pleasure as he slipped first two, then three and finally four fingers into her love cave. With the other hand, he found her clitoris and gently rubbed and pulled it between his finger and thumb. Every now and again, he would change to licking her, flicking her with his tongue then using his fingers again. Emma had never known such ecstasy, and her moans of pleasure were the ultimate turn on for Mike. Burying his face deep in her pussy, and licking and sucking for all he was worth, he used his free hand to unbuckle his belt and undo his zip. Then, still with his tongue deep within his lover's mound, he removed his shirt and cast it on the floor behind him. He stood up and kneaded Emma's buttocks as his trousers slid to the floor. He could feel the bulge throbbing in his pants, and ached to slip it into Emma's wonderfully wet pussy. Releasing her with one hand, he pushed his pants down to his ankles and stepped out of them. Gently he pushed forward towards Emma's gaping hole, teasing her with the tip of his penis. He held her under her hips, getting his hands in just the right place so that he could guide himself in with one hand and stimulate her clit with the other.

Emma was helpless, she had no option but to stay put until he had finished, but she also had no intention of making him hurry. Instead she relaxed completely, and let him fill her already dripping love cave with his own juices.

Once their passion was spent, Mike pulled Emma upright and they stood together, him naked and her in her camisole. After a brief moment of kissing and hugging, Emma led Mike round so that they could lay on the bed together, side by side. She could hear his breathing returning to normal, and whilst she lay there, a smile spread across her lips. She intended to get her own back.

"I just have to get a glass of water darling, do you want anything?" she asked.

There was no reply, just the sound of Mike snoozing peacefully. Carefully she got off the bed and wrapping Mike's dressing gown about her, she nipped downstairs to the kitchen. Within seconds she had what she wanted, and the convincing glass of water, complete with ice cubes and went back to the bedroom. Mike was still laying there peacefully. Emma placed the item she had fetched from the kitchen on the floor at the end of the bed, before putting the glass of iced water on the bedside table. Quietly she opened the drawer beside the bed, and removed a long strip of cloth. Carefully she placed it around Mike's wrist, amazed that he didn't feel her doing so, then she took another strip and put it around his other wrist. Next she cuddled up to him, in a manner that would make him move voluntarily towards her, and stretch his arm out as if to cradle her head in it. It was the move she had been waiting for. Swiftly she looped the ends of the cloth around the bed post and tied it firmly in place. At this, Mike suddenly realised what she was up to.

"Oh no Em, please" he said, in faked protest "please love, lets just cuddle up for a while, there's a good girl".

"What's good for the goose is good for the gander" Emma replied, as she climbed over him, holding his 'free' arm out towards the corner of the bed. Suddenly she had an idea, and moved up, kneeling astride his face. Instinctively his tongue came in search of her pussy, and it was as much as she could do to concentrate as she tied his second hand firmly to the bed frame. After letting him savour her once more, Emma knew she had to move away, before she became so aroused that she forgot what she was planning to do.

Mike watched as Emma got off the bed and took the close fitting silk pants that she had bought him for Christmas from his underwear drawer. He wondered what she had in mind, as he was tied up, and surely to begin dressing him again would only hinder their love making. He watched her as she guided his feet into the pants and pulled them up. His bulging cock strained inside them to be released. Emma ran her hand over his mound, and carefully kneaded it, drawing her thumb gently from back to front between his legs. The sensation made him draw his legs up, and Emma knew now was the time for the next part of her plan. Taking two more lengths of the cloth, she tied one around each of his ankles, and secured them to the bottom corner posts of the bed. Mike lay there, spread eagle, smiling up at her.

"Now what are you going to do to me?" he asked.

"Well you will have to guess" she replied coyly.

"I guess I will soon see," laughed Mike.

"Actually, that is where you are wrong" she said, taking another strip of the cloth and blindfolding him with it.

"Oh no" he protested in anticipation of what was to come.

He listened as he heard Emma pick up the water glass from the bedside table and take a sip, then replace it. Well at least she wasn't going to throw ice-cold water over him! Next he felt Emma straddle him, kneeling so that his bulge was trapped beneath her pussy. He felt her lean forward, and could feel the softness of her hair brushing over his chest as her mouth came down to suck on his nipple. Suddenly there was a strange thrilling sensation as he could feel the warmth of her mouth and tongue around one nipple, but the frosty bite of something cold moving over the other one. It dawned on him that whilst she was sucking at one nipple, she was running an ice cube over the other. As soon as she knew that he had twigged what she was up to, she swapped, and started sucking the cold nipple with her warm mouth, and playing the ice cube over the previously warm one. The sensation was like nothing he had ever known before. He strained against the bonds holding his wrists and ankles. Now it was his turn to groan in pleasure. As the ice cube began to melt, Emma got another and ran it over his torso, following it along with her warm tongue. The sensation was mind blowing for Mike, and he begged her for more. After what seemed like an eternity of this 'punishment', Emma directed her attention to his groin. He could feel her massaging his bulge over his pants, and every now and again, he would feel her pull the waist or leg away from him, and slip her fingers inside, stroking his flesh. He was still somewhat puzzled as to why she had put them on him, before tying him up. He was just about to find out why. Slowly, Emma eased the pants down a little. They would not move very far, because his legs were stretched wide but they moved enough for what Emma wanted to do.

Still blindfolded, he felt her move around on the bed, then he felt something cold against his leg, and thinking it was another ice cube, and that she was about to fill his pants with them, he used their code word...

"Cabbages" he said firmly.

"What's the matter?" asked Emma quickly.

"I don't want you putting ice in my pants, honestly love, I don't." he said in a serious tone.

"I'm not going to" she replied, "and if you don't like what I am doing, tell me to stop and I will, but I promise it won't hurt you at all. It will be an unusual sensation, but nothing like ice, I promise".

Mike knew she wouldn't lie to him, so decided to let her continue. He felt Emma put something cold, but not as cold as the ice, inside his pants. He tried to work out what it was. It was smooth, kind of wet feeling, but not unpleasant, just rather unusual.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Well, what does it feel like?" asked Emma

"Sort of like a gooey cream or something" he replied

"Well you are right, it is a cream, it is actually 'extra thick double cream' " said Emma, as she read the label on the pot she was scooping it from. "And it is all going inside your pants."

"Oh Jesus, Em" moaned Mike lovingly. He had certainly never tried this kind of thing before, but he had to admit that it was a rather nice feeling.

He felt Emma move as she placed the empty pot on the floor, then she wiped her fingers on his nipples. Taking the sides of his pants in her hands, she pulled them slowly back into place, and he felt the cream squidge around his groin, within his pants. Leaning forward, Emma took first one nipple in her mouth, and licked it clean, then the other. Mike did his best to wriggle in excitement, but he was too firmly tied. Emma placed her open hand firmly over Mike's bulging gooey pants, and rubbed the cream into his groin. After scooping up the bits that escaped from the legs and waist band, and putting them on his nipples, then licking them off for him, she took some more, and lifting her breasts out over the top of her camisole, she put cream on her own nipples, then dangled her breasts near Mike's face. Hungry for her breasts, he strained to reach them, and after a few teasing moments, she allowed him to lick them clean for her.

"Well it's a long time since I have had a cream tea," she said, pulling the crotch of his pants aside, "but I think I am going to enjoy this one".

Slowly, her head went down to Mike's groin, and she savoured as much of the cream as she could manage, making sure each lick was felt on his skin. Mike moaned loudly in sheer excitement.

Once she had taken enough, she used her fingers to scrape some of the cream off, and put it over her own pussy, before popping his manhood out over the top of his pants, and lowering herself, cream and all, down onto him. As they ground together, the cream slipped around between them, and Emma felt Mike spurt into her as she herself reached a climax.

After they had both caught their breath, Emma moved back up and straddled Mike's face again.

"Now, if you want me to let you go, then you can lick my pussy clean first." She said.

As Emma leant against the head rail of the bed, Mike was only too happy to oblige.

Once her pussy was free of cream, Emma released Mike from his bonds, and the moment he was completely free, he pushed her onto her back and straddled her. Taking the bindings that moments before had secured his own wrists to the bed, he expertly tied Emma's in their place. Mike being much stronger than Emma, she didn't stand a chance had she put up a fight. Knowing she was powerless, she relented, and let him tie her, as he had been only minutes before. After tying her hands, and before he moved off her, Mike put the blindfold on her, and Emma lay there, wondering what he had in store for her. She felt him tie the restraints around her ankles, but rather than feel them tied to the end posts of the bed, she felt them lifted high above her head, and tied above her hands to the top of the bed rail. Her pussy was wide open to everything that Mike had to give her. She felt him moving around on the bed, and lay there waiting for him. He wasn't moving, but she knew he was still on the bed. Mike sat there, just looking at her, laying there waiting for him, his captive lover. Slowly he reached forward and ran his fingers down the inside of her thighs, then over her bottom. He put his hands in his pants and scooped out some of the cream that was still there, and smeared it over her pussy, listening to her sigh with pleasure.

Moving up close to her, he began licking at her pussy, and using his finger tips, he worked the cream into her clit, before licking and sucking it off. Carefully, he eased his thumb into her love tunnel, and caressed her clit with his fingers. Emma did her best to squirm with enjoyment, but was so well tied that she could not move more than an inch or two in any direction. Suddenly, without warning, she felt the familiar sting of the back of the clothes brush once more, on her bottom. She flinched, but could do nothing to escape as it came down again, and again. After the sixth stroke, Mike dropped the brush to the floor, and knelt up next to Emma, pulling her onto him, he pushed deep and hard, grinding into her, fucking her love hole, thrusting and grinding against her, rubbing his hands over her red buttocks, then moving his hands up to fondle her breasts. Leaning between her bound legs, he took one of her hugely erect nipples in his mouth and sucked hard, playing with the other as he done so. Both of them squirming as much as they were able to, they came to a simultaneous orgasm, with his cum and her pussy juices, mingling with the remains of the cream.

Mike had to agree, that this was the best 'cream tea' he'd had in a long while, and certainly one that he would never forget.

Sara Ovington

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