Jenny's First Spanking
M/F - an office spanking fantasy
By Sara

Jenny glanced in the rear view mirror at her reflection while waiting for the traffic lights to change. She hadn't exactly slept very well last night after a late dinner with her boss and some clients he was trying to impress. For the most part the evening had gone pretty well, until Jenny mentioned a rival company who were also competing for the same contract. She remembered the look her boss Geoff had shot her across the table, immediately changing the subject. It was obvious he was not happy, and she supposed that the reason she had been called to the office an hour early this morning was because he fully intended to give her a roasting about it. Oh well, he'd have his moan and then it would be forgotten.

Pulling into the staff car park she noted Geoff's car standing alone in it's reserved space. She turned off the engine of her own, and took a final look in the mirror. She had a few stray hairs but she'd fix that as soon as she got inside and into the ladies.

Pushing open the main door she stepped inside. Geoff was obviously already there as the door had been unlocked and his car had been the only one in the car park before her arrival, although there was no sign of him. There was still a good hour before anyone else was likely to put in an appearance.

She walked down the corridor past the conference room and Geoff's office, she could hear that he was inside and called out a cheerful "Good Morning" as she passed the door. There was no answer, but she assumed he could be on the telephone, so didn't think much more about it and made to go towards her desk in the top office. Just as she was about to settle down at her desk, Geoff put his head round the door.

"In my office now please Jenny" he stated flatly, disappearing back out of sight without waiting for a reply.

Oh well, the stray hairs would just have to wait, she thought, as she smoothed her skirt, brushed back her hair with her hand and walked back down the corridor to Geoff's office. Opening the door she went inside and saw Geoff leaning back in his chair looking out of the window. On hearing her enter, he turned and looked at her.

"Do you know why I've called you in here early Jenny?" he asked.

Not prepared to give him any fuel for his fire, she acted innocent and replied.

"No, sorry Geoff, I don' there something wrong?"

"Well I'd call mentioning one of our arch rivals in front of prospective clients to be rather careless, wouldn't you?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh that...yes, I'm sorry, I didn't think," she replied meekly. "Was there anything else?" She knew there wasn't but she could see that he was less than impressed with what had happened and wanted to get out of the situation as quickly as possible.

Geoff now raised both eyebrows, astounded at how calmly she had attempted to brush the matter aside.

After a moments thought he looked directly at her and said "we shall deal with any other matters, as and when I see fit, but for the moment, it is your total lack of professionalism at last nights business dinner that I am concerned with."

"I said I was sorry," offered Jenny, trying to make it sound like there was nothing more she could do to show that she fully understood the implications of what she had done.

"Well on this occasion, sorry is not good enough.. those gentlemen last night had no idea that Costain's would love to get their hands on a project like this, until you opened your mouth and dropped us right in it. I've already given them our quote, and gone as low as I possibly can, now they are going to go trotting off to Costain's and you can bet you bottom dollar that they will out bid us. Do you realise what that means to this company?

There was a long silence while Jenny took in what Geoff was saying.

"Well.?" He demanded, leaning forward and resting his forearms on the edge of his desk.

"Like I said.. I'm sorry.. I just wasn't thinking."

"You're damn right you weren't thinking.. and your actions could have repercussions throughout the whole firm. If we had secured this contract, everyone would have been in for a big fat bonus at the end of the year.well now everyone can kiss that goodbye, and it's all thanks to you".

Jenny sighed heavily. "Is there nothing I can do to help?" she offered, half hoping he would suggest something that would take the pressure off her.

"No, we just have to put this down to experience, but I'm afraid you are not going to be getting off that easily" he said sitting back once again.

"What do you mean?" Jenny asked, beginning to fear that she may end up getting home very early from work for the first time in many, many months.

"Well, the way I see it, I have two options open to me, I can either give you your cards right now and ask you to leave the premises or.." He stopped and looked Jenny straight in the eye, "or maybe there is some other alternative."

Jenny looked down at the floor in front of her. "What other alternative?" she asked.

"Well. I doubt you will like what I have in mind, but personally I feel it is the only other alternative that will make you understand the seriousness of what you done." He replied.

Jenny stood there momentarily, her throat going dry, was he going to demote her back to the typing pool? It had taken her six years to get as far as she had, she didn't fancy that idea.

Geoff didn't expect or wait for an answer. "Personally I think you need to be taught a sharp lesson young lady," he said, rising from his seat and moving round the desk to stand next to Jenny.

She was rather startled at his change of tone, and could feel her mouth going even drier than before.

"What I intend to do as your punishment, has to be done with your agreement Jenny, but at the end of the day, the choice is yours, you either clear your desk and leave now, or you agree to let me punish you myself."

"What do you mean punish me yourself.. you mean. hit me?" she asked, in a worried and progressively dry voice.

"Not hit Jenny, spank... I intend to put you over my knee and give you the spanking you deserve until you have learned your lesson".

Immediately Jenny jumped to her own defence "You can't spank me, I've never been spanked in my life before, I'm too old anyway and I won't allow it..."

She was about to go on but Geoff interrupted her "Fine.if you want to go and clear your desk, I want you out of the building in half an hour". He returned behind his desk and started some unnecessary paper shuffling.

"Wait.can't we talk about this?" Jenny asked.

"There's nothing to talk about, I have given you the options, take it or leave it".

Jenny sighed heavily. It seemed a hopeless situation. She really wanted to just walk away, but she had the mortgage to pay, the loan on her car and other things, there was no way she could just turn in her job like this, she needed to keep it.. she had to keep it.

Sighing again, Jenny looked down at the floor once more and said, "ok then, I'll let you deal with it, but you are not to hurt me, I've never been spanked before".

"There's not much point in spanking you if I don't hurt you Jenny. I need to teach you a lesson that you won't forget. Now if you are sure, we must not waste anymore time, otherwise the others will be arriving and I'm sure you wouldn't want them to hear me spanking you would you?"

Jenny didn't reply at first, but stayed looking at the carpet in front of her. After a few moments she asked "Can't we leave it until after work?"

"No, I believe that when someone deserves a punishment, it should be handed out right away. If I'd had my way, you would have been over my knee last night, for the spanking of your life. As it is, you have already had a night's grace, so the sooner we get this over with the better.

Jenny sighed. If he were going to spank her, it would mean she would have to sit all day where everyone could see her uncomfortable predicament. Still, if it meant keeping her job, then that was how it would have to be.

"Right, lets get on with this," said Geoff, closing the door firmly and then returning to place a low upright chair in the centre of the small room.

Jenny watched but began to feel nervous at the sight of the chair as it was put in place. Whether she had actually thought that he would just give her a couple of hand slaps where she stood, or something else she was still rather disturbed to realise that he fully intended to put her across his knee. She gulped and felt her throat go drier than she had ever imagined possible as she watched him sit on the chair and pat his lap.

Oh God.he didn't want her to lay across his lap did he, this would be so embarrassing.

He reached out, took her wrist and pulled her towards him. Instinctively she pulled back so he tightened his grip around her wrist and eased her forward by grasping her upper arm. Swiftly he had her down over his lap.

Jenny had never been in this position before and found it most undignified and started protesting almost straight away.

"No, let me up, let me get up..."

It was no good; Geoff was not going to give up that easily.

Jenny kicked and wriggled and felt Geoff put his strong firm arm across her back to hold her down. It was no use; he was too strong for her. She was well and truly tucked under his arm, with her head only a few inches from the carpet. She used her hands to steady herself with.

How she wished she'd worn trousers today, or at least a longer skirt, she was sure her skirt had ridden too far up and was exposing parts of her that she would rather have kept covered.

Suddenly Jenny felt the palm of Geoff's hand come down sharply on her bottom. She screamed out in shock. This hurt; she had never been spanked before and was unprepared for the sting in her rear end. Before she had time to focus again, another hefty slap landed on her backside making her yelp again.

This was too much for Jenny, despite it only being two slaps, she felt she'd had enough and wanted out. She struggled and protested but this only earned her four sharper slaps on her already stinging bottom.

Geoff warned her to keep still and behave but Jenny carried on wriggling, and trying to get her hand round to protect her sore bottom from any further blows.

Skilfully, Geoff grasped her wrist in his hand and held her tight and carried on spanking.

"Owww.. no Geoff, please.. that's enough!" she howled.

"I'll decide when you've had enough young," he continued raining sharp slaps to her proffered backside before pausing for a few moments.

Jenny was still trying her best to struggle but Geoff had a tight hold on her, or so he thought. Realising he had stopped, Jenny pushed backwards with her hands, lowering her knees to the floor. Sensing what she was up to, Geoff skilfully manoeuvred her on his lap and wrapped his right leg around her lower legs, pinning her down to stop her kicking.

Jenny couldn't believe what was happening, this was obviously a man who had done this before. She was totally helpless and her rear end felt like it was on fire.

"Right Jenny" said Geoff, interrupting her thoughts of humiliation. "I think it's time we moved on and got down to business properly, the others will be arriving shortly and I'm sure you'd like to make yourself presentable again before you come face to face with them.

Jenny wriggled and complained some more, trying to free herself from what she felt was the most undignified position she had ever experienced. Even a trip to her gynaecologist was less of an embarrassment than this. Suddenly, she was aware of her skirt being raised and the feel of cool air and the intermittent warmth of Geoff's breath on the backs of her upper thighs.

"What the hell are you doing, get off me you bastard, put my skirt down and let me go." she protested, doing her best to wriggle even harder.

"Jenny, I'm not going to play games with you. You agreed that you would let me punish you instead of me giving you the sack, now if you have changed your mind, then I can let you up now and you can still be out before the others arrive. Personally I would have felt that since your punishment is well under way, that for the sake of a few more minutes, it would be worth going on, in order that you can keep your job. However, the choice is yours, now what do you want to do?"

There was a long silence, coupled with more attempts at wriggling from Jenny as she lay over Geoff's lap. She knew that if she could just last a little while longer, she would at least keep her job and not have the worry of finding some way to support herself if she were to walk out the door now. However, it was not an easy thing for her to admit that she actually wanted him to carry on spanking her so that she wouldn't get the sack.

"What's it to be Jenny?" Geoff asked "The sack or the spanking? The choice is yours!

Jenny felt a huge sense of humiliation rush over her, and despite the fact that Geoff couldn't see her face, she tucked her head down further, allowing her hair to fall forward as she quietly said "spanking".

"Sorry Jenny, you will have to do better than that, I need to be 100% clear on what you want to do. Do you want me to sack you, or spank you?"

Jenny knew what she had to reply, but actually saying it was more than she could force herself to do. She was still trying to think of a way out of admitting it, maybe by taking the opposite route of saying she didn't want the sack, when Geoff landed a resounding WHACK on her backside.

"Answer me Jenny, do I sack you or do I spank you?"

"Owwwww" Jenny squealed. Without the need for any more encouragement she blurted out, "spank me, but not so hard, it hurts".

"Good, I'm glad about that, it's meant to," replied Geoff, looking at the clock. "Now we must get on, you have wasted enough time as it is.

He had spent the past few minutes looking at Jenny's perfectly framed backside. He'd always thought that although she was the kind of girl who wore tights under her short skirts, but having her up ended over his knee had shone a different light on things. Her perfectly shaped bottom was covered with white silky panties that were very high cut. In fact there were only tiny lace covered pieces of elastic on the hips, holding the triangles of silk cloth that covered her pubic region and the crack of her bottom. Beneath them, ran the white straps of her matching suspender belt, that ran down her bottom and formed a framework with the lacy tops of her black stockings. He did begin to wonder if she'd dressed like this on purpose. Maybe she knew what he had in mind. However, the subject of spanking had never come up between them before, so he dismissed that as just wishful thinking on his part.

Taking another look at the clock, Geoff realised that time was running short, so swiftly he hooked his thumb into the top of Jenny's silk underwear and tugged them down sharply so that they rested just below the tops of her stockings.

"No.. no. stop it, put my knickers back up, you can't spank my bare backside, you can't.. I won't let you!" Jenny tried her best to wriggle some more, but quickly realised that Geoff had anticipated her and taken an even firmer hold of her. Embarrassment got the better of her and she began to feel the tears pricking her eyes.

Without further comment from Geoff, he proceeded to spank Jenny's pale, but already reddening bottom, spreading his hand out and covering as much of the tender flesh as he could, aiming plenty of sharp, stinging slaps right on the seat of her bottom where he was sure she would feel them for the rest of the day. This young lady would not be sitting comfortably for some time, he was sure of that!

As he spanked and Jenny continued to protest, he ignored her pleas and looked at the scene in front of his eyes. Jenny had by now, kicked off her shoes which he took as a small sign of trust because had she really wanted to get away, she would have done her utmost to keep them firmly on her feet. The long backs of her legs with the decoration of the lace stocking tops and the ruffled cloth of her silk panties sited just below them, were in his eyes, a perfect picture of submission. Despite the protests, he got the feeling that deep down; Jenny was only making them because she was too embarrassed not to protest. This was confirmed even more when he bought his hand down sharply on the back of each of Jenny's thighs, making her spring her legs open, which in turn revealed the inner cloth of the gusset of her panties. He had no doubt that her underwear would have been fresh on that morning as Jenny was always well turned out, which was why he'd had no worries about taking her along on the business dinner. However, he could see that there was an area of moistness on the cloth that had been close against her pussy just moments before.

Tucking his arm around her to re-affirm his grip, and using his elbow to hold her down firmly between the shoulder blades, he spanked all over the area of flesh that was encircled by the straps of her suspender belt and stocking tops, amid yelps and wriggles from Jenny.

After her bottom was thoroughly reddened and hot to the touch, he let his hand rest on the tender flesh and loosened his hold on Jenny. Seizing the opportunity, Jenny sunk down to the floor on her knees and reached back to soothe her stinging rear end.

"You can take a few minutes rest Jenny, while I prepare for the rest of your spanking." Said Geoff, rising from the chair and moving over to his desk.

"What.?" sobbed Jenny in disbelief. "You can't spank me anymore, I won't let you, it hurts like hell."

"It's all or nothing Jenny, take it or leave it. You either take all of your punishment or you can have your cards, now which is it to be?" Geoff asked, looking at Jenny who was still kneeling on the floor with her skirt up round her waist and her knickers bunched up just above her knees.

Jenny didn't answer, she knew that she had to keep her job, and knew that there couldn't be much more to come as the clock on the wall indicated that in less than half an hour, the others would be arriving for work, so he couldn't keep this up for much longer.

"I'll take your silence to mean that you want us to proceed then," Geoff stated, removing a heavy leather paddle from the bottom drawer of his desk. "Right, up here and lean across my desk, and be quick, I don't have all day." He added, looking at the clock, "I think a good dozen swats with this should see you well on the way to remembering how to behave in future, don't you?"

Once again Jenny didn't answer, but didn't move either.

Geoff went round to the other side of his desk and lifted Jenny up by the arm and escorted her to the desk, leaning her forward over it. Other than a few sobs, Jenny hardly protested, feeling that the sooner this was over with, the sooner she could get out of Geoff's office and retreat to the Ladies to compose herself. Although she was embarrassed about the fact that her bottom was on show, and her knickers were hanging in a very undignified manner about her knees, she had got past the point of worrying since there was nothing of her that Geoff hadn't already seen.

Placing his hand firmly in the small of Jenny's back, Geoff raised her skirt back to reveal her rosy bottom and raised the paddle high, before bringing it down with a resounding THWACK.

Jenny jumped and yelped and pushed herself up with her arms, but Geoff was too quick for her and pushed her back down again and bought the paddle down again on the opposite cheek making her yelp again. This time he was ready for her and held her firmly so that she couldn't rise up again.

He continued delivering swats to her behind, right, left and centre until all dozen strokes were delivered and Jenny lay sobbing on the desk.

"Right, get up!" Geoff said sternly, "go and stand over there in the corner with your hands on your head."

Meekly Jenny stood upright and attempted to pull up her underwear and straighten her clothes.

"Leave them exactly where they are or I will repeat your punishment from the beginning." Geoff commanded.

Too worn out to argue, Jenny made her way over to the corner of the room where Geoff was pointing and stood facing the wall. Tears coursed down her cheeks and he watched as her sobs made the upper half of her body leap in time with them.

"You can stay there like that for the next few minutes and think about why I have had the need to punish you like this. Maybe it will make you think twice before acting out of turn like that again at a business dinner, is that understood?"

Jenny continued sobbing and didn't answer. Striding across the room, paddle in hand, Geoff brought the paddle down smartly on Jenny's already scorching backside, making her jump and twist and lower her hands to cover glowing cheeks.

"Yeowwww.. yes. please stop. please!" she sobbed.

"Very well Jenny, now you stay there and don't move. I'm closing the door; no one will come in except me. If anyone arrives I will say that you are taking some important notes for me and we are not to be disturbed. You will stand there like that until I say you can move, is that clear?" Geoff asked.

"Yes." Replied Jenny, with yet another sob.

"Good, now, I shall be back soon.. remember, don't move!" with that, Geoff left the room, leaving the paddle on the side where Jenny could see it from the corner of her eye, and closing the door behind him.

Jenny desperately wanted to rub her bottom, but she didn't know how long Geoff would be gone. It stung like a thousand wasp stings, although she only knew how painful one could be from past experience. She hoped he wouldn't keep her here for long. It seemed like ages before Geoff returned, and when he did open the door, she could hear him talking to someone else. It was obviously one of her colleagues from the office. She panicked momentarily, wondering if he intended to humiliate her further by bringing someone else into the room, but he eventually entered alone. He said nothing and totally ignored her as he settled down to his desk and started dialling on the phone. Jenny felt totally embarrassed as Geoff made a business call in the same room where she had been spanked by him just minutes earlier, and where she now stood, hands on her head, facing the wall with her skirt up around her waist and her knickers bunched up around her knees with her thoroughly spanked and paddled bottom on show.

Geoff made her stand there for half an hour, by which time most of Jenny's colleagues had arrived at work. She was just about to ask him if she could go and get on with her work when Geoff spoke.

Straighten your clothes Jenny and come over here. Without waiting to be told a second time, Jenny lowered her aching arms and pulled her knickers back up. Her bottom stung as she pulled the elastic up over it, making her wince. Straightening her skirt, and brushing back her hair, she turned and walked over and stood in front of Geoff's desk.

Indicating the soft easy chair, Geoff told Jenny to sit down. Carefully she sat, feeling the sting of her clothes stretching over her sore backside, before the true test of her coming into contact with the seat of the chair. This also made her wince, something that she was sure made Geoff smirk slightly.

"Well Jenny, I think you have learnt your lesson for today, but mark my words, if I have to call you in here for anything similar in future, the results will be far more severe than this time, is that clear?"

"Yes Sir." Jenny replied quietly.

"Good, I'm glad we understand each other on that. Now, lets get on with writing up last night's meeting so that we can send it off to our clients and see if we can still persuade them that we are a good company to do business with. It will give you time to 'compose' yourself before you go back to your office to face the others."

About an hour later, Jenny paid a quick visit to the ladies before returning to her desk. Sitting down carefully, she forced a smile at her colleagues who politely nodded back. Work carried on as usual but throughout the morning she was sure she could sense the odd smirk and whisper flying around. Surely the others couldn't know what Geoff had done, after all, they were not exactly angels and most of them had made mistakes in the past that could have cost the company dearly, so they could just as easily have been out the door like she very nearly was. Unless....

Sara Ovington September 2000

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