Kids of Today F/f - punishment spanking and belt
By Sara

"Oh the kids of today." grumbled Miss Green, as she put the new arrivals 
back in size order on the rail in the boutique where she was manageress. 
"Why the devil they can't put things back where they came from after they 
have finished looking at them is beyond me. I'd get out of here half an hour 
earlier each night if I didn't have to do this day after day " she mumbled 
to herself. After one last look around the shop, satisfied that it was ready 
for start of business the following day, she locked up and went home to a 
nice stew and a good book.

Many girls who went into the boutique thought she was rather old and stuffy 
to be a manageress of a teenage clothes shop, (in fact she was just over 
forty) but the prices were affordable and they came in on a regular basis 
just to browse round even if they didn't have any money. This annoyed Miss 
Green somewhat, as it made her rather suspicious of what need they had to 
come in the shop at all if they didn't have any money to spend. She only 
went to shops if she needed something, never just to look, and thought 
everyone, even the younger generation, should be the same.

The following morning, she opened up the shop at 9am and looked out up and 
down the high street to see where Shelly, one of the sales girls was. There 
was no sign of her and Miss Green made a mental note to have words with her 
about her bad time keeping. She had no sooner gone back behind the counter 
when the telephone rang. It was Shelly, saying that she'd been up all night 
being sick and would not be coming into work that day as she felt too ill. 
This didn't please Miss Green at all as since she had fired Janet for bad 
time keeping two weeks previously, she had not had time to find anyone to 
take her place.

"Oh bother these young girls, they are more trouble than they are worth" she 
said to herself. She was now faced with being on her own all day in the shop 
with no time to nip out at lunch time unless she closed the shop for an 
hour, which was bad for business. "Oh well," she said out loud to herself 
"It looks like it's just me then". With that, she went off to put the kettle 
on, all the while listening out for the shop door in case a customer came 

The day went smoothly, and other than one or two busy periods when she 
really could have done with Shelly's assistance, she managed to cope well on 
her own. By 5pm she had hoovered the floor, straightened the racks and 
managed to get things ready so that she could leave at 5.30pm. She wondered 
how come it took so much longer when Shelly was there, but finally put it 
down to the fact that Shelly would often start something, then stop to talk, 
where as when Miss Green spoke (and it was usually about work, not trivial 
things like Shelly spoke of) she would carry on with what she was doing. She 
made another mental note to discuss this with Shelly too.whenever she 
decided she was 'well' enough to put in an appearance !

Just then a courier came into the shop with a large box. She signed the 
ticket and the man left it on the floor beside the counter and went.

"Oh drat, I can't leave that there" she said to herself. Looking at her 
watch she decided that the best course of action was to open the box and 
since it was probably some more stock, she would see how much of it she 
could get priced up and put out before she went home. Kneeling down on the 
floor beside the box, she opened it, just as the shop door opened and the 
noise of the traffic came in along with a girl in her mid teens. Miss Green 
looked up at the girl, and recognised her as she had been in before, but 
never actually bought anything more than a few hair accessories from the 
corner stand. Still, a couple of pounds in the till was better than nothing, 
she thought, and continued opening the box which contained more of the 
fiddly hair accessories and jewellery for the display. She set about pricing 
them, every so often glancing over at the girl who was picking out a handful 
of tops off the rail.

"Can I try these on?" the girl asked.

"Yes you may, the fitting room is over in the corner" replied Miss Green, 
rather niggled that the girl had not mentioned a 'please' or a 'thank you'.

The girl, went into the fitting room with three tops, still on their 
hangers. Closing the curtain, she hung them up on the hook then began trying 
them on. She was off out to a friend's party tonight and wanted to wear 
something different. She had a fair sized circle of friends, and rarely saw 
them in the same outfit more than once. Most of them had part time jobs and 
could afford their own clothes. However, she hadn't managed to find any work 
herself yet, and after her Father caught her helping herself to a few pounds 
from her Mother's savings pot, he stopped her allowance for two months to 
make up for it. She was really feeling the pinch. In fact she hardly had any 
money on her at all. Certainly not enough to buy any clothes with, but she 
was desperate to have something different to wear to this party. She peeped 
out through the curtain of the changing room, and saw Miss Green checking 
off items against the invoice.

"Hmm.that silly old bat is so engrossed in her invoice she won't notice 
anything missing," thought the girl, and she quickly stuffed one of the tops 
down into the bottom of her bag. That just left the hanger.She looked around 
for somewhere to put it as if she left it on the hook, it would be visible 
when she drew back the curtain, so carefully she reached up and dropped it 
over the top of the wall into the next cubicle which she knew was out of 
sight of the doorway to the shop. The sound of bouncing plastic made Miss 
Green turn round and seeing this through the crack in the curtain, the girl 
covered herself by saying "oops!" so that Miss Green could hear it, and 
making her think she had just dropped something in her own cubicle.

After a couple of moments, the girl came out of the cubicle with the two 
remaining tops and passing an innocent smile in Miss Green's direction, she 
went back to hang the other two tops back on the rail.

"Any good?" Miss Green asked.

"No" the girl replied. " can't make up my mind, so I'll think about it 
and come back Saturday."

"Fine, so you just want the one you have already put in your bag then do 
you?" she questioned, with a stern look on her face.

"What?" The girl asked, trying to feign innocence. "I haven't got one in my 

"You won't mind if I have a look then will you?" Miss Green stated, pulling 
at the girls bag.

"Get off, I haven't got anything," the girl protested.

"Come off it young lady, I wasn't born yesterday, throwing the hanger over 
the top of the other cubicle is one of the oldest tricks in the book. You 
went in there with three tops, the pink one, the white one and the black 
one, yet you have only come out with the pink and white ones. It's my guess 
that you have the black top concealed in your bag, and as shop manager, I am 
entitled to ask you to empty your bag out to prove your innocence".

"Go stuff yourself!" Replied the girl, making towards the door.

Immediately Miss Green flicked a switch under the counter that locked the 
door and prevented the girl opening it.

"Now, lets sort this out shall we?" said Miss Green. You either let me 
search your bag or I call the police and they do it, and of course your 
parents will know about the matter."

The girl gulped. There was no way she wanted her parents bought in on this, 
they would be furious.

"Ok.ok." she said, throwing her bag on the counter and reaching into it to 
pull out the black top. She threw it on the counter and pulled her bag back 
onto her shoulder and went back to the still locked front door.

"You've got your stupid top back, now let me out of here," she said moodily.

"I'm sorry, it's not quite as simple as that," said Miss Green, looking 
first at the top then back up at the girl. "I'm afraid I can't just let this 
kind of thing go unpunished. You kids of today get away with too much, and 
when it involves my shop, I aim to put a swift end to it."

"What do you mean?" Asked the girl.

"What I mean is, that you will have to wait here until the police arrive to 
take the matter further," replied Miss Green.

"No!" Said the girl, "You can't call the police, please, they will tell my 

"Well I sincerely hope they do young lady, and that your parents punish you 
in the way that you deserve."

"Please." said the girl, "isn't there something else you could do.I'd clean 
up for you, tidy the shelves.anything!!" she added, sounding almost 

Miss Green looked at the girl, then down at the top then back to the girl 
again. Raising one eyebrow she looked into the girls eyes and said, 

"Yes, anything..just please don't call the police or my Mum and Dad." The 
girl was nearly in tears but an idea was forming in Miss Green's mind.

"Very well, put the 'closed' sign round on the door and come out into the 
back stock room with me and we shall see how else we can resolve this 

The girl did as she was told, and then followed Miss Green through into the 
back stock room.

"She probably wants me to break up some boxes or something," thought the 
girl, looking around the room, which was full of clothes rails, boxes, a 
table and a straight back chair and various other bits and pieces.

"Right, lets start with your name, girl," said Miss Green, standing tall in 
her black skirt suit and matching shoes.

"Emma" said the girl, looking around her.

"Well Emma, when I was your age, we were much more self controlled. We knew 
better than to go out shoplifting. If we wanted something, we would save up 
our pocket money for it and not go in a shop unless we intended to buy 

"Spare me the details, anyway, things have changed since then." Said Emma, 
"what do you want me to do anyway, I have to get home."

"You seem to be forgetting something Emma, I'm in control here. You have 
committed a crime and are about to face up to your punishment. You are not 
going from here until I am sure that your punishment has been effective," 
said Miss Green. She took hold of the upright chair that had been placed 
neatly at the desk and stood it in the middle of the stock room floor before 
sitting on it.

"Come here Emma, it's time for your punishment!" She ordered.

"WHAT!!!" said Emma, immediately aware that this snooty 40 something woman 
was intending to spank her. "Your not going to hit me, you're not allowed 

"Very well Emma," said Miss Green, rising to her feet, "I'll just call the 
police then and they will call your parents in." She made towards the phone 
but Emma dashed over and slammed the receiver down.

", you can't call the police, my Dad would go barmy if he knew about 
this.please, isn't there some other way?"

"I've just offered you the alternative Emma," said Miss Green, "take it or 
leave it."

Emma sighed and looked down at her shoes. She had never been spanked before, 
she didn't know how much it would hurt, but at the same time, she knew how 
angry her father would be if he found out about all this.

" spank me then, but get it over with quick, and don't hurt me!"

Miss Green took her hand off the phone and raised an eyebrow at Emma, before 
taking her by the wrist and leading her over to the chair. Sitting down, she 
pulled the reluctant Emma over her lap so that her arms were down on the 
floor in front of her, her long blonde hair touching the carpet and her toes 
only just touching the floor behind her. She was wearing a pair of tight 
jeans, which showed, off her pert bottom to perfection.

Without further ado, Miss Green raised her hand and brought it down sharply 
on Emma's denim covered bottom.WHACK!

Emma flinched and tried to put her right hand round to rub her bottom but 
Miss Green pushed it back down and brought her hand down on Emma's behind 

"Yeowww! That's enough! Get off me!" Emma cried.

"Enough my foot, I've only just started my girl," said Miss Green, bringing 
her hand down a third time.WHACK!!

Emma struggled and despite her firm grip, Miss Green ended up loosing her 
into a heap on the floor where she sat rubbing her bottom furiously. She 
looked up at Miss Green.

"That hurt," she said, blankly but with tears in her eyes.

"It's meant to, but I haven't finished yet," she replied, "now get up and 
come back here beside me."

"No way!!!" said Emma, pushing herself back against the table behind her.

"Very well then, the police it is," said Miss Green, rising once again and 
moving over to the phone once more.

"No!!!" Emma shouted "No, I'll let you finish. just don't hurt me, you 

Once again Miss Green left the phone and returned to the chair.

"It seems to me Emma, that you are having difficulty staying put to take 
your punishment.therefore I have no option but to take measures to make sure 
you stay put to receive the rest of it."

Emma looked at Miss Green and knew that she would have to see this through 
if she were to get to the end of the day without her father or the police 
being involved. She sat there watching as Miss Green took some winter coats 
off a rail and folded them over the back of the chair, then reached into a 
drawer and took out some thin rope and cut off four lengths, and put them on 
the desk.

"Get up Emma, and place yourself over the back of this chair, facing the 
seat," ordered Miss Green.

Knowing there was no alternative, Emma stood up and bent over the chair. The 
coats padded out the high back so that it didn't dig into her. At first she 
rested her hands on the seat, but Miss Green had other ideas. She folded a 
length of rope in half and passed it round Emma's wrist, taking the two ends 
through the loop and then tying them down firmly to the side rails of the 
chair. This wasn't exactly comfortable for Emma, but she could just about 
reach the rails to rest her weight on them. Miss Green repeated the step on 
the other side. Once both of Emma's hands were secure, Miss Green moved 
round to the back, and secured Emma's ankles to the back chair legs, with 
her feet on the outside of each leg, leaving her legs some way apart.

Standing up to inspect her work, Miss Green gave Emma a sharp slap on her 
bottom to complete the job, before removing her jacket and hanging it on the 
back of the door.

Now that Emma was securely fastened to the chair, she was completely at Miss 
Green's mercy, and she knew that she would stay that way until the 
punishment was over. She just prayed that it would be soon. Her thoughts 
were interrupted by feeling Miss Green standing directly behind her, easing 
her hands between Emma's body and the pile of coats. She was horrified when 
she realised what was happening next.Miss Green was un-doing the button and 
zipper of Emma's jeans.

" can't!!!" cried Emma, "I won't let you!"

"My dear girl, you are not in a position to 'allow' me to do or not do 
anything! You are here to be punished and punished you will be, nothing 
more, nothing less!"

Emma tried to wriggle, but she was too securely tied to the chair to be able 
to move. She was helpless as Miss Green eased her jeans down to her knees, 
where they would go no further because of the spread of her legs. The 
position was incredibly uncomfortable and Emma wept with embarrassment from 
being exposed in this way, knowing that her bottom was only covered by her 
thin white knickers. She hoped Miss Green wouldn't be too hard on her for 
the rest of the punishment. However, she had misjudged exactly what Miss 
Green had in mind, and as she turned her head round to see what Miss Green 
was up to, she saw her removing a leather belt from a pair of trousers 
hanging on a rail behind her.

"No.please, don't hit me with that.just use your hand, that will really 
hurt, please don...YEOWWWWWW !" she screamed, as Miss Green had swiftly 
doubled the belt and brought it down sharply on Emma's white knickers.

Emma cried and pleaded, but it was no use, it was as if Miss Green had 
suddenly become deaf.

Again and again she brought the belt down sharply on Emma's bottom

ignoring Emma's pleas and cries for mercy.

After what seemed to Emma like hours, she stopped, placed the belt on the 
seat of the chair in front of Emma and stood in front of her with her arms 
folded across her chest.

"I hope you are learning your lesson young lady!" said Miss Green. "In my 
day, if I had done what you have attempted to do this afternoon, not only 
would the shop keeper have strapped my backside, but he would have made sure 
my parents were informed and then I would have received a dose of my 
Father's belt too! Count yourself lucky that you are only being punished by 

Emma sobbed but did not reply, her bottom was stinging like nothing she had 
ever felt before, the last thing she needed right now was a lecture from 
this woman. However Miss Green carried on.

"We were brought up to have respect for our elders, not to answer back or be 
cheeky, always to be clean and presentable, and never.NEVER to steal from 
anyone.and if we ever did, we knew we would be over our father's knee before 
too long! .You kids of today, you think you rule the world, well let me tell 
you, young miss, you are nothing but a naughty, disobedient little girl who 
needs her bottom thoroughly punished to make you see sense, do you hear me?"

Still Emma made no sound, so without warning, Miss Green grabbed the belt 
and swished it down again on Emma's backside, making her jump, but causing 
her to take the chair to which she was attached, a few inches across the 
floor with her.

"I said do you hear me?" Miss Green repeated.

"Yes.yes I hear you!" Emma replied. "Please don't hit me anymore, it hurts 
so much.please!"

"I've nearly finished Emma, but if you keep protesting and complaining, then 
I shall be forced to add more strokes, now keep still while I continue". 
Miss Green took the belt and again stood behind Emma and raised her arm, 
delivering another rain of blows to Emma's already quivering backside. 
cried, yelped and protested, begging for the thrashing to stop.

Eventually, Miss Green threw the belt down on the desk and turned back to 

"Well Emma, I hope you have learnt your lesson for today," she said.

"Yes!" Sobbed Emma, "I'm sorry, I won't steal from you again.I promise!"

"I'm very glad to hear it ! Now, just to enforce the issue, you can remain 
there while I finish putting the rest of the new stock out on display. Don't 
get any ideas, as I can see you from where I am in the shop" Miss Green 
stated. She put her jacket back on, and just as she was about to go back 
through into the shop, she turned back to Emma and carefully eased her 
knickers down to the tops of her jeans. She noticed a slight damp patch in 
the gusset, but didn't comment upon it. Emma's cheeks were bright red from 
the impact of the belt. Satisfied that she had at least taught one unruly 
teenager a lesson, she returned to the shop and the parcel that had been 
delivered earlier. After looking at the items for a few moments, she 
replaced the invoice in the box and closed it up. then turned round to look 
at Emma. She could see her backside quite clearly from where she stood, but 
Emma's view was blocked by the pile of coats over the back of the chair. 
Slowly Miss Green slipped down to the floor behind the shop counter, raising 
her skirt she felt up the inside of her legs for that secret little place 
that had by now become very moist. Moving aside the crotch of her knickers, 
she allowed a finger to slip inside and another to rest on her love button. 
Sitting there, legs wide open, she bought herself off to a wonderful climax.

As for the new stock. Emma could deal with that when she arrived to start 
work at the boutique on Saturday morning at 8.30am sharp!!!

 Sara Ovington

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