Learn to Obey
(M/f - a short story about Sara receiving a discipline session from her Dom)
By Sara

"Don't keep me waiting Sara" Geoff said firmly, as Sara finished closing the curtains. "Hurry up and finish that and get over here" he demanded pointing to a spot on the floor in front of him. Sara finished with the curtains and stood in front of Geoff about two feet from where he had been pointing. Stepping forward and taking a firm grasp of both her upper arms, he pulled her forward to where he wanted her. "When I tell you where to stand, I mean you stand exactly there, not an inch either way and especially not two foot behind". Sara stood with her eyes cast downward, and virtually motionless on the spot in front of Geoff as he looked at her sternly. Walking round behind her, he leant close to her ear and his breath on her neck made her shudder as he stated... "When I tell you to do something, I expect you to obey me immediately Sara, is that clear?" Sara nodded. Not satisfied with this as an answer, Geoff grasped the hem at the back of Sara's skirt and raising it, delivered four stinging swats to the tops of her legs, one with each word "Is...(smack)...that...(smack)...clear...(smack)...Sara?...(smack)". The slaps made Sara's legs buckle as they landed and tears pricked her eyes as she managed to force out the word "Yes", followed by a long "owwwwwwwww....". "Yes what Sara?" demanded Geoff, as he once again leant close to her ear. "Yes Sir" she said quietly, almost, but not quite crying whilst trying unsuccessfully to rub the backs of her legs. "Hands on your head" Geoff snapped. Not wanting a repeat of the stinging slaps, which were still in desperate need of a soothing rub, Sara obeyed immediately and her hands sprung to her head. Geoff walked to the window behind Sara and closed a small gap in the curtains, then returned to where she was standing and stood in front of her with his arms folded, looking sternly at her. Sara couldn't bring her eyes to meet his gaze, so kept them fixed firmly on his shoes. He hadn't said a word for almost a minute, but it seemed more like an hour. "Well...?" he demanded sternly. "What?" Sara replied, not making a very good effort to sound innocent. "Don't what me young lady, I want an explanation from you as to why you find it funny to be so rude and cheeky to me in your emails" Geoff replied. Sara shrugged her shoulders. Unfolding his arms and wagging his finger directly under Sara's nose, Geoff leant closer to her once more and said firmly "I have had enough of your despicable behaviour Sara...time and time again I have to remind you about it, but you never appear to learn do you?" Once again Sara shrugged her shoulders. This incensed Geoff, as it seemed to be her answer to everything. "Right...I've had enough of this...I think there is only one way to make you learn, and that is to give you exactly what you deserve each and every time you misbehave". As he spoke, Geoff rolled up his shirtsleeves. Sara watched nervously, still with her hands on her head. She could feel her heart beating faster with anticipation, wondering what he had in store for her. Without further ado, Geoff took Sara by the wrist and led her over to the sofa where he sat himself down in the centre of it. As he pulled firmly downwards on her wrist, Sara realised that Geoff's intention was to take her across his knee, and without a doubt, give her a sound spanking. Although she tried to resist, Geoff's grasp was to firm for her, and she soon found herself over his knee, staring at the carpet. Opening her mouth to protest, she was just about to utter the first word when she was beaten to it by the weight of Geoff's hand landing squarely on her bottom, making her cry out. After some wriggling and squirming which earnt her yet more swift slaps, Geoff grasped the back of her skirt and flipped it up over her back. Giving her a dozen more slaps over her knickers and realising she was still not giving up without a fight, he pulled her knickers down, exposing her reddening bottom. The moment his hand delivered it's first slap to her bare flesh, Sara's right hand instinctively swung round in order to protect herself. Grasping her right wrist in his left hand in order to keep it out of the way, Geoff shuffled Sara into such a position that she was tucked under his arm and held down firmly. There was no way she would be going anywhere until he had finished with her. For the next ten minutes, Geoff rained the spanks down on Sara's bare bottom, all the while, lecturing her about her bad behaviour, until she was crying real tears and sobbing. Eventually he stopped, but still refused to let go of her wrist. "Are you listening to me Sara?" he asked. No answer..... Raising his hand once more he bought it down sharply across the centre of her bottom and she let out a squeal before crying, "Yes Sir". "Good...I am going to let you get up in a moment Sara. When you get up, I want you to go immediately to the corner and put your hands on your head, and stay there until I give you permission to move is that clear?" Sara nodded. Another resounding slap landed on here already scarlet flesh. Sara let out another squeal and howled "Yes Sir" before sobbing once more. "Right - get up and go to the corner - I'll grant you five minutes break before I continue". As she stood up, Sara grasped the bottom of her skirt and pulled it down over her sore bottom. Seeing what she was doing, Geoff waited until she got to the corner before following her, raising the bottom of her skirt and delivering another two hefty swats to her already sore bottom, making her squirm and cry out again. Without speaking to her, he tucked the back of her skirt into the waistband and arranged her knickers around her knees, then when he was satisfied that she was how he wanted her, he gave her one last slap to her bottom and left her there while he went to rest back on the sofa.

In order to humiliate her further, Geoff sat there telling her how red and sore her bottom was, telling her it was only like it because she chose to misbehave, and asking her if she felt silly with her bottom on show and her knickers around her knees. To say she was ashamed would be an understatement. Tears coursed down her cheeks. She desperately wanted to rub her bottom, but dare not move an inch for fear of getting yet more slaps.

After watching Sara for a while, Geoff got up and turned the small sofa around so that it was directly wedged up against the larger sofa. Without uttering a word to Sara, he took hold of her left wrist, startling her somewhat, and led her over to the back of the small sofa. With a firm hand he eased her over the back of it and held her there. Without pausing, he slapped her hard twice on each cheek. "Owwww fuck you," shrieked Sara - regretting her outburst before it had finished leaving her lips. "What did you say Sara?" demanded Geoff. "Nothing Sir, I'm sorry, really I am," whimpered Sara. "You wouldn't be apologising if you had said nothing Sara...It sounded like you definitely said something quite unsavoury to me. I've already told you that I won't tolerate this kind of behaviour, and I intend to deal with it swiftly." With that, Geoff unbuckled his belt, and Sara heard it as he removed it from the belt loops on his trousers. "No Sir, please...I'm really sorry, I won't say it again - I promise," she begged with a sense of urgency in her voice. "I'm glad to hear it Sara....but the fact remains that you have already said it and need punishment for doing bend over and stay put while I deal with you. Geoff fastened the belt and folded it double, wrapping it once around his hand. Placing his left hand firmly on Sara's back, he raised the belt and brought it down swiftly on her bottom, making her cry out once more. " Sir, please, it hurts..." she cried. "It's meant to hurt Sara - now lay still or you will get a lot more strokes than you bargain for.

Raising the belt once more he bought it down sharply across her bottom again. Sara sobbed, but Geoff was having none of it. He continued to give her six strokes. On the last one, Sara's hand flew back to rub her bottom. "Stand up Sara" ordered Geoff. Sara obeyed but instinctively her hands went to soothe her tender flesh. "Hold out your right hand for me" he commanded. "Why?" questioned Sara. "Hold it out and you will see why my girl, now do as you are told or I will be doubling the strokes. Knowing that Geoff always meant what he said, Sara held out her hand. She was rewarded by a hefty thrash across the palm of her hand, which made her wince and make tears spring to her eyes once more. "Now the other one" Geoff ordered. Reluctantly she held out her left hand. It was met by an identical thrashing to the first. She cried out, but Geoff ignored her and raised her other arm in order to thrash it again. After receiving two swats to each hand he pushed her down over the back of the sofa once more and gave her another six swats to her backside which prompted the tears to fall from her eyes yet again. She lay there sobbing still with the hem of her skirt tucked in at the waistband and her knickers about her knees. She cried for the stinging in her tender flesh and the total humiliation she felt at being spanked like a disobedient little child.

"I think the message might finally be getting through here Sara," said Geoff. Sara said nothing, but sobbed quietly. "Get up, and back to the corner with you - hands on head" he ordered. Sara obeyed. Geoff watched as she sobbed, her whole body appearing to jump with each intake of breath. He left her standing there for a good five minutes, but to Sara it felt like hours.

When Geoff felt her corner time was up, he stood up and called her over to him. With tears still in her eyes, Sara obeyed, not wanting further punishment to her already sore bottom. Taking hold of her, Geoff gave her a hug and stroked her hair, comforting her few remaining sobs and talking quietly to her, reassuring her that he had done what he had because he felt it was for her own good, and asking if she understood the reasons why he felt the need to punish her. Sara nodded and once more the tears fell, but this time not for the pain or the humiliation, but for the very fact that she understood why Geoff had felt the need to punish her.

Sara Ovington July 2003

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