By Al

The girl stood for a moment outside the headmistresses study. She knew that once inside she was going to be given a severe caning. She knew there was no escape since the alternatives were expulsion or the 'incident' reported to the police. She knocked on the door and heard "enter" so she went in. She got a shock when she saw who was inside. She expected to just see the head but there was both her parents , her boyfriend and the parents of the girl who had suffered the broken arm as a result of her actions a few days before. She said to the head that she thought she was going to be caned with only her there but was abruptly told that she had no "negotiating rights" and that part of her punishment was to be shamed in front of all these witnesses. Any further conversation ended when the girl was ordered to put her hands on her head. She did as told. Her punishment was then announced. She was to be caned 'six of the best' across her bottom which was to be bare for the punishment. This also came as a complete surprise and again she tried to protest and again she was told to "shut up ".

She was ordered into a small annexe room off the heads study and to re-appear "within two minutes completely naked". She reluctantly went into the small room. She appeared three minutes later completely naked trying to hide her 'private parts ' with her hands. Again she was soon not able to do this when she was ordered to put her hands back on her head. She was then told that the six of the best was to be increased to eight strokes since she had taken too long to undress. She knew protest was useless. She was told to move onto the piece of square mat and "assume the position".Having been caned before she knew what this meant and bent over keeoing her legs straight and touched her toes. Her mother exclaimed surprise about this since the girl had never told her parents about any of her previous canings. The head who now had hold of a cane moved behind her swishing the cane through the air. The girl was told not to move or scream as the caning was given. If she moved she was told that stroke would be repeated. She nodded her head since she knew all this. Within seconds the cane 'whooshed' through the air and landed with a loud 'thwack' onto her bare backside. She gasped but remained in position. Stroke two , three , four , five and six quickly followed and the girl showed clear signs of distress but did try to maintain her dignity.

She was given a few seconds of respite before the head told her that the two remaining strokes would be delivered with "all her might". The girl said nothing ; she was in too much pain. The two extra strokes were then delivered and the girls thoughts were that her skin must have broken with the force of the cane. She was now 'sobbing' loudly but remained bent over. The head asked the observers whether this was sufficient punishment and all nodded or said 'yes'. The girl was told she could stand , dress and go home with her parents. Slowly she did this although walking to the car was very uncomfortable and sitting in the car even more so. Once home she went to her room to inspect her bottom. To her surprise she couldn't detect any blood and recognised that this head must have had great skill in punishing her severely but without breaking her skin. For two weeks the bruising ws there for all to see ( her boyfriend only ). That night she dropped into her boyfriends arms. She thanked him for this 30th birthday present and they both wondered how her parents and their two best friends would react in the future now they knew she liked to be punished!! They both hoped that the knowledge would lead to further canings and shame !!!.

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