By Al

Lucy had joined this west african school for girls four years ago when the family moved here from England to support the fathers job promotion. She was now an extremely good looking eighteen year old with curves in all the right places. The school she attends is both old fashioned and progressive. It is old fashioned in that it still uses corporal punishment with no student in the school being exempt from this treatment if the 'crime' demands it. It is progressive in that at about the same time Lucy joined the school it also appointed two male teachers for the first time in its history. The headmistress wanted the male teachers to develop a range of skills immediately and did encourage them to take part in the senior duties of the school. Lucy had become quite friendly with one of the new male teachers when she learnt that he had moved with his wife and three year old daughter to an area close to where she lived. She had done lots of babysitting for him and his wife in the last year. At the present though babysitting was the last thing on her mind. She was stood outside the headmistresses door trying to get the courage to knock on the door. She knew she had committed a 'serious crime' as described by the head and was told to report to the heads study for 'appropriate punishment' .She took a deep breath and knocked on the door. A stern voice said 'enter' and she did as ordered.

The head told Lucy to place her hands on her head . The head told Lucy that there was three courses of action the school could take against Lucy for the 'crime' she had committed. She was told the school could suspend Lucy for 28 days and let the board of governors decide the final outcome. Neither the head nor Lucy liked this idea since it would have a massive impact on Lucys final school year and her exams performance.The second course of action was to give Lucy a series of detentions when she could write essays and be given humilialating jobs such as picking up litter around the school grounds. This would involve being at school longer ( to do the essays ) which Lucy didn't favour. The third possibility Lucy favoured even less. The head told her should could be caned on her bare bottom which was what the 'crime' demanded. Lucy asked for the second option. Unfortunately the head told her she had no negotiating rights and that the senior teaching team had discussed Lucys 'crime' and had decided she should be caned Lucy started to protest but was told the decision had been made and if she didn't shut up the 'six of the best' agreed would be doubled to twelve. Lucy decided to shut up event though she was full of fear over the idea of being caned. After all she was a fully grown woman and the thought of being caned liked she had been as a fourteen year old when she first arrived at the school was embarrassing.. The idea became even more frightening when the head told her she was to be caned now and that one of the new members of staff was to carry out the punisment.The head picked up her phone and asked Mr Madson to come him. This caused Lucy massive embarrassment when she realized that Mr Madson was the teacher she had done babysitting for ! He entered the room and glanced at Lucy but his expression didn't change and it was almost as if he didn't know her !

The head told Lucy to go into the little annex room and to 'strip off'. Lucy protested saying she couldn't strip off in front of a man. The head asked Mr Madson what he suggested and he answered by saying she should be given 'two extra strokes headmistress' and the head agreed. Again Lucy was told to go and strip off. Having no alternatives she did as ordered. A few minutes later she re-appeared holding her hands across those parts of her body that would cause her maximum embarraassment. She immediately lost this privilege when Mr Madson ordered ;'hands on your head' . Lucy had no choice but to obey. Mr Madson had already picked up a cane and was swishing it through the air. He snapped at Lucy for her to 'bend right over and touch your toes'. Lucy made one final attempt to avoid this punishment by looking appealingly at Mr Madson but he was a different person to the one who gave her babysitting jobs. Picture the scene. A good looking eighteen year old is bent over touching her toes. Being naked she is showing everything to this man who is probably only 20 years older than her. To make a bad situation worst this man is about to assault her backside with a stick.

She doesn't have long to wait for the assault. There is a loud 'swish' followed by a 'thwack' followed by serious pain across Lucy's bottom. The first stroke of the cane had landed. She yells loudly but is told to be quiet. The same noise are heard with even more pain across Lucys bottom when stroke two lands. The third fourth and fifth strokes cause immense pain since the cane lands across areas of Lucy's bottom where the first two cane sttokes have landed. Lucy is breathing heavily and is close to tears. Mr Madson delivers stroke six with great force. Lucy yells and cries out loud. She is again told to shut up. The head tells Mr Madson to deliver the two extra strokes harded than any of the first six. Lucy thinks she might pass out such is the pain. The two extra strokes are given and Lucy feels certain that the skin on her bottom must have split . She is crying uncontrollably. One hour later she is at home in her bedroom laid on her tummy.The skin on her bottom is not broken and she wonders if Mr Madson has good experience at caning people or whether her skin is tougher than she imagined. She hasn't told her mum what has just happened but had simply told her mum that she felt unwell. The next two weeks pass without Lucy and Mr Madson having any contact. Lucy then arrives home from school. Her mum tells her there is a message from Mr Madson. In the message he apologies for having to cane her so hard and he hopes she has recovered. Her mother asks her to explain this and Lucy does so with great embarassment. The final part of the message asks if Lucy wants to babysit for them that weekend . Lucy knows the money will be useful and also realizes that she must meet Mr Madson at some point in the school. She therefore asks her mum to phone him back saying yes. Lucy arri9ves at Mr Madson's home on the date and time agreed. Mrs Madson greats Lucy and tells her that her husband was very upset at having to cane her but that his job demanded that he do so. Lucy said ok but did wonder if he had to cane her so hard. The next comment surprised Lucy. Mrs Madson said that he loved to cane people hard and she was living proof of this ! In other words as part of their love making Mrs Madson did get caned herself.l Whilst babysitting Lucy wondered if that was why Mr Madson caned her so hard - he might have actually liked doing that to her. One final thought was in Lucys mind - was it an idea for Lucy to offer to be caned again by Mr Madson , after all deep down in her own body she had also enjoyed being caned by him. Perhaps he would pay her to be caned !!

To be continued .................

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