SHORT STORY: Thirty two year old lady caned by her mother in front of the family

By Al

The place is the lounge of the family.The 32 year old mother called Jo is stood upright with her hands on her head. She is completely naked. Also in the room are her husband , her 12 year old daughter ' , her older sister and her mum. Her mum is holding a manacing looking cane.

Her mum speaks. She looks at her daughter and tells her she is to be caned in front of the family for bringing the family into shame and does she understand and accept this. Jo mutters pathetically "yes". The mum orders her to bend over and touch her toes. She does as told. All the other members of the family move behind her to get a good view of the caning that is about to start.

The mum moves behind her and taps the cane on her daughters naked bottom before lifting the cane into the air. The daughter closes her eyes tight shut and holds her breath. There is a noise of ''whoosh ; thwack' as the cane moves quickly and crashes into Jo's backside. Jo yells with pain but holds her position. The cane lands again with even more force. Jo yells again but holds her position well. The mum gives Jo four more hard strokes of the cane. Jo is breathing heavily and it takes all her strength to not sob out loud.

The mum asks her family whether Jo has been punished enough. Her husband says "no" ; her sister says "no" ; her daughter says "yes" and her mum says "yes". The mum says to Jo that the opinion is two in favour of more caning and two that the punishment should end. The mum asks Jo what her feelings are about this. Jo asks if she can be caned more. The mum says " very well ". The cane is passed to Jo's sister who moves behind Jo in a position to cane her.

The sister raises the cane and brings it down very hard across Jo's already sore looking bottom. Five times more this happens and Jo is now sobbing uncontrollably. Her sister than passes the cane to Jo's daughter. Her daughter moves behind Jo and repeats what has just taken place. Her daughter though only young does cane her mum with enthusiasm and some force. Jos daughter ignores the fact that her mum is sobbing loudly and delivers another 'six of the best'.

The whole family seeing Jo's very sore and blistered backside agree that Jo had been caned enough and tell her she can stand up. For the rest of the evening Jo is made to remain naked and her extremely angry looking bottom is therefore on show to everyone . Jo is made to complete all jobs for the rest of the evening including making everyone a drink and sitting on the carpet near to her husband. At times she is ordered to bend over in front of members the family so that they can inspect the 'damage' done.

When Jo and husband are is in bed later she thanks him for this public punishment and and humiliation and asks if it can be repeated soon. Her husband promises that it will be and next time the neighbours will be invited to the house to help with the caning. Jo can't wait ......

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