A Short Story - Katie Gets The Cane

By Steve

Miss Smith, the headmistress at Katie's school was known for making her errant pupils suffer. You knew you would be in trouble if you had been summoned to her office immediately after school. Her usual punishment was to cane you on both hands because she knew how much it would hurt to have to carry your bags home afterwards.

Katie knew what was coming. She hadn't been paying attention in class and was caught daydreaming and drawing on the back of her hand. So there she was, after school, standing outside Miss Smith's door. Her hands were trembling as she knocked twice on the door. A voice boomed out from inside the room, "Come!" Katie opened the door gingerly and walked in slowly, until she was standing in front of Miss Smith's desk. "Ah, Yes!", Miss Smith bellowed, "Our budding little tattoo artist. Show me your hand."

Katie held out her hand, which Miss Smith grabbed and turned over. The ink had faded a little but there was a clear design of a red heart visible. "Ah, sweet.", said Miss Smith, "Well, I'm going to add to these decorations on your hand." With that, she turned Katie's hand over again and held her by the wrist, picking up her swishy cane with her other hand.

SCHWITT!!... SCHWITT!! "There. Two perfect red lines. You won't be rubbing those off so quickly, will you?. Now, let me see your other hand. Let's see what we can do with that one."

As Katie was leaving Miss Smith's office rubbing her smarting hands, she saw her friend Chrissie waiting outside to be dealt with. Katie showed her the angry red lines on her hands. Katie noticed the ink marks on the back of Chrissie's hand as she gasped.

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