A Short Story By Al

The caning of a group of Sixth form schoolgirls

Jen got out of bed late on this Saturday morning. She had been out 'clubbing' the night before but hadn't enjoyed herself much. The events at school on that Friday had spoilt the remainder of the day and evening.

Her mum had Jen's breakfast on the table and the both of them sat down. Jen's mum said to Jen that she had received a letter from the school this Saturday morning. She told Jen she was going to read her the content.

'Dear mr and Mrs---

A punishment given to all the class of form SixB today Friday

It is with regret that I have to tell you it was necessary for me to give one stroke of the cane to all members of this group including your daughter Jennifer. This was adminsistered at the end of the school day when each girl received the stroke of the cane across their bottom protected by their underwear. In each case the dress was pulled up so that the cane could land across underwear. This group punishment was necessary because someone in that group had ealier in the day thrown a missile at a teacher. The missile was a a metal cigarette lighter which did fortunately miss. If the teacher had been hit it could have caused serious injury. The lighter was also a banned item in this school. No one in the class would own up to owning or throwing the lighter and no one would tell us who had thrown it. Therefore I was left with two alternatives. I could have informed the police of the attempted assault but it was felt that you as parents would not have favoured this. The second choice was to take local action controlled by the school. For an offence so serious the only action suitable was corporal punishment.At the end of the school day I ordered each girl to stand to the side of their desk and to bend over the desk with their noses touching the desk top. I then went around each girl and lifted the skirt bringing the cane down hard across the bottom once only. The girls were then released to go home. I have informed the class that if no one is brought forward from the class as the offender then next Friday each of them will again bend over their desks and receive two strokes of the cane. This will be repeated two more Fridays when three strokes and in the final week 'six of the best' will be given to each girl. I hope you support our actions and if you can help us to find the culprit and thus prevent further group puinishment then you may be sure you can give us that information in total confidence. If you have any questions please do call my secretary. Yours
Headmistress. '

Jen's mum asked if she had been caned and Jen said "yes obviously". Jen was then asked if she had thrown the missile and Jen losing her patience shouted "No". Her mum persisted and asked if Jen knew who had thrown the missile and Jen walking away said "no". Thus started a very uneasy time in the household. The following Friday as no one had been found as the culprit the group of girls including Jen had to bend over their desks again and each be caned twice. The following week again with no progress on the culprit saw each girl bend over the desks and be caned three times across their underwear. The only consolation Jen and family could find was that the next Friday would see the end of the group punishment even though six of the best would cause serious pain. That Friday with again no one owning up saw the final punishment take place. The whole group were very nervous. Some including Jen had been given 'six of the best' earlier in their school life but all knew how painful it was. The head came into the classroom half an hour before the end of the day. She told the class that for this final caning each girl would come out to the front of the class and would bend over and touch toes lifting their skirt out of the way of the bottom. The head would then give each girl 'six of the best'. Each girl after caning would return to their seat until every girl had been caned and then they could all go home. Thus started an amazing scene. A group of 17-18 year old girls all coming from good homes did individually walk out to the front of the class. Each bent down and touched their toes without being asked and lifted their skirt clear of the bottom. Eah girl then stayed bent over and received six extremely hard strokes of the cane.One or two of them started to cry and a few of them thanked the head for caning them as was the practice in this school. After Jen was caned she neither cried not thanked the head but simply returned to her seat trying hard to hide the pain.

Most parents came to school to pick up their daughter in their car recognising that each girl would be in great discomfort and would not want to walk or cycle home. Jens mum collected Jen in her car and had even put a cushion on the passenger seat. Jen was not in the mood to offer a thank you and indeed said not one word on the journey home. Jen went straight to her room and did not go out clubbing that night.She laid on her bed on her tuimmy and reflected on what an unfair world it was. She did know who had thrown the lighter but there was an unwritten rule amongst the school girls that no one would ever tell on another girl. Jen did wonder whether this was a good rule. Three months later she left the school with very little fondness for the place.

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