A Short Story By Rebecca

I am on my hands and knees on my bed. The rope around my ankles is tied to corresponding wrought iron bedposts at the foot of the canopy bed. The rope around my wrists is attached to the headboard.

"Spread those knees further apart."

I try, but lose my balance and my bottom goes down.


For now, he has the ping-pong paddle. There is a selection of implements sitting on my dresser for future use.

"I said, spread those knees"

Struggling with my restraints, I managed to collect my balance, and spread my knees as far apart as I could.

"Bottom up, head facing straight."

I poke my butt in the air.

I am wide open in this position.

"Do NOT move."

It's difficult, I am becoming very wet, and I want him to touch me.

He's walking around the bed, watching, staring, absorbing my helplessness.

I feel the edge of the ping-pong paddle up against my bottomhole. He's rubbing it up and down, sometimes going up my spine, sometimes over my asscheeks. I am about to explode. I'm not allowed to move.

He begins to walk around the bed again. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see the tattoos on his arm. I close my eyes and wonder how delicious the pain must have been.

"What are you looking at?"


"You may speak."

"Nothing, Master."


One on my bottom, one on the back of my thigh, and one on my inner thigh. Oh God. Please touch me.

"Lie to me again and I'll use the hairbrush."

The hairbrush is one of those heavy wooden types. I hate the hairbrush. I love it. No, I hate it.

He is behind me, and I can sense him standing there, but I can't see him, and I'm not allowed to look at him.

He begins to finger my pussy. Ooooo...I'm not allowed to move. I want to thrust back and make his fingers go deeper.

"What's the matter, slut?"

I'm not allowed to speak.

He removes his fingers, and begins to slide them up and down my inner thighs.


My right asscheek is burning.


He's using the ping-pong paddle on me with one hand, and with the other, he's tickle-tormenting my thighs.


I'm ready to cry. Not from the pain, but from desire.


I jerk, not expecting that one.

"You moved."

I look straight ahead, hoping he'll forgive me.

"You get the hairbrush."

Tears begin to roll down my cheeks. I tried so hard to make him happy.

He walks to my dresser and picks up the hairbrush.

I hate it.

He sits on the bed next to me, near the bottom-half of my body.

He begins to rub my butt with his hand, sometimes sliding a finger in my pussy.

"Are you supposed to move?"

I'm not allowed to speak.

"You may speak."

I am sobbing, but I reply.

"No, Master."

"What happens to girls who don't listen?"

Still sobbing.

"They get the hairbrush."


The hairbrush hits my left buttcheek, resulting in a lasting sting.

I had to bite my lip to keep from yelling.

"You forgot to say something."


"They get the hairbrush, MASTER."


"I didn't tell you to speak."

The last four blows were aimed at each buttcheek, the back of my right thigh, and my inner left thigh.

Please, please, touch me.

He begins to finger my pussy again. I'm not allowed to move.

I feel a finger enter my bottom. He begins using his fingers to fuck me in the ass.

He started rubbing my pussy with the side of the hairbrush, sliding it between my lips, brushing it over my clit.

I think I'm going to explode.

He pulls his fingers out of my butt, and begins smacking my pussy with the hairbrush.


I stifle a scream.


I'm not allowed to move.


Please fuck me.

He stops, and I see him walk back over to the dresser.

He picks up a four-inch butt plug and returns to my side.

He begins rubbing the butt plug up and down between my cheeks.

"You be a good girl, and take this up your ass, and maybe I'll fuck you."

He starts fucking my pussy with the butt plug, getting it nice and wet.

I feel the tip of the plug at my bottomhole.

I try to relax.

He pushes it a little further.

I put my butt a little higher up in the air.

One more push, and the plug rushes in, stopping abruptly at its base. Oh God, I feel like I belong to him.

I do.

"That was a good little girl."

He's behind me, admiring my plugged ass.

"I can't decide how I want to fuck you. Doggy style? Missionary?"

He paused for a moment.

"No. I know."

He untied my wrists and my ankles. I tried to kiss him. Bad mistake.

He pulled my hair, jerking my head back. "Do not touch me unless I give you permission."

He positioned me so I was on top of a pile of pillows, facing him, my upper torso at an angle.

He took my hands and tied them to the upper part of the canopy, so they were up above my head. He took my legs and pulled them back, so my knees were touching my stomach. He tied my ankles to the headboard, so that my feet were actually behind my head.

I was wide open, vunerable.

He moved the base of the butt plug around to tease me.

"Do you want to be fucked?"

I'm not allowed to speak.

He chuckled.

"You may speak. Beg me to fuck you."

"Please, please, fuck me. I'll be good, Master."

He laughed again.

"Oh, I know you'll be good. Beg me a little more. I like the sound of your voice when you beg."

He was still playing with the plug in my ass.

I was so far gone that I didn't know if I could speak. I had to cum.

"Please, please, Master. Please put your cock in my pussy and fuck me."

He stopped playing with the butt plug and undressed.

His cock was erect, dripping pre-cum.

He got on the bed and put the tip of his cock barely between my pussy lips.

"Is this what you want?"

I just looked at him.

"Yeah, this is what you want."

He pushed his cock into my pussy. In this position, with my legs up behind my head, he was hitting my G-spot directly.

I moaned, and began to grind my hips up and down the best that I could against the restraints.

He was watching my face, enjoying my torment, my lust, my breasts bouncing up and down.

He began to fuck harder. He wanted me to cum.

"Come on bitch. Don't you like it?"

I felt the orgasm building. This was going to be a good one.

He smacked my thigh, and the orgams erupted.

I screamed, I fought against the ropes, I thrashed my head back and forth. My hips were grinding like mad.

I needed all of him.

He kept up his fucking until my orgasm was over, and then he immediately pulled out. He shot cum all over my stomach.

He leaned in between my ridiculously spread legs, and he kissed me.

"You're a good little slut."

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