By David (not Pierson)


The story is set in Blackstone College, a long established English boarding school catering for the 13 to 18 age group. Originally a boys' school, it is now co-educational although girls are very much in a minority.

Discipline is applied in the traditional way, with prefects appointed from the most senior pupils responsible for maintaining school rules and administering punishments. The latter are normally in the form of lines or detentions, but for more serious offences as the school rule book crisply puts it, "Prefects may cane". The cane is however used only as a last resort. Perhaps three or four juniors (13 to 15) feel the cane in any one term, but rarely more than 1 senior pupil.

Considerable formality attaches to the administering of a caning. The humiliation of having to submit to this combined with the pain of the beating itself has been found to have a salutary effect. The procedure is as follows. All offenders are called to appear before a formal Prefects' Meeting. Here their guilt or otherwise is determined and their punishment set. Canings themselves are always carried out in the evening after lights out. The miscreant prepares for bed as usual and then reports to the Prefect's office. The cane is then applied across the buttocks with only pyjamas for protection. When girls were admitted to the school, there was deemed to be no need for change, pyjamas being more than adequate to preserve decency.

Ultimately, of course, discipline is the responsibility of the Headmaster. Prefects will refer miscreants to the Head for the most serious offences or if for any reason they are unable to cope. Being sent to the Head for punishment is much feared. A really severe caning is the minimum consequence. It could mean suspension or expulsion, .

{Note on authenticity. Readers should be aware that certainly into the 1960s it was very common for prefects at boys' boarding schools in England to be allowed to cane fellow pupils in the manner described above. This portrayal of the caning of girls is fictional - but who knows what might have happened if girls had been admitted to these schools at that time?}

The Characters

Michael Fraser- Senior prefect. A natural leader and figure of authority. Knows what he wants and how to set about getting it.
Peter Grant- Duty prefect for the week. Somewhat shy with girls.
Jamilla (Milly) Shastra- 18 years old senior 6th former. English but of a traditional Indian background. A very slight girl with an almost boyish figure, only 5'2" tall, black hair to her shoulders and possessing a shy, attractive smile
Joanne Clark- 18 years old senior 6th former. Slim but with the classic English 'pear-shaped' figure - noticeably wider at the hips than the bust. 5'7" tall. Short blond hair and a pretty face

Part 1. Peter reflects

As Milly Shastra and Joanne Clark left the Prefects' Room, Peter reflected on what had just occurred. Basically, he concluded, they had been incredibly unlucky. In the first place they had been unfortunate to have been apprehended, but, secondly - and this is what really mattered - they were unlucky that such a severe punishment was going to be applied. In one sense he felt sorry for them. But, if he was honest with himself, it was sorrow mixed with anticipation of what was to come, especially after Michael Fraser's cryptic aside to him. What was it he had said? "Perhaps we'll get a chance to see what lies under their outer coating", or something like that.

About 10 minutes earlier the girls had been summoned into the weekly Prefect's Meeting. Little discussion of their offence had been necessary. When they did not have lessons senior pupils were allowed to leave the school grounds and go into the local town, but with the stipulation that if it was during the working day they must remain in full school uniform. Needless to say people tended not to take this restriction too seriously and it had started to fall into disuse. Milly and Joanne had really not thought twice before taking their ties off and slipping fashionable sweaters over their white blouses. In the High Street they had cheerfully greeted Mr Thursby, the Deputy Head, and it had actually taken them a few seconds to realise what he was talking about when he said sharply, "You two know the rules. School uniform is to be worn during the school day. I will be reporting this."

The girls had realised they had no alternative other than to admit the offence and had prepared themselves to suffer the indignity of receiving a detention or the such like. They had even smiled at Michael Fraser as if to say, yes we know we are in the wrong but this is scarcely a serious matter is it? They were totally unprepared for the look of thunder that crossed his face as he spoke. "You appear to be under the misapprehension that this is something to be treated lightly. I have to tell you that it is not. The Head spoke to me earlier this week and said that only last week he had had comments about the scruffiness of pupils from some of the town worthies. He was extremely concerned about the school's reputation and instructed me to stamp down as hard as possible on anyone found out of uniform." The girls had twitched uncomfortably as he had repeated, "As hard as possible".

Michael had continued formally, "I am therefore obliged to inflict on you the most severe form of punishment that is permitted". He had stared at Milly and Joanne. "You presumably know what I mean." The girls had looked stunned and had not replied. "Very well. Milly, please go to the cupboard behind you and bring out what you find there." And so, perhaps 30 seconds later, Milly had stood facing the prefects gingerly holding a vicious looking, crook handled cane. Michael had then pronounced sentence. "You will each receive six strokes across your bottoms. Report here this evening at lights out."

Part 2. Caned over pyjamas

And so it was that shortly after 10 p.m. Milly and Joanne began the long walk from their shared bedroom to the Prefects' Office. They were both dressed in conventional pyjamas comprising elastic-waisted bottoms and high buttoning tops pyjamas. Over this they wore ankle length dressing gowns tightly fastened. Peter answered their knock on the door and beckoned them in.

Michael opened the proceedings. "Right, both of you, take off your dressing gowns". They gingerly complied, not so much because of what they would be revealing but because of the indignity and of course because it would be bringing closer the awful moment when their caning would begin. "Milly, bring the chair to the middle of the room, stand astride the seat and bend over the back grasping the legs as close as you can get to the floor." Milly did this and strained to reach down as far as she could. With her bottom uppermost, she was now perfectly positioned for what was to come. Michael inspected her, a cold smile appearing on his face. He had seen a tell-tale line underneath her pyjama bottoms. "Excuse me for mentioning it", he said sardonically, "but do I detect a second layer of protection here?" Milly was highly embarrassed to have her knickers become the subject for discussion but she had to admit that this was indeed so. "This really is not on. When the school rules says pyjamas are to be worn for canings, it does not mean pyjamas and underwear. I'm going to have to increase the severity of the strokes to compensate." Michael winked at Peter as if to say, just wait and see what I'm hoping for.

With that he withdrew to the other side of the room, swished the cane a few times in preparation, and then began a skipping run-up. The cane came whipping down at full power with an alarming whirring sound. A final flick of the wrist resulted in an absolutely explosive impact. For a fraction of a second all was quiet. And then Milly, despite having braced herself for the worst, leaped up, shrieked and clamped her hands to her behind all in one movement. She then stomped around the room furiously rubbing herself and uttering mini sobs. It truly had been a devastating blow. Peter had never witnessed anything like it. He was in truth surprised. He had not realised that Michael had this cruel streak to his character.

"Well, let's not waste time while Milly composes herself," Michael coolly said. "Joanne, you take her place. I'll give you your first stroke and then we'll return to her." Joanne was already crying as she positioned herself. With reason as it quickly turned out. The stroke she received was every bit as vicious as Milly's. If anything, the tip of the cane bit even deeper into her broader and softer buttocks. Joanne lost control completely, collapsing on to the floor sobbing and begging. Michael looked on with satisfaction. Things were working out well.

"Milly, bend over again. Five more to come". To her credit, Milly eased herself back into position and a look of displeasure briefly crossed Michael's face. There was a long pause - deliberately elongated, thought Peter - as Michael prepared to deliver the next stroke. Much practice swishing, but eventually he began his run. It was at this point, hearing his feet moving forward, that Milly's nerve cracked. She broke away from her position over the chair. "Get back down immediately", Michael ordered. She began to obey, but then broke away again. "Oh, I can't, I just can't. Please don't hit so hard. How can we possibly take five more?" came out in frightened jerks. Another long silence followed. "OK, I certainly can't force you." Michael said, a look of triumph flicking across his face. "But I will , of course, have to send you on to the Head to deal with."

He turned to Joanne. "Right, you bend over again. Let's at least get on with your punishment." But Joanne had scarcely recovered from her first stroke, and having just seen Milly's reaction, there was absolutely no way that she was even going to be able to go through the pretence of getting back in position. "Two for the Headmaster it is then", said Michael and with a meaningful glance at Peter added, "And good luck to you, although I suspect that this will be the last we see of you here. The Head takes a very dim view of people not submitting to prefects' authority".

There was a strained silence. Then Milly hesitatingly spoke. "Oh please, no - not the Head. My Dad would kill me if he found out. I will try again to take to take it, but I plead with you, please, please, won't you be a little gentler. Anything, please." Joanne nodded in agreement.

At this, Michael nodded. "Wait outside", he said, "while Peter and I discuss the situation." When the girls had gone, Michael turned to Peter excitedly. "Do you think you might be interested to see what they look like underneath those pyjamas?" he asked. "If you do, just trust me and keep your mouth shut. I've been trying to contrive a situation like this for ages and I really think I've got them where I want them now". Peter, excitement rising, nodded his agreement. The girls were called back in.

Michael began. "When you hear what I'm going to propose, you'll understand that this is all completely unofficial. You must say nothing, and I promise you that we'll say nothing either. Nobody will ever find out. So nothing of this must ever go beyond these four walls. And frankly, "he finished dismissively, "nobody would believe you if you did say anything - it would all seem just too incredible. Is that understood?"

He seemed to be waiting for an answer. Milly and Joanne both gave a cautious "yes" whilst, if that were possible, becoming even more nervous of what was in store for them than they had been before.

Michael continued. "We're going to give you the opportunity to reduce the number of strokes you get. Instead of 6 you could get as few as 2. But if we're to do something for you, you're going to have to do something for us in return." He smiled. "Something we'd find rather interesting. It goes like this. You would return here tomorrow dressed exactly as you are now in underwear and pyjamas so as to arouse no suspicion. If you are then prepared to dispense with pyjamas, instead of the cane I used last night I would use this much lighter, less painful one." Michael took a slim cane out of the cupboard behind him and showed them. "If you are then prepared to remove underwear too, in addition to using the lighter cane I will also reduce the number of strokes. It's very much up to you. The severity and number of strokes you receive will depend on how many items of clothing you take off. The alternative, of course, is to take 6 over pyjamas as before or be sent to the Head. Return here at lights out tomorrow."

Part 3. The final caning

It was the same time on the following day. "Right, both of you take off your dressing gowns" They complied. "Milly, you first. The choice is now yours. Which cane do you want me to use?"

Milly Shastra had never even worn a bikini in public let alone allowed a boy to see her in only her underwear. It was a measure of her fear of the heavy cane that she whispered, "Oh, please, the light one."

Michael responded. "Joanne, sit over there. Milly, come to the centre of the room bringing the chair with you."

For the first time, Peter started to believe this was really happening. Sitting behind the desk as he was, only the upper half of him was visible and so he was able to arrange himself with trousers undone for comfort as he felt himself hardening. "Put your pyjama top on the coat stand," he heard Michael order Milly. Turning her back, she slowly undid the buttons and slipped it off her shoulders revealing her bra straps. She hesitated a moment but a grunt from Michael hurried her along and off it came. She placed it on the stand as instructed and stood quivering with her arms across her chest. "Arms by your side", Michael barked. Peter was pleasantly surprised to see that despite her slightness, Milly was curvaceous where it mattered. Her conservative, full cup bra looked as if it contained breasts worth viewing. "Now the bottoms", came the next command. As she lowered the pyjama trousers to the floor, slowly her knickers came into view - just plain white briefs finishing perhaps an inch above her buttocks. The sight of this petite, olive skinned girl in her sharply contrasting white underwear and clearly enormously embarrassed by now had Peter in a state of full excitement. Strange he reflected how seeing a girl in knickers and bra and knowing she was about to be caned could be so erotic whereas seeing that same girl sunbathing in a bikini would have almost no effect. He stroked himself ruminatively.

"Right, Milly", said Michael pleasantly, "you now have a choice. 3 strokes as you are or just 1 stroke if you care to take your brassiere off too." At these words, Peter became rigid with excitement scarcely able to wait for her response. But Milly seemed to have lost the power of speech. She shook her head violently and clasped her hands back to her chest. Clearly, her sense of modesty was stronger than her fear of the cane. If Michael was disappointed he did not show it. "Very well, stand astride the chair and bend over as last night". Milly struggled to comply but, in her nervous state, was not able to get as low as she had the night before. Or so she thought. Michael cried, "Get up on your toes then", and by way of encouragement tapped the cane gently upwards between her legs. Milly gasped and cringed at the feel of the cane on her most private parts. Peter nearly exploded.

Bent over with legs wide apart, Milly's knickers rode up slightly into her cleft. This revealed not only a goodly area of her buttocks but also the weal left by the previous day's stroke of the cane, now turned purple. Then came the 3 strokes with all the force Michael could muster and directed with skill so that each crossed the existing weal. It may have been the light cane but the cumulative effect was obviously agonising. She managed to stay in position for the first, but jerked upwards at the second and leaped frantically up and around the room after the third. By this time she had also found her voice - albeit an octave higher than normal.

When her yells had subsided, Michael calmly said, "Decision time again. Either the 3 final strokes as you are, or again the opportunity to reduce them to 1 by taking off your brassiere." This time pain had overshadowed Milly's other cares. No immediate words but she nodded and finally stuttered, "One more, oh, please just one more."

"Unhook it", was the next slightly surprising direction from Michael. She complied. "Now bend over again in the same position." It was a nice touch and in a sense the ultimate humiliation for a girl of Milly's background. Michael slipped the cane first under one shoulder strap and pushed it down over her arm, and then under the other. Finally he lifted the bra off with the cane and deposited it on the coat stand with her other clothes. And so it was that Peter's first view of her breasts was with them dangling below her and swinging slightly as she positioned herself for the final stroke.

Michael took careful aim, swung the cane with full force and again landed it on the same spot. It had the effect he wanted. Milly jumped up her hands clasped to her knickers, and her breasts jiggled, heaved and bounced as they tried to keep up with her writhings. She shrieked and shrieked again, only just managing to retain control. Peter too only just managed to retain control.

And so to Joanne. She too chose for the lighter cane, and as Michael had envisaged the sight of Milly's ordeal had had the desired effect. She immediately opted to remove her bra, revealing, much to Peter's disappointment, small, flat breasts. The first part of her caning was in fact something of an anti-climax, following as it did much the same pattern as the second part of Milly's. Then came the finale. Michael's words followed the same pattern. "Decision time again. Either the 3 final strokes as you are, or again the opportunity to reduce them to 1 this time by taking off your knickers too." Joanne scarcely hesitated. There was no way she could contemplate 3 more strokes.

Her hands went into the waistband of her knickers and off they came. A thick blond bush was revealed and firm, rounded buttocks with a deep cleft in-between. She then bent over the chair with her back to Peter. And suddenly it no longer seemed an anti-climax. The view could only be described as spectacular. Her legs were spread far enough to show the puckered entrance to her anus and to show off her labia to best advantage with the lips slightly parted. The real curtain raiser soon followed. Michael, as to be expected, did not spare her and the cane lashed down across the buttocks. A bright red weal sprang up immediately, but unlike Milly, Joanne did not. She clung on to the chair and jerked back her hips in thrusting, orgasmic like movements, shrieking as she did so. Peter could scarcely believe what he was seeing. It was the culmination of his excitement.

And so the evening ended, its happenings never to be mentioned again.

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