Jen an 18 year old school girl caned on her bare bum with mother and friends watching

Jen was aged 18 and was due to leave school in two months time. She did not like school and as a sixth former did not make life easy for her teachers. The school rules did not allow serious punishment to sixth formers so Jen thought she could get away with anything.

Jen was at home one evening and was playing music with two of her girl friends from school in her bedroom.. Jen had just got out of the shower and was dressed in her very smart looking bathrobe and nothing else.. Jens mum shouted up to her daughter to tell her she had a visitor. Jen came down grumbling to be met by her headmistress holding a punishment cane. Jen asked hat this was all about

Her mother said that the school had phoned home to complain about Jen's behaviour at school and had asked her mum to help. The head and Jens mum agreed that Jen needed discipline. The head was not happy to give her detention since she simply hadn't turned up when this was given before. Lines had the same impact. Jen a couple of weeks before had been ordered by a teacher to write out 100 times " I must behave better at school and stop disrupting class". Jen had not done these lines.

The next statement by her mum shocked Jen. Her mum had asked the head whether it was possible for Jen to be given the cane. The head said the school rules did not permit this. However her mum asked if Jen could be caned out of school by the head. The head checked the rules and there was nothing that would stop this if the parents agreed. So her mum said to Jen that the head had called to cane Jen. Jen thought this was a joke and started to go back up stairs, Her mother shouted that Jen was to come back to her this minute. Jen started to worry since she had not heard her mum raise her voice like this for a long time. The only person Jen was scared of was her mum when she shouted like this. In the past when in this mood her mum always spanked Jen walked to her mum and tried the humble approach. She said she would not misbehave at school and would do the lines. Her mother shouted that it was too late for this and a caning was the only action possible. Jen then tried the pleading approach. She pleaded not to be caned but again her mum said that she was to come to her and remove her bathrobe. Jen protested saying that she had nothing on under this robe but her mum said she knew this but that she was to be caned across her bare bottom. Jen desperation was made worse by the fact that her two friends hearing her mum shout had come out of the bedroom to see what was going on. The mum said to Jen's two friends that they should come down the stairs since they could watch Jen being caned. The girls didn't know what else to do so did as her mum had suggested. Jen was still pleading but to no avail.

Her mum started to get really upset and Jen knew now that she was not going to be able to avoid this very embarrassing caning. Jen asked if her friends could be told to go home but her mum shouted no ! Jen moved close to her mum and made one last attempt to save herself but her mum said 'strip now'. Jen resigned herself to her fate and removed her bathrobe putting her hands across certain parts of her body.. Even this was stopped when her mum ordered her to place her hands on her head. Jen did as told. Her mum ordered her to apologise to the head for her bad behaviour and to ask for the head to give her 'six of the best' with the cane across her bare bottom. Jen did as told. The head said that she would be pleased to cane her and would use much force. Jen waited for the instruction to bend over and touch her toes and her mum soon ordered this. Jen was told to turn her back to her friends who by now were sat down fascinated by what was happening to their previously very tough friend. Jen did as told and bent over to touch her toes. Her bum was now facing her friends and she realised that they were to get a good view of the caning that was about to happen. Her mum gave one more instruction which was not to move between cane strokes not even to rub her bum. If she moved in any way the cane stroke would be given again. Jen nodded that she understood

The head moved behind Jen and swished the cane through the air. Jen closed her eyes tight shut. Seconds late there was a 'swish' noise followed by a loud 'thwack' followed by a loud yell from Jen. The first cane stroke had landed hard on Jens bottom. Jen wanted to run away but the fear of her mum made her remain in position. The second stroke then landed with the same noise levels only with a louder yell from Jen. She was starting to breath very deeply. The third stroke landed. The pain was immense. Jen realised that this stroke had landed across where a previous cane stroke had landed. Jen started to cry and pleaded for no more cane strokes. Her mum told her to stop being a baby. The forth and fifth strokes landed quite quickly and Jen couldn't help herself and grabbed her angry bum with her hands and rubbed hard. Her mum told Jen that she was silly and would now get that cane stroke again. Jen now realised that nothing would stop this massive caning and she did her best to remain still.

Stroke five was delivered again The head now knowing that she had Jen exactly how she wanted her asked if she could deliver stroke six in a different way. She moved back six paces and asked her mum if she could run at Jen and cane her on the move. He mum said lets ask Jen if she wants the head to run at her for the last stroke. Jen knew she had no choice and mumbled that she would like the head to run at her and cane her this way,. Her mum playing the embarrassment idea well said that no one could hear Jen and would she speak louder. Jen spoke loudly and asked the head to run at her and cane her with all her might. The head said we always try to please our girls so it will be a pleasure. The head ran at Jen and brought the cane down with massive force across Jens bottom. Jen yelled loudly and felt that her skin must be broken. Jen started to get up but her mum aid 'have you been told that you can get up ?'. Jen didn't answer but got back down again and touched her toes. She realised what was going to happen now - she was going to be given yet another extra stroke of the cane. Her mum told the head to give one more stroke and the head delightfully did as told. Her mum then told Jen she could stand up and was to thank the head for this caning which she did deserve. Jen did as ordered.

Jen was told she could go to her room and that her friends were to go home. Jen checked her bum but the skin was not broken. Jen thought the head must have great skill at caning people. Jen had one more embarrassment to face when she returned to school. That was that she was to come before the daily morning assembly of all the girls and announce that she had been caned by the head at Jens home the night before. She did as told and thanked the head for trying to sort out her bad behaviour by giving her eight strokes of the cane on her bare bottom.. Many of the girls giggled since many of them felt that Jen was a bully anyway and got what she deserved.


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