The Bengali Girl by Hawk

My neighbor, an older Bengali woman named Rani had mentioned to me that she was having trouble with her nineteen year old granddaughter Celina. It appeared that Celina had recently become employed at a bank as a teller and in her free time was parting with her coworkers all snobbish sophisticates. Celina it seemed was becoming much to stuck up for her grandmother to handle - a little bitch who needed to be taught a lesson.

I told Rani about how I had occasionally had to give my niece Gisela a caning when she came for a visit. Rani didn't appear to be surprised infact I think that that she must have known about this now that I think of it.

The older Indian lady wondered if I might help her with her granddaughter and I agreed if only so that I could take full appreciation of the exotic looking nubile Celina bent over for a sound thrashing with my whippy rattan.

Celina is a girl of 5'4", she has full round breasts that always seem to be bulging out of her halter tops, and piercing almond shaped eyes and the nicest olive complexion that I have ever seen. Its hard not to look as she gets into her Volkswagen dressed in a suit jacket and tiny pinstriped skirts with feet clod in thick strappy heals.

Celina arrived at my door a few hours later freshly home from the bank. She said that her grandmother had explained to her what we had spoken of.

The girl was positively shaking and she would not look me in the eyes. I could see tears welling up in her kajal accentuated eyes. She kept switching her weight from thick heal to thick heal.

Eventually as we talked I managed to get Celina to admit that she had become a little snobbish of late and that perhaps she did deserve to be punished for neglecting her grandmother. I explained to her that since she agreed that she should return to tomorrow (Saturday) dressed as she would for work and I would administer her thrashing then.

Celina asked with concern exactly what her thrashing would consist of. I told that to be effective that it must be both painful and contain an element of humaliion. I would begin first by taking her over my lap and giving her swats with an old boot sole - the severe caning would follow with her gripping the seat of a chair butt turned up.

The nineteen-year-old frowned looking like a doe caught in headlights.

It was afternoon when Celina returned. I let her in and lead her to the sitting room where I had placed an embroidered changing stool.

She was dressed in a tight gray skirt cut much to low for the workplace, though I had seen her leave for her job in such before. A matching jacked covered her sleeveless white top beneath which I could just make out her brown nipples - she seemed to not be wearing a bra.

I lifted the inch think boot sole and sat on a chair. First I told Celina to remove her suit jacket then I told her to come over and bend over my knee.

Hesitantly Celina lowered herself over my lap. I pushed her tight pinstriped skirt up to the small of her back giving me a view of her shapely bottom encased in a gossamer white pair of panties.

Bringing the boot sole down as hard as I could Celina let out a yelp. She clawed into the rug with her French manicured nails as I walloped soundly with the leather sobbing and pleading for it all to end.

Once I thought her butt was well tanned I stood her up and adjusted the hem of her skirt. Celina began to rub her throbbing ass and her face contorted in pain every time she touched the seat of her skirt.

If she thought that the leather had hurt she was in for a big surprise. It did dawn on her to ask how many strokes of the cane she would be getting. I explained to her that as she had been a very naughty young women, she deserved no less then her age plus two strokes.

Moving over to the changing stool I told her to lift her skirt back which she did without any complaints. Then I told her to lower her panties, this she was not so ready to do. But I explained that a proper caning needed to be upon the bare flesh and added that before the strokes were over she would want her bottom bare as the fabric of her panties would irritate the welts from the rod.

With some grimacing she dropped the clingy panties adjusted her stance and bent over gripping the edge of the stool her dark hair hung forward over her tear stained face.

I told Celina she had to do only one thing, maintain her position or else earn another stroke.

Slashing the cane through the air I watched the young Bengali girl flinch and almost jump out of place even though the cane had yet to bit into her tender flesh.

A few more times I slashed the cane in the air intending to take her by surprise and indeed the first stroke brought an ear shattering howl, the next couple cuts landed in her more sensitive areas close to her sex which was on full display.

It was becoming harder for Celina to keep in place and more then once she almost jumped up but gripped fiercer to the stool.

My intent was to make her keep control of herself and no matter the pain get out of place. However number nineteen she jumped and had to reposition herself again so I added another stroke right where I had just slashed and she gave a deep moan. At twenty-two she did the same and I ended with one very hard cut across the fullness of her rear end.

After about a day Celina came knocking at my door again. She said she had talked with her grandmother and both thought it would be a good idea that from now on she should continue to make visits to me for attitude adjustments. I agreed and Celina has spent many a weekend day bent over being thrashed. She has even begun to keep a book of her misdeed.

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