Sixth Form school girl paraded naked in the school grounds and then caned by the head with parents watching . A short story from Al

Liz felt physically sick. It was the end of a school day on a Friday afternoon. She was stood upright in the heads study with her hands on head with her mum and dad sat watching.The head told her that she had been found with stolen property on her - she had denied any knowledge of it. She was told that the police could be called or that she could be expelled. However since her final exams were weeks away her parents had pleaded for neither of these actions to be taken. The head had agreed with her parents for her to be given a severe caning on her bare bottom as the least damaging of the punishments.

Since the news of her predicament had spread across the school it had further been decided that she would have to receive punishment for all to see. She would have to run round the edge of the school fields totally naked and then still outside have to bend over and touch her toes. At this point in front of her parents and of any pupils present she would be caned extremely hard across her bottom 8 times. She was not allowed to yell or move about or in any other way object or the caning would start again. Liz nodded her head in acceptance even tho' she felt this unfair since she still denied any theft.

Liz was told to go to the gym changing room and remove all her clothes.She was then told to return to the heads office. On its own this was embarrassing for her since this meant walking in public areas of the school over 200 yards . As she came out of the changing room naked she did notice external visitors to the school were still in the building and were viewing her naked form. She ignored them and reached the heads office as quickly as she could.The safety of this room was short lived since she was immediately marched outside by the head plus her parents. When they reached the school playground there was much noise from many pupils of all ages who had stayed behind at the end of the day to witness her punishment..

The weather was not kind - it was raining hard but this did not stop the head ordering her to run quickly round the school field. She did as told. When she got back to the group who were all sheltering under umbrellas she was soaking wet and out of breath. To her disappointment the head announced that she had not completed the run within the time set and would be given two further strokes of the cane which would now be ten

She was told to bend over and touch her toes. The head told her that since she was wet this would make the cane hurt even more The head moved behind her with the cane.She was given no warning and suddenly there was a swish ; crack as the first cane stroke hit her bottom.She winced but held back all needs to shout out..Within seconds the second stroke landed and her bottom felt as if it was on fire. She held her position.The third stroke landed across where a previous stroke had landed which increased the level of pain. Liz wondered whether she could get through ten strokes but before being able to answer herself the next stroke landed. For the next couple of minutes the head fiercely attacked her backside with the cane. When told she could stand up having received 10 strokes she struggled to do so such was her pain.

The head told her she had been very brave and asked her parents to take her home. Her mum wrapped her in a dressing gown and with great difficulty she was driven home. Once she reached the house she walked in great discomfort from the car and noticed some neighbours had come out from their houses to watch even though it was still raining.

For the rest of the weekend she spent all her time in her room in pain and reflecting on what an unfair world it could be

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