John and Lori's First Strapping by Holly

It had been a long and lonely drive to our mountain cabin. I had tears streaming down my cheek, during most of the drive. I was angry and confused. I couldn't understand what had happened. Why was I so hurt? Was I the one that was wrong? John and I had been married for only 4 years and already our sex life, according to him was dull and boring. He was honest enough to tell me but I guess I didn't take him to serious until I saw him at the local tavern. Some slutty blond bent over playing pool, wiggling her ass in front of John. It seemed innocent enough but Johns been dropping hints about wanting to spank me for probably over a year. My reaction to him had always been " no way , in your dreams!" My guess is, that night if I hadn't stopped by the bar to apologize for being such a brat earlier that day, he would have had his dreams come true. To make things even worse, as I was walking over, to ask him what the hell was going on, I noticed the bulge sticking out of his jeans. How could I miss it. John was quite indulged. He's penis was actually to big and thick for sex to be even comfortable. When we'd make love I'd always have to resist his urges to ram it in as far as he wanted. And there it was, plain as day, making his jeans look like a pup tent. When he saw me standing there in front of him, staring at this display of desire sticking out of his pants, he knew. No way of hiding how excited he was. I was speechless. I was so hurt and angry all I could do was turn around and run out the door. I heard him call out my name a few times but didn't stop to respond to some dumb excuse.

The long drive up to the cabin gave me a lot of time to think. By the time I was there I started to wonder if I had over reacted. If maybe, most of the problems we've been having are mostly my fault. After all, I was going to the tavern to apologize for telling him to shut up.And now I had taken off on a two-hour drive without telling anybody where I was going. Sometimes my temper could get the best of me. It was too late now. I was at the cabin and I was going to make the best of it. I sat on the porch for a couple of hours,sipping wine and watching the sunset.The whole time wondering what John was doing and just how mad he was going to be. Because he had no clue where I was. I had sipped a lot of wine over the last couple of hours and I was definitely feeling a little tipsy. It was time to go to bed and sleep it off. I had come up here so hastily and brought nothing to sleep in.The only thing I could find to sleep in was one of John's button up shirts. As I put it on I could smell his cologne lingering in the air. It made me miss him even more, but the thought of driving back was not an option. I was way too intoxicated. Now I was really starting to feel bad about what I had done. My guilty conscience was overwhelming. All I could think about was my behavior and how I probably put our marriage in jeopardy. John rarely lost his temper. But it seemed like I was always losing mine. And I could say some pretty cruel things when I was mad. I started thinking John probably, wasn't to far off base, wanting to spank me right about now.My Father use to take the belt to me for far less than this. I was much younger then and my mouth always got me in trouble. Still gets me in trouble. But just the thought of submitting to my husband for a good old fashion spanking seemed too embarrassing to imagine. After all he wasn't my father, even though he was old enough to be. But still I couldn't get the thought out of my mind. Maybe its what I needed but there was no way I could submit to it now. After all the times I had denied him the opportunity. I'd be afraid he wouldn't be able to stop. Wouldn't want to stop. My head was spinning because of the wine and before I knew it, I'd dozed off to a deep sleep.

I awoke to hearing what I thought was a car door slamming shut. It made me jump for a second. I sat up in bed and listen carefully. No doubt about it, cause then I heard footsteps coming up the front porch..Who the hell is this I thought? My head still spinning from the wine, I thought maybe I was dreaming. Then the screen door opened, no question. there was somebody at the door.Thank God I locked it before I passed out. My heart was racing now with all sorts of things racing through my mind. The biggest thought was "what a dumb thing I did coming up here alone". Who was to stop some pervert from coming in and raping the hell out me? Doing whatever he wanted for hours and then tossing my dead body off the side of the road.. I was shaking so bad, my head spinning and my heart racing. I thought I was going to pass out. I heard the footsteps walk around to the side window and stop, I could see the shadow of a man from the porch light behind him, trying to look in the window. I got out of bed quietly and started blindly looking for my cell phone. It was in my pants pocket on the floor and when I opened it up, there was no signal. It was just about then I heard what sounded like John's voice. " Lori, ...Lori are you in there?" "John?" I screamed. " Yea, its me. Open the dam door Lori". I was so scared I had tears by the time I opened the door. I was so glad to see it was John. I forgot what I had done and wrapped my arms around him before he had a chance to say anything. When he didn't react in the same manner. He stood there with his arms at his side. It dawned on me just what I had done and he had a right to be pissed.He shut the door behind him, as I was rambling on and on about how sorry I was. Talking a hundred miles a minute, Trying not to give him a chance to speak before I tried to weasel out of my behavior. Hoping after he heard what I said and how sorry I was he'd forget and forgive, Fat chance that was ever going to happen. He said " You know Lori, you need to shut-up and listen to what I'm going to say!". My heart just about stopped right then. I know my mouth did. He had never talked to me that way before. And to say the word " shut-up". I knew he was pissed. I could see it on his face. I stood there in silence. Waiting for him to say something next. He walked to the kitchen and started looking through the drawers. What the hell was he looking for?? " Honey, can I help you find something?" I nervously asked. " No, you can go sit your ass on the couch and be quite!". Wow, He'd never talked to me this way before. there was no question in my mind just how angry he was. I did as I was told for a change. As I turned around and sat on the couch I saw he finally found what he was looking for,.a spatula. Whats he doing with that? I thought. He turned around and leaned against the counter. I couldn't help but keep looking at that cooking implement in his right hand. I didn't say a word. I sat there being quite. Just as he instructed me to, Waiting for him to make the next move. He stood there for what seemed forever , not doing anything except staring at me. Finally he spoke " Young lady..........You have no idea how mad I am right now" He said in a surprisingly calm voice. He'd never used the phrase " young lady" before. It was then I realized what he had in mind. At that moment I felt a rush of excitement. My thoughts rushing to how I was going to react? If I was going to just accept the fact, I deserved it and do what I was told. Would I let him take me anyway he wished? I felt a heat starting to radiant in between my thighs. thoughts were bouncing everywhere. " You know how worried I was?" he asked. I started to answer and was quickly put to silence with a finger pointed at me. I knew what that meant. "hush, not a word. You need to listen for a change". His voice getting louder and more stern. " I drove everywhere looking for you, I talked to your Father, your girl friends, your brother, every body!". " I looked for 3 or 4 hours. I called your cell phone and left 6 messages. My God Lori , I even called the hospital I was so fucking worried!" Now he was yelling, and loud. I'd never seen him so mad. I was starting to get real nervous because the louder he got the more he moved that spatula around in his hand. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. It's all I could think about at the time. That, and how the heat between my thighs turned to a moist flow of desire. I could feel my panties getting wet. It turned me on to see John so in command, So powerful and domineering. "Lori, do you want this marriage to work?" "Yes" I muttered. "Because so do I, but things are going to have to change. Change big time. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to make it work and I mean whatever it takes?" "Yes, honey I'll do whatever it takes, I promise if you'll" He bluntly interrupted me and said " Stop! All I want to hear from you right now is yes and no. Do you understand?". "Yes" I said. We're going to start with your month, young lady". I'm sick and tired of the way you talk to me. Do you understand?" "Yes" I answered again. "I've brought up the subject of spanking before and you would have nothing to do with the idea. Thats going to change if you want this marriage to work. And its going to change right now!" . "Yes sir" I said very softly.

I couldn't believe what was coming from my own mouth. But my pussy was steaming hot and almost dripping with passion right about now. My heart was still racing and I my hands couldn't stop shaking from anticipation and fear.

He came over and grabbed me by the arm and lead me one of the kitchen chairs. Before I knew it I was draped over his knee, waiting for the spanking of my life. I felt his large muscle, hard as a rock , against my belly. I knew he was even more excited than I was. He lifted up the shirt I was wearing and calmly placed his hand on my mounds. "you know how much I love you Lori?" "Yes I do" I whispered almost in a cry.". "This is going to hurt Lori, and you're going to cry, no doubt.But hopefully you'll learn a lesson and we wont have to do this very often." Are you ready ?" "Yes" I murmured like a little girl. He put his fingers around the top of my panties and pulled them down to the bottom of my butt. The brisk air in the cabin rush over my exposed ass. I felt an excitement I've never experienced before. A submissive part of me I was never willing to let go of. Never show anyone, in fear of not being the strong person I'd always st rived to be. It felt good. Right. Safe. I was totally giving myself to someone I loved and trusted. Allowing him to do whatever he wanted with my body and mind. He gently put one hand on the back of my neck and held me firmly. I felt his other hand leave the comfort of my waiting ass. Then.........oh god, the first smack brought a wave of pain and desire I've secretly been waiting for all my life. My mind rushed to places it had never been before. To being a naughty little girl, his slave, his plaything, submitting to whatever he wanted. As he spanked me again and again, my ass felt like it was on fire. It hurt so bad I didn't think I was going to be able to take much more. But what choice did I have. I was there for his pleasure and my punishment. I could feel the moisture, dripping down the front of my pussy. I could feel his rock hard cock,against my belly getting bigger and bigger. He'd switch from one side of my ass to the other. The swats were coming faster and faster without a word being said. I would clinch my ass cheeks with every anticipation of the next blow. My feet were kicking up and down by now. I was pleading for him to stop. Which seem to make him swing even faster and harder. The tears were streaming down my face and I was crying like a little child. Sobbing, then taking quick short breaths to be able to let out another scream. The screams turned into quivering sobs as his blows started to slow down. I had completely let go of all my inhibitions, all my anger. As I lay there across his lap, I felt exhausted, cleansed, free. He finally stopped, resting one hand on my lower back and the other rubbing my fiery ass around in gentle circles. I was disappoint, yet somehow grateful it was over. then he spurts out something that brought me to almost a state of shock. " Young lady, we're not done yet. I want you to go to the bedroom and lean over the edge of the bed. do you understand?" he ordered. " I started to plead " John please, I cant........" He interrupted snapping loudly " Now! young lady and not a word!" . He made me jump in fear. I ran off to the bedroom and did what I was told. I heard him enter the room right behind me. As I laid there looking behind me to see what he was doing he shouted " eyes forward" . I did as he commanded. I heard the clicking of what I was sure was his belt and then a slapping sound that it makes when pulling out around his trousers. I was in for a strapping I would never forget. Without even time to think I felt the first blow against the back of my thighs. God! the pain was unbearable. I jerked a foot off the bed and let out a scream that I'm sure the neighbors could hear if we had any. "Count them " He ordered " "one" I let out in a sharp tone. Another blow comes almost immediately, "One, thank you sir!" He snapped once again. " One, thank you sir" I blurted out quickly. I couldn't believe he wanted me to thank him for every strap I got. But what choice did I have. I wanted this marriage to work and I wanted him to be happy. I wanted us to be happy. He strapped me so hard and mercilessly, that after a while my ass grew numb. I only continued crying because of the humiliation and guilt I felt about bringing us to this place in our relationship. As he finished up, he took me in his arms and set me on his lap. The pain of his rough jeans against my red, bruised butt was intense. He wiped the tears from my cheeks and handed me a kleenex for my nose. Brushed the hair away from my face and tucked it behind my ears. He seemed so loving and calm afterwards. He told me how much he loved me and that he was sorry for finding it necessary to spank me so hard. I assured him it was OK and whispered in his ear " Thank you baby, I feel so much better now, I'm sorry for the way I behaved". He stood up and lead me over to the edge of the bed. Guided me to bend over in the spanking position I was just in. But this time I felt his throbbing, rock hard love lay between my ass cheeks. He slid his rock, up and down my crack for awhile before I begged him to be inside of me. With every push and thrush ....I cold feel how sore my butt was from the loving discipline he had administered. I felt his cool balls slap against my red hot ass. His hand reached around and fingered my wet pussy till my body almost instantly started to jerk out of control. I went into what seemed like convulsions. My whole body jerking around like a fish out of water. He brought me over the edge by pulling out and releasing his warm juices between the crack of my ass. It was something I desperately needed, to smooth my glowing red mounds.

That was twenty long years ago. John and I have been happily married the whole time. As far as my behavior? I'd like to say I've been a good girl the whole time but I'd be lying. What fun would that be?

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