Nurse Byron and the Manor House - Part 1 of 4 by Richard Windsor

Lyn Byron had worked for the same nursing agency for four years now. Most of her assignments were in nursing homes, with the occasional engagement in a private house. Her next assignment was to be one that would change her life forever.

Lyn was busy with her laundry when she called the agency to check her schedule for that week. She was told of a new engagement in a private home with an elder gentleman. As per his wish, he wanted to spend his recovery time at home following his operation. To help with the pain he would need round the clock care for a few days as the pain medication would put him in and out of consciousness.

It was Monday that was to be her first day at work. After getting herself ready, she started on the drive to take over from the night nurse at this new patients home. Pulling into the driveway she was caught in awe at the size of the house, it was like a stately mansion, an eighteenth century house deep in the Virginia wilderness.

Lyn met with the night nurse and was told about the current situation. Mr. Richards had had reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, Lyn was to primarily bath him and tend to the dressing of his wounds. When he was awake, she was to be at his beck and call for anything that he desired and was to prepare him some food; she was also to administer pain medication should he require any.

When Lyn arrived she discovered that the house was huge, Mr. Richards' room was in the left wing and her first sight of him caused her to smile. He was propped up in bed eating breakfast, his leg held up by a sling attached to a rolling pulley above him. They exchanged pleasantries and Lyn was immediately drawn to his heavy English accent, like a deep brooding calmness. She blushed slightly as she removed his breakfast tray, the immediate attraction she felt for him all the more present as she was right next to him.

Mr. Richards told Lyn that she would probably be quite bored during the day; he was still under the effects of the surgery and would need more pain medication. He had asked that she shave him and wash his upper body during the daytime while she was there. Mr. Richards gave Lyn his permission to treat the home like her own, with the exception that she wasn't to go in the basement, nor go into the locked room at the other end of the corridor. Lyn brushed him off and said that she wouldn't be far away, even though her mind was already intrigued in exploring this beautiful house.

Lyn took the breakfast tray away and left Mr. Richards to watch the TV, as she cleaned the thought crossed her mind that she had done all that nursing training to end up washing dishes. The thought didn't last long though as she peered around the beautiful kitchen, the guy must be a millionaire she thought to herself. Before heading back to check on him, Lyn decided to check out the floor that he was on. There were four bedrooms and two bathrooms, plus a main study and a room at the end of the corridor. Mr. Richards had forbid Lyn access to this room, but the imp inside of her wanted to check it out anyway. It was a fruitless task as she turned the handle to find the room was solidly locked, it still caused her intrigue though to know what was behind the door.

There was work still to be done so Lyn prepared a warm bowl of water to shave Mr. Richards. She entered the room with the bowl and sighed as she saw him fast asleep, still propped upright by the pillows. The medication had kicked in hard. Lyn set the bowl down to the side and lathered up her hands with the shaving cream, carefully moving his head to apply it. When completed she dried her hands and started to shave him. It was quite uncomfortable being that she had to constantly lean across him and there were pains starting to come in her back. So to alleviate the pain she climbed upon the bed and straddled him, though this was also difficult due to her tight skirt. Looking around her as if there were a set of peering eyes, she decided to lift her skirt in order to sit on him properly. This was a much better choice, her skirt hiked up out of the way and the crotch of her pale blue polka dot panties pressed into the pajama shorts that he wore.

Very meticulously Lyn completed the shave of this handsome man, though through the contact of her gyrating hips he had subconsciously grown an erection. Lyn felt this fully as she slowly grinded against him and she began to rock her body back and forth slightly, it didn't take long before his erection sprang through his shorts. Lyn looked between her legs when she realized this and blushed with a faint smirk. Her panties had become soaked as she grinded them against his manhood as her hands rested on his chest. The sense of realization came to her though that this probably wasn't a good idea, and even though her desire wasn't one of stopping, she decided to climb off of him.

Lyn left her skirt up as she studied the sleeping man now beside her, his erection glistening with the juices that her wetness had left behind. Now with a sense of embarrassment she soaped up the washcloth to rid him of any evidence she had left behind. Slowly, and very gently, she began to wash his erection, most of the time with a huge smile on her face as she grabbed, grasped and pulled at his manhood. She dried it off with a final smile and bent down to give the tip a kiss. This small kiss resulted in several more kisses and her tongue traced all of the contours of his penis. It had to stop though, so Lyn patted it slightly and tucked it away beneath his shorts before continuing to wash down his chest, arms and face. Once completed she took the bowl and walked away from him, her skirt still tucked up around her waist, even though she knew he couldn't see her, she still managed to wiggle her bottom sexily as if he was watching her as she walked away.

An hour or more had passed and Lyn had become restless in the living room, there was still plenty of the house to explore and probably hours before Mr. Richards awoke, so now was probably a good time to go snooping. The main level of the house was just as she expected, filled with lavish rooms and expensive furniture, each room presenting its own little mystique as to how and why it was created. Finally, she arrived at the top of the basement stairs. Now she had remembered him clearly telling her that the room was out of bounds, but being a curious kitty she thought that what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him. Very slowly she began to descend the stairs towards the alcove that seemed more dimly lit than the rest of the house.

At the end of the alcove was a huge oak door, gently Lyn's hands grasped the huge turning handle and the door was slowly opened, her heart raced as the door creaked loudly when she opened it. A nervous excitement went through her body about entering a room that she wasn't supposed to be in. The first thing that she noticed in the middle of the room was a gymnastics horse, there were no handles on the horse, only a leather strap across it tied in the middle like a belt. Her burrow frowned with puzzlement as she tried to work out its use. On the other side of the horse was a small wooden box, attached to the box were two poles standing upright on either side of it, yet another unusual piece of equipment that she had no idea of its purpose. The room itself was pretty threadbare, just a small armless chair and two closets was all that she saw. The thought in her mind at this time was why this room had been declared out of bounds, perhaps the closets held the key to that answer.

Her mouth was dry and she licked her lips to moisten them as she approached the first closet, opening it, her eyes enlarged like saucers. Inside of the closet was like a leather paradise, there were leather paddles of every shape and size, riding crops, floggers and a few large straps. "What a kinky bugger" she allowed herself to whisper out loud, though her interest was also piqued at this array of fine leather toys. Without closing the door she turned back towards the horse, it was now clear what its purpose was for. Lyn quickly scurried up the stairs to check on Mr. Richards, once assured that he was still fast asleep she walked slowly back down to the basement.

The first thing that Lyn did upon reentering the basement was to walk to the horse in the middle of the room. Though the whole thing appeared dark and mysterious, it was turning her on by the second. Her fingers traced the fine velvet on top of the horse and she also ran her hand across the tied belt across the middle of it. The little devil inside of her came to the forefront and she placed her hands on top of the horse and jumped up face first over it. It was now evident what the poles on the other side were for; she laid face down over the horse and grabbed a pole in each hand to hold her steady. This was an amazingly hot feeling and Lyn felt her juices beginning to flow once more as she laid there.

Lyn got off the horse and headed back to the closet to once more look at all the toys in there. A leather paddle, long in length, with two pieces of leather sewn together at one end caught her eye and she blushed as she picked it up. Sauntering back, she carried the paddle with her over to the horse and set it down on the velvet top. Feeling very flushed her hands went to the hem of her short nurses skirt, very slowly she inched it up over her waist. For the second time she jumped up onto the horse going face first over it, grabbing hold of the poles she started to grind her hips against the plush velvet, moaning with pleasure at the wonderful sensation it caused. Stopping with the grinding for a moment, Lyn just laid there prone and felt the vulnerability of her bottom sticking up high in the air, her thin blue panties stretched tightly across her bottom. With her right hand she reached back and grasped the leather paddle behind her, and then taking firm hold of the pole in her left hand she used the paddle to rub it over her own exposed bottom. Her body continued to gyrate as she did this and slowly she raised the paddle up high, letting it smack down firmly on her right butt cheek, she gasped at the sting it caused and repeated the motion on her left cheek. For the next few minutes she would rub the firm leather over her bottom and alternate this with several swats of the hard leather to her own butt.

Lyn had laid there for ten minutes, rubbing and spanking her own bottom with the paddle, getting herself worked up into a highly charged sexual state. She stopped the rubbing and turned the paddle sideways; using the tip of it she started off at the top of her panties and pushed the paddle into her crevice of her bottom. The firm leather continued its descent towards the soaking wet area of her flimsy panties. Slightly parting her legs she allowed the firm paddle to work its way between her legs and she pressed it firmly against her pussy, rubbing it up and down before letting it settle against her clit, then very gentle in a circular motion she allowed the firm leather to bring her to a final state of ecstasy.

When she was finished, Lyn's body temperature seemed to have risen twenty degrees, her panties were soaked through as she climbed off the horse and she quickly removed them from her body, stuffing them in the pocket of her nurse's uniform before quietly putting the paddle back in the closet. After rearranging her skirt she went back upstairs to Mr. Richards who was slowly beginning to come back to a state of consciousness. For the rest of the day Lyn quietly spoke with the handsome stranger, carrying a little secret guilt inside of her over what she had done while he was asleep. For the next two weeks she would revisit him, though on subsequent visits he was fully alert and her little secret was to be between her and the dark room in the basement, though it gave her a slight thrill to know that she had done something so mischievous while he laid there unconscious to the world.

At the end of the two weeks, Mr. Richards was up and about, he still wore a plastic cast and had to walk with the aid of a cane, but his nursing requirements would now only be needed on a weekly basis to tend to his foot and ankle, the daily care was now something of the past. When finally alone he took his keys and walked to the end of the corridor, the one room that nobody had been in since his surgery. He sat down at the desk in front of a large screen. He pulled the computer keyboard out and entered the date, 6/15/06, the first day that he had been confined to his bed for 24 hour nursing care. Settling on the date he pressed enter, and then he sat back and began to watch the footage of all the security cameras that had been placed in each room of his house on the big screen in front of him. "I wonder what those naughty nurses have been up to" he thought to himself.

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