Nurse Byron and the Manor House - Part 2 of 4 by Richard Windsor

Mr. Richards had watched the video over and over, his emotions went from anger to humor and back again at a frequent pace. There was only one thing saving this naughty nurse at this point, and that was the fact that in the basement she was spanking herself and bringing herself to pleasurable fulfillment. He had a decision to make, will he report her behavior to the authorities, or would he offer her the opportunity to redeem herself through punishment at his hands?

The following week was decision day, the decision was not an easy one, nor was it a comfortable one to bring up. Nurse Lyn Byron was the nurse on duty at his house that day and Mr. Richards spent the day trying to decide a way to bring the subject up. It was probably during the dressing of his foot and ankle that he decided to raise the issue. Lyn was dressing his foot with her back to Mr. Richards; his eyes during this time were focused totally on her bottom. She was quite a sassy young thing and he smirked devilishly as he watched her cute bottom jiggle beneath her short white nurses' uniform.

"Nurse Byron" he said calmly "You are aware that there are security cameras posted all over this house, right?"

A wave of fear swept through her body as she heard these words. She tried to stammer an answer for him "Err, no, I wasn't aware of that"

"Yes, there is one right above that mirror over there"

Lyn blushed as she recalled straddling his lap and gyrating against his body, she said nothing back to him as her body was overcome with chills.

He continued. "There is also a security camera in the basement. A basement that I specifically forbid that ANYBODY enter"

Lyn froze; she wasn't sure how to handle this situation. Did she plead her case? Did she plead ignorance? Did she just ignore him and hope that it would go away? All of these thoughts and yet all she could do is stare at the ground and pout.

Mr. Richards peered over his glasses at the trembling girl in front of him "Now how do you suppose that we should handle this situation, Nurse Byron?"

A tear of shame came to her eyes as she said quietly "I'm really sorry Mr. Richards, I had no idea that there were cameras and I just got a little carried away"

Looking sternly Mr. Richards admonished her "Yes, young lady, you DID get carried away, didn't you?"

The words "Young lady" sent chills down her spine, her mind automatically floating back to the time when she was face down over her Uncles lap, feeling his hairbrush on her upturned bottom. How could a grown woman feel like that? What was it that made his words make her feel this way?

"Quite frankly Nurse Byron" he continued "I'm really not sure how we should handle this situation. I have several video tapes, and I am very tempted to notify the authorities of your behavior while I was unconscious"

Her inner fears were realized, the resignation that she had really fucked up this time. Would he believe that she had never done anything like that before? Was it even worth trying to plead that case? She tried to peer upwards from looking at the ground "Oh please Mr. Richards, that would be the worst thing that anyone could possibly have to deal with"

He wasn't smiling anymore; he just kept staring at her over the rim of his glasses. Once she caught sight of his eyes she immediately looked back at the ground. "I would say that what I went through would be pretty close to the worst thing that anyone would have to deal with, wouldn't you?"

Lyn shifted uncomfortably on her feet, the embarrassment was intolerable. She bit her bottom lip briefly before saying to him "Is there anyway that I can make it up to you Mr. Richards? I am really sorry and I want to make things right"

Those were the words that Mr. Richards had hoped to hear, there certainly was a way that she could make it up to him, but it would cost her dearly. The alpha male began to rise from deep within him as he studied the shame ridden nurse standing meekly in front of him. "You want to make it up to me, Nurse Byron?" he asked.

Lyn kept looking at the floor and only offered a silent nod in his direction, the nod almost seemed overemphasized as Lyn tried to make sure that he had noticed it.

"Let me ask you a question then young lady, just how do you suppose that you could make it up to me?"

"I have no idea Sir" she replied, almost kicking herself for blurting out the word Sir!!

"As you are well aware, from the evidence on the videotape, I have quite a personal collection in my basement. In fact, on the videotape you seemed quite interested in trying out some of the things down there."

Lyn blushed even redder than before as she remembered lying across the horse and spanking herself, picturing in her mind what it must have looked like to him on the video.

Mr. Richards continued "I see that you have two choices Nurse Byron. Either I take some type of action with the appropriate authorities, or, I take action MY way, and I'm pretty sure that you know what I mean by that young lady! I will give you until next week to make up your mind on the direction that you want to proceed"

Lyn was pretty sure she knew what he meant, she was already aware that any evidence couldn't possibly leave that house, so that only left her with one choice. While she knew what that choice would mean, she wanted to know exactly what he had in mind. The room itself had been of intrigue to her anyway since the day that she discovered it; in fact, it would be fair to say that most of her masturbation sessions since that day had included some type of image from that basement. Gazing at Mr. Richards, Lyn asked him the question. "Just what exactly does your way entail Mr. Richards?"

Mr. Richards smirked and used his cane to help himself stand up. Lyn's eyes immediately shot downwards again as his large frame towered over her. "My way, Nurse Bryon... May I call you Lyn?" Unable to speak, Lyn just nodded her head. "My way, Lyn, will involve a couple of things. Firstly, I will put you across my knee and give you a good sound spanking. Have you ever been spanked before Lyn?"

Lyn just stood there trembling, goose bumps appearing all over her body. But she offered no response. Mr. Richards took a step closer "I asked you a question and I expect an answer young lady" he demanded with a strict air of authority.

"Not since I was a teenager Sir" she replied meekly "I did play around with a boyfriend a few times for a bit of fun"

"What I have in mind will be anything but fun, Lyn. What I have in mind will be a punishment for your outrageous behavior young lady. Not only will I spank you, but I will also have you over the spanking horse that you already seemed to have enjoyed, except this time you will not being bent over it, you will straddle it and I will put that leather paddle of mine to proper use"

Lyn had already pretty much resigned herself to accept whatever he had suggested; she just wanted to hear it for herself. There was a little tingle of excitement running through her body, but there was also that side of her that vividly remembered standing at her Uncle's side with her shorts at her ankles as he lectured her prior to her spankings. Certainly those weren't the fondest memories she had growing up, but in this instance there was a combination of excitement and nervous apprehension as she stood there studying the carpet below her. His tone and demeanor had also started to create a sense of sexual excitement as well and she was aware of the wetness beginning to form in her panties.

With a little confidence, Lyn looked up at the handsome man "If I accept your terms Sir, what will you do with those videotapes?"

"If you accept those terms Lyn, then I will give you the tapes and they will be yours to do with as you please"

Lowering her head one final time, Lyn uttered the words that he wanted to hear. "Very well, Sir, I accept your terms and I would like to repay you at your discretion".......

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