Bed Time Spanking by Chelsea James

She was told to go get ready for bed. Obediently, she went off to put on her jammies and brush her teeth. When she came back into the room he was seated on the edge of the bed. He patted the spot next to him for her to sit down. He brushed her hair out of her face and gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead. He had told her that they would have a long discussion about her behavior, why he would not allow it, and why she would be getting a hard bedtime spanking for it. He held her hand gently as he spoke to her. When she would look down he reminded her that she needed to look at him when he spoke to her. His tone was gentle, yet firm. He told her that he cared far too much to allow this behavior to go on. That she was precious to him and he would not stand idly by as she did things that would endanger her well-being. As he spoke tears, welled up in her eyes. Not because she was scared or was trying to get out of her punishment, but because she felt so cared for, unconditionally. He made it clear that it was her behavior and not her that he was upset with. After he had made his point to her he helped her up and gave her a tight hug. He held her hands as she stood in front of him. He asked her if she understood why she was about to be punished. As she nodded in acceptance of the forthcoming correction, he placed his fingers in the waistband of her pj bottoms and they were soon in a puddle around her ankles. He patted his knee and told her to come across it. She complied and he eased her over his knee and into position. Her bare bottom vulnerable and unprotected. He caressed her bottom gently and continued to speak to her in a calm, but authoritative manner. When asked if she was ready, she buried her head in the blankets on the bed and nodded. His hand crashed down onto her bare bottom leaving an outline of his handprint on her otherwise pale bottom. She whimpered as he gave her other cheek the same treatment. He paused for a brief second to admire the handprints he had just placed upon the naughty girl's bare bottom, then quickly went back to his job of supplying her with correction. Soon the handprints melted into a bright pink which quickly turned deep red as the spanking continued. She dug her toes into the carpet and grasped at the sheets as the effects of the punishment began to take their hold on her. Soon she could not hold back the tears anymore and began to beg and plead with him to stop. He silently continued the discipline. She instinctively reached back to cover her bottom and as she did he firmly took her wrist and pinned her arm behind her back. He told her to keep her hands out of the way, that this was punishment and she must accept it. To reprimand her he placed several hard spanks to the tops of her thighs and her tender sit-spot. She cried out in pain and promised to be good if only he would stop. He gently told her that he knew it hurt, but he must punish her and he must not let her get away with such behavior. He released her arm after she promised to keep her hands out of the way. Again, he continued to chastise her bare bottom with his hand. Her bottom now a fiery red. She lay across his lap, still, exhausted, and sobbing. After about a dozen more hard spanks he stopped the spanking and looked down at the young lady across his knee crying. He gently caressed her bottom and told her to just relax. After she had calmed down a bit he helped her off his lap and sat her next to him on the bed. He wrapped his arms around her tightly and gently wiped the tears streaming from her eyes. He told her that it hurt him to have to punish her this severely, but that she must learn. Her punishment was far from over. He had decided that it she had gone too long without knowing what it felt like to be punished with the belt. When he told her that she would be bent over pillows at the edge of the bed she cried and pleaded with him to not spank her anymore. He explained to her that he did this out of the deepest caring and that there is a time in every little girl's life that she must experience a spanking with Daddy's belt. Today would be her day. He stood her up and she watched him position the pillows that she would be placed over. He hugged her tightly again and gave her another kiss on the forehead. She was scared, but not of him. Scared of how much the belt was going to hurt. He guided her across the pillows and positioned her so that her bottom was propped high and in perfect position to receive punishment. The only sounds in the room were the nervous beating of her heart and the jangle of the belt as he pulled it from the loops of his trousers. He doubled the belt over and lightly slapped her bottom with it. He asked if she was ready. She nodded as the tears streamed down her face once more. The belt whistled through the air and snapped against her bare bottom. The pain was more intense than she ever imagined. The sensation of burn and sting and hurt all in one stroke. Before she could catch her breath her bottom was lashed again. Slowly, methodically, he applied the belt to her bare bottom eliciting a cry from her as each stroke made contact. Deep red marks the width of the belt appeared on her bottom, covering both cheeks. She grasped the blankets as tightly as she could. He paused, surveying his work. He asked her if she had learned her lesson. She promised him that she had, that she would be good, that she would be an angel. He asked her to tell him what she learned. She looked over her shoulder, tears streaming down her face and recited to him all the behaviors she would no longer partake in. Satisfied with her answer, he told her that ten more would be given and then it would all be over. He told her to dig her toes in and get her bottom up high for him. These last ten would be ones to remember. She obeyed, wanting to end the punishment as soon as possible. He applied the last ten quickly and hard. Her cries after each lash across her bottom were tearing at his heart. When it was over he put the belt down and sat next to the sobbing girl. He tenderly caressed her bottom and after she had regained some sense of composure he helped her up and cradled her in his arms. He told her he didn't want to ever have to do that again, but he would not hesitate if her behavior warranted it. She laid her head on his chest and cried, telling him how sorry she was. He just whispered, "I know sweetie, I know."

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