Nurse Byron and the Manor House - Part 3 of 4 by Richard Windsor

Mr. Richards studied Lyn intently, his eyes going up and down her curvaceous body "I will expect you one week from today, Lyn, 7pm on the dot. This will give you a week to change your mind if you so wish. Should you show up here next week, then the moment you walk through my door you will do exactly as I say. Do I make myself clear?"

Lyn stared at his legs and nodded, just offering the slightest vocalization of the word yes. Mr. Richards escorted Lyn to the door and watched as she walked to her car, she didn't return his gaze, her mind was far away, caught between fantasy and reality, a strange combination that produced amazing feelings of excitement down from within her.

The week was one of the most powerful that Lyn had ever experienced, while there was a certain amount of apprehension within her, she was immensely turned on at the thought of what was in store for her. It was a strange feeling for sure, the thought of being dominated had always been her most secret desire and now, by pure circumstance, her desires were going to be met. It almost seemed unreal at this point, while she was in the basement of Mr. Richards home she had already thought about possible ways of exploring her desires with him, in fact she pretty much knew that she was going to do that. Maybe this was why she was so submissive when he confronted her; it was actually something that she had desired.

Every night that week, Lyn engaged in some wild masturbation sessions, each night imagining just what was likely to happen to her. Some of the thoughts were really beyond reality, but even then they just provided a source of even deeper excitement. Every waking minute of her days were spent thinking about her appointment with Mr. Richards.

The fateful day had arrived and Lyn was a nervous wreck. She had tried her hardest to eat some breakfast but the thought of any food really made her nauseous, she was going to have a hard time either way just to prevent herself from being sick as it was. Lyn laid her nurse's uniform on the bed and went to shower, her mouth pretty much remaining open the whole time as her thoughts were already in Mr. Richards basement. Once Lyn had dried her naked body she went to her lingerie drawer to select something sexy to wear, perhaps thinking that maybe she could entice him away from her spanking. She selected a matching bra and panty set, the panties of black nylon trimmed at the waist and legs by light blue lace. Arching her back, Lyn looked behind herself in the mirror, most of her bottom cheeks were visible, it wasn't something that she thought about much before, but now for some reason it seemed important. She shrugged her shoulders though, doubting that it would matter much as they probably wouldn't be on for long anyway.

Lyn slipped her nurse uniform on and headed towards her car, she felt like keeling over from the knots in her stomach. The drive over was arduous, just what did she think she was doing? The whole fantasy that had played out in her mind this whole week was now about to be a reality, she really wasn't so sure that she wanted to go through with it anymore. When she pulled up to his stately home she just sat in the car for ten minutes staring intently at the door. Her body became moistened by the apprehension that she was feeling, her mouth totally dry. With a deep sigh she reached for the handle of the car door "No going back now Lyn" she said out loud as she exited the car.

Lyn had rung this doorbell more than a dozen times in the weeks past, why now should it begin to sound different to her? What had once been a nonchalant waiting at the door, this time the chiming bell seemed to echo off into the distance. The doorknob turned, chills swept down Lyn's body.

Perhaps Lyn had expected something different; now that the door was opened she realized just how different it was. Mr. Richards stood there statuesque, propping his body up on an antique walking stick. He was clad fully in leather, leather pants, and a leather jacket down to his knees, a waistcoat made of leather and a white shirt with frills around the collar. If she had thought he was handsome before, now he just looked positively ravishing!! Mr. Richards invited her in, though Lyn wasn't sure whether he had a smirk or a sinister sneer on his face. "We shall now begin, Lyn" he stated, before swatting her firmly on the rear. "You know the way down to the basement" he continued "Go down there and wait for me"

Lyn scurried down, wondering perhaps why he had sent her ahead. The mixture of emotions flowing through her head caught up with her as she flew down the stairs, of course he sent her ahead, the guy could hardly walk. There was nothing for her to do in the basement expect pace back and forth as she studied the darkened room, she even questioned herself as to why she was in such a hurry to even get down to the basement. After several minutes Mr. Richards finally entered, he gazed at the trembling lady and shot an order to her "I want you to go and stand in that corner over there and put your face against the wall until I call you"

Lyn looked shocked "But I didn't..."

Mr. Richards cut her off abruptly "This is not up for discussion young lady, go and stand in the corner right now!"

Lyn shuffled herself to the corner with a slight scowl on her face. Her submissive nature had now been replaced with a sense of indignation as she stood in the corner like a naughty petulant child. There were slight noises coming from back in the room, Lyn couldn't work out quite what they were as she listened intently from the corner. As soon as they began though, they soon stopped, the room was now silent. Lyn fidgeted in the corner, she was desperate to look behind her to observe the silence. The more that she thought about it the more she wanted to look around, this was pure torture. Of course, this was exactly what Mr. Richards had wanted. He was already sat in the straight backed chair and was watching every movement that Nurse Byron was making in her uncomfortable position.

After five minutes of silence, Mr. Richards said in a calming voice "Lyn, you can come out of the corner now, and I want you to come and stand beside me"

Lyn turned around and squinted her eyes at the sight of this handsome man sat in the chair; she gazed at the floor and bit her bottom lip as she slowly walked towards his side. The flashbacks once more entered her mind, she was all too familiar with this position and she also knew what followed soon after, the standing there was the worst part of all, even if her body did tingle with excitement. Mr. Richards looked up at the trembling girl and spoke "I want you to look at me Lyn Byron". Lyn looked up, her body shaking so much and the fear that she would start crying consuming her thoughts.

"We both know why you are here today Lyn" he continued "You took advantage of my prone state and you ALSO disobeyed a direct order to stay out of this room. Now before I begin I want you to lift your skirt"

"Please Mr. Richards" Lyn pleaded "That is too embarrassing"

"Nonsense!! You had no trouble lifting your skirt when you climbed upon my body, you should have no trouble doing so right now"

His commanding voice caused goose bumps all over her body and she resigned herself to lifting up her skirt. Mr. Richards watched closely as the black V front of her panties came into his view. Lyn was flushed with embarrassment and once her skirt was up she moved her hands in front of her to try and protect her modesty, that plan was quickly altered as he demanded that she put her hands at her side. Mr. Richards allowed Lyn to stand there in silence for a full minute before he reached out and grabbed her wrist, his grip was firm as he pulled her closer to him, then he guided her quietly over his waiting lap. The smell of all that fresh leather seemed to catch Lyn all at once and she inhaled deeply to capture as much of it as she could, she almost went into subspace at that very moment.

Mr. Richards began to fold up Lyn's skirt neatly, as he did he directed her. "I want you to put both hands on the floor Miss Byron, and they are NOT to leave their position until I say that you can move them, do I make myself clear?"

Fearful of not speaking, Lyn shouted out much louder than was necessary "Yes sir"

Mr. Richards's warm hand rested upon Lyn's right cheek, the smell of the leather and the closeness of his body causing her own body to start to dampen sexually. The next thing Lyn heard was a loud cracking sound echoing through the room, followed by a sharp sting on her right cheek. She bit her lip and lowered her head, that was much harder than she had anticipated. It was followed by another, and then another, each one as hard as the first. Undeterred, Mr. Richards continued at a rapid pace bringing his hard hand down upon the panty clad rear beneath him, Lyn struggled with all her might to keep her hands on the floor. The more he spanked the higher her legs raised, she tried to cross her feet but the burning in her bottom prevented this. Twenty hard smacks had landed and Lyn started to let noises escape her voice, they were yelps of pain as his hand continued with its flurry on her scarcely covered bottom.

Though the pain was intense, Lyn maintained her hands in position, and though it wasn't really at the forefront of her mind she was pleased to be able to accept this spanking. Due to the velocity of the spanking, Lyn's bottom was bright red after only fifty spanks; this was by far the hardest hand she had ever felt. Mr. Richards paused in the spanking and rested his hand on her bottom, adequately pleased at the heat he was feeling. Lyn had expected this next part, but it was still uncomfortable nonetheless as she felt Mr. Richards fingers enter the waistband of her panties. As he slowly removed them she winced at the elastic going over her bottom, he wasn't simply pulling them down though, he took them off completely.

Addressing her once more Mr. Richards said "Remember to keep those hands on the floor" before he started to spank her now naked cheeks. Lyn frowned at the pain and shook her head from side to side, perhaps it had been the scant protection that she had, perhaps it was because the heat was now building in her bottom, or perhaps he was just spanking harder, but this was now as intense as she had ever felt a spanking. Lyn curled her toes, clenched her butt cheeks and closed her eyes tight; none of this seemed to ease the relentless attack on her flaming hot butt.

There was a sense of acceptance from Mr. Richards, he most certainly was giving Lyn a very hard hand spanking, but he was somewhat pleased with her resiliency to remain in position. Of course, she wasn't exactly still, but she had taken this very well overall. With a final flurry of hard spanks Mr. Richards stopped this stage of the punishment. Lyn's body collapsed in relief and lay limp over his lap, she had tears in her eyes and her mouth was opened, but she had managed to get through it.

Mr. Richards face held a slight grin as he studied the beautiful form below him, his hand resting on her upper thigh with his fingers cradled on the inner part of her thigh. The intense heat, the wicked smell of leather, and now his fingers just inches from her throbbing wetness, Lyn wanted to get up and make love to him right there and then. Mr. Richards had other ideas though; this was only the first part of her punishment. The second part of her punishment was to come, but this time the punishment was going to include sexually exploring Nurse Byron. So he maintained his stern demeanor and told Lyn that she could stand up. Lyn did so and immediately reached back to rub her bottom, Mr. Richards stopped this almost before it began "You may not rub at this time Lyn. In a few minutes we are going to issue you the second part of your punishment over this velvet horse. Until that time I want you to wait for me in the corner until I am ready for you"

Lyn obeyed his commend and headed to the corner, Mr. Richards watched with approval at her deeply reddened naked behind. Lyn stood there motionless as she listened once more; again she wanted to know what the noises were coming from behind her. They were louder this time, and they most certainly involved the unlocking of a box, that much she was clear on.

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