Nurse Byron and the Manor House - Part 4 of 4 by Richard Windsor

The noises lasted for a minute or so, Lyn fidgeted uncomfortably from foot to foot as she stood in the corner, her mind awash with thoughts of what the box contained. It was still a few minutes before she found out however, as Mr. Richards sat in his chair and studied the beautiful girl in the corner.

Lyn's eyes went from side to side as if she was trying to listen with her eyes; her mouth parched open awaiting the faintest of sounds. Finally she had something to go on, a small clattering of metal hitting each other as the box was obviously in the process of being moved. The butterflies went into overdrive in her stomach as she awaited his next move; the next move however, caught her completely by surprise.

It didn't seem that the time could go any slower for Lyn, the anticipation was unbearable. Suddenly, she felt Mr. Richards' hands grasp her upper arms firmly; the shock of this contact and her solitude being broken at the same time almost caused Lyn to fall to the floor.

She could still smell the leather strongly as she bunched her shoulders up to his touch. Parts of his body were now touching hers; she could feel the hem of his cloak brushing her calves, his torso brushing her back gently, and his chest on her shoulder blades. Mr. Richards lent forward so that his chest pushed into Lyn's upper back, his right hand released from her left arm and she felt it come to the side of her face. He palmed her golden blonde hair on the side of her face and slowly moved it backwards, his fingers gently brushing her neck as he did so. Lyn felt his lips press against her ear and her body started to tremble very noticeably. In his deep English accent he began to talk to her "Lyn, we are now going to finish your punishment" he said. Each syllable reverberating off his lips and against her ear, feeling his warm breath causing her to melt inside. Lyn's eyes were shut tightly and she felt her body rocking. Mr. Richards knew that he had her exactly where he wanted her, he wasn't going to turn back, it was just a matter of how far he was going to take her.

"I want you to come with me now Lyn and do everything I say, do you understand me?" Mr. Richards asked of her. Lyn peered over her shoulder into his steely blue eyes and nodded her agreement. Placing his left hand back on her upper arm he guided her body one hundred and eighty degrees, and then marched her forwards slowly towards the awaiting horse. Lyn's eyes scurried hurriedly around the room looking for the box that she had listened so intently to. She found it, but it was on a chair on the other side of the horse about six feet away. The box itself looked like the type of treasure chest that you would expect to find the crown jewels in. Lyn pouted slightly as she could not see what was in the box just yet.

Mr. Richards led Lyn right up to the horse, stopping her shy of it by about three foot. Drawing his hand back he smacked her sharply on the bottom, Lyn was taken totally by surprise by this and she leapt forward, shouting an involuntary ouch as she did so. She quickly regained her composure as the sting of that hard smack started to sink in. Dare she pout? Would that be a smart thing to do at this point? Instead Lyn let her jaw relax to the left as she stared at him, trying her hardest not to show any emotion at all. Mr. Richards stared Lyn straight in the eyes and said in a calm voice "You wait right here Lyn, I need to fetch something for you"

Being naked from the waist down no longer seemed to concern Lyn. At first the embarrassment was intolerable, but now it just seemed like second nature. The only thing that was really on her mind right now was what was in that damn box. As he left her, Lyn watched him intently; she wasn't sure what he reminded her of. Was it a Count? Was it a Raven? Was it Dracula? Whatever it was, it was about as sexy as she had ever seen a man.

Her eyes never left his body as he went to the other side of the horse; she watched intently as he bent down and looked inside. His hands reached in the box and she felt that she was almost on tiptoes as she strained to see what he was looking for. What was it that he had taken? She couldn't for the life of her see what it was, it was small that was for sure, and he held it in one hand as he turned back towards her. In a moment of panic she thought that she might be visibly drooling, so with a delicate move she bought her hand up to her mouth, thankfully she was imagining it; her lips were as dry as an old piece of wood.

Mr. Richards came back around the horse, their eyes still locked together, it seemed to the world to her that he had a smirk on his face, but what did he have in his damn hand was all that she wanted to know. He now arrived in front of her, his hand still clasped as she tried to see what he was holding, she still couldn't see. Mr. Richards' hands rose to the top of her nurses' uniform and he clasped the top button, Lyn instinctively lifted her hands to protect herself and she uttered the word please. He simply stared her in the eyes and raised one finger to her lips. "If you didn't want this to happen then you wouldn't be here Lyn, now put your hands to your side" he commanded of her. For a moment Lyn felt that she had bit off more than she could chew, but she nonetheless put her hands to her side as he had expected she would.

Mr. Richards carefully unbuttoned Lyn's top and let it flap open on its own, he then placed his hand on her upper abdomen and let his fingers undo the clasp on the front clipped bra. One more time Lyn felt her face flush with embarrassment as her perky breasts were released into his sight. With his index finger and thumb of each hand he began to squeeze her nipples firmly, Lyn's tongue pressed against the roof of her mouth as he did so. Releasing her nipples, Mr. Richards opened his palm finally; in it were two shiny metal nipple clamps. Lyn's eyes watched as he began to attach the clamps to her nipples, the cold metal sending chills down her spine. With the hands of an expert, Mr. Richards applied the clamps to a point where they applied just the right amount of pressure to each nipple; he then used his thumbs to rub over each sensitive firm nipple.

Lyn was now completely at his submission, it didn't seem to matter what he was going to do, she felt that she was just going to follow along. Let's not forget one thing, this was a brand new experience for Lyn, and while she may have had periods of embarrassment, she was highly turned on by the events so far, in fact she was even somewhat intrigued as to what would happen next. It wasn't going to be very long before she found out.

Taking Lyn by the left wrist, Mr. Richards led her the few steps to the horse, there was a small box already waiting for Lyn to step on which she did. Mr. Richards told Lyn to straddle the horse as he held her steady, Lyn felt a little uncomfortable lifting her leg to do this but once she was in a seated position she was okay. Mr. Richards then placed his hand on her back and pushed her forward, he felt some slight resistance but he maintained his poise in directing her face down on the horse. Lyn's face nestled against the plush velvet and even though she was slightly exposed it didn't seem to matter to her anymore, she was his to do with as he pleased. Before he began though he walked back to the box one more time, this time he pulled out some silk scarves. Making sure that she was in his sight, Mr. Richards tied loops into two of the scarves, and then placed them over her wrists. It was more of a symbolic gesture as Lyn could easily remove her hands should she have wished, but he nonetheless tied the scarves to the legs of the horse and she let her hands fall down as he did so. With the remaining scarf Mr. Richards gently applied it as a blindfold, making sure that he tied the back of it under her hair.

Now the second part of her punishment was to begin, the mixture of pleasure and pain. Mr. Richards swept Lyn's hair back and ran his finger over her ear, letting it ease down to her neck before sliding beneath her. He found his target and pulled gently on each of the nipple clamps in turn, Lyn bit her bottom lip for while this was slightly painful, it was also highly erotic. His hand left her body and the next time she felt it was when it came crashing down on her right cheek soundly, Lyn bucked as this happened and she felt her lower body rub against the plush velvet. A deep sting in her bottom conflicting with the slightest of rubs from the velvet against her clit. Mr. Richards went back to the box and pulled out the final two items as the sting remained on Lyn's right cheek.

The last two items were in contrast to each other, the supple leather slapper and the rose feather. He turned back to the waiting women and approached with the slapper in his right hand, resting it on her upturned bottom he then lifted it up high and brought it down sharply on both cheeks. Lyn yelped as she felt the sting of the leather spread across both cheeks and her thighs clenched against the horse, he raised it again and brought it down just as soundly as before and then a third time, Lyn's forehead pressed into the horse. The next stroke took her by surprise as he landed it across the most upper part of her thighs. It was a deliberate move on his part for he knew that it would make her buck, and the more she bucked the more she rubbed herself against the velvet of the horse. He paced out two more strokes just above the one on her thighs and listened as she moaned at the contact of the leather.

It was now time to use the feather. Mr. Richards studied Lyn's body and decided to start at the back of her knees, twirling the handle of the feather so that it spun delicately against her body. He continued this up her thighs, the same twirling motion as the feather rose climbed higher and higher. Just when she thought that he was about to use it on her soaking mound he pulled it away and switched the slapper back into his hand, very quickly applying six firm swats all in a row. While she felt each and every stroke, Lyn had now entered a space where the pain didn't seem to matter as much, her body rocking gently back and forth against the velvet.

Moving upwards, Mr. Richards swept Lyn's hair back and started stroking her neck with the feather, with his free hand he rubbed his fingers over the taught nipples showing above the clamps. The slight pain of her tender nipples, the silky smooth touch of the feather rubbing against her neck, and her lower body gyrating against the horse had her about ready to explode. With a quick tug to each of the nipple clamps, Mr. Richards placed the feather rose down and switched the slapper into his left hand. He walked to her left side this time and traced the stiff leather up and down her thighs and over her striped bottom. He placed one hand at the top of her right thigh and began to bring the leather down once more, he didn't stop at six strokes this time, instead he kept bringing it down firmly until Lyn was moaning out loud. Mr. Richards paused for a while as he admired the angry red lines going up and down Lyn's bottom, her pelvis still gyrating against the horse. He moved his hand up and started to massage her tender bottom, tracing his fingers gently over the raised welts. His hands moved lower and Lyn's body stopped rocking; the lower his fingers went the higher she lifted her bottom until finally he was there, his fingers had begun to softly stroke her silky wet mound.

Lyn's mouth was wide open as he rubbed his fingers up and down and then finally she let out a loud gasp as his fingers finally entered her. He pushed in deep and left his fingers inside her as he raised the leather one more time before bringing it down harshly on her naked bottom. He felt her muscles tighten around his fingers as he did this and he once again brought the leather crashing down. Mr. Richards began a slow rhythm of moving his fingers in and out of Lyn, accentuating it with an occasional hard whap with the slapper. The pleasure coming from Lyn's lips was now apparent as he began to push his fingers into her faster and faster, the more she rocked the more she rubbed her clit against the velvet. The slapper kept landing, the fingers pushed deeper and harder, and then it happened, Lyn shrieked as her body convulsed with the most powerful of orgasms. Mr. Richards kept his fingers inside of her until she was finished and then slowly withdrew as her body fell limp over the horse.

It had been the most exhilarating experience that Lyn had ever had, certainly the most powerful orgasm that she had ever experienced. Mr. Richards walked to her front and began to untie the scarves around her wrists, then gently removed the blindfold. Lyn was shaking uncontrollably and needed to be held; Mr. Richards was smart enough to know this and lifted the woman down off the horse. He stood her in front of him and opened his leather cloak, then wrapped it around her and pulled her in tight to him, engulfing her body with the new smelling leather. They stood there like that for five minutes as Mr. Richards felt her heart pounding against him.

Finally Lyn had composed herself and Mr. Richards set her free, she felt like a vulnerable bird standing there half naked and Mr. Richards attempted to change the tone slightly. "You did very well Lyn, you took your punishment well, you may now get dressed"

Lyn turned to where her clothes were and smiled to herself, it was hardly what I would call a punishment she thought. As she dressed Mr. Richards began to put all the items back in the locked box, trying to make sure that he finished as she was fully dressed. When they were both done they headed upstairs to the kitchen, as Mr. Richards left her alone briefly, Lyn's mind began to relive what had just happened. It hadn't set in yet; in fact it wouldn't set in until later that night when she would go to bed and start to relive the day's events. Mr. Richards interrupted her thought as he returned with a bag, he handed it to her and said "This was a part of our bargain Lyn; these tapes are now yours to do with as you please"

The rest of the time was spent rather uncomfortably as they tried to converse over a drink. Finally Lyn said that she needed to make headway, but not before suggesting that she would be back to tend to his wounds. It was kind of an open ended statement really, because they both knew what she really meant by that, it meant that she wanted to come back again. Mr. Richards walked Lyn to the door and watched her walk to her car, still holding on to the tapes from the very first time she had entered his house, the tapes that Mr. Richards had promised her if she agreed to his terms.

He watched the car leave his driveway and he closed the big oak door. Mr. Richards was satisfied with the day's events as he struggled up the stairs. He finally reached the top and pulled out his keys before heading to the locked room on his floor, the room that had once held the incriminating tapes of Lyn's behavior. They were no longer his as he had kept his promise to her, so he sat down in front of the TV monitors. He turned the monitor on and pressed play, the first image that appeared on the screen was the basement door opening and a young nurse walking in, she had left the door open and was now pacing back and forth, her arms folded and her teeth biting down on her right thumb, the poor girl looks pretty nervous, something bad must be about to happen.

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