Jack and Sarah. By an anonymous reader.

Her heart was beating with fear and panic. She had left the house to go for a walk over 4 hours ago. She had completely lost track of all time. It was the first few rain drops that broke her out of her reverie. She was a big day dreamer and had fallen deeply into her thoughts. It was getting dark now and she was wet through with the rain. It was still an hours walk to get back home. She was scared about walking in the dark but she was scared most of all about her husband at home. She had not told him where she was going and she knew he would be furious. This thought made her break into a run until she fell over a fallen branch scratching her arm and getting covered in mud.

Jack was worried sick. He had been decorating the spare room in their house. When he went to see what Sarah was doing he couldn't find her anywhere. He did not think much of it at first but after an hour or so he started to worry. As it grew dark and started to rain he panicked. They lived in the middle of the Canadian wilderness and it was dangerous to wander off to far on your own. Jack rang friends, family and their few neighbours to see if they had seen Sarah but he had no success. He called his friend Tom to help him look. They searched everywhere. Jack was feeling physically sick with worry.

As they were pulling up in Jack's drive to check Sarah had not gone home, Jack spotted her hastily walking down the field towards the house. She looked a sorry site. She had leaves in her hair, mud on her face, a scratch on her arm and was soaked through. "Thank God", Jack shouted and ran towards her hugging her so tightly she could barely breath and kissing every inch of her face. "Where the hell have you been?" he said breathlessly. Sarah gulped knowing there would be consequences to her stupidity. It was in Jack's personality to be authoritative. He ran an engineering company of men and he led them with ease. Everyone he knew liked and respected him and he just seemed to have leadership qualities that came to him so naturally. He was a true gentlemen and treated everyone he knew with kindness and respect. He was not aggressive or arrogant he just had clear expectations of what he wanted and would not take any shit. He was the same with Sarah. He expected certain standards of behaviour from her and would not give a second thought of spanking her whenever she got out of line or he thought a good enough reason arose. Sarah was very fiery herself and would not give in easily. She was mentally stronger than anyone Jack knew. It was often a big battle of wills between them but they both knew deep down that Jack would always have the final say in matters that were really important. He definitely wore the trousers but Sarah liked it that way. It made her feel safe. She hated being punished by him but always trusted his judgement. "I just went for a walk and lost track of time" she said in a small voice but trying to make it sound like it wasn't any big deal. If Jack wasn't so angry (and he had not felt this angry in a long time) he would of laughed. He knew she was trying to make light of it but when you looked at the state of her and how scared and round her eyes were it seemed ridiculous. "What!?! You just decided to go off for a walk on your own without telling me and come back 5 hours later in the rain and the dark. Look at you. You look like you have been dragged thorough a hedge backwards and you're freezing" Jack's eyes flashed with fury. "I'm sorry" Sarah whispered noticing Tom watching them from his car. "I have spent the last 3 hours in hell. Tom and I have been looking everywhere for you. You are going to be very sorry. I don't know whether to kiss you or kill you but I tell you this much you are getting a damn good hiding later". "Jack! Please" Sarah whined worried Tom could hear. "In fact later is not soon enough". Jack grabbed Sarah by the arm and pushed her over his thigh. He lifted his foot onto the first railing of the fence lifting Sarah completely off the ground and putting her bum high in the air. He spanked her hard about 20 times. It stung and she was pleased he hadn't taken down her jeans. Jack pulled Sarah up and noticed tears in her eyes. "I'll give you something to cry about once we get in the house. You wont be able to sit done for a week once I'm through with you" Jack growled. He gripped Sarah's upper arm and marched her towards Tom. "You better apologise" Jack ordered. "I'm so sorry Tom" said Sarah between sobs, unable to look him in the eye after what he just saw. "Don't worry" said Tom sympathetically "I'm just glad you are safe". He got in his car and drove off.

Jack had to practically drag Sarah into the house and smacked her bottom very hard a few times to get her through the doorway. He sat her down in the lounge and went upstairs to run a bath. Sarah could hear him take off his belt and pull it through the loops as he came back down the stairs. More tears pricked her eyes. Jack made a beeline for Sarah and in one swift movement pulled her from her chair and put her right over his knee. "Please don't Jack. Please don't spank me" Sarah screamed. She was terrified of getting spanked by Jack because it hurt so much. She had to use her hands to balance herself and stop her head from hitting the floor. He roughly pulled her jeans and pants down and spanked her with all his strength for about 5 minutes. Her bum was cold and clammy but Jack soon changed that. Jack did a lot of manual work and his hands were big and hard. One hand could cover practically all of her bottom. Sarah squirmed with all her strength but this was useless against Jack who could hold her in place easily. She pleaded, apologised, promised it would never happen again but Jack remained firm. He lectured her the whole time about how thoughtless and careless she had been and how he expected better from her. Sarah's bum felt like it was on fire. Jack's words made her feel ashamed. She was upset he was disappointed and angry with her. She hated it when he felt badly of her. She sobbed uncontrollably but Jack kept spanking hard and fast. After about 5 minutes Jack went upstairs to turn the bath tap off. As soon as he left the room Sarah pulled her pants and jeans back up. Jack did not look happy about this. "I'm not finished with you yet Sarah. Pull your pants and jeans back down and bend over my knee. Now!" Jack shouted sitting back down. Sarah did not move. She just cried more. "Please don't spank me any more Jack. I've learnt my lesson. Please no more. It hurts too much" Sarah wept. "It's meant to hurt. You need to be punished for being so selfish and stupid. Do as you are told. I'm not going to say it again" Jack said dangerously. His tone made her stomach do somersaults but she still did nothing. "I'm going to count to 4 and if you are not over my knee by then, God help me. 1...2...3...4" Sarah stayed where she was. Jack practically lifted her off the ground and slammed her over his knees. He yanked her pants and jeans down and gave her 30 severe stinging spanks. Sarah's bottom by this time was a deep crimson colour. Jack pulled her pants and jeans up and pushed her off. "That was for disobedience not part of your punishment" Jack stated firmly. "Now do as you are told. Take your pants and jeans down and bend over my knee. Obey me or we will be doing this all night". Jack had barely finished his sentence and Sarah's bare bottom was bent over his knee. Jack really wanted to drive the lesson home this time. He never wanted Sarah to pull a stunt like that again. All sorts had gone through his head. He thought for a moment he had lost her and if he had he felt there was no point in him living. He picked up his belt and doubled it. He felt Sarah tense at this, her bum clenched and he felt her body shake with sobs. He whipped it with full force across Sarah's bum and spanked her soundly with it. He hated being so harsh but he loved her too much to even let her think of doing something that would endanger like that again. He also believed she deserved to be punished for having such disregard of his feelings and not letting him know where she was going. He steeled his resolve and continued spanking her solidly leaving angry red welts across her bottom. "I'm so sorry. I know what I did was stupid and selfish. I'm so sorry" Sarah blubbed. He knew she was sorry but wanted her to remember this for a long time. After the final stroke of the belt which must have been about the 100th Sarah lay limp over his lap until her cries turned to soft sobs.

Jack picked her up and cradled her in his lap. She cried into his solid chest while he gently soothed her. He stroked the hair out of her face and wiped her tears away. He tipped her chin so she was looking into his gorgeous brown eyes. He thought how beautiful she looked even after a 5 hour walk and a good hiding. "It's all over now" he said gently "But if you ever do anything like that again I will tan your arse like I did today everyday for a week. Do you understand?" "Yes, I understand" she said softly. Jack picked her up and carried her upstairs. He helped her peel off her wet clothes. She winced as her throbbing bottom made contact with the water. Jack sat beside the bath admiring her naked body and rubbing her back. " You understand I spanked you because I love you so much don't you? Do you agree you deserved it?" "Yes. I'm so sorry I did something so stupid that made you have to do that. I love you too" " Go to bed after you have finished your bath". He kissed her and went downstairs. Sarah went to bed with a very sore bottom but feeling very loved, safe and lucky she had such a strong man.

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