Female Adult School, Chapter 1.

For an adult to be punished like a child is humiliating. For an adult to be punished like a child, by a child, is the ultimate humiliation. Fredric Von Franks 1934.

In the year 2050 the Briton had become a police one party state in which , due to the crime rate and over crowded prisons, it was though a are better way to punish petty criminals was to have them re-educated. And what better way then to have their re-education carried out in the most humiliating way possible. Thus Adult Schools were set up with the teachers being not only as young as possible, but also given a free hand in whatever punishment they thought appropriate. These are stories of what takes place in one such "FEMALE ADULT SCHOOL"


Having been led into a room in which some four or five teenagers were seated, I was told to standing before a desk at which sat a girl no older than nineteen or twenty.

"Name and age?" She asked without looking u from the form before her.

"M-Misses...Misses Wendy Richmond...I thirty six years old..." I replied through dry lips.

"You address all you superiors as Sir or Miss...Regardless of their age. Best remember that. Understood?"

"Yes--Yes it...M-Miss." I stammered. How could this e happening? Here I was a married woman of thirty six standing before a girl half my age like a naughty school girl, which for all intent and purposes I now was for the following six months.

"Remove all your jewelry and put it in this bag." She snapped throwing a cloth bag on the desk before me. "And don't take all fucking day."

Having quickly removed my rings, watch and necklace and placing them in the bag I stood waiting for her to give her next order.

When it came I could have died on the spot. "Now your clothes." She grinned up at me.

"But...But there are p-people here..." I cried looking around at the grinning youths and girls behind me.

"I know that stupid. Do I look blind." She replied. "Now get stripped off or you'll be getting a sore behind sooner than expected. Not to mention you seem to have forgotten how to address me."

"Ohhh...Please...Miss..." I half sobbed.

"Look girl." She said getting to her feet. "There'll be a lot more people seeing you hopping around naked than this lot Now do you want to feel this across your bottom or not?" So saying she took a heavy looking strap from a draw and slapped it hard down on the desk top. "Now do as I say or you'll wish you had never been born!"

I slowly unfastened the buttons of my blouse realising that as I did so the youths and girls were now on their feet and moving closer for a closer view of my humiliation.

"You've got thirty seconds to be standing there naked woman. Move it!" One of the youths shouted in my ear while giving my bottom a none to gentle slap.

Amid their crude comments and sniggers I somehow managed to strip down to my knickers and bra. In one final hope tip be spared the total shame of standing naked before a group of smirking stranger I clasped my hands and pleaded with the girl. "P-Please be lenient...."As she picked up the strap from the desk I hastily added. "MISS" to everyone's amusement.

"Billy." Grinned at one of her cohorts. "As your going to be in charge of her. Get her draws and bra off." So saying she returned to her seat behind the desk.

"Last chance girl." The boy called Billy sneered. "If I have to take them off you you'll be feeling this." As he spoke he drew a riding switch from his belt tapping it on his open palm.

What could I do? With cheeks burning and amid their scoffs I slowly removed my bra and placed it with my other cloths on the table.

"Nice tits." One of the youths chuckled reaching out to cup one of them in his hand. My natural instinct was to turn away. The red hot pain across my bottom had me crying out in both shock disbelief.

"You don't object to anyone having a feel of your tit's. Or anything else they want to have a feel of." He yelled. "And you don't touch your bum after punishment." .

"Bet she'll be begging to have more than them played with by the time she's been trained to be a good citizen." On of the girls laughed.

"Right, your first lesson. Ask my friend to squeeze one of your tilt's." The evil little sod chuckled tapping the switch lightly against my bottom. "Come on now. Or you'll have dozen of this even before your in a classroom.

What could I do. My bottom already stung from just one stroke of his switch let alone twelve. Taking a deep breath and with downcast eyes and wishing the floor would open up and swallow me, I said through gritted teeth. "P-Please....Please would you...Would you s-s-squeeze on of my-my t-tits....." Quickly adding "Sir" as I saw the switch being raised.

"Sorry love. Maybe I will later." Came the reply much to everyone's amusement. "But I'll have a feel of your bum when you get those knickers off."

With one final pleading look at the girl who appeared in charge. I placed me fingers in the elastic of my knickers and with cheeks burning slowly lowered them down before stepping out of them, before standing naked not knowing what to do with my hands, for attempting to cover myself no doubt would bring another cut of that switch.

"Right, lets get you sorted shall we?" The youth said when everyone had finished having fun at my expense. "This is nice firm arse." A girl chuckled giving my right buttock a squeeze. "Bet it won't be this colour for long." "Tits are beginning to sag. But hen you're her age it's only natural I suppose." Another added bouncing my left breast up and down with her hand.

I was taken roughly by my arm and dragged from the room. As we passed down a corridor I was shocked to see two women naked on hands ans knees scrubbing the floor.

"What they done?" The youth gripping my arm asked with a smile.

"This thing forgot to shave her pubis this morning." She said poking the woman on her right with the toe of her trainer. "And as for her," She added Reaching down and giving the other woman's bottom a sharp slap of her hand. " I just like bringing a titled Lady down to earth. "Isn't that right Lady Lucinda?"

"Ye-Yes Miss Ann." The woman said while continuing to scrub as if her life depended on it.

"In here." The youth ordered throwing open door.

Inside I was ordered to sit on the edge of the tab le with my legs hanging down

The youth came back holding an pair of sciccors. "Spread your legs. Don`t be shy you'll be showing what you've got of plenty of times while your here."

With eyes screwed tight I parted my legs and suffered the shame of having my pubic hair clipped short by a complete stranger. Not only that but he took and electric razor and saved my pubes until satirised that there wasn't a hair or bristle left.

"Smooth as a babies bum he chuckled running his fingers over them as I cringed inside. "As a school girl you can't have a hairy fanny. So make sure you keep it like that. O.K.?"

"Yes-Yes S-Sir." I replied. For hadn't I just witnessed what befell those who failed to do so?

"Up and over here." He said giving my thigh a slap.

I walked over to were he sat on an upright chair. "Get yourself over here for your welcoming spanking." He smiled tapping his lap.

"But I have-haven't done anything." I cried only just remembering to add "Sir"

"You don't have to do anything to get a punishment here girl. If someone fancies smacking your bum or doing anything else they do it and you except it. Now. Get over my knee like a good little girl.

Feeling utterly humiliated I draped myself across his knees, I was about to have my bottom slapped for the very first time in my life. And by a boy half my age. Yesterday I would have kicked the living daylights out of anyone who dared even touch my bottom, now I lay docilely across this boys knees as he fondled first one and then the other cheek.

"Legs out straight. We like to see a bottom bounce when we smacked them." He said placing a hand under the overhang of my bottom cheeks and bouncing them up and down.

The sound of his hand being brought down on my right buttock filled the room. The sting was far worse than I could ever have imagined. Next his hand stung into my right cheek, and so it went on. Right cheek, left cheek, right cheek, left cheek. My bottom felt as if a thousand red hot coals had been poured on it, but still his hand rouse and feel. I gasped through gritted teeth determined not to give him the pleasure of hearing me cry out or beg for him to stop,

"Nice shade of red." He laughed running his hand over my burning buttocks. "Hot is it?" He asked casually.

I wanted to say "What do you fucking think stupid." But I replied. "Y-Y-Yes....Yes S-Sir.....It-It is Sir...." For not was it on fire, it felt as if it had doubled in size.

"Right." He said pulling me upwards by my hair. "First we'll get your uniform and stuff, then get this red behind treated so it's nice and fresh if your teacher decided you're a thick cow and in need of the strap or cane."

Once again I was led by the arm down long corridors all the time I was aware of the burning in my buttocks. What wouldn't I have given to be allowed just to ease the stinging with a cool hand.

Halfway down one we were met by the bizarre sight of half a dozen women wearing school uniforms walking in a crocodile under the supervision of a young girl. What was so bizarre was the fact that two of the Schoolgirls at least fifty years old. "Stop slouching and get your head up Thomson." The girl snapped as she passed.. "That is unless you want another half dozen of the cane."

Having entered the stores I was issued with a three white blouses, three green pleated skirts that without trying them on would barely cover my bottom, four pairs of cotton knickers, three pairs of calf length ribbed whit socks and a pair of heavy black shoes. Having gathered them up we set off once more.

"This is were you come after a punishment. That is if whoever gives you it decides to allow it." The youth said pulling me towards a stainless steel table.

"Who's this then?" A girl asked turning from wear a girl lay face down on a second table.

"This is Richmond. Arrived today and just had her welcoming smacked bum." The youth chuckled. "I'm off home so I'll leave her with you. Be a good girl." He added giving my bottom a none to gentle slap, which set my left buttock tingling even more.

As I lay face down on the table the girl returned to my side saying. "This will cool your bum down for you." So saying she began to rub cream into my bottom cheeks which at once eased the throbbing. Next she placed a lamp beside the table switching it on before directing it's beam over my bottom. "Lay still and don't move." She said turning to leave.

"Are you new?" The girl on the table next to me asked in a low voice.

"Yes...Yes I am." I replied turning to look at her.

"Then I'll tell you now. It won't help doing as he said. "Being a good girl" "You'll still get the cane or strap if they feel like giving you it. Or even worse with the lads and Lessees girls."

"What do you mean. Even worse?" I asked praying she wouldn't say what I was thinking.

"Put it this way. You'll have things done to you both sexually and painfully that you never thought possible." She said adding. "All I can say is best of luck."

Even through the stinging in my bottom was easing, I became full of self pity and softly began to sob.

"That won't help." The girl on the far table said. "If anything they like to hear you cry....Or better still scream and beg.

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