Caned Before Bed, by Hawk

Tanya Strutt closed the door to her room, reached behind her and began to unfasten her tight beige skirt. She pulled the clinging sheath down nylon covered legs and kicked it aside letting out a sigh. How could she be so stupid, over charging her father's credit card for all those CDs?

For a moment she stood in her bedroom and glanced around nervously looking at the pink wallpaper and Hello Kitty motif in nothing but smoky-black stockings and white, pink-striped shirt.

He'd be up here soon to punish her, Tanya was sure it'd be at least six, she never got less then six and that usually took a half hour since it was always on the bare. This was likely to take longer Tanya was sure she was going to get more then six, it could even be twelve or if he thought it more effective her daddy might apply twenty-four stinging strokes.

It was 9:00 Pm on the dot.

The nineteen year-old went over, sat on her bed unbuttoned top exposing her 34B-Cup breasts in a royal blue bra with white frills purchased recently from Victoria's Secret the same day in fact that she went and maxed out daddy's credit card.

Daddy loved her, but he could be strict, very strict when she was naughty. Almost always for her infractions she was either spanked of caned. Not even a good pout could spare her a sound thrashing when she had been naughty.

Tanya threw her strappy shoes aside, crossed her legs and waited for the dreadful sound her daddy ascending the stairs to her open the door of her room.

There came a clomp, clomp, clomp outside her room Mr. Strutt walking, he reached the door opened it.

"Tanya" her daddy spoke sternly. "I gave you that charge card to purchase affects for University, not waste on a night out with friends and certainly not for toys and goodies." He admonished going over and taking down the straight Kooboo cane from her dresser.

It was a dreadful whippy thing, not much thicker then her pointer finger, nearly forty inches in length it stung like hell.

"Now young lady you know what's expected of you. Stand up, knickers down and touch your toes." He ordered tapping the rod in his hand.

Brushing her hand through her auburn hair Tanya looked at her father with big pleading eyes, she begged: "Please daddy I'll pay you back, please don't thrash me!"

"Tanya if you don't bare you bum and touch your toes I'll add extra and maybe even apply a bit of the tawse." He took her by the arm and pulled her to the center of her room.

Tears glistening in the corner of her blue eyes Tanya sighed placed her thumps in the black waistband of her panties and eased them down over her shapely tanned hips down past her garter straps to the back of her knees.

A perfect, well trimmed "airstrip" of red-brown pubic hair was soon exposed. Spreading her feet apart a few inches to balance herself Tanya leaned down, touched her toes well feeling the pink carpet underneath her toes.

Tap, tap, tap. The rattan touched her most intimate parts, the tip glanced past her pussy causing her to shutter and clench her bottom cheeks in dread. This position left her so exposed.

Tanya continued to stair at her toes, looking at the seam in her stockings. Involuntarily she moved her toes feeling the pile of the carpet...


"Ouch!" Tanya began to stand stopped herself trying not to get out of position. The burning pain made its way through her body.

Whack! This time it was lower and Tanya let out a wail sobbing.

Whack! Whack! The Kabook cane struck higher Tanya cried more.

There was a pause and the girl moved her brown hair out of her face.

"We're not done yet Tanya. Keep touching those toes." Said her daddy tapping the rod on her wealed ass each touch evoking an aching pain all its own.

Tanya tried to focus on her toes but the pain was overwhelming. She wanted to lay down and for the terrible weapon to stop ripping into her sore bottom. What time was it?


Tanya let out long wail pleased with her daddy to stop caning her. She'd be a good girl she promised.

"It hurts."

"That's the point." her daddy agreed applying the rod three more times across his little minx of a daughter causing Tanya to let out more yelps with each stroke.

Blue eyes filled with tears her auburn hair in total disarray Tanya Strutt wobbled in her humiliating position. Her butt was on fire, she didn't dare touch it.

Whack! "Ouch! Please stop daddy!"

Whack! "Arrgh!", an exhale of breath.


Tanya wobbled, began to kneel falling out of position at last.

"Butt up, touch your toes."

Obeying Tanya placed her French Manicured nails to her stocking clad toes, brunette hair all over the place.




The Kaboo cane ripped into Tanya's butt leaving it a mess of reddening welts and tramlines.

"Stand up Tanya." Mr. Strutt helped his daughter stand, kissed her forehead then replaced the instrument of punishment back in his daughter's dresser. "Go to bed."

Rubbing her aching, fiery ass Tanya moved back the covers on her bed found that it was now 11:30. Had her punishment really taken so long?

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