Neighbor and School Paddling
by O.T.Kneely

My neighbor Bobby and I used to spend the night in a rent house his father owned which was right next to mine. We looked forward to people moving out so we could turn it into our 'private' playhouse. We were about twelve years old at the time and would play all the games boys of our age did.

One time, going through some things people had left behind, we actually found a calendar picture of a very young Marilyn Monroe wearing nothing but a telephone! WOW! It definitely got our 'youthful juices' flowing! The discussions and imagainations of pubesent youth led us to extra games. We decided to play a version of 'poker' and Bobby said "I've heard of strip poker. Maybe thats what Marilyn was playing and she lost. That was an exciting thought, but I wasn't sure I wanted to play. Bobby knew I wasn't very good at games and although I enjoyed seeing Marilyn naked from head to toes, I didn't really want to take a chance on Bobby seeing ME bare butt naked. He kept baggering me and I reluctantly agreed.

As the game progressed, we both began to lose clothing items. We first lost shoes, then socks. Next off came his shirt and undershirt and I felt a little more at ease. However, to my surprise, I also felt a lilttle titilated, imagining how it would be if he were reallly Marilyn or even Jennifer from our class who was really developed for a 6th grader!

Soon the tables turned and I found myself down to just my white cotton briefs and nothing else, while Bobby still had his pants on. Fear gripped me at the thought of having to actually take off my underwear in front of my neighbor friend....."Ha! I win!" he said with great gusto and relief as he played the winning hand.

"okay 'Marilyn', get your panties off and dance around the room" he demanded. I tried to weasel out of it by wineing a bit but he would have his 'reward'!

I stood up, conspicuous, naked from head to toe except for my thin and tight undies and said "isn't this bad enough?"" Oh, no, you have to look like the calendar picture. Take em off Or I will take em off for you!" he said, now getting very irritated.

Slowly I began to lower first one side of my underwear then the other when my penis began to get hard "oh no!" I thought "why am I getting a hard on now?" Bobby saw it and reached up and hastily pulled my briefs over my engorged penis, making it bounce up and down. There I stood, red, I am sure all over, from embarrassment! "now dance" he insisted. Reluctantly, I stepped out of the underwear and began to twilrl and dance around him as he clapped a beat and laughed at the sight.

As I danced ,my hard ,and nearly hairless ,penis flopped around, slapping my bare stomach occasionly. My very white bare buttocks felt the breeze as I twirled in front of Bobby, He was seated on the floor and so got a great 'view' each time I twirled.

Suddenly, he got quiet, and then reached up, and smacked my butt! I stopped, shocked at this, but before I could utter a complaint, he pulled me forcfully down and across his lap and began to vigorously spank by naked buttocks. Bobby was larger for his age than me, and stronger too. Although I struggled and protested, he was able to continue to spank me at length so that I actually began to cry. "This is because you are NOT really Marilyn Monroe and because You are playing nasty games"

I was so humiliated as he finally let me up, rubbing my reddened butt as I quickly grabbed my underwear. My penis, although no longer so erect, still was 'leakin' white fluid, which I already knew preceded jacking off( my brother had taught me this and my cousin and I had experimented). I was a little confused, and didn't like the pain, but knew somehow the whole experience had given me 'pleasure' in some weird way as well. I was breathing heavy as I finished dressing and so was Bobby

Findly Bobby spoke and said "Im sorry I spanked you. It just seemed like the right thing to do at the time". Sniffing and wiping my nose, I stammered,"--it--it's ok, I know we were just playing--It just got out of hand I guess". I never told him of my 'weird' pleasure and we never 'played' like that again.

Toward the end of the school year, howerver, we shared a 'mutual' spanking. One day we returned from lunch and the whole class was talking about a boy who had tried to attack a girl in the book closet durring lunch. He had managed to pull her panties down before he was caught by the male teacher. Bobby and I sat acress from each other and , excited by the event, maybe more than the others because of our own experiences, We shielded our mouths and continued to whisper after Mr. Corey told every one to pay attention.

To our surprise, he came up behind us and put his hand on both our necks and said come with me. He took us to the hallway, grabbing his wooden paddle as we passed his desk. Neither Bobby nor I had yet received a paddlling at school . I could see the fear AND excitement in Bobby's eyes and I know he saw the same in mine.

In the hallway two classroom doors were together and both open. "Back up . I want both these classrooms to witness this" said the teacher." also, I am going to give you two young men something extra. Undo your pants and drop them ,and your underwear, to the floor, now! Bobby and I looked at each other in disbelief, as this was not normally done. Mr. Corey had told us how this was the way it was when he went to school. and I guess he was so disturbed by what had just happened in class, that we were going to be examples of what SHOULD happen to youth today!

I looked at both classes and spotted Jennifer, the well endowed girl Bobby and I both admired. I was sure he had 'fantasized' about her as I had many times. In summer school the year before she had even told me she had a dream that we took a bath together! Wom, even at eleven that turned me on! Bobby had said "that means she fantisizes about seeing you naked" SHe was about to have hers come true, I thought. As I lowered my briefs and bent over I stole a glance at her and thought I caught a faint smile--SWACK came the interrupting paddle! Mr. Corey took his sweet time, going back and forth between Bobby and I, Prolonging , seemingly forever, both the spanking and our bare butt exposure to our schoolmates. Since the teacher had required us to drop our underwear all the way to our ankles, our little boy penisis were also exposed! As the paddling proceeded, the mixed feellings of pain, humiliation, and exhileration came together and I kept trying to reposition myself so this 'development' wouldn't be obvious to the observers. Latter one boy did ask me in private, "man, why did your dick get hard?' I just stammered, embarrassed, "I--I don't know".

The very public 'naked' spanking findy over, we were allowed to pull clothes back over extremely sore and bright red butts. We dared not look at our classmates as we, with heads down, returned to our desks. All was deathly quiet, but we could hear several 'snickers' break out the rest of the day when we caught someone's eye.

Bobby and I never talked about this, and although Jennifer moved to a different school the next year, each time she would see me in the hall she would break into a 'knowing' wide grin and I would blush but feel a definite 'tingle' of excitement begin to grow!

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