The Initiation
by O.T.Kneely

I had been in band since the5th grade and now, in the summer before I was to begin High school, I was excited about being in the marching band, the "big time" to me, a 15 year old.

My friend Daniel, also in the band, had an older brother, Albert who would be a senior the next year. I looked up to him as an experienced band captain and sophisticated 'older teen'.

One day Albert approached me with a flattering offer. He said "our band needs someone to play a special horn we have and I think you might be the one who can handle it. Me and a couple of friends would like you to come with us. We'll get it, drive around and let you try it out". Needless to say, I was thrilled at the prospect and readily agreed.

They picked me up in the evening and we went to the band house. Albert somehow had gotten a key and they got the horn out of storage quickly so as hopefully not to be seen. Then they drove me to another side of town while I tried out the horn in the back seat of the car. After a while, Albert said to his friend Carl "you drive now". Albert proceeded to get in the back seat with me, shoving me to the side as Jimmy got up front with Carl. Now Albert was it the middle, which confused me as to his purpose.

The demeanor of these 'friends' changed to that of menacing grins and knowing looks at Albert and me. I had heard of hazing or 'initiation' as high school kids liked to call it then. I knew sometimes the sophomore girls had had their shoes taken off and thrown off the band bus a few blocks from school so they would have to walk back to retrieve them. Worse, I had heard stories of boys being required to go to the back of the bus while returning from games at night. The seniors would kind of block the view of the bus driver and others not 'in' on it, and make them lower their pants and underwear. Then they would have humiliating things done to them. One boy I knew personally later told me he was required to bend over and they sprayed Freon on his balls creating a stinging pain that elicited hysterical laughs from the seniors.

I noticed Albert had a leather strap that he slapped in his hand several times, all the while looking at me as though I was a rabbit caught in a trap. Findlay he said to me "get your shoes and socks off!" "Oh no!" I thought. "they're going to make me walk barefooted home". Funny thing was, I didn't like for people to see my feet; a phobia I had since an aunt had made some strong comment about it being 'improper for men to show their bare feet in public'. So, unknown to them, this act of having to show my naked feet was already embarrassing to me. Pretty scared by now, I did as he said, as he shined a flashlight down on my feet as I blushed in the dark. After a long pause, he reached over toward my crouch and I instinctively put my hands down there in defense. Striking my hands with the belt, he grabbed my belt and undid it and my jeans. "Now I want you to get your jeans and your 'panties' off 'little girl'!"he said. When I hesitated, he told Carl "stop the car, we are going to have to do it for him along side the road where everyone can see" It was along the freeway feeder with cars whizzing by. When Carl hit the brakes I quickly began to take off first my jeans and, slowly, my underwear. Carl slowed down so he and Jimmy could get a good look as Albert shined the flashlight on my exposed dick and naked thighs. By now I could only hang my head and shake in nervous anticipation of what might be coming next. They had got their 'jollies' making fun how 'small' I was and said my hairless body 'looked like the little girl I was'

After what seemed an eternity, Albert said "now I want your butt across my lap". My fear elevated to a new high as I gasped out loud "no, please-"at that Albert grabbed my arms pulling me across his lap, holding me down tightly with left arm. I began to kick vigorously whereupon he put his big leg over mine so that I could only wave and wiggle my naked feet. Thus trapped, I was unable to avoid any further indignity they wished to heap on me.

"POP!" went the strap upon bare flesh, adding stinging pain to my panic."POP-POP-POP" repeatedly came the blows. I had been spanked before many times, mostly by my mom. But never bare bottomed and never in front of anybody else. To make matters worse, they rolled down the windows and slowed down so as cars would pass they called out "hey, look at this girl getting a spanking" I could hear cars slowing down and people making 'cat calls' and whistling. After several pops, in spite of my pleading, they would wait until another car approached and then begin again This 'initiation' went on for at least 20 minutes while, I, with no other choice, resigned myself to this utterly mortifying and painful experience.

Eventually, I guess, they tired of this and let me up. By this time I was crying softly and still scared of what more they might decide to do to me. "Don't put your panties on" they said as I gingerly reached for something to cover myself with. With that they stopped again and I think my heart stopped too!

Jimmy now got in the back with me as Albert resumed driving. "Get up on the freeway, Albert; let's see if the full moon is out". As Albert sped up the ramp, Jimmy said "get up on your knees with your butt out the window. Still too scared to argue and too weary as well, I lifted myself up and backed to the open window. The cool night air actually felt good on my red and swollen butt. As people would pass by and see my naked butt and balls hanging out, they would honk and the teens would roll down their windows and make rude remarks and gestures, suggesting they pull over and let them do' various things to my anus!'

Suddenly. One car load of kids told them a police car was approaching and mercifully they let me sit down and get dressed.

When we arrived at Albert's house I wondered what else they would possibly do to me. Images of the horrible' suggestions 'made by others on the freeway came to my mind and I shuttered Fortunately, Albert's mother and brother were home! When my friend saw how shaken I still was, he asked enough questions to surmise what had happened. I heard him tell his mom and then he took me home. I was still too afraid to tell anyone and in fact I have never told the whole story to anyone until now. Thinking back on it, as frightened as I was, there was still an element of 'excitement' in it for me. It was something I would never have chose to do willingly, but the idea of being forced to do it, not having any control, was somehow very stimulating and sensual nevertheless. I think that might have set the stage, so to speak, for my desire for disciplinary spanking as an adult. Albert, I learned years later, got drunk, fell off his boat and drowned. I felt little 'remorse'!

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