The Bottom Line
by an anonymous author

The Bottom Line

This, I believe, is a true story, at least the two people who related it to me said it was. I heard the two versions on different occasions from different friends. I have taken the liberty of putting it into story form.

My name is Julie Jackson and after leaving Uni. I had managed to get an interview with a small, start-up investment advisor . I hadn't had much luck with the big companies and was now trying the smaller ones. I was surprised when reading the literature they sent me that the pay an conditions were better than most - a health insurance scheme partly funded by the company as was the pension scheme. True if I did not stay with the firm for at least five year I would have to just withdraw my contributions, but I'm too young to worry about pensions anyway. There was also time off for study and financial support for professional improvement. So, all in all, pretty good. As I walked into the office, the seven young women looked up and smiled. One rose, came over and introduced herself as Francie, senior consultant. "Mike, Mike Talus, is waiting for you. " She led me to a corner office, knocked, looked in and said the Julie Jackson had arrived. As I entered I was greeted by a tall man of about thirty, who shook hands then waved me to a chair. After some inconsequential chat he gave me a folder labelled " Company Policies", and told me that I could use the restaurant on the ground floor at the company's expense. There I could chat with the other members of staff and ask for clarification of the items in the folder. The other staffers were still working as I left his office, but Francie told me they would see me in about twenty minutes. Down in the restaurant I started skimming the policies, then looking closer as it seemed much of content referred to the punishment that would be inflicted for mistakes, tardiness and carelessness. When Francie and the others appeared I could hardly wait to ask them about caning for lateness thus causing others to have extra work; canings for every error in a paper sent out; canings for misfiling and so on. The others seemed not at all put out by the list, in fact they seemed to be proud of belonging to a firm that had such policies, and as they assured me, they had all been chastised at one time or another. "But", they said," Where else would you find a firm with conditions such as these?" In fact, if I was conscientious and efficient I had little to worry about. So confident were they that I went straight back up to the boss and told him that I would like to start as soon as possible. He had me sign a form to say that I agreed to abide by the policies, wished me well and said that he would see me next week.

Miss Julie Jackson impressed me as soon as she walked in. Upright, neatly dressed and confident of bearing. Her CV was quite impressive, although it is true that she had not yet had practical experience since leaving college. She answered intelligently and as she left to go down to the restaurant I thought that it would be a pleasure to cane those pert buttocks sometime. It would probably happen as everybody makes the odd mistake some time. Would it be one stroke over her panties for being ten minutes late in; or two for not getting back from lunch in time to answer her telephone. It might even be one or two on the bare for misfiling. So when she returned from lunch and said that she was happy to join us I was able to continue my musing. This happened to be quite a sparse week, just two strokes for Maureen for spelling mistakes that Francie had picked up.

The first couple of weeks went by uneventfully, I shadowed Carol to get the hang of the system. Each woman had a number of accounts that they monitored, adding or deleting investments according to the programme set by clients. I kept an eye on the "State of play" board. Each woman's name was shown, followed by red, yellow or blue spots. Francie had explained that blue spots were totalled at the end of the month and contributed to an end of the year bonus. The yellow indicated an error or punishment to be inflicted on the Friday after office hours, and the red that punishment had been carried out. It was Francie's job to monitor the work of the others and to inform Mike of any slip-ups. During my second week I noticed that Peggy had a yellow spot and was curious to see what the procedure was. At four thirty on Friday Peggy removed the spot from the board and went into Mike's office. I was surprised to see that Francie accompanied her. A couple of minutes later I heard a thwack followed by a yelp. Then another thwack and yelp. The Peggy left the office rubbing her behind and looking rueful. Thwock Thwock Thwock Thwock And Francie came out crying softly. Peggy went over to her and hugged her silently.

This had been a good week, much successful trading and now the delectable Peggy visiting me today, Friday, and the even more delectable Francie. Usually I don't bother to check the letters given to me to sign if Francie has initialled them as satisfactory. In this instance I had little on hand so had glanced through one of the proposals that were to go out and found that two lines were missing. So Peggy got two strokes and Francie four, since she is supposed to check the others. True it is easy to miss things, but they are the rules of our business. And how could I begrudge myself the pleasure of seeing the cane impact on her tightly stretched panties.

We had quite a hectic Monday, all of us were busy dealing with orders to buy or sell. Then Maureen came over with a list of trades to make and said that she was suffering cramps and Francie had told her to take the rest of the day off. I was to complete her work and take any calls that came in for her. Here was my big chance, I started doing the trades then came three urgent telephone calls for Maureen, and one for me. I dealt with those then went back to my list, ticking them off as I went. Francie came over at the end of the day to see how I'd got on. I showed her the ticked list and told her about the other matters I'd dealt with. Come on," she said" it's been a hell of a day. Lets us go and get a drink" Next morning as we all arrived about the same time we were greeted by Mike with an angry invitation to his office. "Julie, did you make all the trades that Maureen left you yesterday. ?" "Yes, I ticked them off as I went along." Well you missed one for Winterton's. Last night I got a call at home from John Winterton to say that a buy he had ordered had not been made. As it was I was able to make the buy this morning when the market opened, and it was at a better price than last night. However, he is furious and says that either I sack the two of you, because Francie should have checked that the deal was on the back-up disc last night, but she didn't, or he will take his business away from us. That would mean an end to the bonuses for this year for everyone. It would also be very bad publicity for a young firm like ours. " I looked at the list and tried to remember and saw that the telephone calls had come just as I got to the Winterton account. I remembered ticking it after the calls, thinking that I had made the trade. Now I realised that I hadn't. Mike said that he was going to have another go at Mr. Winterton and told us to get back to work. As I went I noticed two new yellow dots - after Francie and ME!

When I called Mr. Winterton to tell him about the trade and the fact that he had made a better deal than he would have done he was somewhat mollified. I described our normal disciplinary measures, assuring him that it worked pretty well. After describing the punishment that would be dealt out to the two young women he retracted his threat, but insisted that he be present to ensure that they were adequately punished. I agreed, subject to Francie and Julie going along with this extra humiliation. I must admit that my daydreams of striping Julie's pert bottom had not envisaged six of the best with panties down, and a similar eight for Francie. How Julie would react to the suggestion when she had never been caned or even spanked I did not know. As it was they both accepted since once over and done with it was better than looking for another job. I don't think that Julie realised just what she was in for. It was also the fact that the Winterton account would stay with the firm that also persuaded them. Losing the bonuses that everyone had worked hard for would be most unfair.

When Mike called us in and told of his negotiation and subsequent decision my first reaction was dismay and refusal. But then I realised how much everyone else would be hurt by my actions. And after all, a caning couldn't be all that bad. Humiliation yes, but six strokes of the cane, I could go along with that. Not that I looked forward to Friday with pleasure. Francie suggested that we should wear loose fitting dresses that day, rather than trousers, since our bottoms would prefer, she thought, not to be tightly constricted afterwards. So I dressed carefully with pretty but not erotic panties and a flowered summer dress with loose skirt. The day passed normally with the occasional sympathetic smile from the other girls. Just before 4.30 pm Mr. Winterton arrived, greeted the room jovially and went into Mike's office. Everyone knew what our punishment was going to be, and having all suffered from caned bottoms, albeit not to the extent that ours were going to be, gave us each a hug on the way out. Then in we went to meet our fate. Mike was sitting at his desk, whilst Mr. Winterton was standing flexing Mike's cane a two foot six, very flexible rattan.

I reminded Francie and Julie that Mr. Winterton would watch the punishment being doled out, that the person being punished must stay bent over the desk until the task was done, and that standing or rubbing the bottom before completion would earn an extra stroke, and the obligation to remove the rest of their clothing. Though both looked very apprehensive they agreed that they understood. I asked Francie to help Julie into position, to pin up her skirt and to remove her panties. What a pretty sight her creamy cheeks made tip tilted over the desk. The white triangle left by her bikini framed by her tanned legs and back. Mr. Winterton gave me back the cane and seated himself in my place. Here he would have a good view of the proceedings since the punishment desk was at right angles to mine.

After Mike's reminder Francie took me over to the desk, and guided me over it suggesting that I held onto the crossbars tightly as that would help me not to stand as I took the punishment. I felt her lift my skirt and looked sideways at Mr.Winterton, conscious that not even my boy friend had seen my pantied bottom, and now two men were going see it bared. Francie put her fingers into the elastic and slid my panties down and off. I think that I must have been blushing from head to foot. The cool of the air conditioning on my bottom did nothing to ease my humiliation. Looking to my left I could just see Mike, but not his hands. Then I felt a tap on my bottom, the cheeks of which instinctively clenched. "Don't tighten up," Mike warned. He tapped again then I heard the swoosh and slap of the cane. For an instant I felt nothing, then a fiery agony took over my being. Sight, sound, surroundings, all vanished into the line of fire that was my bottom. As my sight cleared I realised that I was standing. Someone, me , was shrieking. My hands were kneading my behind - trying to put out the flames. Francie gave me a hug, then whispered that I had to remove the rest of my clothes. I began to protest, but she reminded me that it was part of the rules. Reluctantly I undid the buttons on my dress and dropped it to the floor. She undid my bra and took it away. Then I was gently taken by my shoulders and guided back over the desk.

I suspect that the first stroke was somewhat harder than I had intended, having a spectator upon whose favour so much of all our futures depended, plus nervousness at being the first to cane the delectable Julie, made me determine to be firm. But not that firm! A white line appeared, rapidly filled with red, then the line of red rose into a welt that rapidly became bluish. The swoosh and sssplat of the cane on that creamy bottom, I must say, filled me with an unearthly joy. The opposite of the unearthly scream that came from Julie as she sprang to her stamping feet, clenching and unclenching her hands on the cheeks of her bottom and revolving. Now I not only had her pert bottom to admire but the whole of her delightful body. I could see that Mr. Winterton also admired the view. Francie gently guided her back into position, whispering encouragement. The following strokes were not as fierce but did elicit an " Aaeeow," as each stroke landed. Her bottom meanwhile was becoming nicely striped with the four lines exactly parallel. Julie's cheeks twisted in between strokes and one foot came up after each. With the fifth I must have been becoming over confident for it crossed the others. It must have renewed the pain of them for Julie once again sprang upwards, with "AaaaeeeNo! No more!" I encouraged her to take the position again as we were nearly through. Which, moving stiffly she did. And I delivered my last stroke. Last because Mr. Winterton asked to be allowed to bestow the penalty strokes.

The second, third and fourth strokes did not hurt quite as much as the first although they were fiery, and I managed to stay in place. Then the fifth relit the fire of the others and I found myself again erect and massaging. Once back down the sixth was almost gentle, almost. I heard Mr.Winterton ask to apply the last two stripes and agreed through my tears, just glad to get it all over with. These two were delivered with full force and crossed the others, but I managed to stay in place. Then Francie's hands were gently massaging the wheals and applying a cream that took a little of the sting away, but not the bruise or throb. I went to get my dress, but Mike said that when more than one person was being punished no clothing could be replaced until the whole session was over. So here was I, completely naked apart from my shoes and socks, in front of two men, and I have never been in less than a swim suit in public before. Francie took my place over the desk. I pinned up her skirt and took off her panties. I did not envy her unblemished nates for gently rubbing the welts that had come up upon mine I knew what she was in for. Mike tapped her bottom then raised the cane high and brought it down with a swoosh . Had I been a mathematician I would have admired the arc of the cane as it came down. The tip trailing . The centre of the curve met and the arc was reversed, with the weapon wrapping itself around her bottom and the tip digging in. Francie's buttocks clenched and she stamped a foot, but made no sound. Gritting her teeth. Nor did she for the next three strokes. Then on the fourth she grunted and on the fifth had to open her mouth and emit a soft scream. The sixth brought her to her feet, squeezing hard and swearing. So now she had to strip before returning to the desk. Seven and eight she took with just yelp through clenched teeth. Mr. Winterton's penalty stroke across the others brought forth a full bodied scream. But it was over. I applied the cream and helped her up. Mr. Winterton asked us to turn round and show him our injured bottoms. He and Mike then went into the outer office whilst we dressed, sans knickers When we came out our nemesis shook our hands, congratulated us upon being a couple of very brave young women ,then announced that not only was he keeping his account with us, but would be giving us other business. He stipulated however, that I was to take over his affairs as he was sure that I would pay them very careful attention.

For the next week or so business went well, with clients recommended by Mr. Winterton calling and giving us business. I continued to have Friday visits for minor offences, but not from Francie or Julie! I decided that I would like to enlarge the business and called a meeting to propose that if each of the women could put in ten thousand we could form a partnership. They agreed and we held an AGM at which it was agreed that the wording of the terms of employment be changed to recognise the new arrangement. We moved offices, bought new equipment and took on two secretaries. All continued on an even keel until one day when we had been particularly busy I took some work home to finish, bringing back the discs for the firms I had worked on the following day. Unfortunately I overslept and by the time I got in two of the women had wasted half an hour searching for the discs I'd taken. I quickly got the discs from my briefcase and handed them over, retiring to my office. The next thing I knew was that the two women were inside saying angrily that we had a rule that discs should not be taken from the office and that I had not only put the discs in the wrong cases, but that I had actually mixed up the data for two firms. This meant that everyone had to stay on late that evening.

The following lunchtime, Francie called us together for a special partners' meeting, all except Mike and the secretaries. With a wicked grin she pointed out that we all had agreed to abide by the new rules, including Mike! According to the book, he merited eight strokes. Of course we all concurred. Back upstairs Francie put a large yellow spot by Mike's name and when he came out into the outer office remarked to him that only one person would be getting punished this Friday. On looking at the board he looked shocked, then grinned at Francie's joke. She however stated that it was no joke, but a rule of the business. Mike, half-heartedly in the face of her determined expression, protested it should not apply to him, but Francie pointed out that he had always been a stickler to the rules, and mentioned goose and ganders? Come Friday we all, apart from the two secretaries, gathered in Mike's office, He was a bit surprised to see us all, but we informed him that by a majority vote we had decided that doling out the punishment should be shared and we would each give him one stroke, Francie as senior would give him the eighth. "Eight?" "Yes, Julie had six and she was new and junior. I as senior had eight, so you are getting off lightly." With a deep sigh of resignation Mike draped himself over the desk, but being so tall could not be comfortable. "Right, you will just have to bend over with your hands on your knees and take it that way. Now, trousers and pants off." "Can I not just keep my pants on?" After looking around and receiving nods from the rest of us, Francie agreed that he could. But not if he did not remain bent over for the whole session. In that case, of course he would have to remove all his clothing. We moved the desk to give us space for action and he got into position. His expression was a mixture of determination and trepidation. Francie took a firm grasp of the cane, tapped it on his stretched pants to get her aim, took two steps backward, sprang forward with the cane on high and brought it down with a tremendous swoosh. Thwump. Although not as well padded as us, the cane seemed to sink into the cloth, and rebound. Mike let out a howl of pain and shock and sprang upright, rubbing his bottom and walking back and forth. "Okay, Mike. Off with the clothes and that is one penalty stroke that you have earned. So let us continue." With the best grace he could and turning his back to strip revealing a little of his privates as he could, he again bent over. Maureen was next, and her stroke was as hard as the first, but he grunted and stayed down although taking a step forward before resuming position. Then came Peggy, like the others of us with a wide grin. Then Jane. She is a squash player and almost as tall as Mike. Her stroke would have done credit to a champion. Mike's reaction was again to straighten with all thought of his modesty abandoned as he strode around the room stamping and squeezing his buttocks. "Two penalties." To give him credit he bent over and took the rest of the punishment gamely. When it came to my turn I looked at the tram lines across his bottom, some of which were beginning to turn blue, and decided to cross them as Mr. Winterton had for me. Mike yelped loudly but stayed in place. Then Francie delivered the penalty strokes and then offered the cream. He stayed down as she smoothed the balm over the welts that were already darkening. Then carefully donning his clothing, no underpants, he accepted the offer of a lift home. Someone asked what his wife would say when she saw his decorations. He said that he had already told her of what was to happen and she had laughed and made a comment about reversal of investments.

To have to lower one's trousers in the presence of seven young and attractive women is a might embarrassing, adding to the trepidation with which I faced the coming ordeal. But as I had said when doling out the punishment, the humiliation is reinforcement of the message from the pain. I determined that as the boss I had to be stoic and take my strokes in silence. To this end I had bought a small block of hard rubber to bite on. The ladies kindly allowed me to retain a modicum of modesty and wear my underpants. Which was quite generous as I had not allowed the same laxity in their cases. I wasn't fit enough to grasp my ankles so rested my hands on my knees as I bent over. I felt my buttocks clench as Francie tapped them with the cane. "Relax," she said, "or it will hurt more." So I did, as much as I could. To tell the truth I was terrified of what I was to receive. As a boy I had been caned on both hands and bottom on several occasions, and remembered being in tears. So the anticipation was awful. Francie tapped again and then there seemed to be a long pause before I heard the cane swinging through the air. She must have brought it down with great force as second later my behind exploded in pain. All my resolution went for naught. My only thought was to massage away the agony. Then I looked around at the women, who were all grinning at my exhibition. Francie insisted I remove the rest of my clothing, which I did with my back to them, then bent over again. Once in position I knew that my modesty was at an end. I was conscious of beginning to get an erection. Naked and bent over in front of seven women would have taken a greater will than mine to have remained soft. I put the rubber back between my teeth and prepared for the next stroke. When it came I almost sprang upright again. That such pain could come from the hand of weak and gentle woman! Number three I took without more than a grunt, but then came Jane. Her stroke destroyed my resolve and I found myself, modesty at an end, stamping round and round in circles. Pain like that did not happen, but it had. For the rest of the strokes I managed to stay in place, but it took some doing. Then it was over and Francie was smoothing cream over my burning buttocks. When I stood up the women all laughed as they looked at me and I realised that I was now fully hard. "Come on, girls. Let us leave him to get dressed." Reversing investments had been a hard lesson, but we were now a very successful team, with something in common - the bottom line!

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