Caning a British Bird
by Hawk

Things are weird sometimes; you know how we come across each other? Well let me reminisce for you how I met my girlfriend, Robin Coburn... it was, ah different.

"Good afternoon Jason." greeted Marcus. "Come on it, suppers almost ready."
Stepping into the cottage of his friend Jason Fields inhaled smelling the supper cooking Shepard's pie. They were foodies and had met over some exotic fair during their travels where they learned they happened to share the same home town though both men enjoyed basic down to earth meals as much as rare game.
"Come on lets go into the kitchen get a pint." enjoined pleasantly the imported Brit Marcus to his young American friend.
"I'd love something cold the heats sure on out here." Jason remarked meaning the summer weather.
They went into the kitchen, Jason's mouth fell open, and it had nothing to do with their cooking meal.
"Hey Uncle Marc... ah... so this is Jason?" smiled the dark haired girl.
Jason blinked; she had to have been twenty at least. Her long black hair fell down in curls framing a heart shaped with a tiny upturned. The little wren's sparkling green eyes brightened seeing the two men.
However it was the girl's cleavage that had Jason's notice. Luscious tanned breasts were being held back by a pink Nike sport's bra.
"Jason this is Robin Coburn, daughter of an old coworker back home she's visiting for the summer from England."
All Jason could do was smile, he eventually got out a "Hello hope you're enjoying the States."
Robin bubbly replied: "Sure am." She batted her eyes.
"Sky fetch Jason a Theakston's will you dear."
"Right away." She beamed.

Not long after Marcus, Jason, and Robin sat down to their Shepard's Pie. The conversation was pleasant filled with a lot of talk about the strange foods the men had eaten. A particular story centering on pigs brain had rather grossed out Robin but by the end of it she had been giggling like a schoolgirl in her endearing Manchester accent.
During the dinner Robin had gotten up to bring things to and from the table, during which Jason enjoyed the full view of her ass encased in a pair of form fitting grey track pants. When she bent to throw away trash Jason didn't miss a suggestion of panties under the taught fabric.
Once all was cleaned up, Robin excused herself, but before she did so as if to remind him about something in a tiny voice she told Marcus. "I'll be back down in a few minutes."
"Ah yes of course." Marcus said to her. "Jason lets go into the living room for a cigar."
"Love one." Jason clapped Marcus on his back the whole time watching Robin exit up the stairway her hips swinging oozing with sex appeal but what he was truly hooked on was her effervescent personality not that the hot bod wasn't a great hook.
Sitting, handing Jason a cigar Marcus observed. "She's a beautiful one eh?"
"Ah" Jason hesitated.
"Don't play dumb man you're attracted to Robin."
"You noticed?" Jason sheepishly admitted.
"Hard not to son, understandable she's a proper stunner." Marcus laughed. "So well you might be put off by what's about to happen."
That caused Jason to do a double take, ask: "Huh what?"
"Robin reminded me she's earned herself a thrashing." Jason didn't say anything to that so Marcus continued. "Yesterday she took my car without consent. Her father's rather adamant that I maintain discipline regarding his child who sometimes can get herself into trouble. That happy go lucky personality which I see has ensnared you my boy has been known to get Robin into all sorts of mischief to which a soundly caned ass has proven to be the most effective method of correction."
Jason just said: "Oh" but thought about it and asked. "Should I go? I don't want to embarrass her." He realized he was suddenly thinking all sorts of perverse thoughts most regarding that bottom under that skintight fabric and how it might look jiggling under a cane. More still that he could simply choose to watch it happen should he want. Clearly Marcus wasn't rushing him off.
"Don't go Jason" sweetly called out Robin coming down the stairs, holding a straight yellow cane in hand. "It'll be alright."
"Well then my dear lets get to it."
Robin nodded, handed the cane to Marcus went over to where on the floor a T was marked out in masking tape.
Toes lined up with the top of the T, which in width was a little less then a foot, Robin pulled her curls back then dropped her hands down to the waistband of her track pants. Tugging the tight fabric over her hips a lacy pink thong encased to perfect round cheeks. Robin pushed the track pants perhaps a little too slowly down to her ankles wiggling her red painted toes as she did so.
Watching her bend Jason admired her full buttocks on display liking how the thong tightened around her curves.
Unhurriedly, hands moving up her legs Robin glanced sultry over her shoulder, coyly smiled as she stood back up.
Jason realized he had a bulge in his pants, he also noticed that apparently he was far more self-conscious by what was going then even Robin who looked to be getting something of a thrill herself.
Lifting the waistband of her thong over her hips Robin worked them down to her ankles and this time remained touching her toes.
The bulge in Jason's pants throbbed almost beyond his control. He looked at that perfect ass and the fruits on display for him - he was quit dizzy, this beat a strip club any day!
Marcus tapped the cane on that taught buttocks, brought it back and let loose.
"Ouch! One" Robin called out, through clenched teeth.
"Two!" howled Robin.
"Ah" the girl cried.
"Robin I need a count or we'll start again."
"Three..." she replied breathless.
"Four... must I really need to take twelve?"
"Your father's rules now keep in place."
Enthralled with the merciless thrashing that Marcus was dolling out Jason was ready to explode.
"Can Jason do it?" asked Robin sobbing.
Considering Marcus glanced over at the young man. "Well I think he wants to thrash something... no harm in it I suppose." He handed the cane to Jason who took it and tested it in the air almost robotically.
"Go on whip her!"
"Oh, yeah right." Said Jason hardly realizing he was holding the cruel rod and tapping it on the round buttocks in front of him.
With surprising vigor on his part Jason slashed the cane across Robin's butt producing the loudest yowl as of yet from the girl.
"Five!" choked out Robin now crying without restraint.
"Six!" she buckled under the blows, thought maybe she preferred Marcus thrashing her since the Jason was being surprisingly thorough about it. "Seven!" that caused her to jump.
Exploring with the rod, choosing his target Jason let fly the last four onto her most delicate parts. Completing the job the young man helped the sobbing girl stand, held her in his arms.
"Well I think I'll leave you two to yourselves." Marcus said to the young couple as if he and Jason had not seconds earlier been meting out corporal punishment. "I can see you two have a lot to talk about."
It was good that Marcus quickly went upto his room, for it didn't take to long for Robin to maul Jason. The older man could see easily where all this had been leading, at least on Robin's part.

Like I said... it was different. Can't imagine sharing this particular story with our kids, I mean could you? Not that was the last time Robin's found herself bent for a good sound thrashing, not always the cane and it surely wasn't the last time I witnessed her bare her ass to be punished - on one trip back with her to England her father wasn't at all shy about dishing it out for so lip she gave him... but ah that's another story.

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