Fantasy Spanking Review
by an anonymous author

The Interview

Have you ever seen a spanking video so good you wished you hadn't even seen it? It touches something deep within and you can't stop thinking about or get its images out of your head. And of course you can't stop watching it over and over. This is what happened to me recently when I downloaded "The Interview".

The premise is a woman applying for a sales rep position at a shady company that sells and markets a miracle weight-loss program. The video opens with a beautiful woman dressed professionally standing at a counter and filling out an application.. We see her from the waist up. She is about 30 and has a classy and smoldering beauty that reminds me of Vida Garman.
On the other side of the counter are an anorexically thin young woman and an older man. The man has the woman's resume in his hand is going over it. He tells her she doesn't need to finish filling out the application. He asks her if she could come back for an interview with a man named Ralph at 9 the next morning. She assures him she can. They shake hands and the woman turns to leave.
The older man and the young woman behind the counter apparently didn't see the beautiful applicant walk in, because when she walks away the man gasps and the girl snickers. From the waist up the woman looked very slim and had a rather flat chest, but even in her conservative business attire we can now see that the remainder of her proportions are quite different. Her hips are quite wide, wider than her shoulders and the skirt balloons out behind her, struggling to contain her large round buttocks. The woman hears the girl snicker, turns back for a moment and then keeps walking.
"What is she thinking," says the girl to the man. "She can't represent a weight-loss program with an ass like that!"
"Ralph can deal with her," says the man.
We see the beautiful, bottom-heavy woman in Ralph's office the next morning. She's still dressed conservatively and Ralph is sitting across from her, trying to let her down easy. He tells her he doesn't think the company is for her. She pushes for an explanation, so finally he tells her that look isn't right.
"But I've been using the Miracle Thin Plan," she says. "And I've lost 20 pounds!"
"Yes, but as a representative your still rather...," begins Ralph.
"Hippy," finishes the woman. "Look I really need this job."
Ralph sighs and hands her a business card. "Go see this guy. If he says it's okay you're hired."
The next scene is the woman sitting in another office. This one's quite a bit fancier. The man behind the desk is little older and dressed a little nicer. He introduces himself as Daniel and the woman introduces herself as Trina. She explains how important the job is for her, and the man smiles enigmatically and says, "We'll see just how important."
He hands her a bag and tells her to go in the adjoining room and change. The woman, who we finally know is Trina, emerges from the room in a workout leotard and before she even turns around I thought my heart would stop! A tight trim body, but what hips! She's still wearing heels and I'm panting as she struts coolly into the office and we get a side and rear view. A beautiful classy woman with a tight flat stomach and rear-end like a quarter horse, large, firm, round and powerful-looking.
The man behind the desk doesn't appear impressed however, and still wears the same cryptic grin on his face. He buzzes the intercom and asks someone to come in. Three men enter two carrying cameras and one hefting a box in front of him. The man behind the desk ignores them for a moment. He picks up a pen and a pad. "Okay Trina, what's your height"
Trina hesitates. "160"
One of the men who just entered approaches with a tape measure, and Trina stands obediently while he reads off the measurements. "Chest 33", waist 26", and um... hips 49""
"Now, Trina do you think those are the measurements of a Miracle Thin girl?" asks the man behind the desk.
"I'm not standing here going through this humiliation for nothing," Trina says beginning to lose her calm, professional demeanor.
"Humiliation?" laughs the man behind the desk. "Every time you walk in trying to sell our product you're going to be judged and scrutinized pretty carefully. Our clients are very discriminating."
"Are they going to measure me like a tailor's dummy?"
"I'm going to give you a chance to perform under pressure," says the man behind the desk. "Nigel here has a product he's looking to market and I want to see how you handle it. A very..., um a very high pressure sale," and the man chuckles quietly.
Our heroine is given a script to read and memorize and the men set up their cameras and open their boxes. Trina gasps as she reads it. "This is your only chance to prove you've got what it takes to sell my product," says the man behind the desk. "Do you want this or not? Don't waste our time."
"But this is...," and then Trina composes herself. "If I do this I want a guarantee."
The man at the desk says, "If you do this right you got a regional management position and a nice bonus fat from Nigel there."
Now it's almost fifteen minutes into this video and all I've seen is a woman in a leotard. But what a woman! The setup is running a little long, but it is certainly building up tension, at least for me. I'm wondering if this is going to be as good as I hope. But the woman is some thing to behold and I dare not scan ahead. Initially, it's because I can't bear the letdown of another disappointing video.
Okay, the scene fades to black and when the next scene begins we see Trina from the chest up holding a long cane. She strokes it and looks seductively into the camera. "I just love being caned with Nigel's Classic Canes." She begins, licking her lips. "100% rattan and engineered for just the right "switchiness" and sting. Will you please cane me now?" she pleads to the camera.
Heart attack time! No warm up, and she's strutting slowly to the center of the room. Besides the tube top we now see all she has on is a pair of thong panties, and heels. She finds her spot and stands still with her arms at her sides. The camera roams her body as her punisher approaches. It's one of the creepy-looking men who silently entered the big office earlier. "How many strokes do you want?" he asks her grinning wolfishly.
"However many you want to give me," she says demurely still facing forward.
"Hands on knees and stick your arse out!" he says swishing the cane in the air menacingly. "You'll get 25!"
Slowly she gets into position, arching her back and sticking that unbelievable rump into the camera and smiling over her shoulder at us. The 49" arse looms large in the frame and she winks coyly. I'm panting now, and what happens next is not for the faint-hearted! The strokes begin to rain down, and there is no namby-pamby ones. They are hard from the out-set and each one leaves a distinct mark on her pristine skin. One camera has wide rear-view taking in both her and her tormentor, while the other roams close focusing on the marks and her eyes as she looks back at us and counts the strokes.
Trina is an unbelievable trooper. She often gasps, and tears well up in her eyes, but she manages to count each stroke as seductively as she can, pretending to savor her punishment. Only once did she break out of position, and when she composed herself her mascara was running. But she got right back into position and bravely finished her last five strokes, or so she thought. The 25 was from this man.. The script she'd read called for her to beg and plead for another 6 from each of the other two men who came in with Nigel. Her enormous, glorious rear is covered in track lines and welts, but the skin isn't broken and she still has some spirit to her performance.
Each of the men chooses a different cane, each one thicker and stiffer, and each has his own ideas about her position. The next six are delivered with her hands on her ankles and they are more severe. She has a hard time counting and pretending she's enjoying Nigel's Canes.
She gets a short break before the final six and then the next man tells her to put her hands on her knees again and says, "Stick your big, fat arse out!" She kisses the cane and is told to wriggle her rump seductively and ooh and ah at the camera, saying, "I love it! May I please have another sir!" after each stroke. She does this, but tears stream down her face and her poor bottom is crisscrossed with tracks, bruised and seems an inch more swollen from the abuse.
Finally the camera roams over the damage and she manages a smile saying, "Nigel's canes are the only canes that touch my bottom."
The men clap, but I get the impression the scene prematurely ended, as Trina rushes into the adjoining room. We are treated to a slow-mo recap of the best strokes and some different angles and I am breathless. Could anyone ever make a video this good?

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