Humiliated in Front of Her Young Cousin
by an anonymous author

"Mm, that was a fantastic evening," said Jane as she reached inside the car window for one last snog. Reaching down inside the car and letting her hand wander, she whispered in Barry's ear, "Who knows, what I might let you do next time. After all it will be our third date".

She started to walk towards the door. He thought, that girl needs a good seeing to. How much more could a man take? Oh she says all the right things but so far all he'd had was some passionate kisses and that last grope which had driven him wild. Granted at 21 she was a couple of years older than him and look at her. Gorgeous face, fabulous figure and tonight she was wearing a white thin strappy top and no bra so her melon-like breasts jiggled under the flimsy material, and black and white checked lycra micro-skirt showing off her shapely tanned legs. Suddenly, she stopped and went back to the car to remind him he had to get out and get a taxi back. She'd borrowed the car from her aunt. Well actually taken it without asking, but what the heck.

Telling him he could ring for a cab from inside the house providing he was quiet. Tip-toeing up the drive in her sandals she quietly opened the lock. Just as she stepped inside, a light came on and there was her Aunt looking none too pleased.

"And what time do you call this young lady. And who is this?", her Aunt Dorothy saidin astern voice.

"Der.., excuse me but I don't have to answer to you as to what time I come in. And for your information, this is Barry who's come in to use the phone to call a cab, have a coffee and then he's off. Oh, and it's 1.30am", said Jane

"How dare you be so rude to me after we allowed you to spend your Easter holidays and revise in peace"her aunt replied.

"Well thankyou for that Aunt Dorothy and I appreciate it, now run along back up to bed... and what's he doing up? she nodded in the direction of her 16 year old cousin Danny. Jane had had a few words with him after he'd caught her smoking a joint and threatened to tell his mum, Jane's aunt who had strict rules about that sort of thing. In return for not telling her he'd asked for a flash of her large breasts. Shocked at obviously how much he'd grown up since her last visit, she'd slapped him around the face and told him to play with girls his own age.

"Well for your information, he had a bad tummy and I've come down to give him some medicine", her aunt said sympathetically looking at her son whose eyes were out on stalks as Jane's prominent nipples were pertruding through her top.

"Ah diddums", said Jane sarcastically

"Don't be so cheeky. You've been getting a bit too big for your boots young lady. I remember when you were in nappies. And I told you to be in by 11.30pm"

"So I wasn't, so what are you going to do, ground me? She laughed as she looked at Barry with a sarcastic look on her face.

"You're treading on very thin ice Jane and I'm getting annoyed"

"Oh really, well save it for your own brats then"

"Now listen to me, you're staying in our house and you'll give me respect. I told your mum that I'd look after you, feed you and ensure that you do your studies and come in at a reasonable time"

"Well whoopy do. I think that at 21, nearly 22 actually, I can decide these things for myself"

"Well I disagree. Look at the way you're dressed. That skirt is way too short. And do you have a bra on under that strappy top?", continued Aunt Dorothy in a stern tone.

"Well I've not had any complaints" said Jane sarcastically before continuing, "And how dare you lecture me on how to dress and what time I come in"

"I will talk to you how I see fit and your room's a mess, you never tidy up, you don't help with the dishes. In fact you are one spoiled brat and not too old to...." Shouted her aunt.

"Too old to what. Throw me out? You wouldn't dare" came the pouting, confident reply.

"And another thing, how did get home at this time?"

Barry piped up, "Oh we borrowed your car. Jane said it would be alright"

"You did what? With no insurance? What would you have done if there was an accident? I've just about had enough of this"

"You bastard Barry. Why couldn't you keep your big mouth shut. What I told you just before we came in. Forget it. You had your chance and you blew it. You're dumped, and too childish for me, now get out. I'm going to bed"

"Just a minute young lady, said Aunt Dorothy, "Not so fast Jane. I think there's a lesson to be learned here. I've had enough of your back chat, couldn't care less childish attitude. You're the one acting like a child. If you act like a child, then I'll treat you like one. I'm going to do us all a favour and give you something that your dad should have done a long time ago. I'm going to put you across my knee and give you a darned good spanking" as she took Jane's wrist in a firm grip and sat down on the settee.

"Wait, stop you can't possibly do that you old cow. I won't let you. I'm nearly 22 for goodness sake" Jane shouted.

Ignoring her niece's protests Aunt Dorothy pulled her over her lap.

"Stop this at once. I'll report you to the police". Jane cried. Then to rub salt in the wound. "Do something you big oaf, you're supposed to be my boyfriend", she called across to Barry.

"Ex boyfriend. You said I was dumped if you remember. So if you don't mind I'll just sit back and watch the show" he laughed.

"OK. But not a peep out of you then". Dorothy said glancing over at Barry. Unfortunately for Jane, her aunt had forgotten her 16 year old son was still in the room. And he was sitting there with his mouth open not believing his luck at his older cousin sprawled helplessly across his mother's lap.

Aware that the two boys were probably getting a good view of her underwear, Jane frantically tried to pull the hem of her skirt down. Oh why, oh why had she worn such a short skirt. Unbeknown to her though, that very short skirt was barely covering her gorgeous bottom.

Very quickly her aunt's hand started to smack her still skirt covered bottom. It stung so much, Jane twisted and squirmed her bottom around on her aunt's lap trying to relieve the sting. For a good five minutes the crisp smacks of the hand on her bottom and Jane's repeated "Ow's" and "Please!s" and "No's" filled the house. Her aunt was relentless and possessed a strong right arm. Finally she stopped and Jane just lay there, promising to be good in between broken sobs, hoping it was all over. Oh please let it be over, hoping her aunt would tell her to get off her lap.

But she was disappointed. She gasped. And then gasped again when she felt her aunt's fingers gripping the hem of her short skirt. In total disbelief and shock it suddenly dawned on her that everyone in the room was now looking at the seat of her silky, white with the pink and lilac floral patterned, full-back, panties. Her face flushed with embarrassment. She had never been so humiliated in her life. Shaking her head from side to side, pleading with her aunt to let her up.

Jane was in shock!

"Jane, you've been an absolute bitch and the final straw was when took my car and you lied about it. I'm going to give you a spanking you won't forget for a long, long time. There won't be anything easy about it. Are you ready?"

"Oh god, no, please....?"

Jane felt her aunt's grip tighten, it was about to begin. SMACK!SMACK!SMACK!CRACK!WHACK! Dorothy's palm flashed up and down in a blur.

MMMMMM!MMMMMM!OOOOOHH! Jane tried hard to stay as quiet as she could. Her young cousin there listening and watching, what would he think? Could she ever look him in the eye again?

SMACK!SMACK!SMACK!WHACK!WHACK! Dorothy was really trying to make a point. and she was!

Jane couldn't believe it was possible, but her aunt actually stepped up the volume and intensity! Jayne couldn't hold still anymore, her feet started wiggling, her sandals came off, toes busily digging at the floor, giving way to, crossing her wagging ankles, then pushing her toes harder into the floor in an effort to hold still and preserve some semblance of dignity. As if reading her mind, Brenda concentrated several rapid-fire spanks right at the tender junction of cheeks and thighs, not letting up, bending to her task, demanding that Jane give up any resistance.

OOOOOWWWWW! NO MORE! Aunty DOROTHY, NO MORE! By now, Jane's legs were kicking with more gusto, her hands more and more tempted to interfere, if nothing else, just to gain a second's blessed relief.

"Please, let up, PLEASE! You fucking cow. Let me go" wailed Jane

"Right I can see you've not learned your lesson"

What her aunt did next horrified her. Jane felt her aunt's fingers slip inside the thin waistband of her panties, pulling them down. Jane gasped. She couldn't believe this was happening! Here she was, an adult woman, with her bare bottom over her aunt's knee-shamefully being displayed in front of her aunt and the two boys to see!

Even though her buttocks hurt and stung and the pain she was suffering was foremost on her mind, she still blushed with shame and embarrassment knowing that her bottom was no longer being hidden by her panties. This is what you do to little girls and little boys when they misbehave, not grown women, she thought as she tried to figure out how she was going to come to terms with today's humiliating she would keep this from getting out to her friends.

Aunt Dorothy then proceeded to make her and forget all about her modesty, and realise that children weren't the only ones to find themselves in this classic punishment position. Hitting her harder than before, her arm moving rapidly, but consistently, she proceeded to set her plump niece's orbs on FIRE! Jane kicked and screamed--literally crying like a baby. Dorothy had to forcibly hold her over her lap as she continued to spank and SPANK! Jane was crying so hard that her tears were literally streaming down her beautiful face and wetting the floor beneath her, forming a noticeable damp spot in the carpet.

Jane did not like this one bit! And she wanted it to stop! But her aunt was on a mission, determined to make up for lost time. Her slaps were fiery hot against her plum orbs! Each slap stung painfully. Jane, pampered and spoiled all her life, was not used to such physical discomfort. She never realized a spanking could hurt this much or that her aunt was this strong. She repeatedly tried to get off her lap and failed miserably each time. And even though she had to forcibly hold her over her lap, contending with her squirming and struggling, she didn't miss a stroke.

Jane was now getting desperate. She wanted to get free in the worst way. Seconds later Dorothy gave her an even greater incentive to try and break free. She began slapping her harder.

OWWWOOCUCH! That hurt! And so did the next one. But no matter what she did or how much she struggled, she couldn't put a stop to the spanking. Her bottom was now in serious distress. The burning sting being generated from the repeated slaps was relentless. And still the awful spanking continued. Each slap now seemed to hurt worse than the first.

Jane, having never been spanked before, had never known what so many young women have learned over the years. Spankings HURT! Her buttocks felt like she was sitting on the hood of car that had been left in the sun on a hot August day. Both cheeks were now deep red and very sore. Tiny bumps were coating the sore, reddened flesh.

Poor Jane was reaching the point of desperation. This was no playful spanking. This was a serious, no nonsense punishment. How could this be happening to her? Just a few minutes ago, she was a confident cocky woman and now here she was with her panties pulled down getting a spanking with everyone watching-as if she were still a little girl.

When she neared the end of her punishment, she really gave it to her! Her arm moved in a blur as she hit her hard and fast! she slapped her as hard as she could for nearly a minute, effectively setting her lovely, plump, now very red buttocks on fire! Jane screamed and kicked so frantically that her panties went flying from her feet, flew across the room, puffed up with air, and landed on the coffee tables near where the others were still sitting. Everyone watched the panties as they landed.

When she finally released her, she did a frantic pain dance. With her skirt up around her waist and her total lack of panties, she bawled loudly and vigorously rubbed her sore, inflamed buttocks with both hands, desperately attempting to extinguish the fire that was tormenting her recently spanked flesh. Everyone saw her buttocks and then some as she carried on. She didn't care. For about a minute she cried and cried, sobbing as she complained about how much her bottom hurt. .

"That's enough rubbing," her aunt said sternly. Se wanted it to hurt. Grabbing her by the arm, she marched the sobbing girl to a corner of the room and made her stand there, facing it. "Keep your skirt raised and don't turn around until I tell you to. I don't want to see your face!

Jane, her sore, blistered buttocks on display, obediently remained in the corner and cried, releasing gulping sobs, while everyone looked at her. She was embarrassed and ashamed. She felt so foolish being punished this such a naughty child. She wanted to cover herself in the worst way. At last she was able to retrieve her panties, and just holding them over her bush, she ran sobbing from the room and up to her bedroom.

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