Sales Manageress gets her just desserts
by an anonymous author

A knock at the door

"Who is it?" said Caroline in her broad Welsh accent 
"Mark Jones" comes the reply.
"Come in"

He entered the room, and without looking, the occupant Caroline Taylor gestured with her pen to stand just inside 
the door whilst she finishes what she's writing.

At last after 15 minutes, she looks up.

"You wanted to see me Caroline?"
"It's Mrs Taylor to you, let's have a little respect around here"

The haughty bitch he thought.  She seems to have forgotten that it was me who showed her around when she first 
started.  Now look at her, sales manager for the South of England.

"Now I'm not going to waste any time on this, "she said.  "Frankly, your sales results are appalling and if you 
don't pull your socks up, then you'll be looking for another job. Is that clear?"

And without waiting for an answer, she dismissed him with a nonchalant wave of her hand. Checking her watch, she 
smiled and murmured, "Yes, that BMW Z4 should be here soon. That will cause a stir in the offices"

Not as much as Mrs Taylor herself did.  At least with all the men.  With her penchant for revealing tops, 
absolutely pencil tight skirts, etc. Not to mention her ice cold attitude to her underlings, there were quite a few 
who would love to see her brought down a peg or two.  In sales meetings she would have some of the girls in tears 
with her catty remarks and if some of the men were below target, she'd ignore them.

At 34, she made the most of her considerable assets.  Gorgeous face, probably 38DD breasts which were always shown 
to best advantage, slim waist and on down to very womanly hips. Oh yes, she was no skinny Kate Moss but a full 
blooming woman in her prime.  She never discussed her private life but rumour had it her husband was European 
director and she had 2 children at private school.

She looked up to see Stephen Jones still in the room. "Yes, was there something else?"
"As a matter of fact there is. I don't like your attitude and I intend to do something about it", he replied.
Quick as a flash she sneered, "The only you'll be doing is collecting your P45, now scram buster"

"Oh really Miss Smarty Pants, let me tell you something", he started.

To which she replied, "How dare you be so insolent, now get out before I call security"

As her hand moved towards the phone.  He said in a flash, "Mr Dickinson, Sales Director of this Company is your 
father-in-law.  And I wouldn't be surprised the reason your own sales figures are so good is that you've slept your 
way to the top. Mr Bartle at Pendlehurst Securities and Jeff Jones at Landfill Equities. Two of our biggest 
clients.  Funny how you've landed them when I was trying for years".

Continuing, he sat down, without an invitation and carried on.  "You see, I've got evidence". And he threw across a 
couple of pictures.

"You bastard", she yelled.  As she grabbed the offending pictures which showed her in what looked to be a couple of 
night clubs, slightly the worse for wear.  In one she was snogging Mr Bartle, goodness knows where her hand was.  
And in the other, behaving rather childlishly dancing on a table for the benefit of Mr Jones.  He looked like the 
cat that had got the cream.  And in both cases, she was revealing rather a lot of her more than ample charms.

"My God, where did you get those?" she said
"Let's just say I called in a few favours. Not as stupid as I look", he said.
"Has anyone else seen these?", she asked in a panic.
"Not yet", came the reply
"Good, let's keep it that way", she said softly and smiled, tossing her shoulder length blonde hair and leaning 
forward in her chair showing even more of her more than ample cleavage.  Fully aware of the effect this would have. 
She'd lost count of the number of men who said her bosom should carry a "Government health warning". He'll be just 
like all the others, she mused, putty in her hands.

Holding the pictures in her immaculately manicured hands with the huge diamond ring on her finger she 
continued, "I'm sure that we can come to an arrangement.  Let's say I cut you in on the deals, reduce your targets 
and make you a supervisor? She finished by fluttering her eyelids and licking her lips in a most provocative way.  
He fidgeted and she mused that he was so predictable, just like all the other men, so easy to get her way with.

"Well that will do for starters Mrs Taylor"
"Oh, call me Caroline," she breathed
"Ok Caroline.  This is what I intend to do.  You may recall how you used to humiliate me in your sales meetings?

"Go on", she replied cautiously
"Well, I intend to do the same to you"
"Sorry you've lost me", she tapped her fingers impatiently.
"Well, I intend to give you, and you must forgive me for saying this as it's not PC but I suspect it's long, long 
overdue.  I'm going to put you across my knee and give you a damned good spanking!"

There was a moments pause until the penny dropped and then she laughed out loud, "Don't be ridiculas, I'm certainly 
not going to indulge your sexual fantasies"

"Really? We'll see who's laughing when it comes out that your father-in-law only gave you the job because of the 
relationship.  That the 2 buyers paid a much higher price to buy our goods.  Seems like a few people will be losing 
their jobs. And what will your husband say?" 

She rushed around to his side of the desk and in a pleading voice, "Oh please you wouldn't?"

"I will, now do as you're told for once in your life. Ring your secretary and tell her you don't wish to be 
disturbed for the next half hour"

She hesitated and so he shouted, "Do it"

She'd never been spoken to like this before.  After she'd made the call and replaced the handset he said, "Now come 
over here"

She stood just to the side of him. 5ft 11 in her 4 inch heels, dressed in a black pin striped dress and brown 
jacket, and very low cut black top.  If she took that jacket off, every man in the office would have his blood 
pressure shoot up.  Standing there with her arms folded, she waited for his next order.  He then patted his lap and 
said, "Come on, over you go"

She stood there for a moment and in her haughty voice said, "I can't believe I'm doing this. I'm a 34 year old 
married woman.  I'm not a child.  I've never been spanked in my life"  

"Well you are now. You're going to be spanked like the naughty, spoilt brat you undoubtably are"

Slowly, reluctantly she lowered herself face down over his lap, her pendulous breasts lightly touching his thighs 
as she went over.  Her expensive perfume assailed his nostrils.  This was one sexy woman and in different 
circumstances, well he pushed the thought from his mind.  Before starting he smooth down her tight brown dress so 
there were no wrinkles and hugged the contours of her arse.  Her legs encased in sheer black hosiery clamped 
together, heels resting on the floor.

She looked around and said, "Happy now? Just get on with it, will you. I've got a really busy afternoon"    

Suddenly, he brought his hand down swiftly on her right cheek, then left and back and continued like this for a few 
minutes.  During this time the only response from Miss High and Mighty was a slight "umph".

He paused for a moment and she gazed at her watch and casually remarked, "Well, you've had your moment of fun. Now 
if you don't mind, the driver will be here any moment with my new car" 

"Not so fast, I don't think you've learned your lesson yet"  and pushed her back down

"Let me up you stupid little man" she said in the belittling voice she reserved for the sales meetings.

"Not before you've come down off your high horse.  In fact I think we'll have this dress up and do it properly"

What, no!! she screeched, "I absolutely forbid it. You're not going to pull my dress up" 

"Fine, then I'll just make those phone calls shall I?" and he reached for the phone.

"No, don't. I mean yes. I mean...oh I don't know" in a flustered voice. The sales manager for the south was starting 
to lose her famed cool look.  Slumping back down over his lap her mind in a turmoil.  Slowly, he reached down and 
took hold of the hem of her dress and eased it up.  More and more of her legs came into view, he paused as suddenly 
the black nylon turned to pink as her suspenders came into view. She wriggled and writhed and made a half hearted 
attempt to stop her dress going any higher as she knew what would be seen next.

"Look there's no need for this. I've had my punishment. You've had your fun and I really do need to get on"

"Sorry, no can do" was the reply.  One final tug and her dress was up around her waist.  And there on display, clad 
in the flimsiest of panties was the magnificent rear end of Caroline Taylor.  It was truly a sight to behold.  
Sheer black nylons with a seam, black suspender belt and brief chocolate coloured knickers with a flowered lace 

"Well I'm sure all this wasn't for my benefit Mrs Taylor but then again. I'm sure when you left home this morning 
for your high powered job you never dreamt that you'd be across my knee being spanked like a naughty child"

"Yea yea yea, well I can take anything you can dish out so just get on with it"

Well that was it.  SPANK SPANK SPANK. One after another landed on her barely protected arse.  On and on it went 
SPANK SPANK SPANK. And suddenly an amazing transformation

"Oh, Oh, Ow, stop it now, you're hurting me, oh that's enough"  as her arse turned red.

Suddenly the phone rang.  "Come on, let me up. That will be the driver with my new car", she said.

Stopping the spanking, he reached for the phone, "I'll take it if you don't mind, he said.

"My goodness I am the boss around here you know", she replied.  Ignoring her answered, "Hello, Miss Taylor's 

"Oh hello Mr Dickinson. It's not often we get a call from the Sales Director himself. Oh, you wanted to speak to 
Mrs Taylor. I'm afraid she's a little indisposed at the moment. Can I be of assistance? Just a minute I'll just put 
it on speaker phone So I can take a message for her"

"Well old boy, the old man started, "Tell her the figures for the South are not particularly good this quarter. 
Also I've had numerous complaints about her bullying tactics with the Junior Staff.  Have you had a problem with 

"Well sir, I..." before he had a chance to finish, the sales director continued, "Never mind. As I was saying that 
woman is getting to big for her boots. 

"Well you were the one who took her on"

"I know that, but won't go into the reasons now, but between you and I, uhum (he coughed) and I know it won't go 
any further but I think what that girl needs is a damned good spanking.  Wanted to do it myself, but protocol, 
protocol old boy"

"I understand perfectly Mr Dickinson. Your secret is safe with me. Well I'll be sure to say you called. Bye""

By now she'd recovered her composure enough to say, "The dirty old bastard. If my husband wasn't such a weak 
individual I'd tell him. Right, that's it I've had enough of this nonsense. Get your filthy hands off me".  And she 
twisted around and landed a hard slap across his cheek.

"Right, that's it. No more half measures with you. I'm going to give you a spanking you won't forget in a hurry. 
And this time it will be on the bare"

 "No", she cried. But it was too no avail. Slipping his thumb and forefinger into the brief waistband, he lowered 
her miniscule knickers down and over her womanly hips. Frantically, she reached behind with one hand to stop them 
being pulled down.  But quick as a flash he'd got hold of her arm and twisted it up behind her back.  And at the 
same time shifted her forward.  It meant her feet had come off the ground and so she had nothing to push herself 
against to try and lift up.

"Right, where that hairbrush of yours. I'm going to drive the message home once and for all!"

"I don't think so..... was as far as she got before. Thwack, Thwack, Thwack as first hand and then brush came down on 
her unprotected rear.

"Ow, Ow, Ow", she howled, "Oh, please stop it" And so it went on whack, "Oh please.

Still his hand came down. She pleaded, she cajoled, she promised. But nothing could stop the spanking.  Redder and 
redder her arse became.  Her legs kicked up and down, her knickers were wrapped around one ankle as she'd lost all 
sense of modesty 
her legs parted and her fanny was on display but she was past caring.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'll never do it again. I promise. I won't bully anyone I promise" as the tears rolled down 
her cheeks.

"Perhaps I should invite your father- in-law down.  He said this is what you needed. Perhaps I'll get a rise"

"Oh, I don't care. Please stop. I'll be a good girl I promise" And it did stop and she lay there moaning. And 
rubbing with both hands her scarlet arse.  "Oh, I've never been so humiliated, oh,oh"

"Right, pull yourself together and go and stand in the corner. Facing it. And I'll keep you waiting like you did 
me. Is that clear"

"Oh yes, sir"

"Good girl. And don't pull your knickers up leave them where they are. That's better.  Can you see that mirror over 
there?  Don't look much like the cocksure sales manager of half an hour ago do you.  More like a naughty 
schoolgirl. Perhaps we should take a picture for the newsletter"

"Oh please don't" she said and burst into tears.  I don't think we'll be seeing Mrs Taylor strutting her stuff in 
here again

The End   

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