Teacher Swap learns alesson in USA
by an anonymous author

Teacher Swap

"Gee Miss, you look really swell. Wish I was older so I could have a dance with you", said Billy.  

She'd remembered him from her first class she had taken the day after arriving in NewYork.  
She laughed and said, "So are you going to the school disco then Billy"?  

He blushed furiously as boys new into high school did, scarcely believing that the teacher had remembered his 
name.  She continued, "Well I'll be there so be sure and come up and ask me for a dance then".  And he ran off 
excitedly to tell his school chums.   

She was just handing her pass to the attendants on the door when a distinct voice said, "Ah Mrs Simpson, settling 
in ok are we?. It's always nice to have these exchanges with teachers from London".

It was the elderly headmaster John Branning.  She'd not met him yet although his reputation had gone before him.  
Apparently he had a reputation as being very strict and ill-discipline was not tolerated in the school.  One of the 
reasons it was so oversubscribed with parents clamouring to get their children in. In fact, parents had to sign a 
form to say that they accepted that the school could administer punishment "to fit the misdeameanour" as it stated 
in the handbook.  Even in these liberal times, the parents readily agreed to this.  Although to be honest, the 
school was in a rough neighbourhood and most of the children were from "single parent" families. In fact when Mr 
Branning and his deputy Mr Margolis spoke to the mothers on Parents Evening, they'd compared notes to the effect 
that if anyone should be punished it wasn't the child but their mother. Different fathers, nights away, 
inappropriate clothing, smoking, etc.  What sort of example was that to set their children.  Now if they had their 

"Actually, it's Sophie and yes.  I've been here just over a week but I guess you've been too busy to notice me" , 
she said. 

He ignored the insolent comment and continued, "Oh and by the way, I know it's in your own time, but I think that 
dress is a little too short.  Erm,  It may be ok for Wimbledon but we have some pretty impressionable kids here".

"Well it's ok from where I'm standing, " said Rory MacDougal as he wolf-whistled. He was the young PE teacher and 
if truth be known, he'd fancied Sophie rotten from the minute she'd arrived. But she'd given him short thrift, told 
him she was married and wasn't interested.  "What's with these English girls" he thought. Get a ring on their 
finger and make out they're "off-bounds" to other men. 

Yet look at her now. About 5ft 6ins tall, probably more in those strappy sandals, blonde hairwhich she was wearing 
fashionably high and tied with a yellow ribbon. Her make-up was immaculate and she'd perfected the pout.  A perfect 
size 12 figure 36x24x36. Although, if truth be known her bust was more 38". She'd been well endowed even in school 
and certainly attracted the attention of boys, and their fathers! And this evening she'd worn a white halter neck 
dress studded with silver sequins. Plunging V neckline and backless. Short would be an understatement.  Well she 
did have fabulous legs and with the tan she'd acquired on her recent holiday to the Carribean, she knew she looked 
sensational.  And she laughed to herself, if only they knew it was an "all-over" tan.  She'd not been shy about 
going topless on the holiday.  Mind you, with those magnificent "melons" on display, her husband had kept a close 
eye on her with all those randy Spanish waiters around.  

Oh yes, she knew exactly the effect she had on men of all ages.  

"Excuse me, but I wear what I want, when I want in my own time, ok.  My husband bought it for me before I left and 
he thinks I look cute in it"  "Now was there anything else, only I want to make an entrance for this disco?"  "And 
afterwards, some of us heading off to that club downtown.  

Apparently, it's members only but I don't think I'll have any difficulty getting in, do you?" Ignoring the 
headmaster, she'd addressed that last question to the PE teacher, flashing her dazzling smile. And poor fellow he 
could only simper and nod vigurously in agreement.

"Oh get a grip man", the head said before turning back to Sophie.  At the same time feeling the hairs on the back 
of his neck rise he continued by telling her that last night there had been an incident with the fire alarm going 
off and boys and girls running into each others bedrooms. "So, what's that got to do with me?", she sneered

"So, you deny having anything to do with it then Sophie?" 

"Certainly, and how dare you accuse me", She postured hands on hips.  "I'm not sure who you've been used to dealing 
with only us Brits are made of sterner stuff.  Now if you don't mind, I've got other things to do"

"Oh and I suppose the CCTV lies does it? I've just been to the caretaker's office and he showed me the film of you 
deliberately setting off the alarm.  

"Oh", came the reply.

"Well young lady, I think we'd better discuss this in my office", the head said and immediately, spun on his heel.  
After a few strides he glanced back to notice that she'd not moved a step and was surrounded by several of the male 
teachers, tongues hanging out, hanging on her every word.

"NOW Mrs Simpson", he thundered
To which she replied, and loud enough for him to hear, "Best go and humour the "old fart" 

"What did you say??, he replied, before continuing, "Mr McDougal, I'd like you to come as well. Best have a 

All three trooped off led by Mr Branning walking purposefully with Sophie Simpson taking her time.  A few of the 
boys followed at a safe distance. The door to Mr Branning's office opened and closed  quickly.  Immediately, the 
red light flashed on "DO NOT DISTURB"

"Ere, do you think Miss is for it?", enquired Billy to his mate David.
"Nah, can't be, she's a teacher", came the reply although he rubbed his backside through his trousers.  He was 
certainly aware of what that sign meant and Mr Brennan's fondess for use of the cane.

"Well, I'm going to have a look", said Billy and with that he grabbed a chair and carefully positioned it against 
the door.  He put his eye against the upper key-hole praying there wasn't a key in it and there wasn't. He had a 
good view of the proceedings. 

"Don't sit down Mrs Simpson. And stand to attention when I'm speaking to you", the headmaster said just as she was 
about to make herself comfortable.  

"Now just a minute. I'm not a", she started to say before he silenced her with a thump on his desk with his ruler.
"Do I have to play the tape?", he enquired his grey moustache twitching.

"Ok, I did it", she said sheepishly, "It was a laugh"

"Now you've given me a bit of a problem Mrs Simpson. (He was addressing her now as he would one of the pupils), 
continuing,  "You see if a child had committed the offence you have. We'd have sent him/her home with a reason 
why.  Now I should really do the same with you.  You know what that means don't you?"

"What, exactly?", she replied curiously.

"It means you forking out for a full-priced ticket back and a full report of your misbehaviour to your 
headteacher.  Won't do your career much good will it?  How old are you?"

"I'm 26, not that is any of your concern.  Look there must be some other way", starting to get a little irritated 
at missing her brief entrance to the disco but more importantly, "Happy Hour" at the nearby bar.

"Well, a few minutes ago, you said something about me not sure who I've been used to dealing with.  Well over here 
do you know how we deal with childish behaviour, particularly someone older who should know better?"

"I don't know, give them lines, detention. Whatever," she giggled .

"No, we deal with them in a more traditional way.  We administer corporal punishment"

"Well that's all very interesting I'm sure, but what's that got to do with me?"

"You are the most insolent, childish individual I've met in a long time.  Well I'm going to treat you 

as a child.  I'm going to put you across my knee and give you a good spanking"  

"You can't be serious. I'm not a child" she replied

"Well it's that or you're on the next flight back"

"You do mean it. But I'm a grown woman!!" and she fruitlessly stamped her foot in a show of defiance.

She looked at Rory McDougal the PE teacher for moral support but he had a grin from ear to ear. 

He was going to enjoy this.

After what seemed an age, she made up her mind. "Ok, but don't hurt me.  God I've never been spanked even as a 
child. And can't it be done in private?".

"I'm afraid not, Mr McDougal has drawn the "short straw" and school rules state that another teacher must be 
present as witness. Now I'm sure he would sooner be somewhere else"

"Yea right", thought Rory, talk about all your prayers coming at once. 

Mr Branning continued, "Oh but it's meant to hurt.  So we'll have no more complaints."  And with that he sat down 
on the hard back chair in front of his desk and gestured for her to lay over his lap.  

"This is so humiliating" she said as she lay helplessly over his lap.  She wished she'd put on a long skirt or even 
trousers.  She felt sure there was more on show than he was entitled to see. Her dress was so short that her white 
panties were on show. Her husband had brought them back from Thailand. Pure silk and at the sides barely half inch 
wide spreading out to no more than 4inches maximum, and at the back virtually transparent.  Aware that both men 
could see her magnificent tanned orbs through the flimsy material, she vainly tried to pull her far-to-short dress 
down to cover her modesty but it was to no avail.  

Then he started the spanking on alternate cheeks, and very ample they were too. She'd never felt this before. It 
was a  new experience.  Spank Spank Spank, it continued.  She kicked her legs up and down, beat her fists on the 
legs of the chair in frustration and still it went on.  And then a pause.

"Thank goodness, look I've really learned my lesson, ok", she panted.

"I'm not finished yet" and then flipped up what was left of her outrageously short dress up to her waist.

"Hey, you can't do that", she protested, "I'm a grown woman". Suddenly realising that 2 pairs of eyes were staring 
at her delectable backside. Hips spreading out and then in, her panties stretched so tautly across her sore bum 
cheeks. She was aware that blonde tufts were peeking around the edge of her panties. And she blushed furiously at 
the thought. It was a good job she she was unaware of this information being fed back by the boy with his eye 
pressed up against the keyhole.

 "Ahem, I'm sure these were not put on for my benefit, but no matter.  You've acted in a childish manner and you'll 
be treated like a child", the head said.

"But I'm not a child. I'm a married woman", she protested and wiggled her bottom most provocatively. Her expensive 
engagement ring and wedding ring catching the light and sparkling 

"I can see that Mrs Simpson, I have eyes. Perhaps if your father and Mr Simpson would have administered this, we 
wouldn't be in this situation now.

"But he wouldn't dare. I rule the roost in our house. Now can I get up", she responded.

". Not so fast. Do you know something else?  I'm going to ensure that when you go back to London, you tell them 
we're not soft touches"

"What do you mean", she asked nervously

"Well in a moment, I'm going to pull your delectable panties down and spank you on your bare bottom. I'm sure that 
when you put them on this morning you didn't expect to be in this position, did you Mrs Simpson?"

She begged and pleaded with him not to.  Oh the embarrassment and humiliation at 26 of having your panties pulled 
well down as a prelude to being spanked like a child was too much to bear.

And when the spanking recommenced on her bare bottom, she cried, pleaded, squirmed as her flaming bottom went from 
pink to red to scarlet.  SPANK SPANK SPANk on each cheek. Each smack bringing forth an "Oh, "Ow", "I'm 
sorry", "please no more". Her panties by now  twisted inside out and stretched almost to breaking point.  She 
sobbed and cried, tears streaming down her face, seemingly oblivious to the fact that her breasts which had been 
barely restrained by her dress, had now burst free and were completely on view.  Bouncing up and down and as tanned 
as the rest of her.

"I don't think we need to use the cane do you Mr McDougal. I think she's learned her lesson. Don't you?", said the 
head.  Mr McDougal stammered in agreement. He was too busy worried about his throbbing erection which threatened to 
burst through his trousers.

"I'm sorry, Mr Branning (sniffle) I have learned my lesson (sniffle)" all hint of arrogance and sarcasm knocked out 
of her.  When it was all over she was allowed to stand up, her knickers around her ankles, hand covering her bush 
while the other attempted to thrust her breasts back inside her dress. She winced as she pulled the silky material 
up over her throbbing bottom.

"And you can forget about going out. It maybe 8.00pm but you'll go back to your room, get undressed into your 

"But Mr Branning", she wailed.

"Silence girl. You will call me sir. If you don't have pyjamas, I'm sure the matron will lend you a pair" 

"But sir," she started to say all time rubbing her red hot bottom 

He cut her short with a withering look.  "As of now", he said, "You are relieved of your teaching duties because of 
your disgraceful behaviour. For the next week you will join in the class as a pupil. Matron will find you a school 
uniform of the pinafore type. You will wear sensible shoes, white knee-high socks and proper school underwear. Not 
that scrap of material I saw a few minutes ago. Is that clear?"

"Oh please sir. That will be so embarassing", Sophie protested.

"You have no choice in the matter," and holding his hand out said, "We'll have those earrings off too. You know the 
school rules, no jewellry for pupils"

She unfastened the expensive drop-head pearl ear-rings before handing them to him.

"Oh, and your rings including wedding and engagement rings", he continued.

"But I'm",she was about to say.

"Don't worry you'll get those back when you leave. From now on you'll be addressed as Simpson.  

Is that clear? he said.

Continuing, "They'll be no make-up worn"

And then looking at Mr McDougal, he said,  "And you will have the task of ensuring Simpson is a model pupil.  If 
she steps out of line, you have my permission to deal with her in exactly the same way I did. And if she mis-
behaves in class, then it will have to be done in front of the other pupils. 

Is that clear?"

"It will be my pleasure", came the reply.   

The question is, can Sophie Simpson keep out of trouble until she flies home?

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