Massage Girl gets visit from step-dad
by an anonymous author

"Good evening, Fantasy Sauna", said Karen when she'd answered the telephone, "Yes, we offer a full range of 
services including hand relief and topless massage.  Why don't you come along, you won't be disappointed."  She'd 
been painting her nails in her favourite scarlet colour and nearly lost the call.  But shrugged her shoulders, 
there would be another call if he he didn't show up. 

"Who was that Karen?" said Sam, another equally stunning blonde.

"Oh, another punter.  This is such easy money isn't it? Tell you what with Mick away in Iraq, I'm certainly 
making "hay while the sun shines".  He thinks I'm still doing that cleaning job.  He doesn't know it but I've 
earned enough money in a week to take a holiday in Spain with Donna.  I've bought a teeny-weeny leopard-patterned 
bikini and fully expect to have plenty of sun, sea and sex. Especially the sex. Mind you, I'll have to take off my 
wedding ring,"she laughed. As she twirled it around her finger.

"Who'll be looking after Katie then", Sam asked

"Well she is 10, so she can stay with her nan", Karen replied.

Just  then, the door opened and Sam putting on her best smile looked up and said, "And what would you like today".  
It was one of the regulars.

"Oh, I'll take him", laughed Karen and looking back to her friend, "Don't worry, it'll only take a couple of 
minutes and I'll be back".  Slipping out from behind the desk, it was no wonder she was the most popular choice.  A 
38-24-36 figure, long blonde hair cascading down past her shoulders, pretty face often mistaken for a celebrity and 
wearing a short blue half-sleeved tunic, no longer than a baby-doll nighty, with "pop open" stud fasteners. Red 
high-heels finished it off.

And with that, her and the punter slipped into the nearest cubicle, just leaving the door slightly ajar. Very soon 
sounds of contentment could be heard along with Karen murmering, "Mm, how does that feel?". Getting a positive 
response she continued, "Oh you are naughty asking me to massage you topless but as you're asking so nicely.  

But don't ask me for sex or a"blow-job" because I won't. Is that clear? Good..".  Then came the sound of her 
fasteners, slowly and sexily being "popped", one after another.

A couple of minutes earlier, a grizzly older man in greasy jeans and 2 days stubble came in and said he'd wait for 
Karen.  His ears pricked up when he heard her voice.

As she continued, "What's that, you think I've got the biggest breasts you've ever seen. I bet you say that to all 
the girls.  My my, you're a big boy..."

When suddenly the door of the cubicle was thrown open and the man who had sat down earlier waiting for Karen called 
out, "Get out here now"

Karen stumbled out while still pushing her enormous breasts back inside her black bra and gasped in surprise.  It 
was her step-dad Colin.  She caught the glint in his eye. Dirty old sod. When he moved in with her mum when Karen 
was 15, he was always trying to catch her, without success, in the bathroom. 

"Gulp, what are you doing here?" she said

Looking his step-daughter directly in the eye, he said, "I went around to your place to see young Katie to find her 
crying and a young baby sitter looking after her.  She told me where you were.  Look at you, you young trollop"

"Don't talk to me like that", she said in righteous indignation, "I can do what I like, when I like"

"Oh no, you can't. Not when you've got a husband away fighting for Queen and country and a kid at home"

"Look you're embarrassing me now, so please leave", she said.

She'd noticed a few of the punters had heard the commotion and were waiting to see what happened next.

"And I paid 500 for a so-called beauty course to help you out", her step-father said.

"Well I put that towards my Mini"

"Right that does it you're coming with me, get your coat"

"No way, I've got a client in 2 minutes, so if you don't mind, scram" and she stood up next to Sam.  Seeing for the 
first time the absolute brevity of her outfit.  The very short blue tunic he went ballistic and told her the honour 
of the family was at stake.

"What sort of a place is this? He said.

"You're a bit nave then" piped up Sam standing up next to Karen for moral support, "We do....."And she listed the 
various services on offer.

"That's it, I've heard enough" and he put his hands over his ears.  Grabbing her arm, he demanded, "Get your coat, 
for the last time"

Just then the door opened and the receptionist called over that her next client had just arrived.  Noticing a 
smartly dressed Asian man making his way to one of the cubicles. 

Her step-dad said, "I'll give you 5 seconds or else to get your coat and leave, or else"

"Or else what, you'll send me to my room.  I'm a big girl now, in case you hadn't noticed",she laughed, "Now if you 
don't mind I'm rather busy"

"You're not too big to go across my knee young lady" he replied. To which both Sam and Karen laughed at so 
ridiculas an idea.  That was why what happened next took several seconds to sink in.  One minute the blonde 
bombshell was laughing, the next her step-father had sat down on a hard backed chair, pulled her face down across 
his lap and was proceeding to spank her.

It took a good few seconds for the reality to dawn on her, that at a belated 28, she was receiving the first 
spanking of her life.  Then all hell broke loose.

"Stop, you can't do this, let me go this minute." as a good 20-30 spanks were delivered to her upturned rump.  By 
now her tunic had ridden up to reveal sheer black seamed nylon stockings, matching black suspender belt and the 
sauciest of white Janet Regar knickers.  The elastic frilly waist-band barely quarter inch wide at her hips and 
barely wide enough to cover the essentials and so sheer as to be almost transparent.

Standing  her up, he said, "Ready to leave now?" 

Her reply was a series of four word expletives finished of with a sharp slap around the face. "How dare you do that 
in front of all these people. I've never been so embarassed.You ???? ???? ????"

"Right, that's it" he snarled

He quickly yanked her back down over his broad lap. He bent her over firmly, forcing her arms down in front of her, 
with her perfectly shaped bottom up high, causing her skimpy white panties to ride up between her bottom cheeks and 
Karen moaned low and long, "Noooooooooo... ," she cried.

The first loud spank smacked across Karen's backside. Then another...

Karen gasped and clenched her legs together and a few red finger-marks appeared where she'd been spanked below her 
panties. Then... WHACK CRACK SMACK SPANK and he began spanking faster and faster until he was into a rhythm, which 
caused Karen's behind to bounce and twitch while her legs straightened. SPANK SMACK WHACK her step-dad spanked her 
continuously with solid spanks going from one cheek to the other and up and down Karen's bottom and legs... WHACK 
CRACK CRACK SMACK... even spanking her bare thighs. The spanking was too fast to count, but after about 20 whacks 
Karen was really starting to wiggle, as much as she could, and begging, over the loud smacking, "Colin!... uh... 
PLEASE!"... SMACK CRACK WHACK. "Owwww...  ".  

Finally! The last hard palm spank bounced off Karen's sore rear end, and everything was silent except for Karen's 
soft sobbing. She lay over her step-father's lap, her long legs encased in black nylon, everything else, including 
tops of her thighs and backside, a vivid crimson colour.

"Geddup," said her stepfather. Obediently, Karen slowly pushed herself off his lap reaching back to massage her hot 
arse. Her face was flushed red, her eyes even more red from crying, tears dripping down her cheeks. EVERYTHING 
looked RED... her complexion, her eyes, her bottom....  She was aware that every pair of eyes was soaking up her 

Then noticing her own brush, he grabbed it.  Karen uttered, "Pleeez... " 

"You're going to learn a lesson today young lady that your husband will thank me for.  I should have done this 10 
years ago when you were 18 and maybe you wouldn't have turned into this brat"

He spoke to her as though she were a child, not sophisticated mother and wife of 28. 

Karen's eyes grew big and she wailed, "I'm sorry... OH!... I'm sorry! Don't... DON'T!"

"Get your panties down Karen!", he said barely able to contain his delight. He'd wanted to do this for a long time.

For a few seconds, Karen just stood there, rubbing her behind saying, "Please no, not in front of everybody". 
Surely, she thought, someone would come to her aid.  But it looked like everyone else thought it was time she got 
her come-uppance. Saying no to sex, who did she think she was  anyway!  

In a flash her impatient stepdad reached out and yanked Karen's panties down to her knees! Suddenly, her bare, big 
very red, bottom was there for all to see.

Those womanly round cheeks, so red and partly covered with such white hands... then her stepdad grabbed her arm and 
tugged her back over his lap, so that her VERY bare bottom was stuck up like some shiny Christmas tree bulb. 
Instantly Karen began to moan, wail, "Aaaa... NOOOO!. ..oooohh... PLEEEZE... And she tucked her high heels up to 
protect her naked rump... begging... "Daddy... PLEEEZE DON'T... NOT HERE!"

Karen wailed "Awwww... " her desperate whine accompanied by her reaching back with her free right hand to protect 
her backside. Whip-WHACK... Swish-SWACK... the brush lashed across Karen's thighs, below where her hand tried to 
cover her buttocks. "DADDY!" Karen screeched, kicking her legs straight out, her hand rushing forward, exposing her 
ripe tomato red bare behind. Whisk-SWAT... "Aaaaaa.." Whoosh-TWHACK!...

"Nonaaaaaaa" the brush rose and fell over her bucking bottom making poor Karen howl and gasp. Ten, fifteen, twenty 
strokes lapped up and down Karen's behind. And, suddenly she couldn't take anymore. Karen twisted her heels up high 
and got both her hands back to protect her backside from the brush. "GAWD!... Aaaaa... DADDY!... 

NO MORE... STOP... I'm... I'm sorry... " Karen yelled, begged and sobbed.  Unaware that she'd called him daddy for 
the first time in her life.

Then, suddenly, it was over, the brush dangling in his hand while Karen kept jerking and bawling over his lap for 
about a minute. Once she was let up, Karen leapt to her feet and began dancing around the room, grabbing at her 
rear end, turning little circles, screeching "It stings... it stings... it stings... " over and over, showing her 
blonde pubic hair without shame. The shame would come much later, when she was on her own.  Right now all she was 
concerned about was getting her coat on and getting back home. 

And she would never ever return to the sauna.  The days of topless hand relief, massage of strangers was over.  
This naughty girl would be keeping that massive cleavage covered up, would be staying in for mugsof hot cocoa until 
her husband came home.

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