Gangster's Moll punished by her Dad
by an anonymous author

Old Jim Sullivan was sitting in his favourite arm chair happily watching an other re-run of "Dad's Army when the 
door buzzer rang loudly. It was the voice of his eldest Daughter Jane who he'd not seen for ages.  After pressing 
the door release and she came into the room.

"Oh so I see you've managed to come and see your old dad at last. What's it been 18 months now? he said.

"Well I'm a very busy woman dad. I'm running a couple of clubs for Jimmy now", she replied, twisting her car-keys 
with the prominent Porsche logo on the fob. 

"Oh him. You know I don't approve of him. I thought that after 3 husbands and goodness knows how many boyfriends 
you could have made a better choice"

"Well it's nothing to do with you, you stopped having any say in what I do when I was 15 so just get me a drink. I 
don't have all day," she snapped

"And look at that fur jacket, some poor animal was skinned for that", he said glancing at the mink jacket she was 

"Oh shut up and do as your told and get me that drink" in a tone of voice a woman used to getting her own way, "and 
take my jacket while you're at it".  She removed the fur and her father spluttered into his mug of cocoa.  She was 
wearing a short sleeved, off both shoulders red dress that emphasised her very curvaceous figure.  Never mind that 
her large breasts seemed to have a mind of their own and jiggled and wobbled under the thin material, he was more 
concerned that his daughter wasn't wearing a bra.  

"Your dear old mum, bless her, never brought you up not to wear a brassiere", he said as he shook his head 

Ignoring the remark Jane said, "You've got half an hour because Jimmy's driver is downstairs waiting in the car"

"This won't take long.  You told me that you were running a club. I've been told that it's a massage parlour with 
goodness only knows what going on there. Is that true?"

"What if it is? I don't give a stuff what you think. Jimmy..."

"That crook.  Why you're nothing but a gangster's moll. And the language. We never brought you up like that. Well 
it's going to stop", he said.

"Says who", came the cocky reply


"Oh really, and how do you intend to do that", she laughed, "Oh and while you're doing that and making me a drink, 
I'll lay down on the sofa. Go on run along"

"Looks like you've had enough already", he said but nevertheless, two minutes later he was back with a coffee.

"Right, I'll have this and I'm off"

"Not so fast young lady"

"Don't call me young lady" she snapped.

"Well I've been thinking, maybe I should report you to the police for living off immoral earnings" 

"Oh really, well Jimmy and I are getting married next week and then we're going over to Spain to open a bar, so you 
can just f***k off".

And with that she stood up and moved to get her jacket.

"Not so fast young lady. Call this an early wedding present if you like. But I'm going to give you something I 
should have done a long time ago"

And with that sat down on the sofa, pulled her down over his knee and aimed a couple of whacks at her upturned arse.

"You bloody bastard, how dare you do that to me. I'll make sure that you....", Jane spluttered. 

She was stopped in her tracks when he said that whatever she intended to do, it would be with a sore arse. And with 
that, he held her down with one hand while the other spanked her hard on both cheeks.

"Dad, stop it I'm 38, I'm too old for this", she protested.

She was probably right but as he kept reminding her, this should have been done ages ago and probably at regular 
intervals therafter. Then to her horror, she felt him lifting the hem of her red dress and expose her black fish-
net stockings with lacy hold-ups fastened to her suspender belt.

Surely he didn't intend to spank a grown woman of 38 on her panties!!

He did.

"OW, OW, OW" she cried as he spanked her over her expensive red silk panties. 

She'd not been spanked in her life before and at 38 it was so humiliating. She'd put these on for her lover and 
never in her wildest dreams did she imagine her dad would be spanking her over them. The last time he'd seen her in 
this state of undress was when he changed her nappy.


"Stop, please stop this", she pleaded

Her dress up over her waist, he then put his fingers into her red silk panties and down they came to her knees. 

Smack "Ow." Smack. "Ow. Dad, stop this. It hurts me." Smack. "Owch."

It's supposed to hurt you young lady. The next time I catch you drinking and driving or going around without a 
brassiere, I'll give it to you right there in front of your friends."

SMACK. "Ow." SMACK. "Owch. Stooooop, Oh you wouldn't do it in front of my friends. I'd die of humiliation." 
SMACK. "No more, please" Smack. "Owch."

"My dear Jane, if I have to, I will. You know what's going to happen if you continue in this way", he said, 
asserting his authority. 

At this pronouncement, she began to blubber.

Smack. "Ow." Smack. "Oh, this is just the worst thing that's ever happened to me."

Her bottom had turned bright red and so had her eyes from crying. She was let up off his knee and ran into into her 
old bedroom still crying. Not only from the pain of the spanking, but from the sheer humiliation of being spanked 
like a child. She threw herself onto her old bed, frantically rubbing her tortured arse with both hands trying to 
ease the pain.  Rocking and rolling, face down, she sobbed into her pillow oblivious to her mascara running onto 
the pillow case.

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