Sister Taylor hoisted by her own Petard
by an anonymous author

"Ah Nurse Cooper. I'm glad I've caught you here. I'd like to have a word with you," Said Sister Taylor as she 
marched into the nurses quarters at St Smithers Hospital.

"Oh, what is it this time", replied Nurse Cooper yawning.

"We'll have a bit more respect around here young lady. Apart from being your superior I'm old enough to be your 
mother. And I know what I'd do to you if you were my daughter", said Sister Taylor.

"Oh really", came the insolent reply.

"You cheeky young whippersnapper. You may be 18 but you're not too old to be taken across my knee young lady," she 
spluttered. And glancing quickly around the room and noting it was empty, she quickly grabbed the unsuspecting 
young nurse and hauled her across her knee 

"Take this and this", said Sister Taylor.  As she punished the young nurse in a rather novel way ie by spanking her.

"That will teach you for going behind my back and tittle tattling". And you come in late and that tunic is rather 
too short for this ward.

"This will not happen again.  Do I make myself clear Nurse Cooper?"

She continued to spank the naughty nurse rather ineffectually.

"If you say so Sister Taylor. Oh, this is so embarrassing Sister, please no more."

"I do say so. I'm in charge here and don't you forget it.  Just be grateful I don't pull your panties down and do 
it properly", she said icily.

"Oh, ppplease don't do that Sister Taylor", stammered the young nurse.

"Now get up, and I don't expect to have to do this again"

"No Sister Taylor"

But before she could move, the door to the nurses quarters was opened and Mr Bates, the general handyman poked his 
head around the door.

"Sorry, I didn't realise anyone was in here", he said.

"Well there obviously is so why don't you run along, there's a good man" Sister Taylor said in her most "put-down" 

"Well as the "union rep" I don't think I can and what's more, this is my niece. You have no right to do this as 
well you know. My goodness she's fresh out of college".  He said as he examined the girl's lightly reddened thighs.

"This has nothing to do with you, you stupid little man", Sister replied most condescendingly.

"Well maybe matron needs to hear about this then.  I wonder how she'd take it?  Probably instant dismissal, no 
reference, mmm", he continued.

Looking a bit sheepish, Sister Taylor said, "Look there's no need for that.  

Sending the young nurse on her way, Sister Taylor pulled up a chair, sat down and crossed one elegant leg over the 
other.  Her starched blue uniform encasing the best shaped figure on this side of the hospital.  Oh there were 
younger nurses alright, but Sister Taylor at 35 had the curvier figure that set men's pulses racing, both patients 
and doctors!  Her husband was a Consultant in Encology so there was a fair amount of money coming into the Taylor 
household.  Certainly, when she changed out of her uniform she always wore expensive designer clothes and her 
gleaming silver Porsche Boxster parked outside caused a certain amount of jealousy.

"What's that you've got behind your back" she asked curtly.

"Oh, that's just the tape from the CCTV showing your antics.  I'm sure that if we can come", he coughed, "to a 
little arrangement, we can dispose of this" 
"What sort of arrangement. If you think for one moment.." she replied icily. It was one thing flashing her well-
developed breasts at one of the doctors, which it was rumoured she did, quite another with this old porter.

Realising she was in a slight mess she fluttered her eyelids, uncrossed and crossed her legs and said, "Look, let 
me buy you a long cool drink.  It's quite a hot day and I'm off duty shortly". And with that she opened the top two 
buttons of her tunic revealing just a hint of white lacy bra and ran the tip of her tongue across her lips in a 
most provocative way. She laughed to herself and thought this is so easy. They'd get to the pub, she'd suggest they 
have lunch and while perusing the menu make sure they he got an eyeful of plenty of cleavage. Luckily she'd worn 
her plunging V-neck sweater.  So after changing, well. He'd be dribbling, he'd offer to pay for lunch.  Job done 
and they'd be no more talk about it.

Just then, there was a bit of a commotion  and Nurse Cooper came back in.  Sister Taylor jumped up and demanded to 
know what was in the bag..

"Oh you'll find out soon enough Sister"

"Oh really, look I was just having a chat with nice Mr Bates, so run along" she cringed at having to describe him 
as nice Mr Bates and sat back down on the chair.

"Look, you wait here and I'll just change" purred Sister Taylor, "Please call me Allison", as she wiggled her hips 
as she made for the door. 

"No, you stay where you are and so can Miss Cooper. I think she'll be interested in "developments", he said.

"What on earth are you talking about?", enquired Sister Taylor.

"Well it seems to me that you enjoy giving orders. You boss the younger nurses around well it's going to stop"

"Now look here. You don't have the right...", her previous icy tone returning, "You're just the handyman"

"Oh, I think you'll find that I do have the right, unless you want me to take the film to Matron.  So what we'll do 
is deal with the matter here and now"

"What do you mean?", she said.

"I'm going to administer to you, what you did to Nurse Cooper" 

"You wouldn't dare", she said shaking her pretty head.

Ignoring her, he continued "I'm going to put you across my knee and spank you like the brat you are"

"Don't be ridiculas. I'm not a child", she said

"Neither was Nurse Cooper but that didn't bother you. And I also think she should be present"

And with that, he took her arm and pulled her up from the chair and at the same time sat down himself.

Taking a firm grip, he pulled the protesting Sister down across his lap.

"Stop it, at once. Do you hear me. That means now...", she demanded 

"Not until you've learned your lesson.  You've had this coming a long, long time" 

Struggling, without success, she tried to release herself but he seemed to have a grip of iron.

"You can't do this to me", she cried, wriggling from side to side

"Not so cocky now are you Sister", laughed Nurse Cooper

She'd forgotten about Nurse Cooper. This was so embarrassing being in this compromising situation, and in front of 
the young nurse who she had disciplined just a few minutes ago,  and she redoubled her efforts to free herself.

Suddenly, and without further warning, the first of a flurry of spanks landed on her upturned backside, her blue 
uniform skirt hugging her womanly hips. 

"Stop it, ouch, that's enough"

"Oh it's not.  I've wanted to do this a long time Mrs Smarty Pants Allison Taylor", he leered.
Ignoring her pleas, he flicked up the bottom of her skirt and noted with some pleasure that she was wearing sheer 
black nylon stockings, a white suspender belt and whispy white knickers. Absolutely furious that her underwear was 
on display to this man who was just the maintenance man and the young nurse, she redoubled her efforts to free 
herself while at the same time she exhorted, "That's enogh. I'll report you. You'll never get away with this"


"OUCH No, OUCH No. Mr Bates this has gone on far enough. Let me go this instant.", she protested.

"Oh, I don't think so, do you Nurse Cooper"? he laughed as his niece shook her head from side to side delighted 
that the Sister was getting a dose of her own medicine.

Then to Sister Taylor's absolute horror, he started pulling her white lacy panties down.

"Stop it stop it," she cried.

This had never happened to her in her entire life and yet here she was draped over this maintenance man's knee with 
her panties pulled down and having her arse smacked as though she were a naughty child..  Frantically, she reached 
behind to prevent this but grabbing her arm,he pulled first one side then the other side of her panties over and 
down her womanly hips so they finished just over the stocking tops.  

She had never been so humiliated in her life.  Blushing furiously, she was aware that everything was on view.

SPANK SPANK SPANK as each spank landed on her naked unprotected rear she howled in protest.

"Ow, stop, I'll never be a naughty girl again. I promise,"

"I want to see that you don't, Nurse Cooper, pass me your hair brush", he demanded. 
"No, screamed Sister Taylor, "You're enjoying this you moron".

Crack. "Ouch." Crack. "Ouch." Crack. "Ouch."

Sister Taylor's gorgeous backside was turning bright red. He didn't go easy on her. Sister or no Sister. 
He actually got a hard on giving her her comeuppance.

By now a small crowd had gathered to watch Sister Taylor get spanked. 

Crack. "Ow." Crack. "Ow." Crack. "Ow."

She screamed as though she were a naughty child rather than a mature woman.  Kicking her legs up and down and 
completely oblivious to the fact that her womanly parts were completely on show.  By the time Mr Bates had given 
her 20, he let her up off his knee. She was blubbering like any woman would after getting her bum tanned with a
brush.  For fully 30 seconds, and oblivious to the crowd of young nurses and a couple of orderleys who had 
gathered, she hopped around the room. Panties around her ankles, skirt still up around her waist, frantically 
rubbing with both hands, her swollen rear.

Tears still running down her face, she cried, "Oh, I can't believe this, it hurts so much".

And then to chortles of laughter from the gathered crowd, she ran from the room frantically pulling her panties up 
and straightening her uniform. Running to get her coat, she continued to cry. Not only from the pain, but also from 
the pure horror and humiliation of having the maintenance man tanning her backside and in front of those nurses and 

The matron received a letter requesting a transfer to St Dominics hospital, the following day.

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