Short, True Story
by Race4Girls

It all begins surprising enough for me in high school football. The athletic program had a long standing tradition, designed to promote academic excellent. The strict regiment dictated that if you received grades below a C in an academic subject, or even more significantly any grade less than an A in conduct, you were subjected to a severe paddling in front of your fellow athletes. This was before the days of TASK or other test that charted advancement, the paddle was still in wide use, with the exception of girls.

On report card day we would bring our grades to the field house and get in line loudly telling the coach how many  earned  swats and assumed the position grabbing the "bench" , as it was called .The short section of bench in front of the lone locker symbolizing the past generations of players that were no longer with us.  No one ever sit on the bench, but it did have a place during grade day. You were expected to bend over and grab the bench and never let go of the past, no matter how hard the adversity. This difficulty was what gave us tenacity, and built character.

The coaches would do their best to make every swat count, the group counted out loud. There was a lot of pride on the line and most would do everything possible to take the beating, without letting it show. This was sometimes a struggle and these coaches were all former college   athletes themselves.  The bench was something you held on to even if you fell down. If you did let loose of the bench it was time to start all over. 

Well the time in question, and the one I remember most, was my junior year when our team manager an extremely good looking , but tomboyish senior girl received her grades earning   a C in conduct , this would amount to 6 of the hardest  swats.   Conduct was the one thing that there was no excuse for, the coaches considered that a serious offense. If you had anything less than an A in  conduct  it was as if you dishonored the program, and the coaches would really make sure you remembered the day , most receiving the worst , had  black and blue butts and even a little blood  spotting on the team gray shorts . She had been unfairly giving that grade by teacher that hated athletics and drew her in to a open argument in class.

Both of her parents were teachers in the school system, and her father was even a former coach. The coaches were afraid to subject her to the same treatment as the other guys for fear of a charge against them, or hurting her.   The fact she weighed   95 lbs, was a real concern, and was a size 1 maybe.  The answer was to suspend her for 3 games, or what amounted to the rest of the season. This was unbearable to her, as she had been a team manager since she was a freshman and her father had coached. One of the games she would miss was our biggest rivalry, and homecoming.  She had never missed a game in 4 years.

This affair quickly became the talk of the town, and even made the local news.    She demanded that she receive the same treatment as the boys.   The rest of the teams swats were put on hold until this were settled, and the whole affair almost went to court.  Well in the end she got her wish, the school board was afraid that if she didn't equal treatment, the rest of the team could possible suffer the same sentence  , a suspension of playing for a part of the season.

The elected president of the school board, at this time was a semi famous    women's rights activist in collage, and her decision was that this would be the young girls option, directing that if she chose the paddle she would receive it reasonable as hard, as any other person received, but the coaches were directed to take in to consideration that she was only 95 lbs The school board president, did request a demonstration, from the coaches at the school board meeting.  In a closed session she asked to receive a swat from one of our coaches.

Our team manager showed up wearing the same cotton thin gray athletic shorts as the rest of the team. The line was formed and most of the guys were doing their best to hide the pain.  When it was her turn, she walked across the locker room, smiled at all of us and bent over grabbing hold of the sides of the bench. . She had no idea what was coming next, and in front of the team, consisting of 25 guys, she was told to stay bent over and not let go.    Her dad a former Coach was a big guy and a former college football player, administered her swats per the agreement with the other coaches.  All the other players  all offered to take her swats, but that was not going to happen.  

She bent over for a long time before her dad drew the paddle back.  The room was silent, and every boy in the room was holding their breath, and also watching her little butt. The paddle swished in a streak towards her, the smack was loud and she was propelled to her knees, never letting go of the bench.

She was shocked, screaming out, and tears were flowing instantly   I'm sure   the amount of pain that was shooting from her backside was more then she had expected. She told us later that her father had never spanked her, and neither had her mother, this was her first experience at corporal punishment. The tears were flowing even more as the second, and third swat were just a hard, her father was not giving her any leeway. I can tell you this, he did not spare the paddle, and in fact I believe he laid in to her to make sure that it was not misconstrued as her getting off easer then the rest.

On the 4th swat she was sniveling uncontrollable and each swat her knees would go down to the floor but her grip on the bench never let go. . Her father was even more determined to lay it on her; I suspect he was not happy she brought the bad light to everyone involved. The last swat was traditionally the worst, and this was to be no different. She was crying uncontrollably and we could see on her butt cheeks as the shorts road up. The results were dark red and bruised. He raised the paddle one last time, and she flinched before the swat, as she stuck her butt back out, and closed her eyes, the paddle came down with a loud crack, she screamed out and was bawling , falling on the ground .

The tradition was that the guys would show off the bruises and bragging about how they never felt it.  She promised to show us, the same, her father was aware of this farther tradition, and stood there as she pulled up her shorts like a thong, her butt was totally black and blue.

Years later, I meet her at a night club, we spending the rest on the night talking about that day. She told me she was slightly sexual excited about the prospects of bending over in front of the team, and the thought of a few swats didn't seem too bad. She never had a clue that the paddling was going to be that painful. She told me the bruising lasted for almost 2 weeks. 

I spent the night with her and that was the first time I ever had a chance to spank a girl, it was nothing extreme, but enough to turn both of us in to spanking people 

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