by Robert

Nineteen - year old Janice Jenson was currently serving a six month term in the county youth correctional facility for girls. She had been convicted of shoplifting. It was a very foolish thing to do on her part. She committed the act on a dare posed to her by a couple of her friends. The details of the shoplifting caper are really unimportant as far as this story goes. The main point is that Janice tried to take a cheap bracelet, was caught by the mall security and is now serving her term in the county youth facility for girls. Needless to say Janice's parents were very disappointed especially in light of the fact that Janice was typically a well behaved teenage girl. Fortunately, Janice Jenson's good behavior throughout her high school years turned out to work in her favor. The Judge who heard her case realized that this was more than likely a relatively good girl who just made a very foolish decision. Therefore he decided that he would impose a long enough sentence to make her think hard about the decision she made but yet not to excessive. The judge gave Janice six months which was much closer to the minimum of four than the maximum of two years.

The age range of the girls staying at the county correctional facility for young women was fifteen to twenty. Within this range of age the girls were not yet considered full scale adults but they certainly were old enough to know better than to do the things that got them put here. Offences ranged from shoplifting to under age usage of alcohol to the usage of marijuana. Now the county youth correctional facilities for both males and females were established purely for rehabilitation rather than just incarceration. Therefore the atmosphere was by no means as harsh as prison or even the county jails housing more serious adult offenders waiting for trail or serving sentences to short for federal prison. However, the youth correctional facility was not a country club either. There were rules here and every resident (at this level they were not referred to as inmates) upon entry received a manual which clearly spelled out the rules and the penalties issued for violations. Janice was instructed to read this document carefully (as were all the girls upon entering) and accept it as gospel for these rules were strictly enforced. In reading through the manual Janice noticed that for most infractions, corporal punishment was the imposed penalty. Janice understood what this was although she had never been spanked at home, at least not as far as she could remember. She had a couple of friends back in junior high which used to "get it" with their fathers belt when they misbehaved but that was about the extent of what she knew about spanking. Her friends never went into the gory details of their belt spankings probably wanting to save some embarrassment. However, when Janice did think back on it she remembered that one of her friends, Holy usually would not report for gym class for a few days after a session with her father's belt. Well, fine, ok Janice thought. "I'm not planning on doing anything in here to get myself in trouble".

Things were going along quite well for Janice as expected. At this time she was just completing her fourth month, only two more to go. A little more than eight weeks and this nightmare would be over. Now since this was a minimum security facility the residents were allowed visits from family and friends every second weekend of each month. It turns out that Janice had a boyfriend that she had been seeing since her junior year in high school and things were looking pretty serious. He of course was very supportive of his girl friend, and was there to see her each and every visitor's weekend. Now on this particular weekend Janice Jenson's boyfriend decided to sneak in one of those small bottles of tequila, similar to the small sample bottles given out on some airline flights. As he handed it to Janice she quickly took it and shoved it into one of the pockets of her denim jeans. After visiting hours, Janice hurried back to her dormitory room where she and her roommate Alison were housed. The girls were paired up two to a room and lately it seemed that the youth correctional facilities for both males and females were quickly reaching maximum capacity. Janice hid the bottle of tequila in the dresser provided on her side of the room. Not even Alison knew she had this in her possession.

About three days later Janice received a summons to report to the facility director's office. When she entered Mr. Hudson asked her to take a seat. He then reached opened a drawer in his desk, reached in and pulled out the small bottle of tequila. Janice went numb. "Can you tell me how this came into your possession Miss Jenson"?. Mr. Hudson always addressed the girls as Miss followed by their last name. Janice was speechless, she couldn't find any words. Her head was just empty. Put plainly, Janice was in shock. "Well, let me explain something Miss Jenson". "As you have undoubtedly noticed, we are not all that rigorous in that we search each and every resident at the end of visitor's weekends". "We don't really wish to establish that kind of an atmosphere here". "However, from time to time we do make a run through the dormitory rooms". "We , by law, have every right to do so and we do". "Your room has been searched several times since you first arrived here and you probably haven't even noticed it". "Well, we were quite surprised when our latest search turned up this"! Mr. Hudson was holding up the small bottle of tequila. "So Miss Jenson, am I assuming correctly that this is yours"? Janice knew that she had no other recourse. "Yes Mr. Hudson". " I also assume your boyfriend snuck it in". "Is this correct"? Again Janice responded. "Yes Mr. Hudson". "This is a very serious violation of the rules Miss Jenson"! "By rights Miss Jenson this offence falls outside the scope of the typical violations committed here which means that this legally should be documented and submitted to the court". Janice sat in horror as she listened to Mr. Hudson. He was correct though, possession of serious contraband was not even covered the manual.

"However, I also realize that up until now you have been a very well behaved resident Miss Jenson". "I also realize that the bottle of tequila has not been opened so I'm not sure what you were planning to do with it but unfortunately, that is beside the point". "I do have a point to make that falls in your favor Miss Jenson". "I have the complete authority to make all decisions regarding disciplinary measures carried out here at this facility". "So I am going to present you with two options Miss Jenson". "Option one, I go ahead and report this incident to the judge". "Or, option two, you choose to receive corporal punishment in lieu of having this reported back to the court". "Let me remind you Miss Jenson that if you choose the first option it will undoubtedly result in a considerable extension of the time you are spending with us". "Option two although quite unpleasant, once finished, your record as far as the court is concerned will appear unblemished and you will complete your stay with us as initially scheduled". "I will not require a decision at this time Miss Jenson however, I expect to see you here in my office twenty four hours from now and I will expect your decision then" Janice was then dismissed to return to her daily activities. That day during exercise period Janice spotted a girl, Carole across the yard. Carole was a big girl right at six foot and about one hundred seventy pounds. She had short cropped dark hair. Janice remembered the word going around the facility that Carole had committed some violation and was sent up to be punished. Although they were my no means best friends, Janice and Carole were on good speaking terms and in the chance that Carole received corporal punishment maybe Janice could get some kind of an idea of what she might be in for if she went for option two. Janice also reflected back on how the judge actually had some compassion for her at her shoplifting hearing but if this got back to him that would all go out the window. That was it then, Janice would go over and strike up a conversation with Carole. Not much time so she would have to get right to the point and just hope that Carole could help and if so, would be willing to. Janice walked up to Carole and came right to the point. She explained the situation she was in and what Mr. Hudson offered as options. She went on to state that the word around the facility a couple months back was that she Carole was punished but the details of what she did or exactly how she was punished were not known. Janice explained that she was hoping that if Carole did receive corporal punishment perhaps she would be willing to share her experience so that she, Janice would have some kind of an idea of what she was in for. Carole looked at Janice and cracked a slight smile and said "sit". Janice beamed, this was the response that she was hoping for. "Yes I was paddled". "They take you to a special room down the corridor from Mr. Hudson's office". "Once you're inside Mr. Hudson lays on the bad news, you know like your punishment is going to be administered with an official reformatory paddle and then how many swats you're going to get". "He likes to be real official about it". "Between you and me, I think he kinda likes it". "Anyway, they have this padded table in the middle of the room and they tell you to lie face down". Then they fasten your wrists so you can't reach back and your ankles so you can't kick". "Mr. Hudson asks you if you are ready and then he starts". "I got fifteen and I got to keep my panties and jeans on but I don't think it matters much". "That paddle they have burns like hell itself". "Both sides of my ass were swollen and bruised for weeks after and in face still now there are still some fading paddle marks". "It's at least not as bad as what I used to get from my stepdad". "With him I had to take my clothes off and lie on the bed." He had a three inch wide thick leather strap". "My ass was raw for weeks after one of his strappings". "Anyway, that's about all there is to tell". "Hope it helps kiddo". "Good luck". Carole was ok in Janice's book. She at least had some idea of what to expect should she decide on the corporal punishment option. Well, Janice had the rest of the day and all that night to weigh her options and come to a decision.

It probably seemed like one hundred years to Janice but the next morning finally arrived. She was due at Mr. Hudson's office at 9:00 am. She arrived on time. "Step inside Miss Jenson". Janice noticed that one of the female staff was also present. "Well, have you come to a decision as to how you wish to be punished Miss Jenson"? He did like to keep things very official. "Yes Mr. Hudson". "I have decided to take the corporal punishment Mr. Hudson". "I see". "Are you absolutely sure Miss Jenson"? "Yes". "Very well Miss Jenson". "You will need to sign this consent form Miss Jenson" "The female staff member placed the form in front of Janice". "This form is required by the state and must be signed by any male or female prior to receiving this type of punishment". Janice signed the form as instructed. "The consent form will be placed into your file Miss Jenson, however, the specific details regarding your punishment will not be disclosed". "All right Miss Jenson I assume you wish to get this over with as quickly as possible". "Yes Mr. Hudson I do". "Very well shall we step down to the punishment room". Janice followed by Mr. Hudson and the female staff member walked down the corridor that Carole had described. Mr. Hudson paid close attention to the lovely bounce of Janice Jenson's cute young buns as they walked down the corridor toward the punishment room. After maybe fifty to one hundred feet they arrived at a solid door. Mr. Hudson opened the door and the three stepped in.

Once inside Mr. Hudson locked the door from the inside. "We don't wish to have any interruption or intrusion" Mr. Hudson said. Janice was in full agreement with that. The room was virtually empty. There was a cabinet along one of the walls and of course, standing in the center of the room the brown padded punishment table that Carole had so adequately described complete with the thick Velcro restraints attached at each corner. Janice looked around. It looked very formal, official. "Are you ready to proceed Miss Jenson"? Janice answered." Yes Mr. Hudson". "Very well then Miss Jenson". "The punishment that is to be issued for your violation will be twenty five swats which will be applied with the use of a state approved wooden disciplinary paddle". "I am sorry to inform you Miss Jenson that due to the severe nature of your offence you will be required to present yourself fully unclothed for your punishment". Instantly, the same feeling that swept over Janice yesterday when Mr. Hudson produced the bottle of tequila from his desk swept over her again. She was in a complete state of shock and disbelief. Then with a surge of emotion Janice broke down in tears and blurted out " But Carole only got fifteen and she got to keep all her clothes on". "Yes Miss Jenson but Miss Jackson was being punished for a curfew violation". "You are here to be punished for an offence that should, in reality, be turned over to the judge". "I have no choice in this matter Miss Jenson". "You will be punished fully unclothed". "Everything Mr. Hudson"? Janice referring to her bra and panties. "Yes Miss Jenson Everything"! Janice thought back to what Carole had told her yesterday "that paddle they have burns like hell itself" and that was with panties and jeans on. This was going to be twenty five on her bare ass! "Miss Jenson we do not have time to debate this all day". "You have been informed as to how your punishment is to be carried out". "Will there be anyone else present Mr. Hudson"? Janice was overwhelmed with shame. "No Miss Jenson

I have secured the door to the room from the inside" "Miss Withers is with us because you are female and are to be punished unclothed". "Now please remove your clothing and place the items on top of the cabinet". The typical facility dress for the girls was tee shirt, denim jeans and of course their bra and their panties. Thongs were not allowed but the typical bikini type underwear was.

Janice stepped over by the cabinet. She could sense Mr. Hudson's gaze as she removed her tee shirt then her jeans leaving her in just her bra and bikini type underwear. "Might I remind you Miss Jenson that the sooner you are ready the sooner we can begin and get this unpleasant task over with". Easy for him to say, he wasn't the one having to remove all of his clothing in front of a middle aged person of the opposite sex let alone have what was going to happen once she was face down on that punishment table. Janice reached around her back and unhooked her bra letting it fall into her hands revealing a lovely pair of small untanned breasts. Her tender young breasts really stood out against the rest of her body which was quite tanned. Mr. Hudson was trying to maintain a professional demeanor but the sight of those lovely small breasts were virtually impossible for him to ignore. Janice could clearly sense this which wasn't making this situation any easier for her. Mr. Hudson wasn't to overly worried about Janice but Miss Withers the female staff member could certainly make some embarrassing trouble for him if he showed signs of not being to control him and focus on the actual reason they were in the punishment room. Next, Janice hooked her thumbs inside the elastic waist band of her white cotton bikini panties, slipped them to the floor and stepped out of them. Janice Jenson's tan lines were a real sight and Mr. Hudson was beginning to wonder who was actually going to have the toughest time getting through these next several minutes , Janice or himself. Then he caught himself and decided that he had better focus on business. "Janice please step to the punishment table and place yourself upon your stomach. Of course he just had to cast a gaze at those two untanned orbs as Janice stepped from beside the cabinet to the punishment table. "Miss Withers please secure Miss Jenson's wrists to the punishment table". "Yes Mr. Hudson". "Miss Jenson because you are receiving your punishment fully unclothed we will be securing you feet closer together than normal simply to provide you with some modesty". At the foot end of the punishment table there were an extra pair of heavy Velcro restraints positioned at the center and about one foot apart. Apparently, it was not uncommon for a young girl at this facility to be punished without her clothes on. Typically, girls being punished with their underwear and jeans would have their ankles restrained at the corners of the foot end.

With this task completed, nineteen - year old Janice Jenson was now completely naked face down upon the padded brown punishment table presenting a lovely pair of untanned naked tender mounds for punishment. Mr. Hudson stepped back over to the cabinet and opened one of the doors. Inside a number of wooden paddles rested upon the shelves. Mr. Hudson selected the paddle he would use to deliver Janice Jenson's punishment. The paddle was fabricated from maple, a nice sturdy hardwood. It measured three inches wide by two foot long including the handle. It was just under a quarter of an inch thick and had four one half inch holes drilled along the centerline of the blade. Janice was able to get a glimpse of the instrument as Mr. Hudson stepped back over to the punishment table. He positioned himself along the left hand side of the table to begin. "I shall be applying the paddle from both sides of the table Miss Jenson to ensure that both sides of your bare bottom are equally and adequately punished". Always, very official. What neither Janice nor the female staff member realized was that Mr. Hudson was now sporting a massive erection as he prepared to begin the paddling. "I believe we are ready" "Are you ready to begin Miss Jenson"? "Yes Mr. Hudson". Janice wanted nothing more that to get this horrific nightmare over with. Janice then felt a cool sensation as Mr. Hudson rested the paddle upon the lower fleshy portion of her bare ass. "Please keep count Miss Withers". "Yes Mr. Hudson". A second maybe two from that "THWAP" the first swat of the paddle made contact. Janice cried out. The room echoed with the sound of the paddle as it made contact with both cheeks. Almost instantly both cheeks were beginning to show evidence of the first swat just below the tan lines of each cheek. Following about a two second pause "THWAP" the second swat landed just slightly overlapping the first. Another two seconds later the third swat was applied. Mr. Hudson was beginning to move the swats up into the untanned region of Janice Jenson's fleshy bare backside. The count was loud and clear. "Four", "Five", "Six". Mr. Hudson delivered each swat with skill and precision and there was no doubt on the minds of any one passing by the punishment room that the unfortunate young lady inside was being severely punished. The punishment progressed on, 'THWAP, THWAP, THWAP, THWAP the sound of the paddle along with the cries, screams and eventual complete uncontrolled blubbering of Janice. What made the punishment even worse for Janice was that at just about half way through, Mr. Hudson realized that Janice had just enough baby fat remaining on her young cheeks that if he were to bring that paddle down upon both cheeks in just the right manner they would really dance. To get the maximum effect he had to really lay the paddle on and each time those orbs danced meant unimaginable, horrific pain for Janice. A solid stream of tears flowed down the nineteen - year olds face as the punishment pressed on. Mr. Hudson was getting the reaction he wanted from both sides of the punishment table and appeared to have no compassion for Janice at all. All he was interested in was making those tender cheeks dance.

Finally the hell did come to an end for Janice. Swat number twenty five was applied and the punishment was over. Mr. Hudson stepped back over to the cabinet and placed the paddle back on its shelf. He instructed the female staff member to allow Janice enough time to regain some composure before releasing her from the punishment table. Mr. Hudson allowed himself one last gaze at Janice Jenson's severely paddled bare ass before exiting the punishment room. In the corridor there were several staff members mulling around just outside the punishment room. Obviously they had been listening to the ordeal. Later on one staff member (female) was quoted as stating that this was by far the worst punishment session she had ever heard over her fifteen years as a staff member there. Back inside the punishment room Janice was being released from the table. Both sides of her bottom were swollen and beginning to blister to the point that it was impossible for her to put her underwear back on let alone her denim jeans. She would have to remain naked in the punishment room until a female staff member was able to bring a robe for her to put on to go back to her dormitory room. By now it was 10:15 am and the day's activities were in full swing. Whenever corporal punishment is given out it is usually the preference of the correctional facility staff to try and keep the incident under wraps to try and provide at least some privacy for the recipient. However, in this case it was going to be difficult. When Janice emerged from the building containing the punishment room she would have to be walked across several yards in the bathrobe before returning to her dormitory complex. The news of her punishment spread like wildfire.

Finally Janice and the staff member that had witnessed the punishment arrived at her room. Janice was informed that she would be allowed to remain in her room until the effects of the punishment began to subside. Given the current state of Janice Jenson's backside, this could be quite some time. With Janice now safely in her room the staff member returned to her regular duties. Janice removed the robe and stepped over to the mirror. Nothing could have prepared her for what she saw in the mirror, although the immense pain she was feeling matched up well with the horrific site of her bottom. Janice stepped back over to her bed stretched out on her stomach and tried to reach back and gently soothe the hellish pain. It was too much. She would not be able to even touch the two blistering mounds. The whole ordeal had left a physical as well as a psychological mark on Janice but it was the physical that she was focused upon at present. The psychological would manifest itself later in her life but that is left for another time. Janice now at least in the comfort of her own room drifted off to sleep. How ironic. Here she was in exactly the same position as she was made to assume to receive the most horrific punishment of her young life and most likely, the position she will be sleeping in for a good while to come.

Janice Jenson had not been sleeping for very long when all of a sudden she was awoken by the shrill screams of her roommate Alison. Alison's eyes were fixated on Janice's bottom cheeks which by now were appearing much worse that just after the punishment. Much of the redness was giving away to the classic paddle bruises along the bull's eye paddle marks appearing on both cheeks. Tears were in the eyes of both girls as Alison came over to hold and comfort her roommate. Janice Jenson's dinner was brought to her room that night with Mr. Hudson's approval. Over the next couple of days some of the more superficial marks began to clear but there were very few of those. It was actually one and a half weeks following the blistering before Janice was able to appear outside clad in her denim jeans. After a few days she was barely able to wear her underwear but that was it. As the days passed, Janice began to feel a special bond with Carole Jackson, the girl who had told her about her punishment at the facility. Janice felt more of a bond with Carole due to what she shared about her step dad now having been through a similar experience herself. She thought how horrific it must have been for Carole to have to remove all her clothing in front of her step dad and then have that thick leather strap laid across her bare ass until both mounds were raw. After having gone through her own ordeal, Janice found herself wanting to spend more and more time with Carole. Carole told Janice that although she was never tied down she would have to stay in position until her punishment was over or she would get extra. Each burning stroke of that thick leather strap provided enough incentive for her to hang on to the bed covers for dear life. A typical strapping would be anywhere from fifty to one hundred strokes. Just like Mr. Hudson did on the day of Janice's punishment, Carole Jackson's step dad would exit the room typically after a long last gaze at his work. One time when Carole was in her late teens she heard her step dad in the bathroom following a rather severe strapping. It was quite obvious what he was doing. Neither girl grew up to become spanking enthusiasts. Janice certainly did not find any pleasure in her punishment and neither did Carole.

Eight weeks almost to the day after the paddling Janice Jenson was released from the county youth correctional facility for young women. She would turn twenty in two more weeks. She was having strange dreams at night waking up thinking that she was still in the punishment room as Mr. Hudson supervised with great interest (and obvious pleasure) the removal of her clothing and the preparation for her punishment. At times she felt like she could actually feel the paddle on her bare ass. Janice's relationship with her boyfriend also terminated shortly after her release. Apparently Mr. Hudson had informed him of Janice's punishment at one of the last visitor's weekends of Janice's stay. Although it never came up just what and how much he was told Janice could tell that the whole thing turned him on sexually. Sometimes after making love to Janice he would try to get her to roll over on her stomach. He would slap her bottom cheeks with his hand alternating between them, first one then the other. Janice found no pleasure in this at all and in fact, the first time they made love following her release, some of the evidence of the paddle still remained. Three months following Janice's release Carole was released. The two have remained close and correspond steadily. We will leave the continuation of this story for another time.

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