We've always admired the effciency of the matrons in "Shades of Singapore" and have developed a fantasy of how modern discipline matrons of judicial corporal punishment would moonlight their skills to benefit the private sector.


The six letters all arrived in Wednesday's mail. The girls had been counseled and alerted to expect them and to begin planning for the weekend two weeks hence.

Denise-- a 5'4" 24 year old blonde; arrow thin, cute , wasp waist, small hips, perfect legs, and a huge chest impossible to hide. No blouse ever fit. Buttons always strained and sometimes a bit of bra showed in the stressed gaps. When her bra straps did show, one could see she was in the heavy-duty category. She looked almost top-heavy and teetered on high heels. Every man imagined her moment of unveiling--her tight little bottom was of secondary interest. Denise had stolen $600 from petty cash over 6 months. She'd been stupid and she decided to take the weekend, any punishment, rather than face the police.

Delores--5' 8" and all body. She could not find clothes that didn't fit too tightly. She is what the guys call a "backbreaker" and looks like she could smother you--perfect breasts, narrow waist, prominent hips, and powerful thighs. She has fended off numerous offers to pose nude, feeling secretly she would eventually relent and do it. She knew this time she'd be taking off her clothes in the presence of others, but there was no choice now. She has a fiery temper, which had betrayed her and caused legal trouble in the office; she had abused several employees--and a lawsuit was coming. Some private humiliation over a weekend was an easy trade. Her employers took some private satisfaction in imagining her being abused for once.

Maria is a computer operator. She set up a clever secret account which siphoned off pennies from other accounts, amounting to several thousand dollars over a few years. Her bosses were so embarrassed and job-threatened by her cunning they sought a private solution. They knew she wouldn't talk if she got her bottom whaled over a weekend, so the affair would disappear and safeguards would be installed. Win-win, except of course for Maria's tush. Maria was a bit of an office celebrity; although not strikingly pretty of face, she has an infectious personality and a figure which quieted rooms. She had average breasts and a narrow waist, but a wide, marginally oversized, hard, and high bottom, packed into slacks which were forced to show every dimple and curve. She knew what she had and lingered in places to satisfy male eyes.

Nicholle is a hayseed. She wears horn-rimmed glasses; her red-auburn hair is always random and fluffy wild; she has a horsy charging gait, and wears mostly print dresses and clunky shoes. But she cannot hide a powerful, firm, raging body. Her noisy flakiness begs taming. What ever had possessed her--on impulse she had stuffed her purse with jewelry when the store clerk turned away. Did she not see the cameras? How could the salesperson miss the loss? These posh stores liked private settlement, and Nicholle knew the police wouldn't give her a break. The store manager explained the deal which could be made. Now here it was, the letter.

Suzi, a diminuative Italian beauty, with long black hair, sparkling deep brown eyes, and saucy little figure, always chattering and mixing, had forged the signatures of some of her elderly depositors and made small withdrawals they were sure not to detect. The angry bank officials marched her out the door after she accepted the private solution. She really didn't believe any of it until the letter came.

And Brandi, the youngest, made the sixth girl for this weekend's session. A slim, ravishing blonde, only 19, curvy long legs, trim ankles, gorgeous hands, high tasteful breasts, and a tight bottom always showcased in fashionable pants. She was magazine cover material and couldn't walk anywhere without stopping traffic, and she loved it. She also had been tempted into mishandling petty cash in her office--it was just too easy to do. How could such a heavenly creature find herself in this fix?

The letter to the six girls was explicit and frightening, as it needed to be, and in spite of what had been explained to the girls by their employers, it was shocking, because in fact the employers did not fully know the details and so did not explain what actually happens in what girls called "The Weekend." Suzi began crying as she read. Nicholle felt an immediate rumble in her bowels. " have committed offenses for which a prison sentence could result and your employer could also be held legally have agreed to private are to go to a private will receive corporal punishment and other procedures with other female offenders, administered by will be required to remove your clothes...punishment over three days; unpleasant... uncomfortable...designed to convince you and your employer there will be no recurrences...for your to express your may elect to drop out now and your employer proceed with legal action..."

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