by Robert

October 16, 2002

Dear Editor:

My name is Amy. I am 17 years old and live alone with my aunt and uncle. I still get spanked from both when I misbehave. For minor things I get to keep my panties on but if I have done something serious I get spanked on my bare bottom. Most of my spankings have been from my aunt. When I am spanked by my aunt she makes me take off my skirt or jeans. Then I have to lie across her lap and she starts out by spanking me with her hand. This by itself hurts like hell. As you probably already know, a girl's panties these days hardly offers any protection yet getting to keep my panties on is still better than when I get it on the bare which I will talk about in a moment.

It doesn't take my aunts powerful right hand long to have me bawling like a 6 year old. What's worse is that after she has hand spanked me for what seems like forever, she then gets a small wooden paddle and continues with that. By now I am howling like a 2 year old and begging and pleading for her to stop. Let me tell you though, it does no good. My aunt is a strong believer in corporal punishment. She says that's how she was punished when she grew up and that I can consider myself lucky compared to what she used to get. Both sides of my scorched bottom are blazing and appear like two ripe tomatoes long before she is finished. When she finally does finish, tears are streaming down my face and I am truly repent full of whatever I have done. When it is done she helps me to my feet and gives me a hug and tells me how much she loves me then she sends me to the corner to think about what I did to earn the spanking I just got. My aunt's spankings take place mostly in the kitchen. Like I said earlier, I get spankings from both my aunt and uncle. Almost always when my uncle spanks me it's for something really serious. His spankings are definitely not fun and I really try to avoid them as much as possible but sometimes I screw up and end up really getting it. Like one time when two of my friends and I got caught smoking in the girl's bathroom at school, big mistake. This was serious. I was on the verge of tears before I even got home that night. The principal of our high school knows my uncle very well so when we were all sitting in his office that afternoon he told me that there was no reason to send a notice home with me, he would just call my uncle and talk to him direct. I knew I was in so much trouble I couldn't even believe it.

Like I said when my uncle spanks me it's for something serious and when he spanks he uses a leather strap. The strap he has is about 3 inches wide and about inch thick. It is about 18 inches long. He purchased it on line a few years ago when I became a teenager. Now if you have never had a leather strap put across your naked backside, first off let me tell you you're lucky. Second off let me tell you it burns like the fires of hell when you're getting it and also for a good period of time after it's finished. All in all, the strap is no fun and that's what my uncle uses on my bare ass. There is a ritual which takes place when I am to be strapped. It always happens in the privacy of my bedroom. My aunt is always present as well, which, as I get older has become more embarrassing. When dinner is finished my uncle calmly instructs me to go to my bedroom and prepare for my punishment. This means I have to take off all my clothes and wait for my aunt and uncle to arrive. They usually give me about 15 minutes or so to get ready. Again, as you can imagine as I have gotten older this has become much more embarrassing for me. I happen to be very well endowed for a girl my age with nice well developed full breasts.

Now I should set the record straight and mention that my uncle has never made any indications that I am aware of that he gets any kind of sexual kicks out of punishing me with the strap. In fact there has been a few times where I thought I saw tears in his eyes after a well delivered punishment with the leather upon my naked buttocks. In later years I have also started keeping my pelvic region completely shaved so this of course presents a non obstructed view of my vaginal area. However, again, he does not seem to focus any attention on my shaved vagina. It's typically "just business" if you will. He has told me that having to undress completely intensifies the punishment in hopes that the added embarrassment will help diminish future sessions.

After I have undressed, I sit at the edge of my bed and wait. Finally both aunt and uncle arrive. They close the door to my room behind them although there is no one else in the house. My uncle has the strap and will lay it down upon the top of my dresser. He will then give me a lecture on why what I did was wrong. Of course, in this particular case everyone knows about the effect of cigarettes on your health. However, aside from that smoking was not allowed in our school. Although I am completely naked my uncle makes perfect eye contact while he is lecturing me which makes me feel strongly that there is no sexual thing about this, just discipline. Once the lecture is finished I am instructed to position myself for punishment. I lie flat on my tummy and must grasp the brass headboard of my bed with both hands. If I let go of the headboard before my punishment is complete I will get extra so I have learned over the years to hold on for dear life. The initial punishment is bad enough. At this point my uncle is retrieving the black leather strap from the top of my dresser. I am also instructed to open my legs wide in order for the strap to punish not only my bare ass cheeks but also my tender upper thighs. However, my uncle is very careful not to allow the strap to make contact with my vagina.

He steps up to the side of the bed and calmly asks me if I am ready. As you can imagine, I am already on the verge of tears just thinking about what is about to happen and I choke out a yes. I just want to get the next few minutes of hell on earth over with. And the next few minutes are pure hell. About 2 seconds or so after my "yes" the strap comes down and explodes upon my naked ass. He pauses for about a second then brings the strap down again, that black leather just searing into my tender backside. After maybe 3 or 4 strokes of that nasty leather strap, tears are streaming down my face. My uncle will lay that strap across my bare ass with precision working the strap from the mid section of my buttocks down to where ass cheek meets upper thigh. He makes the strokes overlap one another and he doesn't hold back either. When I am getting a strapping, my uncle really lays it on. Soon my tears are flowing steadily as the strap explodes upon my tender flesh. It isn't long before my naked ass is a solid deep crimson as his 3 inch wide leather continues to bite into my flesh. After he has delivered several strokes to my ass cheeks he begins to focus his efforts on my upper thighs. He has developed his skills over the years where he can put the strap across that tender region where buttocks and upper thigh meet and with my legs open wide he makes sure that both sides get equal treatment. By this time both sides of my bare buttocks are severely strapped and deep crimson and now my upper thighs are in the same state. As I mentioned earlier, I am well developed for my age which means that I have a little meat on my ass cheeks as well as my upper thighs. Therefore there is ample target for my uncle's strap and let's just say that he doesn't miss an inch. By the time my punishment is over my bare ass and upper thighs are solid crimson.

Finally, he would decide that I have learned my lesson and he would lay the strap down upon the bed next to me. I would have several nasty welts developing where the strap wrapped during the punishment. When the punishment is over my uncle would always gather me up in his arms and hug me letting me know that my dues were paid and that I was loved. You might think that I am very unfortunate to have an aunt and uncle as strict as mine but I feel fortunate. So many kids today have parents that just let them do as they please. My aunt and uncle truly wish the best for me, I'm sure. I will do my very best to avoid another repeat session in my bedroom like the one I just described.

After my hug I am told to get ready for bed. At that point my uncle collects the strap and he and my aunt exit my room leaving me alone with my thoughts. My sobbing and tears eventually subside and I get up off the bed and go check the "damage" inflicted upon my bottom and thighs by the strap in a mirror I have on my dresser. It's consistent. The looks match the feelings. It will be several days before the evidence of this punishment session are cleared up. One advantage I do have is that because my uncle knows the principal at school he will call and get me excused from gym class. He feels there is no reason for the whole world to know about the strapping I received and believe me they would.

All I can say at this point is I will do my best to make this the last punishment I get from my uncle. Hope I'm successful.

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