Amy's Uncle
by Robert

Dear Editor:
My name is Nathan Tanner. Amy's uncle. I see that Amy has recently written in and described the punishment regiment which takes place in our household. Specifically how her aunt and I carry out her punishment spankings. I actually gave Amy permission to go ahead and write in to your column if she wished and I see that she has. I must say that Amy did a very thorough job of describing the spankings given to her by her aunt and the strapping's administered by me. I thought I would write in and describe a fairly recent punishment session which took place as a result of what I consider a very foolish act on the part of Amy.

Amy has just turned eighteen - years of age and for some reason she seemed to think that this entitled her to behavior that would never be allowed at a younger age. Well, she found out that this particular behavior would not be tolerated in our household at eighteen - years of age either and she found this out through a long hard session with the leather strap in her bedroom. So what happened? Well, Amy returned home from a party early last Sunday morning with clear evidence of alcohol on her breath. It turns out that the person driving had also been drinking as well. First off, everyone did make it home safely which of course is the first concern. However, that being done it was time for Amy to answer for this foolish and dangerous behavior which as you will soon discover, she did. Not only was my eighteen - year old niece quite intoxicated she was several hours past her curfew getting home. I guess she felt that turning eighteen entitled her to come home at any time and in any condition. She knows different now.

When Amy did show up we were of course waiting up for her. Once I realized what kind of condition she was in I simply asked if she was alright and then instructed her to go to her room and get to bed. The next morning when my niece made her appearance at about 11:00 AM she was confronted about her behavior the previous night. From the look on her face when she first appeared Amy already realized that she was in plenty of trouble. I sat her down and explained to her that underage drinking is technically illegal and that she and her friends were very lucky that the police did not become involved. I also made sure to emphasize how horribly disappointed her aunt and I were and of course Amy was informed that she was to be severely punished. I informed Amy that her punishment would occur in two parts. For part 1 she was to be grounded for a period of one month. For part 2 she was to report to her bedroom where corporal punishment would be carried out and she was also calmly informed that I would be using the strap. At that point I excused Amy to her bedroom to prepare herself for her corporal punishment. Now if you have already read Amy's letter you know how she is to prepare when she is to be disciplined with the strap. In case you haven't read Amy's letter, when she reports to her bedroom she is to remove all clothing including bra and panties and she is to sit on the edge of her bed and wait for her aunt and I to enter. As Amy has already pointed out, all punishments with the strap are carried out on the bare ass.

Just in case you have not read Amy's previous letter let me briefly describe the strap that will be used to carry out her punishment. The strap is made of sturdy brown British harness leather. It is about 3 inches wide by about 18 inches in length and is about one quarter of an inch thick and has a leather handle. I oil the strap on a regular basis to keep the leather well preserved. I purchased the strap when Amy turned thirteen - years of age. After giving Amy about 15 minutes in her bedroom her aunt and I are ready to enter and carry out her punishment. I of course will have the leather strap in hand. I always make sure that Amy's aunt is present as I punish my niece. Upon entering her bedroom we find Amy completely naked sitting along the edge of her bed waiting. I realize that Amy described herself in the previous letter and I will refer you to Amy's letter for her description.

Upon entering her bedroom , I will lay the strap down upon the top of her dresser and will then proceed to lecture Amy on what she has done to earn her the punishment she is about to receive. At this point I realize that my niece has only one thing on her mind and that is how that thick wide leather strap is going to feel as it is being applied soundly to her naked ass and upper thighs. I continue the lecture anyway. I feel that it is important that Amy is adequately informed on her misdoings before the punishment commences. When the lecture is over I calmly instruct Amy to position herself for punishment. Amy is to present herself face down upon her bed with both hands grasping the headboard. I will then instruct her to open her legs so that I have access to her tender inner thighs. Amy knows that she is to remain in punishment position until the strapping is finished to avoid earning additional punishment.

When Amy is in position I will ask her if she is ready. At this point I have the leather strap in hand and am ready to begin. Amy will usually be on the verge of tears if not already sobbing but she manages to choke out a "yes". I must admit that I truly feel badly for the intense suffering I am about to put Amy through in the next several minutes but I also feel that it is my duty as her guardian to teach her that what she has done is wrong and in the present case, potentially life threatening. After Amy's response I begin. The strap comes down hard and explodes across the ample middle of Amy's tender bare ass cheeks. The room echoes with the crack of the strap. Again I bring the strap down upon Amy's ample bare ass. I have developed considerable skill over the years and I crack that brown leather across both cheeks of my naked niece's bare backside with precision. After the first few strokes, I establish the rhythm I will use to deliver Amy's punishment and I work the strap from the top of her mounds down to where ass cheek meets upper thigh then back up again retracing my previous strokes. I will spend a good two or three minutes leathering Amy's naked ass cheeks until both sides are a deep dark crimson. By now the tears are streaming down Amy's face and she is truly in agony. When I am satisfied that Amy's bare buttocks are severely leathered I will move the strap down and begin to concentrate on her upper thighs. I will continue the punishment bringing the strap down upon both upper thighs as well as the so - called tender sit spot. I will spend another two or three minutes here before returning the strap back to her naked backside. At this point I happened to notice a response from Amy that I had not noticed in the past. As I continued to bring the strap down across Amy's naked ass I noticed a secretion of fluid coming from her slightly parted vaginal lips.

I could not believe what I was seeing. Certainly Amy's vocal response to what was taking place would not suggest any kind of pleasure. I continued laying the strap across her ample bare ass for several more minutes before I decided to bring her punishment to an end. All of this time the fluid continued to escape from her vagina. I am sure her aunt noticed this as well.

When I finished with the punishment, I laid down the strap and gathered my sobbing niece in a hug. This is also standard in our household after every punishment session. I held Amy for a while. I felt sorry for Amy but at the same time felt a severe strapping upon her bare ass was warranted for this foolish act. After the sobbing subsided I picked up the strap and her aunt and I exited the room. Later that night while lying in bed together before going to sleep I mentioned what I noticed as I was delivering Amy's punishment. Yes my wife had also noticed Amy's vaginal secretion. She informed me that even though she was sure that Amy was not deriving sexual pleasure from the intense burning in her bare ass and thighs being caused by the strap, that the reaction I noticed could still occur. At this point I am not sure what was happening to Amy but I am sure that after the strapping I delivered today, my eighteen - year old niece may have very well received her last punishment with the strap.

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