Jan's Spanking
by Zuchev

Part 1

It was 1971, and Jan was a pretty seventeen year-old in the spring of her junior year of high school -- a willowy 5'6" with light brown hair, pale skin with just a few freckles. She lived in Middleburg, Ohio with her family, father Jim and mother Dawn.

It was a close knit, loving family with both parents dead-set on bring up their only child with old-fashioned, traditional values. That meant homework done and to school on time, church on Sunday, and dinnertime together during the week. The rest of the world might be busy with Free Love and whatnot, but in the Reynolds household the primary rule -- Respect Your Elders -- was fully enforced. Forget this rule and face the consequences. And the consequences could be painful for a girl's bottom.

Though she had been quite good of late, Jan was reminded of all this when she was rude to her mother one afternoon after school. She had asked her mother's permission to go to a church group meeting with a friend that night, though she knew it was a school night and social activities were forbidden.

"But it's a church group, Mom..."

"Jan, you know its a school night. You have homework...."

"Mom, please?"


This was frustrating for Jan because she was a model student and she knew she could easily get her homework done and attend the event. And, truth be told, she also knew the cute senior boy she had her eye on would be there and...

"Mom, you just don't fucking get it, do you??!!..."

Jan knew she was doomed the moment the words were out of her mouth, but it was too late. Her mother had turned pale with shock.

"Mom, I'm sorry..."

"Janice Reynolds, where did you learn to talk like that? Not in this house! And you won't get away with it in this house either..."

Mom, I'm soooo sorry .... please don't tell daddy..."

"You know I will... I have to. This is unacceptable young lady! Now you get upstairs and get started on your homework. I'll be speaking to your father when he gets home. You know what you're in for."

Jan went upstairs and tried to focus on her homework, but she couldn't concentrate. A bare bottom spanking from her daddy! It had been a couple of years, but the memories were vivid. She shivered when she considered that she would have to take her panties down in front of him. To say nothing of her bottom being scorched red!

Maybe she could talk them out of it, at least the bare bottom part. She was too old for that, wasn't she? She shivered again when she heard her father come home and then heard them talking in the kitchen.

Later she went downstairs for a silent, awkward dinner, after which she helped with dishes and then went up to her room to finish her homework. As she tried to study, she felt tears well up at the thought of the humiliating spanking that awaited her, the thought of taking her panties down... at her age! Since she was last spanked, she had grown up a lot and had come to see herself as a mature woman, ready to take on the world.

She vowed to at least get out of the bare bottom part. She screwed up her courage and went back downstairs to the family room where her mother and father were reading the paper after dinner. Her father has been slowly sipping a snifter of single malt scotch to calm his nerves.

She says, "Daddy, I'm done with my homework."

"OK, that's fine. Now, are you sorry?"

"Yes, daddy."

"Apologize to your mother..."

"Mommy, I'm so sorry...I didn't mean..."

Jan stammered, trying to remember what she had planned to say.

Dawn finally says, "Apology accepted, darling, but you know there must be consequences to your actions."

"Yes Mommy, but..." Jan was on the verge of tears.

"But what, dear?"

"I know I deserve to be spanked, but please ...can't I keep my underpants on, please ...oh please?!"

Her mother says, "You know your father and I have discussed this with you. When you receive a punishment, part of the effectiveness of that punishment is that you be embarrassed. And you should be quite ashamed to take your underpants down in front of your father! And you might think that you're too old to be punished bare bottom, but as long as you live in this house you'll live by our rules. Now, go upstairs and get yourself ready!"

As if in a dream, she goes upstairs to prepare for the ritual of being spanked. She feels hot and flushed, but her hands are cold and her legs won't stop shaking. She recalled that daddy always spanked hardest when she was rude to her mother. I wish I'd held my tongue, she thought to herself.

After a quick visit to the bathroom, she straightens up her room and then changes into her old blue nightie, leaving on just underpants and little white socks turned down at the ankles. Then she sits on the bed, waiting for daddy to come upstairs. She's completely humiliated to think that she would soon be almost entirely naked in front of her daddy, to say nothing of having her bare bottom spanked, spanked so hard she would cry. Her legs were still shaking ...did she have time to pee again?

As she quick sat on the toilet, somewhere in the crazy swirl of feelings she had -- did some part of her want to be naked in front of her daddy? How could that be? Wasn't that wrong? She was already a junior in high school, but she had only made out with a few boys so far. Sometimes she felt so restless, she didn't know what to do with herself. Sometimes she touched herself at night and...

Coming back from the bathroom, she heard her father's footsteps on the stairs. She could feel her stomach turning flip-flops as she sat back down on the bed, her heart beating in and out of synch with the sound of his footsteps. As her father came in the room, he took the chair from her study desk, placed it in the middle of the room and sat down with an air of great seriousness.

"Stand up and come over here." her told her.

She walked over to him and stood straight with her hands at her side. It seemed like a full five minutes went by, then finally:

"Take your panties down"

She was visibly trembling now as she reached under her nightie, pushed them down over her hips -- ooohhhhhh, she thought to herself --- and let them fall down to her ankles. She kicked them away, and with that slight movement of her leg, she felt a slight coolness at her genital area; it reminded her of just how exposed she was.

With her arms back at her side, the nightie continued to cover her Down There, "But not for long..." she told herself. She felt a light sweat under her arms and also a slight wetness between her thighs. She wondered if her daddy had noticed the delicate scent of her pubic area. She has heard the boys at school snickering about 'stink-finger' and she knew what that meant. Her own privates had an organic, animal kind of smell but in a sweet way, like a rabbit.

All sense of time had vanished, but then at last:

"Pull up your nightie.."

Except for the actual pain of the spanking, this was the worst part. He always made Jan pull up her nightie up to her waist while she was still standing, facing him. She wasn't sure if he really wanted to see her naked, but apparently he did want to her to be totally embarrassed. And she was.

Shifting her weight from one foot to the other, she was excruciatingly aware that her daddy could see what no other male has seen: almost womanly hips with a delicate arabesque of pubic hair, the only thing keeping her teen-age pubis from full view. Her face flushed because it felt distinctly slippery between her legs. Now she was worried that daddy really could detect the scent of her vagina; it was all she could do to continue standing there, almost completely naked, while her daddy looked her up and down.

"You were rude to your mother, and you said an obscene word?"

"Yes daddy..."

"And you deserve to be spanked?"


"Say it..."

"I deserve to be spanked..."


"On the bare.."

"Say the whole thing..."

"I was rude to my mother and used a bad word. I deserve to be spanked...on the bare bottom."

"Come over my knee."

Her own knees were trembling almost uncontrollably as she let the nightie fall again, moving the few steps to her father's side and awkwardly began to place herself over the parental knee then, leaning further over, placed her hands on the floor. Her hair spilled down around her shoulders and face as her daddy pushed her nightie back all the way down to her shoulder blades. Her tender teenage breasts hung down and forward, slipping out from under the nightie.

Jan felt completely exposed and ashamed, fully aware that her father now had full view of her buttocks .. he was even placing one hand there in anticipation of what he was soon to do.

"Ohhhh mmmmmnnnn!" she moaned, shaking so badly she almost slipped off of his knees.

With his other hand, her daddy reached down and flipped all of her hair to one side of her head so if she turned her face she could see him looming above. Placing that hand on her back he continued to lightly move the other hand -- the spanking hand -- along her bottom.

"You must never be rude to your mother, and never ever use language like that. You know all this, and it's been a good while since you were spanked. But now here we are, and I would like this to be the last time we ever have to do this. So it will be a spanking to remember. Do you understand?"

"Yes daddy..."

Jan was now trembling and blushing all at once. All she could think about was the fact that her buttocks were offered up in a way she understood was sexual. She had to admit, inside the fear she felt, there was a spark arousal and she wondered again whether she wanted her daddy to see her naked, exposed. It gave her a small thrill to savor, to set against the pain that would soon be visited on her bottom cheeks.

"You're going to be spanked very hard, Janice Reynolds. Keep your hands away..."

Jan's Spanking Part 2

Earlier, sitting with his wife in the family room, Jim Reynolds had wondered how it had gotten to this point: was he actually titillated at the prospect of seeing his 17 year-old daughter naked? Spanking her bare bottom? He sipped his scotch and thought about it.

The spanking rule had been in effect from early on: he and his wife Dawn had agreed that corporal punishment, though not perfect, was still the best policy. When Jan was little, Dawn always handled the punishment chores; even then, it was always on the bare -- the embarrassment factor was considered a priority. At one memorable birthday party, hosted by the Reynolds for Jan's eleventh birthday, Jan was rude to one of her friends who didn't want to play the party games. Before she knew it, Jan was over her mother's knee, party dress up and panties pulled down, her bottom rapidly reddening under her mother's vigorous spanks as Jan's friends watched in amazement.

Soon after that, Jim took over the spanking of their daughter with the reasoning that being spanked by daddy would be more intimidating, more painful, and hence more of a deterrent. Along these lines, Jim began to put a particular protocol in place for the punishments.

Like any young girl moving towards puberty, she was self conscious about her body and would blush deeply if Jim happened to see her in panties on her way out of the bathroom. Jim decided to exploit this for what it was worth: if Jan knew that, in addition to the substantial pain of being spanked (Jim had big, hard hands), she would also have to pull her panties down in front of him, she would be all the more mindful of the rules and respectful of her elders.

Good plan, but in practice, she was a willful child. As soon as she hit junior high, she started showing a wild streak that resulted in more punishments than Jim would have ever have imagined. Rudeness, for example. Jim loved his wife dearly and was very protective of her; he would never allow Jan to talk back to her. Many were the bare bottom spankings that resulted from this.

Over time, Jim and Jan's punishment protocol became more elaborate. The spankings were always done in her room, after homework. Jan was required to dress for bed and wait for daddy to come upstairs to her room. The specifics of pulling her panties down in preparation for then pulling up her nightie had evolved during the time Jan was in junior high and her first year of high school.

Jim would never admit it, but it was around this same time the spark had gone out of the Reynolds marriage, and the sight of his daughter naked aroused him slightly. Then when the first hints of pubic hair appeared, it embarrassed him almost more than Jan. He would pull her over his knee and spank Jan's bottom with a vengeance, trying to banish his own feelings of confusion as much as discipline his daughter who squirmed and kicked under his relentless hand.

When the spankings were over, Jan would always get up from his lap, crying and hopping from one foot to another, clutching and rubbing her bright red bottom. Jim watched her with feelings as mixed as a good man and good father could have.

But then, like magic, Jan turned good. There was that one fairly serious spanking the day after Christmas in Jan's freshman year (something about not wanting to write thank-you notes), but after that: good girl and model student. She had taken up with a different crowd at school -- two and three new girlfriends who were all committed to getting good grades and getting into a good college.

Jim and Dawn were delighted and it was smooth sailing the rest of Jan's freshman year, all the way through the next year and into her junior year. Nearly a grown up woman, Jim noted, as he watched her go off on her first few dates with a mixture of pride and regret.

But then it happened. When Jim got home from work that night, he heard the whole story: the argument about the church group, the obscenity spoken in anger. It was surprising, but it was also clear -- for the first time in two years, Jan would be spanked. Spanked on the bare bottom.

All through dinner Dawn tried to keep up some semblance of conversation, but both Jim and Jan were preoccupied for obvious reasons: each of them trying -- and failing -- to come to terms with the impending punishment. For Jim, he had to confront the idea that he would soon be seeing, touching and inflicting punishment on his daughter's naked bottom and how did he feel about that? He didn't know.

After dinner, Jan went up to do homework after helping her mother with the dishes. Jim started sipping Glenfidditch and even stepped outside for a cigarette. When she came down latter and pleaded for leniency -- keeping her panties on -- he was almost ready to relent until Dawn reiterated the old policy. It's for the best I suppose, thought Jim.

Jim's fundamental sense of parental authority reasserted itself as he walked up the stairs and sat down on a chair in the middle of Jan's bedroom. He fixed his gaze on his daughter and demanded that she remove her panties. He saw a scared young woman, her hands trembling as, suffused with shame and red-faced with embarrassment -- a spanked bare bottom for the first time in two years! -- she reached under her nightie and pulled her panties all the way down to her ankles. As she stepped out and kicked them away, Jim noticed the little girl socks she was wearing and it almost made him relent. But then he steeled himself and told her to pull up her nightie.

Jan was looking directly at him and then let go a large exhale as she reached down to pull up the nightgown. Jim realized she'd been almost holding her breath. With the nightie up around her waist, he looked her up and down, contemplating his daughter in front of him, effectively naked. He looked at her pubis and the shadow of hair that had formed, reminding him that she was nearly a grown woman. He looked at the long delicate legs and watched as she shifted her weight nervously from one foot to the other. He wondered what she was feeling.

Jim continued with the ritual: Jan, white faced, gulped as she spoke, repeating the words he requested: rude to mother ...obscenity ...deserve to be spanked ...on the bare bottom.

Jan swallowed again and sobbed as Jim pulled her to him and she displayed herself over his lap. Jim pushed her nightie all the way down to her shoulder blades. Jim knew he wanted this to be the last time (didn't he?) so he warned Jan that this would be a spanking to remember. His hand was resting on her butt as he spoke and then he thought: enough. Begin.

With that, Jan's delicate, teen-aged derriere became the unfortunate focus of all his frustrations: dull job, frigid wife, daughter growing up who would soon leave the nest... all of these things made him angry and scared as he worked his steady rhythm of hard-handed swats on her bouncing bottom.

He looked down as he spanked, watching his little girl squirm and twist, tears starting to come. She kicked her legs and pretty ankles fluttered as she absorbed the bourgeoning flame of punishment into her delicate girl bottom.

Soon her butt was turning bright red and her legs would kick apart. Jim was seeing the things a father will naturally see when he spanks his daughter's bottom bare. The air in the room was hot and close. Jim had to wonder, was his daughter in some way ...aroused?

To block out these thought he weighed in with the last round of hard fast swats; Jan now crying freely and sobbing uncontrollably. Her back arched to assimilate the pain. Her butt cheeks and vagina were openly exposed as if she no longer cared. Or as if she wanted him to see...

Enough, Jim thought. He stopped. Jan slipped straight off his lap and ended up on all fours in front of him. Still crying, her nightie remained pushed forward as she reached back with one hand and began trying to rub the pain out of her bottom.

Jim found this too much, so he said, "Get up sweetie..."

Jan picked herself up and the nightie finally came back down. Still sobbing, she continued to rock back and forth, foot to foot, grasping and kneading her buttocks, trying to will the pain away.

Jim got up and hugged his daughter.

"Go rinse off your face, get in bed. Your mother will be up soon..."

Jan mumbled her assent and slipped away to the bathroom.

Jim walked down the stairs. Another scotch, he thought to himself.

It took Jan a long time to fall asleep that night. In her mind, the whole scenario kept playing over and over, endlessly. Even after her mother had come through, tucked her in and comforted her, she still couldn't shake the images from her punishment and the ritual that preceded it.

As if she were in a film being edited, she kept taking down her panties, pulling up her nightie, taking down her panties, pulling up her nightie. It was humiliating, just so humiliating! But she kept reviewing it: panties at her ankles, kicking them away, her daddy's voice telling her to lift her nightie, her daddy's eyes looking her naked body up and down, lingering on her pubis... when she was over his lap, bottom offered up for punishment... when her bare bottom was scorched bright red by his hard hand until she was helpless with tears, ...struggling, arching her back, legs falling open...

The pain was much much worse than she had remembered from two years ago. Jan lay on her side and, for the hundredth time, reached back and gingerly touched her bottom, still quite hot and sore from the punishment. The delicate area at the base of her buttocks where the thighs began was where daddy had focused his final flurry of swats. Those spots were especially tender and she clinched her groin muscles in shame to remember when she had arched her back at the blinding pain. Daddy must have seen everything -- between her butt cheeks, everything -- at that point.

Later on when she was sure both her parents had gone to bed, she started to relax and let her mind wander. In her thoughts, images of the cute senior boy ...mixed with her father's voice ...his hand. She knew she was aroused, and she knew it was wrong or at least weird. How confusing!

Yes, she would remember this spanking. And she felt even more ashamed when her own hand, seemingly with a life of its own, reached down in front...

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