The six girls followed separate instructions, made their excuses at home, took simple overnight bags, met a car and driver in an inconspicuous place, and then were driven into the country. They accepted blindfolds for the last leg of the trip, from a driver who could not hide his pleasure or a lump in his pants at what he knew they were headed for.

Denise was helped out of the car and assisted into the foyer of a mansion, then unmasked. Two stern-looking older women faced her. "You're Denise, right? Stealing from office cash. From the look of you, the boys in the city prison would have fun with you, starting in the infirmary. You'll realize how lucky you are to come here. You know what we do here? Tell us"

"Uh, I heard....your letter...punishment...corporal..spanking. I have to be bare...take my clothes off. I don't think I will like this. I'm a little...scared."

"Well, sure you are. You'll see we're very effiicent. My partner Millicent here, and I, well, we know how to get our point across to young ladies like you, although we don't see them as pretty as you very often. Let's get started. Hand over your coat, blouse and slacks, down to your underwear, now, begin!"

With a weak gasp, Denise set down her coat and after a furtive glance at the matrons, here in this large and open room, began to unbutton her blouse. She slipped the silky thing off and first displayed the body which was always the talk of any place she went. She had worn a modest bra, which she filled to capacity with beautiful grapefruit-sized breasts. Even in this embarrassing setting, she could not hide her fierce pride in her body.

Next she stepped out of her shoes, unfastened her black slacks, and added them to the pile. She wore modest medium-cut beige panties. She has expected to undress, but maybe not in front of lustful eyes in a large open room. Her little 5'2" frame seemed all boobs; she had a flat perfect stomach and was thin enough to have ribs showing; narrow waist and long, thin legs, and a tight little bottom only moderately filling out her conservative pants. She didn't know what to do with her hands, covering and shuffling.

"Hands at youe sides. Let's have a look."

Denise was a vision of femininity. She seemed smaller and almost helpless now that she was almost naked. The matrons opened a side door and nudged her out into a hall and walked about 30 feet, Denise padding along in her bare feet, embarrassed in just her bra and panties, eyes down, fearing she would meet someone in the corridor. The women opened another door and they entered a barren room.

"We'll start here. We call this the 'treatment room.' Before we turn our attention to that little bottom of yours for the first part of your punishment, we always begin with some PT to get those butterflies out of your stomach and calm you so we can do our work. Put your hands on your hips and begin with deep knee bends."

Denise glanced at the women with the beginnings of tearful wet eyes and began the squats slowly. She was not athletic, but this was great fun to watch, as she teetered up and down, her magnificent boobs begging in her bra. she kept going until her legs started to quiver. Next were touch-toes, legs spread, left arm, right toe, etc. until she began to shake again. One matron cracked a small paddle across her panties, which jerked her to attentiveness.

Next, run-in-place, with the matron standing in front of her so Denise could see the paddle at the ready in her hands. Good thing her bra was still on for this one exercise. Then, on the floor for sit-ups; one matron held her ankles still, and Millicent mildly slapped her bare thighs with the paddle when she flagged, leaving pink marks on this sensitive skin.

On her feet, more knee bends, much more difficult this time. "That's good. Hand us your bra." A matron helped Denise unfasten the bra and her grapefruits fell free.

"Oh, my! Aren't you the catch for the boys?" Now just in little panties, she continues with exercises. Twists at the waist, more toe-touches and knee bends, very entertaining now that the bra was gone.

"Nice. Now hand us your panties, if you would." After a forlorn glance, Denise slipped her panties down and handed them over. "Nice. These aren't 3 for $4.99. Did you wear them for us?" The matron opened a cabinet and hung the panties on a hook behind the door. Visible were about a dozen hooks with wispy cloth of varied colors hanging there. A trophy cabinet. The intimidation was not lost on Denise. There was no way out of this.

Naked, she was a thrilling sight. Narrow little waist, flat stomach which caused her ribs to be countable and enhanced her fruit breasts; a tawny thatch of pubic hair just a shade or two darker than her hair and eyebrows; and high, hard, pefect buttocks, white and pure as if carved of marble.

Another round of PT exercises, a few shots with the little paddle to a flank or thigh to encourage her, leaving her bottom untouched for the moment, until Denise was breathless and unable to continue, in spite of the stinging slaps.

One of the matrons dramatically centered a straight chair standing in the corner. "Now we're gloing to start your butt toward a rosy pink and keep it that way the whole weekend. "Over my lap!"

Denise shuffled around and bent tentatively over the magtron's lap. "Up. Higher. Hike up." She slipped up until her palms rested on the floor and her buttocks were the highest part of the arc of her bare body. The matron smoothed her hand over the creamy cheeks for a torturous few seconds before she brought down the first slap, not hard, but a surprsing jolt to Denise. "Ummph."

The matron began a steady rhythmic slapping, gradually increasing in intensity, working each buttock, in the center and outside to the flanks. The gluteal crease got its attention, along with the tops of her thighs. The matron paused and urged her legs open wider a bit by spreading her fingers in the gap, and when Denise instinctively closed her legs, extra-hard spanks and a probing hand reminded her to spread her thighs again.

The slapping annoyance soon became a burning surge. Denise began to squirm. "Steady, steady. You must get used to this." Her little grunts and gasps truned to a whimpering. The matron worked around her bottom to achieve a partially-ripened strawberry-pink.

"There, we've got you started. The heavy stuff comes later. You can get up." She gave Denise a shocking, almost ferocious pinch with a full hand, causing her to leap off the matron's lap.

"Come with us." They opened the door and pushed Denise out into the corridor again. Being naked with these two uniformed women in privacy was one thing, but being marched down the hall was another. Denise saw only another matron, who did not look twice at this startling pink body.

Into another room, barren except for strange equipment in the center. "Stand in front of the bar and put your feet on the gray pads. Denise's wrists were quickly fastened to the horizontal bar, about waist-height. Her ankles were strapped and fastened to hooks in the floor. She realized she couldn't move at all. She was quickly blindfolded.

A sort of bicycle seat on a stand was maneuvered between her legs so that her pussy rested on and pressed against the narrow front tip of the seat. The platform was forced forward as one of the matrons pulled Denise's hips back, so that now her back was arched and her bottom stuck out, locked in place.

A matron rolled a robot-machine behind Denise, who, although blindfolded, looked back and could hear that somethng terrible was going to happen. It was a spanking machine! A matron fastened a 3" wide 18" long leather strap to a slot, then held the limp leather against Denises's bottom while the other matron rolled the machine to the proper spot.

A matron stepped to a control box and activated the device with a mechanical hum. The arm rotated and lightly, almost playfully, slapped the strap across Denise's bottom, a test. The matron moved the machine on the floor a few inches. "Set the machine of four-times harder than that and for 15 second intervals. We'll be back in a half-hour or so, Denise, after we've started another visitor. You'll be very glad to see us and quite happy for your next phase. You'll see."

The matrons stood at the door and watched the machine gear up and slash the first stroke. Denise let out a yelp and found she could not move her bottom at all. The matrons clicked on video camera and closed the door as the machine whirred into position in preparation for the second stroke.

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