May 20, 2011


More great cartoons from Dave Ell. The Sammy Simpkins loves spanking series is now 36 strong and all re-mastered so better than ever and have never been seen on the net and are available from Dave in jpeg attatchment for a fee of 10 UK Pounds. Payment is through Paypal, all delivered in one day. Contact or visit The cost is 20 UK pounds for a single panel cartoon and 50 UK pounds for a 4 panel cartoon.

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This Saturday, should all go well, I will be shooting the Punishedbrats version of ' The Black Swan'. This full Length movie will feature Angelina- The Dark Angel.

I am looking foward to this. I promise as much gratuitious nudity as possibe.
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Rude Awakening - part 1 with Lorraine and Veronica. Lorraine snuck out of the house while Aunt Veronica was at work. Veronica informs her on the phone that she knows what she has been up to and she will be dealt with in the morning. Lorraine is pulled out of bed and given a dose of the strap first thing!
Bronte is well spanked but still a fiery brat. Will she be so sassy after some time reflecting in the corner?. France - part 2 and Full Movie. With (Part of David Pierson's Schoolgirl Discipline Series) Bronte and David Pierson. Bronte is well spanked but still a fiery brat. Will she be so sassy after some time reflecting in the corner?
Recanted Statement - part 2 and Full Movie. With Lily Anna and Miss Susan. When Lily also reveals she might have a little trouble covering her lawyer's fees, Susan informs her the only extension she'll get is on the time her spanking lasts!

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Monica Paddled in Front of the Neighbor. Mr. M and Miss Kay (a neighbor from down the street) are sitting in the living room talking when Monica comes home very late. Mr. M is unhappy with this and sends her for the paddle. He asks Kay if she minds if he paddles Monica while she is there, and she states that she would do the same thing if it were her house. Monica returns with the breadboard paddle and is spanked while grabbing her knees. The paddle breaks and Mr. M grabs another to continue. Monica is then sent to her room.
Janelle Stays Home Sick. Ms. Burns is upset with Janelle for pretending to be sick to stay home from school. She gives her an over the knee hand spanking followed by a lunge position strapping.
New Model Veronica ss Interviewed and Spanked. New Model Veronica is interviewed by Mr. M and then spanked fully nude OTK by Betty for her first ever on camera spanking.

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Yikes! 40 with a strap, standing on her toes: Alison Miller at Reform School. Perfect-10' booty cheeks bared, Alison Miller takes 42 powerful swats with a Reform School strap. Buttocks turned bouncing red by Principal Archer after he finds a forbidden cell-phone, she even has both hands strapped. It's so spectacular, 40 licks are replayed on Reaction Cam too! Ouch.
Michaela McGowen in College Discipline - Study, don't text, is the rule! Hottie Michaela McGowen bends over for 10 tough swats with a wooden paddle by her tutor in College Discipline. The sharp crack of wood on those jiggling booty cheeks in tight shorts, then thin panties, is enhanced by Reaction Cam replays of Michaela's face!
Samantha Woodley in Learning Curve - Samantha Woodley takes a day off work and is taking a leisurely bath when Eric Strickman turns up in Learning Curve. Pulled out by her hair and laid totally nude over his knee, she takes a brisk 250 smacks with a small leather paddle on her bouncing bare bottom. Ouch! Lesson learned!

At Chelsea is reddening rumps all over the place and eliciting interesting responses from her spankees, as well. This week we featuring hot Ten Amorette and sexy Cherry!

At Sinn is getting sexy spanking attention from her new full-figured friend, Lily Cade.

Gorgeous girls Nena and Nikki Rouge on

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In the midst of training with Danny, while he is not looking, Betty decides to flip him off. Danny catches her in the mirror. Betty is forced down over the table to be spanked with his hand. Betty, obviously in pain, is making quite a scene and Danny has to tell her to quiet down. He then decides to take her to the gym to punish her further.
Danny drags Betty into the gym and tells her to bend over for a hard paddling. She is made to count each swat out loud. He spanks her over her panties and then on her bare bottom and then orders her to get back to work.
The Dean is working on his laptop with Monica in time out waiting to be spanked. He tells her that he is running behind and sends her to someone else to spank her. Monica returns with Miss Kay. Monica, bends over the table and gets 30 with the leather tear drop paddle . The Dean inspects Miss Kay's work, shows her how to give a very hard swat and then has her apply another 20 to Monica's bottom.

This week on, Sarah and her girlfriend Emma are out clubbing. Emma is flirting with all the other girls at the club, but not her girl. When Sarah and her get back home, Sarah starts to pack to move out. She has had enough of her girlfriend flirting with other chicks. Emma asks to be spanked as punishment for her behavior as she begs Sarah not to leave her. Sarah agrees to this and Emma is given one of the hardest spankings she has received. Also, check out Sarah's blog, to check out Sarah's California spanking adventures.

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Miss Kimberly is one of those kinds of teachers who loves to spank naughty girls who misbehave and the underlying sexual tension is obvious with her. Being the strict woman that she is many of her students allow her to spank them when she wants and the beautiful Candle is certainly no exception. This week Miss Kimberly completely blisters Candles butt with a school ruler and from the looks of things this won't be the last time.

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Spanking & Shame has announced a Relaunch. A new design, new content and exciting new members features!

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Crash and Burn.

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This week at To my surprise, my lady finally ordered me to spank her.

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Now at After spanking the unlucky Emma in the gym Mistress CJ is having a relaxing cigarette when the head walks in. After blowing smoke in his face, insulting him and swearing in foul language at him he decides that some punishment to her bare bottom will not go amiss. She is turned over the vaulting horse, knickers are soon down and the heads hard hand starts to turn her bottom a bright shade of red.

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Now at Maki's spanking is becoming increasingly severe. Eventually, Hikari is fed up with her rudeness and decides to seek out revenge on the older girl

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Spanked with a Belt.

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Bikini OTK.

This week at Bailey is not done with her work so Mr. Daniel's sentences her to detention. Bailey is upset and begins to mutter under her breath. Mr. Daniels ends up hearing her smarting off and gets her up for a hard strapping on the bare as punishment.

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Betty OTK. Brandi is late for gym class, Betty punishes her by giving her a hard hand spanking on the bare while she is OTK.

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Blake Makes a Mess in Class. Blake is caught eating in class when she spills her snacks all over the floor. She is strapped by Ms. Baker and made to clean up the mess.

This week in gorgeous brunette, Syra, punishes Sam for letting down the team in a relay race. Sam's peachy bottom is soon a stinging rosey red!

At we get some of that good spanking Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment switching-spanking, girl-girl spanking, sexy spanking storyline that defines our production roots. Virgina Lewis and Nikki Darlin' are...darlin'!

This week's "Highlight of the Week" at
If hard schoolgirl discipline is to your liking then stay tuned for the rest of " Bronte in Detention' France with Bronte and David Pierson. Bronte broke away from her class trip to France and snuck off to Paris on her own. Upon her return to the school, she is informed she must consent to five days of corporal punishment in order not to be expelled.

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