June 3, 2011


More great cartoons from Dave Ell. The Sammy Simpkins loves spanking series is now 36 strong and all re-mastered so better than ever and have never been seen on the net and are available from Dave in jpeg attatchment for a fee of 10 UK Pounds. Payment is through Paypal, all delivered in one day. Contact or visit The cost is 20 UK pounds for a single panel cartoon and 50 UK pounds for a 4 panel cartoon.

From David Pierson of
The first in our Pi series , a little movie entiled 'Shower Power' debuted this week and you seemed to like it. Then again, why shouldn't you?

Also, our version of ' The Black Swan' is off to be edited.

Now a look at the week that was in brats:
And coming attractions of the " Pi Series'.


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Introducing Pi. Shower Power - part 1 with Pi and Veronica Bound. Sassy little Pi is pulled straight from the shower and right over Veronica's lap for a nude spanking.
Because I Said So - part 2 and Full Movie with Pixie and Veronica Bound. Mortified in having just been spanked by her mom in front of her friends, Pixie runs to her room and her nervous friends can't get away from Veronica's stern glare fast enough!
Pulled Over - part 2 and Full Movie with Ten and Mike Smith. Officer Mike Smith gives Ten such a hard, punishing spanking that she is kicking and squealing uncontrollably!

This week at

This week at
Frankie and Betty Spanked With the HairBrush (Part 1). Mr. King catches the girls playing on the X Box even though they have been grounded for it. Cutting to the chase he grabs a hairbrush and tells Frankie to bend over the coffee table for a bare bottom spanking.
Frankie and Betty Spanked With the Hair Brush (Part 2). After Frankie is spanked on her bare bottom, Betty is told to switch positions with her. She lowers her jeans and panties and receives a hard hair brushing on the bare bottom. The girls are then told to get to work on their chores.
Two Girl Exposed Spanking (Part 1 of 2). Lila and Veronica are both spanked with multiple implements in a nude, very exposed position.

This week at
Alisha Strauss paddled 50 swats for baring her breasts on school computer! Showing her impressive 36C boobs on a webcam at Reform School is a big mistake for Alisha Strauss. "I need to earn money," is her only excuse. Principal Eric Strickman bends her over his desk for 50 licks with a leather paddle. Watch her reaction to the first swat - ouchie! ( We could say that this episode is ' Thanks For The Mammary but we won't)
Alison Miller in Reform School. Alison Miller takes private files from the Reform School office, earning a 32-swat spanking with a ping-pong paddle. Ordered to kneel on a chair with her hands on the floor, white panties pulled into a tight wedgie, her reactions are so priceless we included all the Reaction Cam footage!
Carly Russell in Boot Camp. Dramatic tears before bedtime for Boot Camp brat Carly Russell, caught with cigarettes and a bong! Bent over a pool table, bottom totally bare, she's sentenced to 25 swats with a leather paddle, which has her crying before the punishment is half way. "Oh f***k!" she exclaims, wiping her eyes.

At www.GoodSpanking.comthis week, this week, we bring back Clare Fonda for her half hour of non-stop reality spanking and Ten Amorette reaches the end of her punishment spanking ordeal!

At Lily Cade is topping Sinn quite to Sinn's satisfaction! has Ash Hollywood.

This week at
Mr. King Confronts Betty and Frankie (Part 2 of 2). During Frankie's strapping Betty mouths of some profanity. Mr. King hears this and right then decides Betty will receive the same punishment as Frankie. Betty is then bent over the table for a strapping.
Lila Is Spanked for Falling Asleep in Study Hall (Part 1). Lila is caught by Mr. M asleep in study hall. She is spanked with a leather paddle and put in time out.
Lila Spanked for Falling Asleep in Study Hall (Part 2). After being spanked and put in time out, Lila is told not to move. Mr. M then catches her moving. She is ordered to remove her clothing and is then spanked with a small wooden paddle. Lila is then put in a uncomfortable time out position.

This week on, Check out Sarah Gregory and Stephanie Locke in, "Dorm Mom." Sarah attends a very prestigious ballet school. One night she decides to stay our all night and break curfew. Miss Stephanie Locke, the dorm mother, is not too happy when Sarah comes sneaking in at an early morning hour. She is waiting for this defiant young lady with a wooden spoon and hair brush in hand. Also, check out Sarah's blog, for the latest info regarding the new Sarah Gregory Spanking Toy Collection just launched with Cane-iac.

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As most of you have seen in the past sometimes Bryanna likes to take things into her own hands and spank her own butt! This week Bryanna shares a bathtub spanking with just herself and the camera where she paddles her naked butt with a hard wooden hand paddle. Some girls need a good spanking even when there is no one around to give it to them so this is how they take care of that need!

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Spanking & Shame has announced a Relaunch. A new design, new content and exciting new members features!

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WET KAT Part 2.

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This week at Give your girl a plenty of time to prepare for the punishment all by herself.

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Now at Schoolgirl Emma thinks she will get her own back on her nasty mistress by reporting her to the head master. He is not too impressed and orders them both to be punished. He enlists the help of the deputy headmaster as they spank and cane the two girls. Hard severe canings are administered to their bare bottoms.

This week at

Now at Ruka and Chihiro give OTK spankings to each other. Not too much talk, but you can enjoy them from multiple angles.

This week at
Lady D secures me to the spanking bench and spanks me with two large leather straps.

This week at
Brandi is tested in school with a Spelling Bee; for every word she spells incorrectly, Lady D administers a hard smack on the front of her thighs as punishment.

This week at Bailey is not done with her work so Mr. Daniel's sentences her to detention. Bailey is upset and begins to mutter under her breath. Mr. Daniels ends up hearing her smarting off and gets her up for a hard strapping on the bare as punishment.

This week at
Brooke is stripped naked and bent over Kailee's knee for a full two minute hand and leather paddle spanking.

This week at
Monica endures a long session in the dungeon with Mr. Daniels.

This week in gorgeous brunette, Syra, punishes Sam for letting down the team in a relay race. Sam's peachy bottom is soon a stinging rosey red!

At Whitney Prescott spanks Dorian Grant's lovely round bottom for sleeping around with clients. Whitney runs a maid service, not that other kind!

This week's "Highlight of the Week" at
Because I Said So with Pixie & Veronica. Pixie was grounded by her step-mother Veronica, but she fully intends to go out anyway. Veronica won't be pushed around though and grabs the girl on her way out the door and spanks her while her friends look on with horror. Mortified in having just been spanked by her mom in front of her friends, Pixie runs to her room and her nervous friends can't get away from Veronica's stern glare fast enough!

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