June 17, 2011


More great cartoons from Dave Ell. Dave is now on Facebook, search for Dave Ell. He also sells previously created art and will do your custom art. Contact or visit The cost is 20 UK pounds for a single panel cartoon and 50 UK pounds for a 4 panel cartoon.

From David Pierson of
Editing continues on our ' Dark Angel Movie'. Got a team of thousands working on this.

As I look at the top photo I think to myself " back lighting..look into it.! Yes, I took the pics.
As of now I have a shoot planned for next Saturday. This could change as my brother is very ill. I was planning a big shoot. I may shorten it up or put this one on hold. I have a very cool July production in the works already. Now a look back at the week, An amazing week.
Now a look at the week that was in brats:


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Missy Rhodes (formerly Missy M Gold) is back on


This week at
Principal Called - part 2 and Full Movie with Joelle Barros and David Pierson. Joelle has lost her attitude and is pleads for her spanking to come to an end.
Student Teacher - part 1 with Tina Tink and David Pierson. Tina is a teacher who has breached the good conduct rules of the school by partying with her students. She is held to the tough school disciplinary guidelines and must receive the wooden paddle on her bare bottom.
The Interview - with Dia Zerva and veronica Bound. Will Dia take the job as Veronica's assistant if this is only the interview?

This week at

This week at
Riley and Jade Confronted about the Dirty Pool (Part 2 of 2). Jade is sent to start cleaning the pool and Riley is bent over at the pool's edge to be spanked with a wooden paddle by Mr. M.
Jade and Riley Spanked Outdoors (Part 1 of 2). Jade and Riley are waiting outdoors with their bottoms and breasts bared. Mr. M appears and tells Jade to bend over for a strapping while Riley witnesses.
Jade and Riley Spanked Outdoors (Part 2). After Jade is punished and put into time out, Riley is bent over, breasts and bottom bared, for a hard strapping from Mr. M. The girls are then left in time out.

This week at
The ultimate penalty for sass: Allaura Shane gets 10 with the board, bare! Motor-mouth Allaura Shane suffers the ultimate penalty in A Question of Trust when her long-suffering boyfriend gives her ten tough swats with a wooden paddle - bottom totally bare! Reaction Cam replays capture every butt-stinging moment, as the board changes Allaura's attitude.
Katherine St James in Corporal Air - Pretty Katherine St James is defrauding her airline, Corporal Air, by asking customers to pay cash for cocktails. It's down to administrator Eric Strickman to decide the penalty. A buttock-clenching 18 strokes across her creamy bare booty, panties down, should teach her a valuable lesson!
Samantha Woodley in Learning Curve - Eric Strickman tries to set a record for the highest number of smacks per minute! Hot Samantha Woodley takes a fast and furious over-the-knee spanking, pj's down, when he finds alcohol in her room in Learning Curve. Slung over his shoulder, she's marched down for punishment! - - - and
Spanking, spanking and more spanking...since Chelsea started spanking girls for Camera Art in 1991 and she STILL can't get enough!

At this week Sinn and Lily Cade go at it till no bottom cheek is left unspanked, unkissed, or unlicked!

Snow Mercy spanks Sophia Locke on

This week at
Jade and Riley Hanspanked in the Kitchen (Part 1 of 2). The Dean catches Jade and Riley ten minutes behind schedule on their chores. He tells Jade to bend over the counter for a bare bottom hand spanking.
Jade and Riley Hanspanked in the Kitchen (Part 2 of 2). After Jade is spanked and put back to work, Riley is made to bare her bottom for a hand spanking. The girls are then left in time out with their bottoms bared.
Betty and Brooke Caught Smoking. Danny catches Brooke and Betty sneaking a cigarette in the bushes. Brooke is bent over with her hands on the tree to receive a fast belting on her bare bottom while Betty watches. He then makes the girls switch positions and spanks Betty the same way. Afterward, he marches the girls back into school.

This week on,Sarah is not to happy to hear that her roommate Whitney is trying to steal a spanking shoot with Clare Fonda behind her back. She spanks her roommate to show her just what kind of a shoot she was getting herself into. Whitney is not a happy camper afer the spanking Sarah dishes out. Also, don't forget to check out for updates in Sarah's spanking life.

This week at
Daughters these days are most of the times less than respectful but for Rachel she has Daddy Dave to get her in line when she needs it! After being caught talking with extreme foul language Rachel goes over the knee for a good hand spanking which hopefully for her own sake will correct her nasty talking habits!

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Spanking & Shame has announced a Relaunch. A new design, new content and exciting new members features!

New at
Jerzi Lynn.

Now at

This week at always thank you for your strict discipline to lead me to become good girl.

The latest from

Now at Wanting to fulfil a fantasy this strict master decides to hire a lady who hires out as a spankee, she loves to be spanked so why not? This time however she has met someone with a real hard hand who is determined to beat her bare bottom till she can't sit down. Schoolgirl uniform skirt raised she bends over and takes her spanking before going over the knee.

This week at

Now at Hikari's stepmother is very strict and prepared to give a spanking when necessary. Hikari is soundly spanked by the stepmother because of her disobedience.

This week at
I am called to the office for a hard paddling. This time around, the steady cam follows the entire session from beginning to end.

This week at
Mr. M brings Brandi into office and has her bend over the desk. He uses his hand, a small strap, and a small paddle on her ass.

This week at Bailey comes in to class and is punished for not completing her assignments with a hard otk hand-spanking. Afterwards, she is placed in time out for further punishment.

This week at
Jessie is new to the institute and is given a rude awakening about the procedure in the school after she is given a hard hand spanking for her disobedience.

This week at
Brandi did not finish running errands for Ms. Baker and she is given a strapping for it.

This week in sexy Jadie Reece punishes her room mate, Sam Johnson, for always taking ages in the bathroom in the morning and making her late for work.

At Whitney Prescott spanks Dorian Grant's lovely round bottom for sleeping around with clients. Whitney runs a maid service, not that other kind!

This week's "Highlight of the Week" at
Principal Called with Joelle Barros and David Pierson. Joelle told her principal to go to hell and her Uncle David is going to teach her to have a little more respect for school authority. Joelle has lost her attitude and is pleads for her spanking to come to an end.

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